the guardian of the egg


DISCLAIMER: I haven’t found any of these easter eggs on my own, I did a bit of research and gathered the many easter eggs I found from multiple sites. I know there are definitely more easter eggs that I didn’t include because I either didn’t spot/know about them or didn’t think they were important enough. If you noticed that I missed an easter egg that you would like me to include, please feel free to tell me and I’d gladly add it! I also apologize that this list isn’t as long as my other easter egg posts, it’s just been a hectic few days and I haven’t had much time to do more research. Also please let me know if i made any mistakes.


  • Matthew McConaughey passed on the role of Ego to star in The Dark Tower.
  • The first poster for the movie is based on the cover art for The Ramones’s album Rocket to Russia.
  • The phrase “I am Groot” appears eight times in the end credits, before changing to an actual name and title of someone involved with the film. This symbolizes the eight main heroes of the film: Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Nebula, Mantis, and Yondu. As the very last credit rolls, David Hasselhoff says “We are ALL Groot.”
  • You could fit about 1,600 baby Groots on a normal movie screen and about 17,000 on a normal IMAX screen.
  • Groot says “I am Groot” 17 times throughout the entire film.
  • When shipping out promotional material, such as posters and banners, for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), it was given the code name “Level Up” to discourage theft.
  • The ironic thing about Gamora not enjoying dancing is actress Zoe Saldana actually has a deep background in dancing, with Ballet being her first passion.
  • The movie is Kurt Russell’s first superhero and Disney movie since Sky High.


Marvel’s Howard the Duck (voiced by Seth Green) makes his second appearance in the MCU in GOTG 2, partying it up with the Ravagers on Contraxia. We last saw him as part of The Collector’s collection in Guardians of the Galaxy 1.


We first see Cosmo the spaced as a dog wearing a spacesuit shown in the previous Guardians film as a part of the Collector’s collection, and we see a portrait of him during the end credits of Guardians 2.


  • David Hasselhoff (obvious if you’ve seen the movie) but he also sings on a song in the film’s soundtrack called “Guardians Inferno”.
  • Miley Cyrus is Mainframe, an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark, and tasked with guarding and administrating an entire planet in the 31st Century. We see her along with the original Ravagers during one of the post credits scenes.
  • Sylvester Stallone as Starhawk, a member of the original Ravagers and Guardians (continue reading for more details).


In one of the post-credits scenes we see Sylvester Stallone’s character Stakar assembling the original Ravagers. In the comics, Stakar is a Marvel anti-hero known as Starhawk and a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the comics, who are from an alternate future in the 31st century. The other members are Martinex (Michael Rosenbaum), Charlie-27 (Ving Rhames), Mainframe (voiced by Miley Cyrus), Krugarr (a CG character), and Aleta (Michelle Yeoh). Yondu was also a member of the original Guardians.


When Peter Quill is being manipulated under Ego’s spell, he whispers that he can see “eternity”. Besides its literal meaning, Eternity is a character from the Marvel comics who shows up whenever the Infinity Stones are collected.

The concept of all time and reality within the universe is embodied by Eternity, one of a number of beings existing before and beyond all creation.

This shows the greatness and strength of Peter’s cosmic powers as he might have had a glimpse of reality (the figure of Eternity) rather tan just being under Ego’s spell. While some might think this is a throwaway word, in the first Guardians movie we see a temple mural depicting the characters Eternity, Infinity, Entropy, and Death surrounding the six Infinity Stones….


During one of the Marvel’s post credits scenes, we see Ayesha with a golden cocoon containing an artificial being she created and with whom she plans to destroy the Guardians, and calls it “Adam”. In the comics, Adam Warlock is a genetically engineered perfect human being with an Infinity Gem in his forehead; Adam was the key to defeating Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet comic and has strong ties to both the Guardians and the Avengers. But James Gunn confirmed that in the MCU, Adam will not be in Infinity War but he will be a big character in the future alongside the returning Ayesha, so we’ll definitely see them as a super villain duo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. There was also a golden cocoon in the Collector’s collection in the first Guardians movie, and while people suspected at the time that it contained Adam, it didn’t and the first official Adam teaser/easter egg is in this movie.


