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What would the vets + trannies senior quotes be.....Also... Hi... How are you :)

That typo….

Mikasa: “Mikasa Out”
Reiner: “Highschool Musical gave me unrealistic expectations of this shit”
Bertholdt: “Is it over yet?”
Annie: “No”
Eren: “A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage”
Jean: “I’m a graduate and you’re not”
Marco: “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world - Roald Dahl, Matilda”
Sasha: “We finish each other’s - “
Connie: “- Sandwiches!”
Historia: “Voted ‘most likely to cause WW3′”
Armin: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s a ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it’s stupid. - Albert Einstein”
Ymir: Has neither a picture not a quote

Levi: “This was the grossest place I’ve ever been to, and I visited Hanji’s place”
Hanji: “whew, that was something, huh guys?”
Erwin: “The students of yesterday are the hope of the world tomorrow!”
Nanaba: “3/10 can not recommend”
Mike: “I learned thirteen years and all I get is this diploma”
Moblit: “They’re lesbians, Harold”

#74: Pregnancy Series | Cravings


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


”Where have you been?” Michael asked with a raised eyebrow as Luke arrived into the dressing room, a McDonald’s bag being placed in the grip of his hand. ”Brought food.” He showed the brown back before walking towards you who was sitting on the opposite couch of Michael and Calum, your eyes going from being absence to almost cry by the vision. ”I luv you.” You smiled as you looked up at him, a pinkish blush running over his defined cheekbones as he gave you the brown bag, your mouth almost watering by just the smell. Your hand found the content of the bag faster than what you realized yourself, removing the cover of the McFlurry before throwing it on the table, taking your bag of Chilly Cheese Tops and dipping it into your ice, sooner throwing it into your mouth and a satisfied smile came upon your lips. Calum made a face of disgust as he watched you, looking up at Luke but the blond boy could only shrug his shoulders. ”That looks fucking disgusting Y/N, what the fucking even.” He commented making you roll your eyes by his statement. ”It tastes fucking terrific, shut up Cal.” You mumbled with mouth full, a mixture of cheese and soft ice spreading around the corner of your mouth. ”Let me try.” Michael mumbled and raised himself from the couch, plumping next to you and grabbing a chilly cheese top. ”It doesn’t taste that bad actually.” He said in surprise, you nodding your head at him with a pleasant smirk. ”You two are the grossest people ever, god.” Calum placed his hands in front of his head as he spoke, almost having to walk away from the room in a fear of puking if he stayed there, watching you any longer. ”How can you even give it to her.” He mumbled, removing his hands from his head to look at Luke. ”He’s just whipped Cal, isn’t it obvious.” Michael mumbled, dipping more soft ice on his CCT. Another blush of red came to Luke’s cheeks by the mention and the reception of a wiggle from Michael afterwards, you only sending him a warm smile. ”He’s just going to be a good dad, shut up.” You defended, taking the last Chilly Cheese Tops and throwing the brown back towards the coffee table in front of you, you and Michael sharing the last bit of soft ice on the small deep-fried fast food.


Calum’s hand were almost going numb by the grip from your own hand, your body being almost 1,5 meters in front of him even though you were dragging him in a tight grip, Calum’s legs trying to keep up with your fast pace as you dragged him away from the cleaning products towards the dairy products and other chilled food. How you had managed to drag him towards the grocery shop 10 minutes before closing time still amazed him. Your mouth was literally drooling when you managed to glimpse the small silver packages of marinated anchovies, walking faster to Calum’s shock. “Please no.” He said in a groan as he noticed the silver package as well, his mouth already showing disgust by just thinking of having anchovies in his mouth. You let go of Calum’s hand to place at least 5-6 cans packages in your arms, Calum’s eyes going wide. “You need help?” He asked with a raised eyebrow, you didn’t respond, just placed all of the objects in his arms before taking 3 more. “Dear god.” He mumbled to himself as you walked towards the check out, you trying to open one of the packages already. “Y/N what are you doing?” He hissed, looking down at you wide eyed. “I just really want one.” You said looking down at the package with wide eyes. Calum looked into your eyes for a moment, his eyebrow increasing, “Are you about to cry?” “I just really want one.” You mumbled, trying to blink the tears away. Your cravings were going all crazy at this point, when you wanted something so much, and with the hormones affecting it could leave you to tears. “You can open it when we have paid.” He reassured, throwing the packages onto the running board, you doing the same against your will. When Calum had paid for the anchovies he barely had the chance to give you one before you had ripped a package open, filling your mouth with anchovies. “This is so gross Y/N.” He moaned as you headed towards the car, you rolling your eyes by his statement. “Your child want’s them Hood. I’m just accomplishing its commands.” A small chuckle left past Calum’s lips as you sat inside the parking lot, backing out and onto the road again. “The child just has to accept that I won’t be kissing you for the next 30 minutes.” He said making you roll your eyes by him, “As long as I’ll get the chance to eat these.”


