the groove shadows

*tied back-to-back to a tree, on a river*
  • Kell: Uh-oh.
Lila: Don’t tell me. We’re about to go over a huge waterfall.
Kell: Yup.
Lila: Sharp rocks at the bottom?
  • Kell: Most likely.
Lila: Bring it on.

i’ve been seeing lots of shadow things lately out of the corner of my eye.  this better not mean my psychosis is trying to come out to play.  i do not need that shit right now…

Rumbelle Fic: To Be Enough

Summary: Rumplestiltskin wants to be enough. My take on how the sleeping curse conversation could have gone. Set during 5x18.
Rating: M (for smut and cursing)
Word Count: 2,647
A/N: Companion piece to 5x17 fix-it, To Love You More. Rumple’s POV. Angst and smut. Comments welcome…a little nervous about this one.


Just to wake you up. Just to wake you up. Darkness, the age-old companion, hissed in his ear. Shut up! Today he stomped the wretched whispers down, locking them away with ease. No longer the raging, consuming inferno that it had once been, the darkness was his to command. Rumplestiltskin was stronger now—braver—Belle and their baby needed him.

She hadn’t meant those cruel words, and he hadn’t meant his.

Exhausted after an endless day of pursuing dead ends, they huddled in the rocking chair in their doppelgänger bedroom. This queer copy of their stately Victorian house was more gray than pink, sagging and covered with thick, twisted brambles. But they had found it, and it was a welcome relief from the Underworld shop where he’d toiled for countless hours since coming to Hades’ hellhole of despair.

Rumple cradled Belle in his embrace, rubbing soothing circles over her gooseflesh-covered arms. Shivering, she clung to him, fingers worrying the hair at his nape. The runners on the chair whined as they chafed against the bloated floorboards, further splintering the decaying wood.

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