One of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s post credits sense confirms a major MARVEL fan theory! One of the post credits scenes of the movie shows Stan Lee talking to a group of aliens (known as The Watchers) about all the things he has witnessed on Earth and his time as a FedEx man (his cameo in Captain America: Civil War). Therefore, this credits scene basically confirms that Stan Lee plays the same character in every Marvel movie he’s been in, and that he is sent or tasked by the Watchers to observe the events happening on Earth. Stan Lee is even credited in the movie as “Watchers Informant”. In the comics, The Watchers are an ever-present part of the comic universe spread across the galaxy, observing lifeforms and preserving their knowledge. It’s very possible that we will see them again in the MCU so keep an eye out!


For a while in the film, we see Peter wear a shirt with some sort of Asian-language inspired script. The letters on the shirt match those used in the first film’s Kyln Prison, and a Reddit user quickly deciphered the space brand as “GEARS SHIFT.” The other words on the attached molecules on the shirt read “dust, cement, stone, and ash” with the bottom subtitle reading “A TenEyck Galaxy Invention” - Karen Teneyck is a graphic designer in the Art Department Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. (and Captain America: The First Avenger).


When Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin decide to go to Ego’s planet, they mention that they had to several “jumps” through different pockets of the universe; during one of these jumps we see them interrupt a gladiator match, which is reminiscent of the scene of Thor having to fight The Hulk during the Thor: Ragnarok trailer.


We see Jeff Goldblum’s character from Thor: Ragnarok, The Grandmaster, dancing along with the other character’s during the film’s end credits.


At the end of the movie, Nebula leaves the Guardians on a mission to kill Thanos. We already know for sure that in Infinity War we will see Thanos try to attack Earth (the Avengers), and Nebula’s role in the movie might be of utmost importance as it is most likely that she will be the one to call on the Guardians of the Galaxy to join the Avengers’ fight against Thanos. After all, she was the one who is responsible for Thanos’ undoing in the comics.


Even though we got the adorable Baby Groot in the movie, one of the post credits scenes shows Groot as a teenager, which implies that he will be a full grown adult in Infinity War (just as he was in the first Guardians movie).

Fun fact: James Gunn has confirmed that Baby Groot has no memories of his past life as Groot (he doesn’t have any memories of Guardians 1) :(


During one of the flashbacks of Ego on Earth with Peter’s mom, we see a confused older couple.. James Gunn’s parents!


In the comics, Ego is a living planet. As Rocket, Baby Groot, and Yondu descend onto another side of Ego’s planet, we see that Ego’s face is actually on his planet, making it a living entity, just like in the comics.


In the comics, Taserface is a warrior from the cybernetically enhanced race known as The Stark. The Stark are a race that found Iron Man technology that accidentally crashed on their homeworld and as a result, worship Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) as their god.


As the Guardians mourn Yondu death, his cosmic ashes spread out in a stream of rainbow-colored particles in the air. As the fireworks and music occur, the particles condense into an intense pink/red hue in the shape of an arrow.


Just as with the first Guardians movie, at the end of the film’s credits, we see a disclaimer saying: “No raccoons or tree creatures were harmed during the making of this feature. The same cannot be said for handlers of said raccoons and tree creatures.”


Because of shugo chara egg, buono and guardians 4 i got into this fandom <3 if h!p just could make anime groups again to get even more eyes on again
What The Alien Writing Outside Guardians Of The Galaxy's Disneyland Ride Means
There is a secret alien language all over the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! ride at Disney's California Adventure, and we were successfully able to crack it!

If you’ve been on the “GotG: Mission Breakout” ride, there’s a plaque (and several signs) written in an alien language.

Someone’s translated it, and it’s very clever.

A desert of his own

Art by @zanephiri

(Here’s a thing I started writing a million years ago about dreams, deserts and making things.)

Let us start with a planet that has been dead for centuries. Let us tell some fictions and some realities about it. It is up to you to believe which ones are true.

What about a woman who dreams of the deserts of Rakhana? Deserts carpeted with purple weeds that are inhabited by silvery lizards she has named the afa’el. In her dreams, the afa’el sing – no, that’s not what they do, the old melodies once sung by burning stars echo in them. Sometimes it sounds like they are humming and others, they appear to be reproducing three songs at once. She watches the ira, cactus-like succulents, glowing in announcement of the dawn of a new season as the cavernous voices of an ancient creature or a sinking sun make their way across the planet, from afa’el to afa’el and finally they reach her.

