the guild of gentlemen

Two years ago on a day much like today, a few of us decided that gents (particularly those in our own city) needed a little lifestyle pick me up. Not a forceful one and not too B-Bang…subtle, simple and in most cases, hand crafted… hours later, The Guild was born.

Since then, much like Monkey Magic, we have continued to roam from place to place fighting off evil white leather snake skin loafe

rs and boat shoes, popped collars, plastic OAKLEY wraparound sunglasses and ill fitting suits. We’ve spent hours (literally hours) of time on the internet when we should’ve been outside in pursuit of pretty girls and sunshine but oh no! Not us our friends…. not us. 

So it’s happy birthday to us and congratulations to you. 

We wish to thank each and every one of you for your support, we hope we’ve made a little difference if not to your lives to at least your day. 

The Guild Of Gentlemen - Est. 2010

popped collars are not for scholars