the guardian,

400-year-old Greenland shark is the oldest vertebrate animal

She was born during the reign of James I, was a youngster when René Descartes set out his rules of thought and the great fire of London raged, saw out her adolescent years as George II ascended the throne, reached adulthood around the time that the American revolution kicked off, and lived through two world wars. Living to an estimated age of nearly 400 years, a female Greenland shark has set a new record for longevity, scientists have revealed.

And you’ll never guess how old she has to be before reaching sexual maturity…

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Photograph: Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Creative/Getty Images

I want literally EVERYONE coming out to Maggie. James tells her about him being the guardian, Winn comes out about something, Kara comes out to her about being supergirl or about who she likes, J'onn talking to her about M'gann, and Maggie just being like “gUYS IM NOT A THERAPIST IM JUST A LESBIAN THERE IS NO CORRELATION”

Mark Gatiss is
  • the savagest person to have ever set foot on this planet (he just literally wrote a response to sherlock critics in sonet form to the guardian and that’s honestly the coolest thing anyone has ever done)
  • a huge nerdlord
  • knowing his shiit
  • the absolute fanboy legend
  • 200% BAMF
  • really good at rhyming
  • our king
  • my favourite person ever right now
  • the protector of the sherlock fandom

If world leaders were hipsters... they might look a like this

At least in the eyes of Israeli illustrator Amit Shimoni, who reimagined both current and former leaders as their most hipster selves and gave them alternative biographies in a series of portraits for a book titled ‘The Hipstory postcard set’ published by Laurence King.

Donald Trump

Margaret Thatcher

Barack Obama

Angela Merkel

Queen Elizabeth II

Mahatma Gandhi