Your feet were trying to fast up the same pace as Michael’s were, a suitcase in your hand as your eyes fought the domination to keep your eyes open in track with Michael’s fast movements. ”What’s that smell?” Your nostrils turned bigger as a delight smell of corn and warm sausages filled them, your eyes adverting around the airport to try to find the source of magnificent smell. ”I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Michael mumbled, one of his hand holding yours as the other was having a grip on papers and his suitcase, trying to find the right place to return your suitcases. ”We need to find out where they are.” You said in search determined to get what your body was now 100% craving for. ”My nerves are telling me that we might be in another terminal.” Michael mumbled, more to himself than you, totally occupied with something different. ”Michael I’m serious we need to get those corndogs!” You said with more stern tone in your voice, finally catching his attention and as he did so, his eyebrow raised as he looked over at you, before turning his gaze back towards the signs with numbers and airlines ”Y/N, it is 6AM and you’re trying to tell me that you want corndogs?” He mumbled under his breath but as he did so, you stopped in track, looking daring at him. ”What?” He asked in a groan, the before happy mood he had worn earlier this morning totally gone now, and replaced with a grumpy temper. ”I want it, and I want it now.” You stated, showing no joke in your tone as you watched him with wide eyes. Michael glared you up and down trying to see if there was any hint of sarcasm but as he could see you wouldn’t bug, his eyes rolled to the back of his head before letting out a smaller sigh. ”Fine. Where do we buy those corndogs?” He barely got the chance to finish before you had almost ripped his whole arm off, dragging him towards where the smell had caught your attention. ”Pregnant women nowadays.” He grumbled as he gave you the corndog after paying it but he couldn’t help hiding the smile that was creeping on his lips as he saw your satisfied expression. ”Don’t blame me, blame your child.” You shrugged, already being in a happier mood now, lifting up your suitcase and ready to return it to the airport crew.


Your eyes were adverting between the ceiling above you and Ashton sleeping next to you, small breaths coming from his parted lips. Your stomach was grumbling in an aggressive manor, keeping you awake from having a normal peaceful slumber. It had been going on since your head had rested on your pillow and that was more than 3 hours ago now. At this point you weren’t torn anymore about just trying to shrug it off; you removed the duvet from your body before resting your legs on the floor, stretching your arms and standing up from the bed. Ashton received a small glare in secure of not waking him up before you tip toed down towards the kitchen, heading direction towards the fridge. Your eyes scanned the content of food product until your eyes landed on a not so familiar white package with a cow plastered on its front. Grabbing it fast you ripped the package open making sure not to spill any of the extra water in it before walking towards one of the cardboards, ripping it open and, grabbing a fork and starting to dig in the dairy product. But your mission on keeping quiet for Ashton’s delight didn’t work out well. Sooner than you expected, he was leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen, his eyes were half closed, half shot, his hair all over the place in a mess on his head, only standing in his boxers briefs, a hand running through his hair to try to collect the noodle mess on his head. “What are you doing?” He questioned, approaching you and knitting his eyebrows as he noticed the feta cheese package in your hand. “Eating cheese.” You mumbled with mouth full of it, “But you don’t like cheese?” You stopped in action by the mention, your eyes adverting down to take a glare at the cheese before looking back up at him. “I have no idea honestly why in the world I’m eating this. It woke me up. My body craved for it.” “You mean they craved for it.” Ash let out a soft giggle, looking more awake now as he placed a hand to your belly. “It’s disgusting.” You said as you swallowed, yet a few pieces more landed in your mouth. “If that’s what they want.” He smiled, taking your fork and taking a piece from your package, “And I’ll be happy to join you as well.”

I used to work at a summer camp. For yeears. From the age of 15-22. And I have a lot of feelings about hanging out with friends late at night because of this. So, naturally, I’m projecting them onto Voltron (sos)

We would put the campers to bed at like, 10:30, and even though we knew we’d have to get up by 5:30am, we’d hang out all night together. Having random talks, starting prank wars, trying to find food, rushing to get weekly tasks done before morning, going night canoeing…Just have fun surrounding ourselves with each other.

Because working at camp was so fun, hanging out with people your age in the woods for 2 months of the summer with fun authority figures who wanted to hang out with you too? It was such a good environment and we just always wanted to hang out when we could. So the middle of the night was that time.