She hears and understands their wordless mellow stories.

They tell her of the Endu, the biggest flower to ever exist in any world, which according to legend had bloomed in an unforgiving desert and was encountered by a group of nomads who sought it as a symbol of Arashu and built the biggest civilization around it.

She learns of how Rakhana came to be. How it was once a frozen egg, drifting away in the Sea of Stars, and how a maiden made of gold nourished it back to life.

The woman, whose name is Shepard, visits the great desert of Alasere religiously. She enjoys standing there, sinking her feet in a golden ocean, listening to the afa’el murmur words in Rakhani long forgotten.

She learns of fihanda, which roughly translates to the guilt a child feels when they recognize dishonesty in their parents or in an older authority figure. There is amuefto, the gift of finding beauty in a person and seeing it reflected in their faces, regardless of their looks. Taverena, an expression of gratitude only used when someone has made a true impact one’s life, making it out of the ordinary. And then, tah-sehe.

“I will miss you, Shepard. Tah-sehe,” had been the last thing she heard from Thane’s lips before he left the Normandy. For a while, she whispered tah-sehe to herself while embracing the mundane. It would fill the room in the form of a silly melody muttered while she watched the rain pour; or as a gurgling sound while she took a shower. It was imprinted on her mind. It isn’t until the afa’el sing morosely about the last chapter in their planet’s history, that she discovers tah-sehe is not a word to be said lightly.

She comes to understand why Thane, who turns the simplest of sentences into splendid verses, had felt it necessary to utter that word – because I will miss you was but a fragment of what he wished to convey. Tah-sehe meant more than to miss someone; it was a profound emotional state of infinite yearning, of not being able to experience life to the fullest, of having lost the most significant part of oneself. The concept originated during the great exodus of the 1980s, as the first generations of drell settled in Kahje carried the name of the tah’sehen, the ones who dwell in what’s lost.

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Hannibalwriters’ Alternative Universe #FannibalFicRecs

This is one of the most challenging thing I’ve ever done for this fandom; there are so many Alternative Universe stories, some of them are so different from the canonical Vampire AU which every fandom has to offer. I think I’d want to reward the originality, in this case. I tried to organize my reccs in a sort of “alphabetic” order.
I didn’t rec the same author twice: I choose only one work per writer, but this doesn’t mean that the one is their best work, their only Alternative Universe or their only work worth reading; on the contrary! This is supposed to encourage the diffusion of different perspective of the same Universe!

Animal Alternative Universe: The One Where Hannibal is a Cat by @coloredink

Summary: Specifically, he’s Alana’s cat. And Graham is Jack’s dog. They meet. That’s it. That’s the story.

  • General Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Jack Crawford

Generally Animal AUs tend to antropomorphize the characters involved, partly keeping human traits; in this one that’s not the case. This is an interesting asexual interaction between two animals that don’t need to partake the same specie to fluently interact with one another.

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics: Mise en Place by @thehoyden

Summary: Pre-heat left him short-tempered and irritable, even worse than usual, but Hannibal had lingered in his office doorway and said, “Come along, Will. No reason to grade on an empty stomach.”

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

Of all the A/B/O I could think about, this one strikes me because it permeates the biological aspect so typical of this genre; I’m not even sure I can consider A/B/O an Alternative Universe, and I’d have gladly chose at least one Omega/Omega and one Alpha/Alpha if I could, but there’s always @hannigram-a-b-o-library to thoroughtly look into the matter.

Birds Alternative Universe: Black Swan by @genufa (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: “Don’t say Hannibal,” said Beverly. “I’m saying Hannibal,” Will said. Beverly slumped back in the passenger seat, throwing up her hands. “Swans defend territory, Will! They don’t travel! We’re not talking Garrett Jacob Hobbs killing girls in five states, here!”

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Beverly Katz, Brian Zeller, Jimmy Price, Bedelia Du Maurier, Jack Crawford, Mason Verger, Frederick Chilton, Leonard Brauer, Chiyoh; Hannigraham, Marlana

Despite the status of this story, I deem important to include this in the Alternative Universes that this fandom has to offer: the writer takes inspiration from the story of an aggressive swan to recreate his relationship with his momentary attentive and confused keeper, but the magical component renders this work original and worth waiting for the next chapter every time.

