the greymarch


Modern!Daedric Princes aesthetics [1/3]

Molag Bal. He walks around feeling like a King while his faithful “servants”–as he likes to call them–bend their head and avoid eye contact when he pass by. He loves dominance and he totally feel it as no one tries to contradict him and just follows his orders. He runs a whole district, called by him Coldharbour, in perennial rivality with Boethiah and her cult. He admires reptiles: their skin, the fluid movements, their fangs, their mischievous nature and their duality. This is why he owns one. He have a brother, Mehrunes Dagon, they don’t really talk that much but they share their hate for humanity. Molag Bal is often seen hanging around with Sheogorath and Hircine or covered in his enemies blood.

Meridia. The most mysterious woman in town as the most beautiful. It’s difficult to take eyes off of her as her body, her perfect skin, her presence, seem to enlighten the whole room. She hates lies and gives the death a look of superiority and absence of fear. Her pretty and calm apperance hides her strenght: not many know that Meridia practices sword fight and that she never lose a match with her sword, Dawnbreaker. But behind the whole clear and kind facade there’s something obscure about her, something that prevents others from understanding and knowing her.

Clavicus Vile. The short man always accompanied by his faithful dog Barbas, is the most unreliable person you could find in your whole life. He is very often affected by boredom and he hates it, so he just tries to avoid the feeling by feeding himself with other people wishes and hopes only for crash them in the most hurtful way. Clavicus Vile loves to play, to trick others, to make deals for– shortly after–take them back and he is often seen enjoying their pain and suffering. If you ask around you will hear that he is considered the most evil being in this world. Clavicus Vile it’s also seen as a complete mystery, someone says that he owns magic powers. Furthermore, many swears to have seen him trying to talk to his dog like a madman.

Namira. If you search for her, the first place you should look for is wherever Meridia isn’t: these two are the opposites and they try to avoid each other most of time. Namira owns a creepy nature and–diversely from Meridia–she has a dark aura floating around her that scares the shit out of everyone. She gets inspired by repulsive creatures like spiders and insects and loves to watch living creatures going from life to death to decay. Namira is a queen in attitude and if you try to mess with her you will end up probably dead. She dress to kill and not for foolish men (someone whsipers with really low voice that she preferes the company of girls). She’s very rarely seen in company of other people and when that happens these humans disappear in very weird conditions. Some, jokingly, says that she eats them.

Sheogorath. Despite being forward with age, this good old man is a party beast! His old appearance hides a young self ready for jokes and reckless actions, he also loves to dress in a really weird way. Many refers to him as “crazy” and “out of his mind” and, probably, they are right. Sheogorath is often seen hanging around with his two best friends–Molag Bal and Hircine–or with young people in general. He owns a very popular nightclub called Shivering Isles; inside you can find two girls: Mania and Dementia, respectly one more cheerful and happy and the other sad and dark. They costantly hang around Sheogorath and many says that these two are the physical personifications of Sheogorath’s twisted mind. It’s also said that he sometimes have some identity crisis. He also have a twin brother, Jyggalag.

Jyggalag. He is the twin brother of Sheogorath but, apart from appearance, they have nothing in common: Jyggalag is not a cheerful man as his brother and he hates to go out and show himself in public. He has an obsession for order and he tries to resolve every problem with logic. Many doubt that him and Sheogorath are brothers. He runs efficiently a law office and he once–before Sheogorath took it from him–owned the Shivering Isles. He and his brother often fight because of their differences making some little “wars” that took the name of Greymarch (no one knows why). Like his brother, once in a while he have some identity crisis.

the day the former Champion of Cyrodiil hears and realizes that when they use the ‘Voice of Sheogorath’ it’s

  • Jyggalag’s voice
  • coming from their own mouth

is the day that they’re forced to confront that the Greymarch cycle isn’t over and Haskill finds them collapsed, weeping and rocking in horror and leads them someplace quiet to sit. Steadfast and with the sympathy of one who has watched this play out countless times before, and has lived it himself.