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Samin Nosrat has become known as the chef who taught Michael Pollan to cook, after the famed food writer featured her in his book Cooked and his Netflix show of the same name.

Now, she’s sharing her wisdom with the masses in her new, illustrated cookbook called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. The key to good cooking, she says, is learning to balance those elements and trust your instincts, rather than just follow recipes.

Nosrat’s own formal culinary education came at Chez Panisse, the legendary restaurant in Berkeley, Calif., founded by Alice Waters. She first went there as a diner, then asked for a job and got one, working her way up. And it was while cooking at Chez Panisse that Nosrat had the revelation that eventually led to this cookbook — that salt, fat acid and heat are the fundamental elements to good food.

“The elements and the tenets of professional cooking don’t always get translated to the home cook,” she tells NPR’s Rachel Martin. “Recipes don’t encourage you to use your own senses and use your own judgement. And salt, fat, acid and heat can be your compass when you maybe don’t have other tools.”

Nosrat frees her readers to use their own senses instead of measuring cups.

She says we should salt things until they taste like the sea – which is a beautiful image, but also sounds like an awful lot of salt.

An Illustrated Guide To Master The Elements Of Cooking — Without Recipes

Illustrations: Courtesy of Wendy MacNaughton

September, 1977

Racism Trigger Warning

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To six-year-old Lucas Sinclair, a year was an eternity.  And that was more true than ever as he sat around the kitchen island, the smell of grilled cheese filling the room and Mike’s excited chattering overpowering the sizzle from the stovetop.

It had been only a year since he’d met his friend and he already knew Mike’s every secret and quirk.  The same went for Will, although it had taken a bit more time.  Will wasn’t like Mike- if he had a secret, he could hold onto it rather than watch it explode compulsively from his mouth.  The year the three of them had had together had to have been an eternity if Lucas was able to become so close to two people so different from himself.  To further prove his point, Lucas could not remember the specific months or weeks or days that made up that year.  It was all just a haze of play dates and their favorite corner of the kindergarten class and being so happy.  The only concrete memory that stuck out was the one of Will laughing so hard grape juice came out his nose, but Lucas knew he could live through a million eternities and remember that.  The issue now was that he had to go through an eternity of a year, but this time it was with-

“Alright, three grilled cheese sandwiches for the new first graders!  And Lucas, the tomato soup should be done in just a minute or two,”  Mrs. Wheeler, Mike’s mom, placed three steaming plates in front of them.  

“Thank you,”  Lucas remembered to say.  Even in his low state he felt a twinge of pride.  He was good at using his manners, even when he was upset.  He knew most other kids in his class couldn’t remember their manners even in the best of circumstances, so he was already several steps ahead.  Although today his manners had proved ineffective.  No one, not even the teacher, cared whether he could say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

“Do you boys like your teachers?”

Lucas suppressed a wince at Mrs. Wheeler’s question and nibbled around the crust of his sandwich while Mike launched into description of a teacher he loved (Lucas suspected he had a crush on said teacher, but he couldn’t bring himself to tease him.  Not then).  She was pretty.  She gave them a whole hour for reading.  She had already learned half of their names.  Lucas wanted to be happy about the great teacher his friends had ended up with but…

They had found out which classes they’d be in a week prior.  Lucas’s mom had driven out to look at the class list and whether or not Lucas fit in with Mike and Will, and she’d been filled with remorse over the results.  Lucas could feel his face growing hot as he remembered the crestfallen look on Mike’s face as he told him which teacher he had.

“But it’s okay!” Mike rebounded.  “Me and Will can still see you at recess and you can come over to my house every day if you want to.  It’ll be okay.”
Lucas wasn’t sure if Mike had said it for Lucas’s sake or his own, but as soon as Mike had said it, his chin began to tremble.  It would be just as awful to be without Lucas as it would be for Lucas to be without Mike.  

