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Hey Groovers! I’ll be on holiday in beautiful, rugged, and freezing AF
Tasmania till Saturday 8th of July. I anticipate that I’ll still be able to lurk
on my phone, but there will be no story updates until after that date. (Two updates that I am really looking forward to posting are Raj’s meeting with Mia, and Roy’s barbecue. And then there’s also The Truth About Brent, and chapters to be written for Naomi and Alex, and Audrey and Seph, and the hard-working ladies of The Pink Pony …and finally, after only about a year, it will be revealed why Violet was a no-show at the hotel that night. If anyone still cares, lulz.) See you soon, Lovelies!! I LOVE YOUSE ALL!


Jamaican Superstars, Trojan Records, Various Artists…

0:00 - Talk about love - Pat Kelly
2:42 - Stick by me - John Holt
6:00 - Rascal Man - Delroy Wilson
9:30 - How long will it take - Pat Kelly
12:41 - Better must come - Delroy wilson
15:26 - Keep it up - John Holt
18:03 - Tracks of life - Dennis brown
21:33 - Ghetto girl - Jonhn holt
24:28 - Give me your love - Alton Ellis
26:20 - Soulful love - Pat kelly
29:44 - Lets Get It while its hot - John Holt
33:10 - I am the conquerer - Dennis Brown
35:23 - Blood son - Dennis brown
38:44 - My time - Gregory Isaacs
42:49 - Baby I need your loving - Delroy Wilson
45:23 - The prophet - Pat kelly
48:27 - Up Park Camp - John Holt
51:40 - Soul Groover - Alton Ellis
53:47 - Im still in love with you - Alton Ellis
58:16 - Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
1:01:19 - Cassandra - Dennis Brown
1:04:21 - I Wish It would rain - Pat Kelly
1:07:07 - Musical Heatwave - Dennis Brown

I haven’t even finished reading The hidden oracle, when uncle Rick tells me that this is next. I just can’t wait. And I just realized that if Percy is involved in this next prophecy is going to be third one (the divine number)

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Leatherworking with gremble: the other Anders bag

How2Andersbag, part 2! This is for the square-ish bag he wears on his belt, which I think kinda looks like a granny purse, but it’s a useful size for carrying cellphone+wallet, and a useful technique to know because it’s so ubiquitous. I think everyone in the DA2 crew has at least one bag constructed this way, adjusting the colors/proportions as necessary.

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Also! If you haven't seen Barrett sing outside of heathers here are links to some songs~
-I push up my glasses
(IE the humble lesbian song)
-I could be Jewish for you
-Christmas with dad
-Annie’s party
-Orphan Girl
-Poor Little patty (including Alysha Umphress )
-WildFlowers (including Kyle Dean)
-Barf Bag Breakup
-Machine Gun
-Maybe this time (Cabaret)
-Wannabe (spice girls)
-including Ariana groover, Alice Lee, Elizabeth Judd and Emma Hunton
-Barrett’s university preforming “La vie boheme” from rent
-Barrett plays Maureen -You don’t know (bare)

If you have any more feel free to reblog this with them. This doesn’t include any full performances as I don’t have access to them.

In 1971, Marc Bolan said from the stage, “We’ve got a slight problem with  police messages coming through on the amplifier. So if you get the fuzz coming through, don’t get paranoid about it…and if you’ve got any coke, come back stage.”  🙀😹😻😻

🎶 I have never, never nailed a nose before…and when I’m sad, I slide 🎶


for real i’m so happy look at them

Friday was historic day in the world of electronic music, because on that day, the great and enigmatic ZHU released his highly anticipated debut album, Generationwhy! There’s no denying that this producer has been one of the most influential artists in the dance scene since he mysteriously appeared with his very first tracks, and his rise has been no less than meteoric. ZHU has been thrilling us with reveals from his album over the past months, and as the record dropped, he also unveiled a new cut named Hometown Girl. Get ready for a very different side of ZHU when you dive into this dreamy track. Gone are the deep murky vocals and the carnal slamming bass. This is a soft sensitive, melting sublime ZHU more on the synthpopping side of spectrum. Hometown Girl gently bounces with warm gooey, sugary sweet feels, a laid back dance groover that somehow manages to make us fall in love with ZHU even more. Can I be your hometown girl, ZHU? After all, I’m from the San Francisco Bay! ZHU will be playing a bevy of fests this summer and into the fall, including Bumbershoot, Life Is Beautiful, CRSSD, and Treasure Island in San Francisco, which I greatly look forward to. Grab your digital copy of ZHU’s Generationwhy from iTunes.

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#223 My Favourite Bunch Of Killable Teens

Yep, I remembered that Burdge once did a very inclusive Percy Jackson Fanart of the PJATO series, so i decided to add up some important characters (for me) of both the PJATO and PJHOO series because i love to suffer. You know me.

So, Bottom line Left to Righ: Hazel, Bianca, Nico (let’s pretend nothing dark happened and they’re happy and that’s why he looks healthy), Will, Coach Hedge, Baby Satir on Meelie’s Arms,  Juniper, Groover and Zoe.

Middle Line lft to rght: Rachel, Reyna, Thalia, Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse, Silena and Charles (yep in denial about them too), and Tyson.

Top Line lft to Rght: Michael Yew (sorry, he barely fitted), Calypso, Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank, The Stolls, and Katie Gardner.

So yep, have feels, of course no one died and they didn’t suffer anything at all… Pls rick no more…

As you might noticed i tried to give the Half Blood Campers a red t-shirt (sorry i didn’t have orange) and the Camp Jupiter ones a purplish one, whereas the hunters go by gray. 

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PS: Quality is shitty because i took them with my Ipod but that’s better than not
uploading at all

Let’s finish it off smooth and sleek today with a fresh remix of Duke Dumont’s sensual hit, Ocean Drive. French producer Michael Calfan takes the Duke on a soulful house and disco funk adventure full of swaggering cool chicness. It urges us to go out and find ourselves a summer beach party or a cabana lined pool party to dance it out to the track. Michael Calfan’s silken groover will be out on October 16th. 

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