the green gurl


ya gurl bonie has finally graduated from college 👏🏻🌿✨

it’s been a really tough ride but im grateful because ive grown so much, learning to cope w stress, starting to plan more and learning to just do instead of thinking too much !!
i still have exams to tough out so starting from now, i’ll be inactive except when i’ve posts !! please wait for me till then 🍀

listening to: lilili yabbay, svt performance team


I was tagged by the lovely @lameeejaneee to stop, drop, and take a hit so here I am lip-syncing (poorly) while enjoying some flower-power & positive vibes 🌺🌻🍁🌼🌾 I didn’t have my mask or makeup with me at the time so I expect you all to play along and pretend you can’t almost see my face, lol 😅 Instead, watch as I laugh smoke out of my nose, marvel at the mysterious stain on my front tooth (I’m a sucker for chocolate), and reminisce over what was arguably one of the best scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! 😎😁😜

whoops I meant to post this a few days ago and since it’s too long or whatever tumblr sent me to vimeo idk 

I tag (in no particular order) @ripninhale420 @mamaganj @corgiwitch @veeveeganja @astr0zombies @lilnippyy @bakedlilbae @latibules @suckmybigbong @sassysapphicstoner and anyone else who wants to take a hit with me! I’d love to know more cannababes of all types to toke with, lol 😘💨💚😍