Mrs. Wheeler brought Lucas out of the memory by handing him a bowl of freshly heated tomato soup.  In his book, a grilled cheese was never complete without the soup as a side.  Mike and Will thought it was gross, which only fueled his love for the combo, and Mrs. Wheeler made sure to have tomato soup on hand for whenever Lucas came over.  And Mike was calling this after-first-day-of-school snack at his house a new tradition, so Lucas suspected the Wheeler family would be going through lots of tomato soup before they were finished with him.

“Thank you,” he remembered to say.

“You’re welcome,”  Mrs. Wheeler answered.  “And how are you liking Mrs. Penshaw?  Nancy never had her as a teacher, so I don’t know much about her,”

“Oh,”  Lucas frantically racked his brain for something good to say about Mrs. Penshaw.  She wore tall black shoes, kind of like the ones his mom wore?  She had very neat handwriting?  She smiled at most of the kids?

But not you.

“Mrs. Penshaw is nice.”  It was a lie, but Lucas knew lying was sometimes necessary.  Mike and Will were happy with their teacher.  Lucas had a different teacher.  But it was nothing to make a fuss over.

“Did you talk at recess?”

Mike and Will answered this question together, clamoring over each other’s sentences to tell her about the only part of the day Lucas had enjoyed.  They’d gone on an intricate journey around the playground in search of the perfect dragon lair (because every playground needed one of those) and both boys had lots to say on the matter.  But Lucas could only think of what had happened in the hours between recess.

He’d walked in with more confidence than he had in kindergarten.  Of course he knew Mike and Will would not be at his side, and that hurt, but he also knew that he was smart, friendly, and a great candidate for a friend.  He would find a friend, and while it may not be Mike or Will, he’d still have someone to get him through the school day.  He’d be fine.

Mrs. Penshaw greeted every kid with a smile- that is, every kid but Lucas.  When he walked in the door and offered a polite “good morning”, he was met with a strangely cold look before being pointed to his seat.  From his chair he could see as every other kid got a smile.  Every kid but him.

But that was okay.  Even adults forgot their manners at times, and even with his superior skill set of manners, he was in no position to make judgments.
Class continued as usual, with the introductions and the class rules.  Lucas listened politely.  He missed having someone to talk to, but he could handle it for one day.

But then came snack time.  Lucas pulled out his cheese and crackers and looked to the rest of his table group, trying to decide which one to befriend.  Troy, Jess, and Hannah.  He didn’t love the fact that he had to share the table with a girl but he could look past that.  As long as everyone was friendly he could-

“I heard my mom say that God hates black people,”  This came from Hannah, who was talking to Jess but staring directly at Lucas.

“What?”  Jess was face-deep in his box of raisins.  “Why?”

Hannah shrugged.  “When God hates someone he makes them black.  Like with dark skin.  So that everyone else can all know.”

All at once, Lucas could feel his legs turning to rubber under the table and his heart thudding slow and heavy.  “I don’t think that’s true,”  Don’t think?  “That’s not true!”

Jess finally pulled himself from his raisin box.  “You’re black,”

No, duh.  Lucas had to suppress that little outburst.  Jess obviously wasn’t the brightest of the bunch.  But stupidity he could handle.

He could not handle Troy, who chomped off hard on the end of a carrot before saying in an almost sensible tone: “Black people shouldn’t be allowed at this table.  I don’t want to go to hell because he’s here.”

His stomach clenched, twisting and dropping in one horribly nauseous wave.  How could Troy say something like that?  He hadn’t said anything like that to him in Kindergarten, although he’d never been nice to Mike or Will, which meant he was mean to him by extension.  But how could anyone let him say something like that?  In Kindergarten everyone was taught about the importance of inclusion.  And this was the opposite!  This was exclusion.  And all because of his skin?  

Still reeling from disbelief, Lucas wondered if they’d actually make him switch tables or if it was just a not-so-friendly suggestion.  He glanced around the room.  All the seats seemed full anyway.  And would anyone want to sit with him if they all thought God hated him?

