the green helmet


So, I wanted to show you all the different ideas i had for the color scheme… i was always going to do the black and gold but the green on the helmet kinda stuck out to me… so i ended up making a few different versions.

 the first was just changing the helmet colors to match the chest plates.. i think the x5 sprite did that.

next i wanted to see what it would look like with the classic colors (but kept the gold joints, maybe il make them black)

the next 3 ideas were to make the x on his chest a gem

the first of these 3 ideas i got from xs back in command mission

the other two are just gren and red gem type things. 

finally the last two were never intended to be released but i really wanted to see what x would look like in the classic colors. the only difference is the collar.

A) Green Gem

B) Red Gem

C) No gem just glowing through yellow (like command mission)

D) I felt the green on his helmet kinda stood out so I tried to use the same color of his chest plate. I think X5 did that with his sprite.

E) Tried to go a bit more classic color scheme but kept the Gold Joints.

F) Classic color scheme, black joints and collar

G) Changed the collar to match the chest plate

BONUS!! decided to VERY QUICKLY color X with the official X8 Colors, thought you guys might enjoy that, hope you do.

do you think i made the right choice?

“Fearlessness is a fool’s boast, to my mind. The only men with no fear in them are dead, or the soon to be dead, maybe. Fear teaches you caution, and respect for your enemy, and to avoid sharp edges used in anger. All good things in their place, believe me. Fear can bring you out alive, and that’s the very best anyone can hope for from any fight. Every man who’s worth a damn feels fear.”
 ― Joe Abercrombie

Kisuke futuristic aesthetic maybe?

- All black and neon green

- Bionic eye

- Maybe lost one of his arms at some point during an accident?

- Cool, fully functional and moving metal prosthetic arm

- Cat ear hoodies/cloaks are essential

- A white and green helmet with a visor

- Occasionally dresses like he’s trying to revive 80′s sci-fi

- Looks like he hasn’t slept in 42 years, probably hasn’t

- Highly skilled hacker

- Could make Iron Man suits and the like

- Radioactive materials kept locked up in the basement for science

- “Lol there’s a cure for cancer now I’m fine don’t worry about that radioactive sludge”

- Cane is completely made out of light but durable metal and has a chain on the handle, would hurt like a bitch if you got hit by it

- Cute lil assistant robots help him with small tasks, he treats them like pets

- Takes lots of meds

- Cyber cat cafés

- “For a good time just stream cat videos right to your brain!”

- Still has scruff and hat hair at all times

- Pretty apathetic. Pretty depressed. Pretty unhappy overall. Trying his best

- Still a little shitlord

- The Deep Web

The walker’s helmet

So I just watched 6.06 and idk if anyone on Team delusional (or team defiance i guess) has thought about this yet but hear me out:

We seem to agree that the walker was supposed to make us remember Beth, or that the way they shot it was supposed to make us remember Beth and Daryl together - so that walker was representing Beth, in a way. Right?

Now, the helmet, to me, has a very obvious meaning.

What does a helmet do, people?

It protects the head!

The walker? It was DEAD (sort of) but it’s HEAD WAS UNHARMED.

The Beth-walker wearing a helmet?

How much more obvious are they going to make it.

Excuse me for phrasing this so awkwardly, I am very excited.

*le Sigh*
Air-cooled motorcycles, 90°, and Seattle traffic make for a sweaty PurplePanda.
No makeup, helmet hair, 40miles, and it took only five hours 😐🙄😑 love the ride! 😍🏍

Walk along Mid-Atlantic beaches right now and you may see odd creatures that look like they belong in the dinosaur age. They’re horseshoe crabs, and scientists worry their numbers are declining.

To gather more information about what’s happening to the crabs, volunteers are dispatched along the coast each year at this time for an annual count.

It’s getting dark, and these sea creatures are lined up for miles on Kitts Hummock Beach near Dover, Del., where they come ashore to spawn.

Horseshoe crabs are sometimes called living fossils because they’ve been around for millions of years and survived when other species didn’t. The females are larger than males, some as big as a dinner plate. The shell has a horseshoe shape and from a few steps back they look like shallow green Army helmets.

It’s Spawning Season: Are Horseshoe Crabs Down For the Count?

Photo credit: Jeff Brady/NPR

BOOM! has confirmed a 2nd printing of Power Rangers Issue #0.

For those who had trouble acquiring the Green ranger and white ranger cover arts do not fear!!! You’ll have a 2nd chance along with a new piece of art to hunt down!!

The green ranger cover art was 1:50 while the White Ranger is 1:100. There’s no ratio yet for the new cover art piece though that features Rita Repulsa holding the green ranger helmet.

Happy hunting!!!