Guardian Angels Alternative Universe: Chapter 44 of Eggs in a Basket by @granpappy-winchester

Summary: Guardian Angel AU, where Hannibal and Will are guardian angels whose paths cross on occasion and who have different approaches when it comes to their charges.

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Abigail Hobbs, Garret Jacob Hobbs; Hannigraham

It has been so difficult to decide which one of this serie of one-shots to include in this post, but I ended up choosing the one where Will and Hannibal have a philosophical discussion on the meaning of being seen and understood by your beloved; I suggest to read all of them, but this one was particularly well done in my opinion.

Horror Alternative Universe: Fais Do-Do by @moku-youbi

Summary: Will finds himself in need of staying at a comfortable and suspiciously remote bed and breakfast. He doesn’t know that its manager is reluctant to let him leave. (I took the liberty to provide one)

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Mischa Lecter, Jack Crawford; Hannigraham

This is not a typical romantic setting; it makes the skin crawls during the reading, but stopping is impossible until the story is finished. As the reader, Will has no idea of what’s appening until it’s too late but, as the saying goes, it takes one to catch one.

Mall Alternative Universe: Make the Yule-tide Gay by @destinyawakened and an orphan account

Summary: What if Hannibal Lecter was Santa and Will Graham was a Mall Cop? Would Christmas still blow white?

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

This whole serie is completely out of every possible projection of the canon Universe, but let’s start from the beginning. Will and Hannibal share the same working environment and a certain propencity for unorthodox festivity celebrations.

Multiple Personality Alternative Universe: Multiplicy (serie) by Not_You

Summary: The one where Hannibal is multiple, not (very) murderous or cannibalistic, and all five of him love Will Graham.

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, but there are a lot of them, Will Graham; Hannigraham

In perfect agreement with this writer’s style, this work has a certain sweetness that permeates Will Graham and his life; Hannibal and his disparate selves show how difficult it can be to room with more than one personality and getting romantically involved at the same time, with every one of them.

Pianist Alternative Universe: Unchained melody by @mazephoenix

Summary: Will is a concert pianist who’s retired after an ordeal. His biggest fan comes to offer some comfort.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

As so many of the stories this writer created, this work is synthetic but meaningful; the setting recreates a casual encounter between Will and Hannibal in a bar, which evolves in the beginning of their becoming. This is not the only one story I’d suggest of this author, even if I understand their style is peculiar; I enjoy it very much, anyway.

Pokemon Alternative Universe: Chapter 16 of Tasting Flights: Hannibal Drabbles by @unicornmagic

Summary: By request from soundingonlyatnightasyousleep, who wanted a Pokemon AU.

  • General Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford; Hannigraham

No matter how short this story is, no matter the fact that this writer is talented and came up with works more elaborated than this one, no matter why they did it, no one made an Alterative Universe just as perfect. I fell in love with it. There’s no way I’m recc’ing something else, not for this post. But you should take a look at the rest, because there’s a whole word of words behind that AO3 account.

Pornstars Alternative Universe: Literally Speaking by @halotolerant (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: So someone prompted me with: ‘could you write some old-fashioned 'Will getting his prostate stimulated for the first time and going completely out of his mind’ porn? Please? And I took that and ran with it and wrote 'Will getting his prostate stimulated IN porn AS as a porn actor’…

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

This probably started as the classic story of two pornstars ending up with one another, which is what at the time I wanted to read, but then it completely derailed into this perfeclty fitting Alternative Universe where Will is not only getting the abovementioned prostate stimulation, but also some of his personal tragic events of the first serie; this fic made me realize just how sorrowful the encephalis should have been, more than the show itself did.

Post-Apocalypse Alternative Universe: some say in ice by peppermintquartz

Summary: The end of the world came suddenly.

  • General Audiences
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Will Graham’s dog; Hannigraham

This is beautiful in the sort of hannibalesque way that could lead the intere evolution of Will Graham in a fanfiction instead of three slow burning series: Will has to face the fact that life can suddenly change and moral could slow down his escalating evolution. It’s a cold story, made of snow and estinguishing fire in the chimney, and the writer uses a cold style, where taking a hand in your own can warm you up more than the sun.

Professional Killer Alternative Universe: Cu Sith by @slqtherin

Summary: Verger hires Will Graham, a professional killer, to murder Doctor Hannibal Lecter. Will gets a date with a serial killer instead.