His gaze caught Mrs. Penshaw, sitting quietly at her desk.

A few months prior, Mike had invited Will and Lucas over for a start-of-summer sleepover.  The prospect of having a sleepover, which was something only his older siblings ever got to have, was exhilarating and Lucas would’ve skipped the whole way to Mike’s house had he not been carrying a duffel bag dwarfing his whole body.  They were in Mike’s room and Lucas was declaring himself the king of the room from the top bunk when his foot slipped on the top ladder rung and he landed full on his back.  For a moment he lay there, too stunned to cry.  He could only inhale and exhale in deep, rattling breaths until the air worked its way back into his body.  Mike and Will hung over him, talking to him and trying to get him to stand again, but in those first few minutes he was stuck gasping through his shock on the ground.

That was how he felt now, seeing that Mrs. Penshaw was staring right at their table, knowing that Mrs. Penshaw was close enough to hear every word, and realizing that Mrs. Penshaw was going to let them say whatever they wanted to him.

Hannah, Jess and Troy regarded Lucas with a certain coldness until he stopped talking to them.  The class continued and Lucas could only watch as the teacher asked questions he knew the answer to but was too afraid to raise his hand for.  He had been so ready to go into first grade, knowing he was one of the smartest, knowing he could be the teacher’s favorite, knowing he was the type of boy that could make lots of friends.  But now he was here, knowing that his brain, his manners, and his loyalty meant nothing to anyone in this classroom.  Not even the teacher.

Sitting before his untouched bowl of tomato soup, Lucas could feel tears gathering up in his eyes.  He placed his sandwich down on the plate and tried to wipe his tears away, only to find that his hands were greasy from the sandwich and he was making a big mess all over his face.

Stop crying!  Stop crying!

Lucas had always considered himself good at controlling his emotions, but this was pain and betrayal he could not handle.  A pathetic sob escaped him and he found himself crying helplessly in front of everyone.

He felt Mike wrap his arms instinctively around him and heard Will’s chair scraping against the floor as he jumped up to do the same.  Mrs. Wheeler was in front of him with tissues, trying to calm him down.  But he didn’t think he’d be able to get the words out.  They were too awful to be spoken out loud.

Mike shook his arm.  “Lucas, what’s wrong?”

Through his tears, Lucas looked up and found himself staring into the wide, sincere eyes of his best friend.  All at once he remembered the first day of Kindergarten when he watched Mike’s face crumble in front of a wide-eyed class of judgmental jerks.  Lucas was his friend when no one else would be, and now Lucas knew that Mike would never, ever forget that.

And so all at once, Lucas let the words out.  The whole story unraveled and Mike’s eyes narrowed while Will’s tiny fists clenched and Mrs. Wheeler put a hand over her mouth as if she was horrified by the whole thing.  When it was finished, Lucas felt too tired to cry or do much of anything else.  Mike and Will still clung to each of his arms, each of their grips tightening with fury as he hung his head in shame.

Mrs. Wheeler was the first to speak after he’d finished.  “Well, Lucas, I’m not keeping you in that class and I think your mom would agree with me,”

Briskly she grabbed the phone and dialed, pressing the receiver to her ear with one hand and placing the other on her hip.  “Hello?  Yes, hello, this is Karen Wheeler.  I need to switch one of my students out of Mrs. Penshaw’s class and into Ms. Erland’s class.  Yes.  Thank you.  His name is Lucas Sinclair and-”

Lucas didn’t care to hear the rest.  Slowly, he wiped away the last of his tears and took a bite of his sandwich.  There was another eternity of a year ahead, but at least this time he’d be with his friends.  