So imagine what it’s like for the Paladins, not able to talk to their families or other friends, hanging out in space all the time, how quiet and empty it would be, and how they would end up just gravitating towards each other in the middle of the night to talk, and hang out, and just Be. Because during the day they’re busy training, saving the universe, fixing the castle, etc etc etc. But at night they can wind down and just be kids. And yeah, they should go to bed because they just know Allura’s going to set off an alarm in the morning, but at the same time…at 2:00am, when they’re all just sitting together in comfortable silences punctuated with short bursts of talking they just…don’t care? It helps them feel normal.

When they find themselves all hanging out late into the night, it’s different every time. Some nights they’re all quiet and sitting on the couch just all huddled together in a pile, taking short cat naps and chatting about nothing. Or everything. Deep topics, like family back home, how they’ll ever beat Zarkon, if they’ll make it out alive…but somehow, in the next minute they’re wondering if there’s cheese in space. Just. Anything.

Some nights they’re fucking riled and they go exploring the castle, start prank wars with each other, make a fucking mess. Just have a good time. Play truth or dare with those memory visualizing headsets Coran had them train with, they bug Shiro when he’s trying to sleep if he’s already gone to bed. Shiro pretends to mad, but he’s really happy that they’re all friends. They try to do the same with Allura but she’s not into it. Tells them to go to bed or if they’re awake they should at least be training. But when she rolls over to go back to sleep she lets out a small sad smile, because they remind her of the old Paladins. They find that they canNOT wake up Coran if they fucking TRIED. He’ll sleep through anything (but will wake up instantly if an alarm goes off). Plus he sleep talks and it’s hilarious.

And then there’s those nights where some of them have gone to bed and there’s only two or three of the Paladins hanging out, and this is where they really get to know each other. Keith and Hunk accidentally meeting in the kitchen at 3:00am to get a snack and getting found sleeping on the kitchen floor the next morning where they had been talking. Pidge and Lance on the observatory deck talking about family and being sad, but also laughing as they make up constellations in the unknown sky. Keith and Lance sitting on a couch in silence, just leaning on each other, staying there for hours just listening to each other breathe and making small conversation. Favourite colour, favourite place on earth, grossest thing you’ve ever eaten. Just being together, teasing each other, making jokes, trying to be happy. Hunk and Pidge not being able to sleep and making ridiculous inventions that seem like such a good idea at night but are a fucking mess in the light of day. Lance and Hunk being BFFs and cuddling and chatting and gossiping all night, Lance trying Hunk’s new foods he’s trying to make and exploring the reaches of the castle. Pidge and Keith teaching each other things they know, Keith teaches Pidge more technical fighting, Pidge teaches Keith tech. But after an hour or two it just turns into deep, late night chats and snoozing on what ever soft surface is closest.

I just live for this. And sure, Allura or Shiro or Coran would probably join in once in a while, but these kids are so far from home and they would just lean on each other for support. That’s what we did at camp. There were older people who would hang out once in a while, but you could count on it, night after night, that at least 3 of the younger kids would be together until the sun started coming up.

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hi mama! i'm not sure if this has been asked before, but what would the 104th + vets' graduation quotes be?

Mikasa: “Mikasa Out”
Reiner: “Highschool Musical gave me unrealistic expectations of this shit”
Bertholdt: “Is it over yet?”
Annie: “No”
Eren: “A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage”
Jean: “I’m a graduate and you’re not”
Marco: “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world - Roald Dahl, Matilda”
Sasha: “We finish each other’s - “
Connie: “- Sandwiches!”
Historia: “Voted ‘most likely to cause WW3′”
Armin: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s a ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it’s stupid. - Albert Einstein”
Ymir: Has neither a picture not a quote

Levi: “This was the grossest place I’ve ever been to, and I visited Hanji’s place”
Hanji: “whew, that was something, huh guys?”
Erwin: “The students of yesterday are the hope of the world tomorrow!”
Nanaba: “3/10 can not recommend”
Mike: “I learned thirteen years and all I get is this diploma”
Moblit: “They’re lesbians, Harold”

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After seeing your restaurant job answer, I have to ask as a disadvantaged aspiring vegan: Would you work serving meat? I work at this disgusting pizza place and it's literally the grossest stuff a human could ever put in their mouth. Fucking consumerism. Does your veganism prevent you from even handling meat?

i served meat whilst being vegan for years at my old job, lol. i actually used to have to break up buckets of freshly cooked sausage crumbles with my bare hands. gross city, but definitely not as bad as having to chop several dozen onions in one sitting. while veganism is important to me, i realize it’s my choice and i don’t live in a vegan world. folding my arms and refusing to do the job i’m paid to do isn’t convincing anyone of anything. however, i have lines i probably would never cross. i don’t think i could work in a slaughterhouse, for example. i just don’t think i could stomach it. if i had a kid i had to feed, i might tough it out, but i’d probably end up super depressed over it. the probability of this happening is unlikely anyway, i guess.