the guards of camelot


NAME:  arthur pendragon 
AGE:  32 ( technically 1600+ )
SPECIES:  human  ( resurrected )
PROFESSION:  leader, formerly guard for hire 
AFFILIATION:  camelot, albion 
FC:  bradley james


Born in the original Camelot / Albion, Arthur Pendragon was crown prince and later king of Camelot during the Dark Ages; though magic was outlawed in much of Albion (primarily in Camelot), it was still prevalent during his first lifetime. Though he was killed at the Battle of Camlann, Arthur’s destiny as the Once and Future King ensured that he would return ‘when Albion’s need is greatest’. 

Over 100 years after the end of the world, Arthur returned from Avalon. Not knowing anything about the specifics of why he had returned, Arthur briefly settled in the first village he found in an attempt to find a place in the new world he’d woken up to. He spent two years travelling from village to village, offering his services as protection to other travellers or villages that might be vulnerable to attacks. Eventually, Arthur made his way to Camelot — and Merlin. 

Through a combination of his own personal legend and his actions during the year he spent in Camelot, Arthur has become its de facto leader. 


  • ARTHUR’S ROLE: As the de facto leader of Camelot, Arthur has a variety of responsibilities and duties to its population. He participates in meetings of the Great Council, settles internal disputes and ensures that Camelot is protected from potential external threats. He also has been roped into officiating marriages. 
  • WHERE TO FIND HIM: If he’s not meeting with the Great Council or administrating Camelot, he can be found somewhere in Merlin’s hut. You might have to search for him. 
  • STATUS: Extremely active in the function and continued rebuilding efforts in Albion, very dedicated to protecting the people of Camelot. Aside from that, he is still catching up on the history of the world since his death at Camlann, and often finds himself disheartened by the history of humanity. Very morally firm, willing to change his perspective if given a good enough reason but extremely passionate about what he believes in. Willing to put his life on the line to protect others. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Arthur as I write him is not nearly as hostile toward magic as canon Arthur; therefore, he certainly won’t be hostile about it in this verse

( plotting call )

I feel like the whole point of having Arthur get caught sneaking around Camelot by the guard was to just point out, “Yeah, Arthur thinks he’s all sneaky and shit but he’s really not.” Like that must happen to him ALL THE TIME. Arthur’s out trying to be all secretive in his blue cloak and it gets to a point where the guards just learn to pretend they didn’t see him. Merlin just shakes his head every time the blue cloak comes out. “EVERYONE knows it’s you, Arthur.” “Shut up Merlin, no they don’t." 

Frozen Heart

I purposely spelled certain things wrong because copyright reasons…although this is FF so I don’t know why I was worried.

Written for the jily royalty fest happening thanks to tumblr so have a Frozen crossover AU Romance Party Adventure Thing...whoops who gave me this prompt…

Prince James has an icy secret but so does the fiery Princess Lily…

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