Dead Residents: 5 Famous Haunted Houses from Colin Dickey’s Ghostland

In his book Ghostland, Colin Dickey explores the nature of haunted places and what makes the American ones unique—what ghost stories in the United States tell us about how we process history, guilt, and atrocity. What better nation to spin ghost stories than one built on stolen ground? Or, as Dickey puts it, “Americans live on haunted land because we have no other choice.”

Fat Camp (Flash Fiction)

“Unwrap it and put it down the garbage disposal.” Brenton held out the candy bar to Thomas, always the first victim. 

Thomas wrinkled his nose. The exercise was meant to show them their temptations and then destroy them, but after three days of nothing but vegetables and the occasional fruit treat, all Thomas wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich.

He took the candy with distaste and peeled it open, hating the sticky residue the chocolate left on his fingers. Stepping up to the whirring sink, he dropped it in under the watchful eyes of the rest of the campers.

Breton smiled, his teeth practically glowing white. “Great job, Thomas. Now,” he picked up another bar as if it were gold, “Here’s another for tonight.”

Thomas stared at it warily.

“If it’s not there in the morning, no breakfast for you,” Brenton said with severe enjoyment. 

Thomas reached for it, knowing already like most of the campers that he would be punished in the morning.

But Thomas wasn’t going to eat it.

In fat camp, candy bars were like cigarettes in a prison. Thomas already had two fun sized bars under his mattress and combined with this one? It would be enough for Hilda the lunch lady to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. 

No one knew what she did with the candy bars, but rumor said she had seven children she adored and little money for treats. Regardless of her reasoning, she was more than happy to skim off the top of the counselor’s meals.

Thomas took the candy bar from Breton’s hands and smiled.

He wouldn’t be eating breakfast tomorrow, not at all.

He’d be eating heaven.

Happy Birthday - Michael Clifford Smut

Summary: It’s you and Michael’s birthday which turns out a whole lot different than what you’d planned.

Word count: 3.1K

I had been trying to think of something special to do for Michael’s birthday for a few weeks now. The day was always special for us both because we shared the same birthday. This year I had everything planned out in my head for what we could do and I was hoping that it would all work out like I’d planned but somehow things never work out quite like that do they.’

To start with the day didn’t get off to a great start. Both of our phones had died in the middle of the night meaning that our alarms didn’t go off. Michael ended up waking up first and just giving me a quick kiss to tell me goodbye.

“But I wanted to make us breakfast!” I whined as I threw the covers from my body. My eyes were still closed and my body was practically still sleeping but I hated that we wouldn’t get to spend any time together until tonight now.

“I know baby but I really need to go. We can make up for it tonight, promise” He hurriedly climbed over the bed and gave me another fleeting kiss on the lips. His lips were always so soft and his kisses left little moans lingering on my mouth.

After moping around the house for a good hour I decided that I was just wasting my day and that I should try and make the most of it, what was the point in ruining my day because we couldn’t spend all of it together? There was no point. I haven’t had a day with my mum and sister together in a while. Time to do the only thing that could make me feel a little better … shopping. I called my mum and my sister and made plans to meet them in the city, there were more than pleased at the thought of shopping and drinks.

“So, what are you and Michael doing tonight then?” My sister asked nudging my shoulder.

We’d done all our shopping for the day and were now sitting in the cocktail bar, ordering far too many drinks and having the best time. Mum had just excused herself to the toilet and I could feel Rebecca’s eyes on me for a grilling.

“Well, I booked for us to go to a hotel for the night. It’s like a spa place which I thought would be nice for us tomorrow if we had too much to drink tonight, but I don’t know what time he’ll be back.” I sighed as I looked down to my phone again. Michael had been really distant all day, I think the boys are getting him hammered.

“Oooo a hotel. Are you planning on the kinky shit tonight then?” She lifted the straw to her mouth and took another long sip of her cocktail.

“Shut up!” I flicked her on the leg and she started laughing.

“At least tell me that you’re taking your lingerie!” I gave her the death glare so that’d she lower her voice. I didn’t want everyone in here to know my business.

