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5 top Sansa book moments?

MMMM ONLY 5  you are making this hard on me! ( I am kidding  i love it) 

5)  “I can answer,” Sansa said quickly, to quell her prince’s anger. She smiled at the green knight. “Your helmet bears golden antlers, my lord. The stag is the sigil of the royal House. King Robert has two brothers. By your extreme youth, you can only be Renly Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End and councillor to the king, and so I name you.” (so smart my child!!!) 

4)  “His leg was broken,” Sansa replied eagerly. “It hurt ever so much, Maester Pycelle was giving him milk of the poppy, and they say that milk of the poppy fills your head with clouds. Otherwise he would never have said it.” (mmm her lying to save her father Ned…people always forget that part of AGOT!) 

3)  The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him.

The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true knight.”

2)  “He is,” Sansa said. “A fool. You’re so clever, to see it. He’s better fitted to be a fool than a knight, isn’t he? You ought to dress him in motley and make him clown for you. He doesn’t deserve the mercy of a quick death.

“The king studied her a moment. “Perhaps you’re not so stupid as Mother says.” He raised his voice.

 "Did you hear my lady, Dontos? From this day on, you’re my new fool. You can sleep with Moon Boy and dress in motley

.“Ser Dontos, sobered by his near brush with death, crawled to his knees. "Thank you, Your Grace. And you, my lady. Thank you.

1) A kind of madness took over her then, and she heard herself say, “Maybe my brother will give me your head.”….. “ The moment was gone. Sansa lowered her eyes. “Thank you,” she said when he was done. She was a good girl, and always remembered her courtesies.”

Thoughtful Impracticality

Title: Thoughtful Impracticality - Kidge Week Day 7 Prompt Fill
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge
Summary: They say the best gifts come from the heart, right?
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AN: Just call me Chester, because I’m a filthy cheetah. Anyway, same forewarning for the other two fics; read through once for problems so be aware.

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Sansa Stark Should Always Be Political

I’d like to talk about this misconception that is going around with Sansa Stark and politics. That it’s bad for her to have a political endgame, that her being Queen would be bad for her. This is not a ‘Queen Sansa’ meta, but a meta that is pro Sansa being in politics at the end of the series. There are several points I hope to get across

·         Sansa has a political responsibility to the world, specifically The North (and that’s a good thing)

·         Sansa would make a great politician

·         She’s not Littlefinger 2.0- she’s more than lying and cheating

·         She already has leadership experience under her belt- wanting it to lead to something is not foolish.

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“We’re all going to the coronation. Might as well see this through. Is that what you’ll be wearing, Cheery?”
“Yes, sir.”
“But it’s just… ordinary dwarf clothes. Trousers and everything.”
“Yes, sir.”
“But Sybil said you’d got a fetching little green number and a helmet with a feather in it.”
“Yes, sir.”
“You’re free to wear whatever you want, you know that.”
“Yes, sir. And then I thought about Dee. And I watched the king when he was talking to you, and… well, I can wear what I like, sir. That’s the point. I don’t have to wear that dress. I can wear what I like. I don’t have to wear something just because other people don’t want me to. Anyway, it made me look a rather stupid lettuce.”
“That’s all a bit complicated for me, Cheery.”
“It’s probably a dwarf thing, sir.”
“And a female thing,” said Vimes.
“Well, sir… yes. A dwarf thing and a female thing,” said Cheery. “And they don’t come much more complicated than that.”

– on choices | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant