the guards shaman

Wei-Lin Swiftpaw | Pandaren Shaman

And here’s my little panda lady! She’s an aspiring Lorewalker, and since she’s from the Wandering Isle she’s decided to stick with tradition and keep wandering. I’m hoping to finish my Loremaster achievement with her sometime before Legion hits.

I’m really enjoying using these as a warm up for other art. What will I do after tomorrow when I’ve drawn all of my characters?? I’m sure I’ll figure something out!


“everything turned out better than expected” au aka berserker-priest au

garrosh: berserker-priest [warrior + priest], dranosh: scout [hunter + rogue], thrall: stone guard [shaman + warrior], taretha: gladiator [monk +  rogue], jaina: spellsword [mage + paladin]

dranosh lives, taretha lives, tiffin lives, durotan lives, draka lives, orgrim lives, eat my entire asshole

During our Shadowrun game, we broke into a laundry room on a corporate compound to get some disguises.

Technomancer: What kind of uniforms are there? Just security ones?

GM: There are security guard uniforms as well as doctor, nurse and researcher outfits.

Street Samurai (me): I’ll take a guard one

Shaman: Me too.

Face: Ok so me and (Technomancer) will be researchers. I’ll be Dr. Scratch-and-Sniff…He used to be a gynecologist

World of Warcraft: Commission of Dar'Kran [from the masterful zandalarki]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Ahh… I love intense commissions. This be one of them. Plus it has a troll. WITH LIGHTNING. BZZT! CRACK! KABOOM! Uhh, yeah. But fun fact - the two layers I had the lightnin’ effects on were called “Bzzt 1” and “Bzzt 2”. XD;;

I love my commissioner’s… they give me the fun subjects I always wanted… hehe.

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