“I was planning on it but he’s seen it all. I wanted to try and pick up something new today but obviously mum’s here so that idea’s out the window” I was glad I was so comfortable talking to her about this. We’d always been more like best friends than sisters. Of course we fought but we always made up quick enough.

“Leave it to me, we’ll get you something new” She lifted her eyebrows and just at that mum sat back down in her chair.

“What’d I miss?”

Over the course of the next hour Rebecca kept making small remarks, that her head was starting to hurt and that it must’ve been the drink. Before long she said that’s she was going to call it a day, I was quick to jump in and tell mum that I should take her home. I felt a little bad but we probably would’ve been going home anyway at this point. Mum gave us both a quick hug and waved us off.

“Okay, lets go get you some fuck me underwear”

By the time I got home it was a lot later than I had planned. Rebecca dragged me in and out numerous shops for the lingerie. Eventually we found a nice little place that had heaps of stuff. I picked up a few new bits and my new favourite, a white lace matching bra and pantie set with a white lace slip too match. It was perfect.

I thought that Michael would be home before me because I was late but he wasn’t. I went through to the bedroom and both of our bags were packed and sitting on the trunk at the end of the bed. Nobody had been in here since I’d left this morning. Where the fuck was he.

An hour had passed since I’d gotten home and I hadn’t been able to get a hold of Michael, his phone just kept on going to voicemail. Plus every time I phoned one of the boys it would just ring out. I was starting to see red. He knows that we’ve got the hotel booked and if he leaves it any later then there will be no point in going at all!

Really? Why would he do this? Today of all day’s. I mean today’s my birthday too. I didn’t want to be here when he got home, he can sleep by himself tonight, dick. I picked up my bag and headed out to grab a cab. I wasn’t going to sit and wait on him coming home, nope. I’m going to the hotel by myself and tomorrow I’m going to take full advantage of their spa facilities and I won’t be in a hurry home either.

It didn’t take me too long to get to the hotel, only around fifteen minutes. Plus because it was so late, there was only one person on the check in desk and nobody around so it made it nice and easy to slip in. I had been so angry when I was driving here that once I had gotten into the hotel room and sat the bags down, I came to the conclusion that this was pointless and that I would probably just end up going to bed, what a horrible end to my birthday. I put my bag down on the master bed and began taking my stuff out top get myself ready for bed.

The thing was, that when I got home I had packed away my new lingerie, removing any pyjamas that had once been in the bag. I sighed and shrugged out of my clothes, I pulled the white lacey slip over my head and down my body. Wow, this is really nice. Too bad that someone won’t get to see it. I  wandered over to the mini bar and looked inside. Jeeze … that’s a lot of different types of vodka. I still felt a little buzzed from all the cocktails but why the hell not. It’s my birthday and the room is on Michael’s card, I think he should splurge on me a little. He’s not the only one that can have a good time drinking on his birthday. I pulled out the bottle of vodka and unscrewed the cap, throwing it across the floor. God it burned going down but I didn’t care, I was going to try them all.

About six or seven mini bottles later I found myself in front of the huge floor to ceiling mirror checking out the underwear I’d picked, it really was lovely. Michael is such an asshole, he doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on, stupid ass. Well if he wants to stay out with they boys then that’s fine, I’ll show him what he’s missing at home.

I grabbed my phone and posed in front of the mirror, trying to show my body off in the best way possible. I sent him the picture along with a message.

‘Too bad kitten’s going to have to take care of herself ..’

That would piss him off. Good. Michael hates me touching myself. He has a slight dominant kink, which I love but because of that he likes to be the one in control of my orgasms. Which means no touching myself at all, so this should drive him crazy. I grabbed all the miniature bottles and took them through to the kitchen. I’m going to make myself a nice big cocktail. I’m not sure if I could class it as a cocktail or a concoction though, is cocktails not suppose to have fruit juice in them?

