the green color in the background for hope


You asked me, what kind of life we had just surrendering. It wasn’t, It wasn’t a life. What we did back there, what we’re doing now, making a future for Judith and for Glenn and Maggie’s baby, fighting the fight, that’s living. You showed me that.

You can’t define who is a witch and who is not
  • The witch that goes all out and does intense ritual work and magick everyday, is a witch.
  • The witch whom only does magick in emergencies or once in a blue moon, is a witch.
  • The witch who quietly whispers their spells and uses only their mind to manipulate energy, is a witch
  • A witch who knows everything there is to know on a witchcraft topic but never does spell work or magick themselves, is a witch.
  • A witch who knows nothing about witchcraft and hasn’t done magick yet but wants to, is a witch
  • The witch that does witchcraft everyday without knowing it, is a witch…Or just a person if they don’t desire the title. (And that’s ok!)
  • The witch who curses when wronged, is a witch
  • The witch who doesn’t believe in cursing, is a witch
  • The witch who follows a religious path, is a witch
  • The witch who follows no religion, is a witch
  • The witch that worships Gods, is a witch
  • The witch whom worships no one, is a witch
  • A witch that follows a group or coven, is a witch
  • A witch whom is solitary, is a witch
  • The witch that follows a specific way of witchcraft, is a witch
  • A witch that just does whatever they feel like and has no specific craft, is a witch
  • A witch that can’t do certain witchcraft because of a disability, is a witch
  • A witch who is old and wise with years of age on her skin, is a witch
  • A witch who is young and naive about the world and her craft, is a witch
  • A person with a penis whom calls themselves a witch instead of wizard, is a witch
  • A witch that loves sex and celebrates the creation of life through sex, is a witch
  • A witch whom isn’t sexual and values life without the creation process, is a witch
  • A witch that is broke and can’t afford to buy witchy thing for their craft, is a witch
  • A witch on a more negative or forceful path, is a witch
  • A witch on a passive or positive path, is a witch
  • The witch that wears all black and whom everyone already suspects is a witch, is a witch
  • So is the one wearing pink and flower crowns, they are also a witch
  • A witch, is a witch, is a witch.

Blood, age, color, background, knowledge, gender, or skill level means nothing.

You cannot define witchcraft or a witch. One person’s ‘imagination’ is another persons magick. One person’s ‘prayer’ is another persons invoking ritual. A person wishing upon a shooting star or making a wish on a dandelion is one persons hope and wishful thinking and another persons will to make something happen.

Know this. Remember this. Respect this.

I’m on mobile so I can’t put any screenshots on here, but is anyone else absolutely AMAZED at the use of colors in Wonder Woman?

Themiscyra is represented by bright colors, the sea a bright blue and the trees a mesmerizing green. Everything looks beautiful and bright, which is perfect for a fantasy island filled with peace.

London is represented by grey, blue and generally dark colors, emphasizing a dark and weary tone appropriate for a war torn period. The soldiers are in grey uniform, and the sky and atmosphere is always dark and grey.

And yet, when Diana shows up on screen, when she pulls out the lasso of truth, her armor and her golden lasso stands out effortlessly against the dull background. She is the symbol of hope in this dark era and in those times of war.

I love the dceu. I love Patty Jenkins. I love Wonder Woman.

Gif Coloring Tutorial

So, I got asked by a few people how to color our gifs, and specially hard scenes, such as yellow scenes from Suicide Squad, they can be a pain to color, so here I’m gonna show how to do this kind of coloring:

Basically you’ll need

  • Knowledge on how to make gifs
  • Any version of Photoshop (mine is cs5)

Please note that this a very detailed tutorial so that everyone can do it, including screenshots, so everything is under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, i see it your color palette meme and read the tutorial that you made, but I'm still kind of confuse. Can you do a tutorial to how to change the color? Like red to blue or green, purple ecc. I'll very grateful.

Of course, anon! I guess I’ll just show you how I colored a couple of different scenes. One is simpler and the other is a bit more complex, so I hope this tutorial covers everything!

These are the scenes I’m gonna be working with:

and these are the results:

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Crassius Servis - watercolor portrait commissioned by @rad-puppeteer

I got to use a lot of my new Daniel Smith Primatek color Jadeite Genuine here. It granulated beautifully, making this very interesting effect in the background. Also, I was hoping for the contrast of green/blue with orange/red of the face to work well.  As for the character, it was kind of a surprise to get to draw this relatively minor character from DA:I but i had a lot of fun drawing him, so thank you very much for commissioning me! :) 

Paper I used is 300gsm Canson Mulin du Roy Cold-pressed, cut down to A4 size.

Inspired by the word Blossom

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Spring is Prompto’s favorite season. He enjoys the clean air, the bright colors and the freshly blooming flowers. It’s such a good season to take photographs. So he does.

Whenever he finds himself with some free time at camp, he’ll wander off into the nearby wilderness in the hopes of taking some nice photos. He has shots of birds and small rodents, of dew covered leaves, and a variety of flowers in all shapes and colors.

