the grimm's brothers

Matchup for @littlediaboliklovers

Can I have a match up I’m 5'8 I have wavy hair below my shoulder with purple going through my hair I have hazel eyes I’m always wearing chokers I also have large chest I’m also curvy I have tattoos and piercings my favourite are my tongue and chest piercings and my right leg sleeve tattoo. I love to play the piano, singing drawing and reading I personally love brother Grimm and mysteries books I listen to rock, pop and classical music I also love to cook. I’m also nerd I love all dc and Marvel and anime I keep to myself but when you get to know me I’m confident sassy flirtatious a bit perverted I’m quite laid back and very loyal I can be bit motherly I love to tease people when Im stressed or I need to let my emotions out I play the piano and sing or do kickboxing. At times that I can be needy and want attention or I just want to be left alone to read, play music or to cook but hate liars I’m very stubborn and I stick up for what I believe in and I won’t take no shit from people and I will give hell if the person do I have a high sex drive and I do gymnastics kickboxing and pole dancing

Your Matchup is…


• I have a feeling that Laito wouldn’t really mind about you having tattoos and piercings, unlike the rest of his brothers. He would always find an excuse to make you show him your tongue piercing. He finds it really sexy.

• He LOVES the fact that you practice pole dancing. Your high elasticity and agility helps you a lot in bedroom activities with him.

• Laito likes to tease you a lot, since you said you are stubborn and strict about what you think. Not that he’ll always respect your opinion.

• He sometimes complains about your flirty attitude, because he’s the ONE who gets to make you blush. He secretly enjoys it, though.

• Since he knows you tend to be needy, he usually ignores you on purpose. Laito thinks it’s so amusing when you can’t stand the solitude anymore and go looking for him, craving for his touch or love words.

Is interested in you…


• Another one who doesn’t mind about you having tattoos and piercing. He’s in love with your big chest, and wonders if you have your nips pierced.

• You said you enjoy to cook, so whenever Laito is not with you, he asks you to make some takoyaki for him.

• You seem to do a lot of exercise, and that’s something he likes. Not because he’s a basketball player, no. He enjoys watching your breasts bounce whenever you run or jump.

• Ayato kinda shares your taste in comics.He won’t admit it, though.
Not so happily ever after: Fairytales that lay undiscovered for 150 years tell stories of wicked step-fathers witch-slaying princesses and scared young princes

The stories were compiled by German historian Franz Xaver von Schönwerth in the 1880s - around the same time as the Brothers Grimm folk tales - from across the Bavarian region of Oberpfalz.

While the well-known Grimm fairytales often feature a vulnerable princess and dragon-slaying hero, Schönwerth reverses their roles - offering readers powerful female and vulnerable male characters.

In Schönwerth’s fantastical version Cinderella, for example, the heroine uses her golden - not glass - slippers to rescue her lover from beyond the moon.

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