After my first glass it was starting to give me the warm fuzzy feeling inside, the kind of feeling that makes you feel invincible. After about half an hour I heard my phone buzz in the bedroom, shit I forgot I left it in there. I quickly ran through to find multiple missed calls from Michael and two messages.

‘Kitten, you better not touch yourself. You know the rules.’

‘I swear to god if you did Kitten then I’m going to have to punish you when I get there. You know that Daddy doesn’t like it.’

Oh, so now he was coming here? And now he decides to answer my messages! Well if he thinks that he can get everything his own way then he’s wrong. I stood in front of the mirror again and took the slip off, so that I was left in just the skimpy underwear. I trailed a hand down my stomach and slid it under my underwear. I was already wet, this was all turning me on. Thinking about Michael punishing me was getting me soaked just like usual. I lightly started rubbing my clit and I took the picture.

‘Oh Daddy you’re too late, Kitten’s already soaked.’

This was his punishment. God, my fingers did feel good. I can’t remember the last time I touched myself actually, I didn’t need to really because Michael was always there to take care of me. I pulled my pants off and threw them across the room. I hadn’t done this in a while and it would seem that being drunk and horny meant that I couldn’t contain myself any more.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs out, feeling the cold air hit my soaked core sent a shiver through me. I traced two finger along my slit gathering all my juices and spreading them all over. I slowly started rubbing my clit, closing my eyes and taking my time to feel the pleasure coursing through me. I could feel the knot in my stomach start to tighten and it felt amazing. Moans were escaping my lips along with Michael’s name. I was starting to tremble with pleasure and my body was writhing just aching for Michael.


Michael’s voice echoed around the room. The thought of him being here and being caught just turned me on even more. I moaned out a little which must have caught his attention. I was still continuing to rub my clit lazily and it felt amazing. I heard him pad through the room, following my moans. I kept my eyes closed but I heard him suck in a breath when he got to the door.

“Kitten …. Stop.”

His voice was low and steady and it just oozed authority.


I rolled my body and my breathing was getting heavier as I was close to my orgasm. I heard Michael shuffling about near the door and then I felt the bed dip with his weight. I still kept my eyes closed, I didn’t want to give in to him and I knew that if I looked him in the eye then I would crumble. I was so close to my release, almost forgetting that he was there, and then all of a sudden Michael plunged two finger deep inside me. My eyes flew open and my head lifted from the pillows, my mouth was wide open and moans were tumbling from it which a porn star would be proud of. My hand stopped rubbing my clit as I gripped the sheets fiercely. Michael was between my legs fully naked with his dick standing tall, the head just glistening with precum.

“Kitten, you know the rules. Only I’m allowed to touch you. You know better than this, did you want to be punished?”

His finger continued to thrust in and out of me as he spoke. I was a complete mess but I was still angry at him for leaving me all day.

“I think you deserved it.” I managed to squeeze out between my gasping breaths.

“Oh do you Kitten? Well I’m sorry that I didn’t come home until now but I had a busy day and I was planning on doing something special with you but then you made me angry so now I guess I’ll need to punish you first”

What was he planning on doing? It looked to me like he was just having a piss up with the boys. I couldn’t form another question just now with him curling his fingers inside of me like that. Michael dipped down and placed his lips over my clit, sucking on it lightly. My hands went to his hair running my finger through it and lightly tugging on the soft ends. I was close and he knew it too, just as I was about to finally reach my sweet release when he stopped. Suddenly pulling his fingers out and removing his lips. With my hands in his hair I tried to push his head back to where he was a minute ago “Daddy, please.” I whined out for him.

“No, no orgasm for you Kitten.”

I looked up to him and gave him my best doe eyes.

“Please Daddy, please!”

They didn’t work, they never did when he was punishing me.

“C'mon Kitten, ride my face.” He slapped the underside of my thigh making me yelp.