  • Explicit
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Will Graham’s dog; Hannigraham

Will is equally frustrated and exasperated by his target, and that’s probably the reason why he wants to shoot in his mouth right after their first banter; fortunately that’s not the case. He hopes to profite from the occasion, but things don’t end the way either he nor Hannibal predicted. But you need to read also the sequel to reach this part.

Role Reversal Alternative Universe: Sleeping in the Knife Drawer by @emungere

Summary: Hannibal’s an FBI agent. Will’s a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go.

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford

In the remote possibility that Will finds the FBI Agent Lecter interesting, he would take much pleasure in not showing him he’s intrigued. That’s what happens in this story, or at least that’s how I see it, because Will probably wants to push away him, for their own good, playing the aggressive psychiatrist, but ends up fashinated with the darkness that Hannibal doesn’t particularly care to hide.

Single Parent Alternative Universe: Pi’s Lullaby by @t-pock (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: Will loses his daughter at the mall. Hannibal returns her to him.

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Aleksandra Graham (Original Character)

Hannibal falls in love with her, first. Then he sees his father and decides that he’s not a man that settles for less than the whole Graham package; that’s how he decides to start his slow pursue of his beloved little family, instead of Will’s darkest inclinations.

SCP Foundation Alternative Universe: Alive Humanoid Sensory Euclid by @berlynn-wohl

Summary: AU in which Will and Hannibal (and Jack) work for the SCP Foundation. This is also a fill for two prompts on the Hannibal kinkmeme.

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Freddie Lounds; Hannigraham

To be honest, more than the story itself, the Alternative Universe fashinates me, when I think about this fic: the writer revisits with a certain fidelity what happens in the first serie, so it’s not the originality per se that I would recommend in here, so much as the way the author adapts this sci-fi Universe to our fandom. It has been incredible reading all about the eccentric objects that Will and Hannibal daily get in touch with.

Soulmates Alternative Universe: Chapter 4 of Alana Finds Out by @victorineb

Summary: In which Alana and Hannibal don’t match, but someone else does.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom; Hannigraham, Hannibloom

This entire serie is probably the quintessence of what this challenge is about: every chapter has its Universe, its dynamycs, and this one beautifully represents the fact that Alana might be perfect, lovely for anyone, but Hannibal and Will are just too taken from one another to see anyone else; obviously they need incentive to admit it.

Unpleasant Theme Alternative Universe: Yourself and People Like You by @metaphoregoneawry

Summary: Meet someone like you.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Frederick Chilton; Hannigraham

I can’t even begin to describe how this story hurts. All over. But this is not a good reason to not read it: their tragic situation can’t end well, the writer promisses suffering and desperation in a subtle, constant way; this doens’t stop Hannibal from trying to grasp what little happiness he can afford in Will.

Zombies Alternative Universe: Hierarchy of Needs by @xzombiexkittenx

Summary: It’s the end of the world and everyone’s immediate needs have changed. It’s also Hannibal’s chance to have everything he wants.

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Bedelia Du Maurier, Margot Verger, Mason Verger, Judy; Hannigraham, MargotJudy

Instead of a confused battle for surviving, this story describes every stages that the humanity should go through in order to gain what it has lost. Will knows about Hannibal’s proclivities, but he has to adapt to a new world, where being a cannibalistic serial killer doesn’t make him the worst monster in the planet.

This has been exausting; the computer shut down twice and so I had to learn how to save drafts, but it’s finally finished. I know there could be a lot more to rec, and I hope someone takes the trouble to rec Shark Tank, since I went for the Zombie AU one.
I didn’t include Crossovers or Rarepairs, nor did I went for pairings different from Hannigram, if not secondary, but I suspect this post is already too long for anyone to read it all; if your’re here, I’m obviously wrong, and I’m happy to be!
Thank you very much @hannibalficwriters for this opportunity to remember that this fandom has so much to give, so much to discover, still after so much time.


From The Dining Table

A series of generally canon-compliant vignettes set at the Tomlinson/Styles household dining table (or lack thereof). 

