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Mashima’s couples

The couple that takes forever

to come to terms with their feelings.

The couple that starts as a one sided love,

but the other side actually cares as well.

The couple that can’t be together for a long time,

but then they have a tearful reunion.

So yeah, I didn’t use too many pics for NaLu and Haru x Elie even though they probably have the greatest amount of shared moments. Also I might redo this once Fairy Tail ends if I’ll have more suitable pictures then.

And if you don’t believe me that Musica x Belnika is real just check this:

Fairies at the Beach - FT volume 5 omake.

Comparison: Haru Glory and Natsu Dragneel

Okay so if you forget, I did one of these before with Acnologia and Endless and I thought about it and I really wanna do Haru vs Natsu. Now this is a comparison of these two character, so this isn’t meant to feel like an attack on anyone who likes these two.

So many people have a lot of ill-feelings towards FT and one of those things is Natsu Dragneel. Natsu Dragneel is often critiqued as an standard hot-blooded shounen protagonist, gets away with too many awful things, is treated like the big damn hero who is infallible, boring to sit through in battles, never being affected by anything that happens to him, and not developing beyond who he is from chapter 1. Now I will definitely defend Natsu more than the average Joe, but at times, it is surprising to see how he ended up. Because like a lot of Fairy Tail, if you read Rave Master, there seems to be a lot of stuff done better, one of them being main protagonist, Haru Glory.

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⚠ Do not steal this please ⚠
@zippi44 drew it, and I colored it.
But this is a commission that she drew for me, so I don’t want to see any repost (on tumblr you can repost but not screnshots etc) please bc the drawing belongs to me (and @zippi44 ofc) 🙈 I am really happy of the result 😍 thank you again and again Zippi!!

Anyway, I have so many things to color in mind that I did a note list xD. I will start requests when I have no idea what to color but for now I’m full of ideas haha 😂

i was watching the fairy tail x rave master special and when i saw musica saying this  the first thing i thought was: awwwn what a cutiee

and then i noticed

External image

he said that

External image

because he he was unable to cherish the one he loved

External image



Let’s review Musica’s love life (from Rave Master)

He broke up with his girlfriend because he can’t simply have a normal relationship.

The love of his life sacrificed her life to save him and many other people.

The next girl he falls for just sees him as a pervert. She’s not wrong.

And the next one likes his best friend.

So no wonder this is what he tells Gray about Juvia:

They are so cuuute it was so fun (and long 😂) to do that ! ♡
I would like to thank you aaaall for your support omg you can’t imagine just 1 comment can give me a big support and it motivate me to continue ❤💕
Drawn by Mashima-san but the lineart is by Twilhina on Devianart, and I’m the one who colored it ^^