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anonymous asked:

So just wondering what is your opinoin on under aged homestucks ( people who read homestuck that are 12 & under ) im one and I don't get to go to that many comicons but I love homestuck anyway only some under aged homestucks take it to far like pretending that they can speak to them ( trolls ) or believe they are them ( which I think is totally stupid ) so once again your opinion on us under aged homestucks

OK SO. Let me stipulate first that if my parents caught me reading Homestuck when I was under… probably 18 lmao, I would’ve been grounded because of the language in it, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

So here’s my take. Of course kids can read whatever they like! Homestuck is free online, t’s available to everyone. Now. Part of me wonders about the appropriateness of it to kids- like how much BLOOD is in it, lots of killing, killing between not only enemies but between friends, like Vriska and Terezi. When kids are younger, the line between fantasy and reality isn’t as strong, which leads to the things like you mentioned. I would hate for a kid to take (again using the Vriska/Terezi) example so seriously that they think it’s okay to hurt their friends. The characters in Homestuck at some level are all deeply messed up.

HOWEVER….. Please, please PLEASE don’t be insulted if older Homestucks don’t necessarily want to hang out. Other than Homestuck, there’s a lot we do’t have in common, and sometimes it’s trickier to talk to someone so much younger, even having Homestuck as a base of the conversation.

Not-Homestuck related, but here’s an example. When I dressed up as Mabel for work, a little girl was chatting with me about Gravity Falls. In that show, for those unfamiliar, 12-year-old Dipper crushes on a high-school girl named Wendy. She’s at least 16 since she can work, and she expresses discomfort that Dipper has a crush on her, and tells him that she’s flattered, but too old for him. This little girl I was talking with sighed enormously and said she didn’t understand why Wendy wouldn’t want to date Dipper. She was probably about 8, and so she took Dipper’s side. As an adult, I understood Wendy. Even though they’re only four years apart, the mental and social gap between 12 and 16 is HUGE.

You kind of run into the same thing with Homestucks. Life experience for the older group has formed a different viewpoint of the story and its characters. For instance, a ship that I would have seen really really cute at 12 I would probably go OH WHAT GOD NO at at 25. Or, for another example, Something I thought looked, er, sexy, at 15 or 16 just looks horribly, painfully awkward and cringe-inducing at 25. You’re not wrong for thinking it is, and I’m not wrong for thinking it isn’t. It’s just how we view the same situations with our life experience.

And, then there’s the non-Homestuck parts of the conversation. Speaking personally, I have lots of cute Kenstuckies children who I love. Even so, whenever the conversation shifts to not-Homestuck, I end up shuffling with the older members. Like for example, School. I don’t have it anymore, school is not a dominating factor in my life. When kids talk about school, all I have to add to the conversation is outdated memories, and not necessarily all good ones. Similarly, I’m sure kids feel alienated when the older group and I talk about work and health care and apartments and cars and the economy. (LOL all of these things have come up at Homestuck meets.)

And then there’s what I’ve spoken of before, and that’s the actual, barebones legality of talking with young Homestucks.

This mostly comes up at cons/cosplay meets, but. The truth is, if I am 25 and you are 15, I can’t talk with you about this cute NSFW fic you read. If I even discuss sexuality at ALL with you, it’s illegal. Hell, depending on the state, the violence/language in Homestuck could also be illegal.

To use something that comes up with me often at cons with young attendees, I’m often asked to join a ring of “Spin the Faygo” or “The Pocky Game”. Spin the Faygo is self-explanatory, but the Pocky Game is basically a version thereof of Spin the Bottle, except in the end you share a piece of Pocky candy (which is a long, skinny chocolate-covered biscuit stick) with the intention that you kiss at the end. Sometimes the kids say, “Oh, but, we’re just hugging! Promise!” But I have seen and heard of these things devolving to other stuff, and if a minor flings themselves at me, it is still my fault as a responsible adult, and I can’t take that risk.

Bringing up what snowchildhero often does- some of us have jobs that would be literally endangered if we associate with minors doing inappropriate things. There was an incident a few years ago where a minor brought alcohol to a meet and shared it with their friends. They got wasted enough that security at the location was questioned. If it had come down, all of the adults in that space would’ve been charged with child endangerment or similar. Some of us WORK with kids, and so that would pretty much ruin our careers. Even if we don’t, it could still really crash down on our heads.

So, BOTTOM LINE: Young fans are fine with me! I confess I’m always alarmed when I hear someone under 13 reading Homestuck, if only because I remember myself at 11:

And I’m not sure if being launched into the Homestuck fandom when I was so vulnerable and nervous and anxious and so damn earnest and eager-to-please would be a good idea.  But you guys are so much different than me and growing up in a different time.

The best I can tell you is have fun, be safe. C: Guard your heart.