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i see you wrote a lot of bsd tickle hcs, but you have hcs for the guild?? including lucy

Do I ever? :3c  (look at those hands, God bless animators ♥) 

All of The Guild (except for Herman Melville, Sooooorrryyyy~), again, there’s no after-written revision, so sorry about any kind of mistakes! aaadn sorry because they’re kind shoooort~ I hope you enjoy them, tho!

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

  • He’s beautiful, okay? You can’t tell me otherwhise. He cares about his subordinates a frigging lot, so he’s gorgeous. 
  • He has veeeery ticklish sides, like poking makes him giggle so hard.
  • He doesn’t mind being tickled and he deosn’t mind to tickle, but it’s not something he thinks about too much. 
  • He has totally tickled all of his subordinates at least just one time, it could be just a squeeze on the side or a poke, 
  • He loved to tickle his doughter *cries* and she knew where to attack back to make her father cackle.
  • He’s got ticklish thighs, too, and also very ticklish back ribs and underarms.
  • He has a very loud laughter, but you always want to hear more.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

  • She’s too cute and deserves love, okay? She helped my lovely son, so I love her.
  • She has a ticklish tummy and toes~
  • She got a little crush on Atsushi so she usually daydreams about going to cute dates with Atsushi and even have some tickle fights ♥
  • She doesn’t seem like that, but she enjoys affection and she needs affection.
  • She probably is veeeery ticklish, since she hans’t been tickled a lot of times. Except for her boss ♥
  • She’s gold, so please love her ♥

John Steinbeck

  • The grapevines growing on his neck tickle him everynow an then, that leads me to say that he’s very ticlish on his neck and around the ears
  • He also got a very ticklish navel and knees
  • I think he’s kinda playful and would like to tickle other to make them feel better, or just because he wants to hear their laughter.
  • He’s a biiiit scared to tickle lovecraft, tho. Hehe
  • He’s not shy about his ticklishness nor about his laughter. 
  • Which is very light and just a tiny little desperate when tickled~

Howard Phillips Lovecraft 

  • I’m sorry. I don’t… have headcanons for him! Sorry~
  • He just doesn’t seem ticklish to me?
  • Oh… hmm.. probably under his chin. If someone dares to scratch under there, he would melt into breathy laughter

Margaret Mitchell

  • She was my age and she was gorgeous. Why can’t I be like here? Ugh, anyways
  • She’s a lady, she probably doesn’t get involved into a looot of tickles fights and she doesn’t find the act that interesting. 
  • She got a ticklish waist and hips.
  • She likes to have his back lightly tickled, she does. 
  • The arches of her feet are a very good spot too~
  • Her laughter is very melodious and sweet. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • He seems very serious and not that ticklish.
  • Probably the palms of his hands are a bit sensitive
  • Also, the sides of his neck!
  • He’s laughter is a bit squeaky and he’s a squirmer. I think he doesn’t like being tickled that much.

Mark Twain

  • He’s really cute, don’t you think?
  • Don’t touch him under the arms. He will cry for mercy right away. 
  • He’s ticklish on his hips, aswell. 
  • He finds tickling fun~
  • He enjoys going for the killer in his lee’s, if he ever gets a hold on someone. 
  • His boss was a victim once~ just for a few seconds, tho
  • He’s ticklish on his ears too ♥

Edgar Allan Poe

  • He’s too cute. I love him. His interactions with Ranpo kill me ♥
  • He’s got ticklish riiiibs~, especially the lower ones. 
  • He’s a squeaker, like seriously you can just see his ribs and he would squeak.
  • He’s ticklish on his shoulder blades aswell!

Louisa May Alcott

  • She’s cute too. 
  • And she’s horribly ticklish righ above the hips, don’t get near there.
  • She has the cutest giggles and she begs a lot
  • She gets extremely blushy when tickled and she dies a little when her boss tickles her every now and then~

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In anticipation of season 2, I made a powerpoint on the Guild.

Authors in order of appearance: Francis Scott Fitzgerald, L. M. Montgomery, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Margaret Mitchell, H. P. Lovecraft, John Steinbeck, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Herman Melville, and Louisa May Alcott.

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