Inspired by Louis’ recent Guardian article photo where he is sitting at a table with an egg on toast in front of him.

guys, i wrote a fic(let)! i’ve been having shan @buckylouie and steph @mommotommo read it as I went to make sure it wasn’t total trash. please give it a read if you’d like and reblog for others. thanks :)

'Rogue One': Sneak Peek at Art for Marvel's Comic Book — and the Scenes It Adds In
Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera in the comic-book adaptation of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ (Image: Marvel)

Get ready for a Rogue One you haven’t seen before. As previously announced, Marvel is set to launch a six-issue adaptation of the intergalactic smash Star Wars story and the comic book will include material that didn’t make the final cut of the film.

Today, Marvel released initial interior artwork from the comic version, the first issue of which will hit newsstands on April 5. Here’s your first look at four pages worth of panels, illustrated by Emilio Laiso and Oscar Bazaldua, featuring familiar scenes from the film of Jyn Erso‘s escape from an Imperial penal colony, her meeting on Yavin 4 with Mon Mothma and Cassian Andor, her rendezvous with Saw Gerrera on Jedha, and her plea to Alliance leaders to go to Scarif to steal the Death Star plans — a scene that may be expanded from the film (more on that below).

(Image: Marvel)
(Image: Marvel)
(Image: Marvel)
(Image: Marvel)

Writer Jody Houser has been working with Lucasfilm‘s Story Group and movie director Gareth Edwards to flesh out the comics with additional scenes, some of which were included in the novelization.

Related: ‘I Rebel’ and Other Trailer Scenes That Didn’t Make Final Cut of ‘Rogue One’

As we’ve noted, the Rogue One book, written by Alexander Freed, included several sequences not in the theatrical release. Among them:

  • Immediately after Imperial Director Orson Krennic captures Galen Erso during the prologue, the two men exchange words aboard Krennic’s shuttle — with the corpse of Lyra Erso between them.
  • The destruction of Jedha City is depicted from the point of view of various characters on the ground, including a Stormtrooper detail that didn’t evacuate in time, as well as the family of the little girl Jyn rescued from the marketplace shootout, all of whom get obliterated in the Death Star blast.
  • After the Alliance attack on Eadu, there’s an interlude aboard Krennic’s shuttle where he is summoned to Mustafar to appear before Darth Vader.
  • The Yavin 4 briefing room scene at the end is much longer, featuring testimony by Bodhi and Jyn, and more Mon Mothma.
  • During the Rogue One team’s shuttle ride from Yavin 4 to Scarif, there’s more conversation among the crew, including an exchange in which Jyn Erso is conferred the rank of sergeant, which explains why she’s called “Sgt. Jyn Erso” in promotional materials and toys.
  • Between the sections of the novelization, there are “recovered” messages that include journal entries from Mon Mothma, correspondence between Krennic and Erso, and prayers from Guardians of the Whills.

Related: The Ultimate Guide to ‘Rogue One’ Easter Eggs and ‘Star Wars’ References

For now, the Marvel adaptation will be your only chance to see visuals of these missing moments. The home version of Rogue One, arriving March 24 on Digital HD and April 4 on Blu-ray/DVD, will not include any deleted or alternative scenes.

In addition to the interior artwork, Marvel also released some variant covers (below), including the “Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant” designed by Mike Mayhew, and the “Movie Variant,” based on the theatrical poster.

‘Rogue One/Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant’ (Image: Mike Mayhew)
‘Rogue One Movie Poster Variant’ cover (Image: Marvel)
The previously released ‘Action Figure Variant’ (Image: John Tyler Christopher/Marvel)
Here’s the official ‘Rogue One’ issue No. 1 cover (Image: Phil Noto/Marvel)

The latest from Yahoo Movies:

Easter Hunt - Reader x Dean x Sam

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Warnings: None - just a lot of Easter fluff.

Word Count: 1640 (give or take a few)

Dean and Sam walked into the library after spending the better half of the morning shooting rounds at target practice. It almost felt like they were going to bring the whole place down with the way the gunshot sounds bounced off the walls and echoed to every inch of their home. They took a seat at the library table and poured themselves a glass of whiskey, each taking comfort in the silence.

Wait. Silence? That couldn’t be right. There were three hunters in the bunker the last time the duo had checked.

“Have you seen (Y/n)?” Sam asked, being the first one to realise that they were down a hunter. Dean took a sip of his drink and leaned back in his seat. Just once, he wanted to relax and not be bothered with something trivial like the lost case of (Y/n).

Keep reading