I rolled over onto Michael and shuffled up so that he was directly under me. He gave me a slap on the bum again “Let me taste your sweet juice Kitten” I sat down enough so that he could run his tongue along my slit. Michael grabbed a hold of my hips so that he was in control of my movements. He started circling my clit with his tongue, slowly and tortuously, finally placing his full lips around it. I leaned back slightly arching my back with the pleasure. I gabbed a hold of his solid dick and began pumping him up and down. I’m not suppose to touch him unless he tells me I can when I’m being punished, but I just want to tease him tonight. Michael nipped my bum for me to stop pumping him. He placed his rough hands on my bum and then slapped me again but roughly massaging it afterwards. I was so close again as I was trying to move my hips so that I could get closer to him. Michael held me where I was until I was just on the cusp of my orgasm. Then he pulled way from me again.

“Daddy!” I screamed out.

“Oh I don’t think that Kitten will touch herself again, will she?”

“No Daddy, I promise just pleasee!”

Michael rolled us over so that he was on top. His lips were just as red and swollen as I imagined, they were also covered in my juice.

“Daddy’s going to make you feel so good Kitten.”

He hurridly placed his lips to mine, letting me taste myself on him as he slid his tongue along my lips asking for permission. I gladly parted my lips to feel his tongue explore my mouth. I reached down between us and grabbed his stiff cock and began slowly pumping him up and down again. Michael slowly brought his hand down the curve of my body, feeling every inch of me before he reached where I need him most. He placed two fingers inside me and I whimpered into his mouth. He pulled his lips a way from mine ever so slightly so that his lisp were brushing against mines.

“Kitten, I need you. I’ve been rock hard since you sent me those pictures. I can’t do foreplay, I won’t last. I nearly came in my pants when I saw you fingering yourself.”

I smiled as I hummed into his neck, smiling as I placed soft kisses along his jaw. I started pumping him faster and he let out a low moan.

“Let me make it up to you Daddy, let me ride you.”

He didn’t answer he just grabbed my hips and rolled us over. There was nothing sexier than Michael horny and moaning for my touch. I reached up behind my back and unclasped my bra and let it fall from my shoulders then tossed it to the side. Michael bit his lip in anticipation as I sat up and lined him up with my entrance. He grabbed onto my hips as I slowly slid down onto him. I moaned and panted as he filled every little bit of me. Michael’s grip on my hips tightened as I squeezed his dick. I held onto his sides for dear life as I finally sat full on him

“Shit! You feel sooo fucking good.  Fuckk …”

I intertwined my fingers with his and used his hands for support as I lifted my hips up and down. Every time I sat down on his huge cock he would thrust up and hit just the right spot inside me. My moans were so loud now and Michael was moaning my name as well, pushing me closer to my orgasm. Michael began thrusting his hips up to meet mines, I felt like I was going to explode.

“Shit Michael I’m so close! Fuck baby, you feel soo good!”

“Cum with me baby, let me feel you squeeze my cock with that pretty pussy of yours.”

Michael placed his thumb on my clit and started rubbing it in hard circles. I didn’t last another minute before I felt myself tense up around him and the hot feeling of pleasure wash over my body. I cried out his name as my orgasm took over. Michael twitched inside me then I felt him spill put inside of me.

He cupped my face and pulled me down to him before placing his plump lips on mines. He was moaning into my mouth and gently rocking his hips as he rode out his orgasm.

After a second a huge grin spread across his face “Happy birthday baby” he sighed.

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This sandwich was such a happy accident! I had some leftover grilled eggplant and threw it on a sandwich with what I happened to have around, in this case homemade pesto, avocado and spinach and the results were just fantastic! Even though it’s only a little bit of pesto it packs such a strong basil punch alongside the creaminess of the avocado. And the eggplant! Well, I just love eggplant, especially grilled, so in my book this is about as close to veggie sandwich perfection as it gets haha!

For more easy healthy sandwich & lunch ideas go here. :)