the guards of camelot

I feel like the whole point of having Arthur get caught sneaking around Camelot by the guard was to just point out, “Yeah, Arthur thinks he’s all sneaky and shit but he’s really not.” Like that must happen to him ALL THE TIME. Arthur’s out trying to be all secretive in his blue cloak and it gets to a point where the guards just learn to pretend they didn’t see him. Merlin just shakes his head every time the blue cloak comes out. “EVERYONE knows it’s you, Arthur.” “Shut up Merlin, no they don’t." 

Frozen Heart

I purposely spelled certain things wrong because copyright reasons…although this is FF so I don’t know why I was worried.

Written for the jily royalty fest happening thanks to tumblr so have a Frozen crossover AU Romance Party Adventure Thing...whoops who gave me this prompt…

Prince James has an icy secret but so does the fiery Princess Lily…

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