Flowers are one of his favorite things to photograph, he loves the way their vibrant colors contrast against a background of green, the way dew drops will glitter on the petals if they catch the light just right.

He’s in the middle of lining up a shot of some newly blooming roses when he hears someone approaching from behind. He can tell by the footfalls that it’s Noctis, and he manages to snap a shot of the prince right as he pushes through the shrubbery into the small clearing Prompto currently occupies.

Noctis glares at Prompto, but quickly melts when he’s met with the blond’s bright smile.

He flops down next to where Prompto is crouching, practically engulfed by the rose bush he was trying to photograph. “What are you doing out here?”

Prompto moves to sit next to Noct, camera resting in his lap. “Oh, y'know, just takin’ some pics. There’s some neat stuff around here!”

As if to prove his point, he excitedly scooches over so that he can show Noctis some of the photos he had taken earlier. The prince leans in close, resting an arm on Prompto’s shoulder as he observes the images flicking by on the viewfinder. And not that they’re bad- quite the opposite if he has anything to say about them- but he quickly find his attention drifting.

Drifting to a certain blond, and Noctis becomes entranced by the way his mouth moves as he chatters on about lighting and composition.

Prompto seems to notice, because he pauses and shoots a quick glance at Noct before turning to face him fully, “Dude, are you even-”

He’s cut off by Noctis’ lips on his own, soft and sweet. It startles him at first, but he soon sighs into it, eyes sliding shut as he savors the feeling.

Noctis places a hand on Prompto’s chest, gently urging him backwards. Neither of them breaks the kiss as they end up laying on the grass, Prompto’s arms hooked around Noctis’ neck, and Noctis’ hands resting on Prompto’s waist.

It’s warm and quiet, and the air smells heavily of roses.

They part slowly and reluctantly, and neither of them can resist stealing a few more small kisses, causing them both to start giggling. Noctis smothers his laugh against Prompto’s neck, smiling against his freckled skin.

Once the giggles are gone, Noctis nuzzles against Prompto, making himself as comfortable as possible while laying on top of another person. The blond can’t help but smile fondly, running a soothing hand up and down Noct’s back.

Neither of them feels much like moving

Unfortunately, the passage of time a cruel and persistent thing.

The sky had begun to fade into the orange of sunset by the time they decide it might be a wise idea to head back to their campsite.

They stand with much soreness and popping of joints after laying on the ground for so long.

Prompto is about to start the trek back when he’s stopped by Noct’s voice.

“Hold on.”

Curious, the blond watches as Noct plucks a rose from the bush he had been photographing earlier. After shucking the thorns with a small flare of magic, he carefully tucks the flower into Prompto’s hair, placing a peck on his lips as he does so.

“There, something as cute as you.”

Prompto is speechless for a moment, but only for a moment. “Dude, that was… kind of lame.”

He laughs as Noct smacks his chest.

“C'mon, I’m trying to be romantic here!”

Noctis is pouting, and Prompto thinks he’s going to die from how adorable it looks.“Whatever, you can head back to camp yourself then.”

He starts to leave, fully intending on following through with his words. But when Prompto jogs up to him and laces their fingers together, he can’t find it in him to pull away.


Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them


Sango glared down hard at her roommate, like she’d just seen a snake slither out from under the bed, all judgement and angry eyes. 

“He’s how old?”

Kagome altered her gaze, finding the bright green color of her desk chair and staring at it with extreme interest. “I um- I don’t….know?”

Sango made an exasperated sound and pinched her nose. “I leave you alone at a bar for five minutes…”

The girl opposite her scowled, “You were gone two hours.”

Suddenly embarrassed, Sango bit her lip and crossed her arms, choosing to redirect conversation; “Well who is he, and how extensive of a background check do I have to run?” 

“Inuyasha.” And then after she fully registered the statement thrown at her, “And he doesn’t have criminal history.” I hope.

“What type of gang name-”


“I’m just saying,” Sango rolled her eyes and started moving back to her side of the room, plopping down on her pink mattress. “Can’t be his real name.”

Kagome ran a hand through her greasy hair and decided she should take a shower, seeing as she hadn’t done so since their outing last night and she could still smell the aroma of smoke, clinging mercilessly to the fabric of her shirt. 

Along with the faint scent of the strange half-demon with the amber gaze from last night. 

kanken alternatives

so, everyone in the studyblr community seems to have kankens, which is nice. but they’re REALLY expensive!! here’s some cute backpacks (all under $30!) I found that are super cute and won’t kill your wallet! all of these backpacks have a large outside pocket like the kanken does, because I have a soft spot for the style.

  • Everest Vintage Backpack - ranging from $11.19 to $22.81, this comes in white, black, aqua blue, rustic orange, eggplant purple, and burgundy. it looks REALLY CUTE and has really good reviews!
  • Kitty Backpack - this is just $17.99 and has a cute cat little face on it. it has ears (!!!) and the zippers look like kitty paws. it comes in eight different colors as well!
  • Intense Galaxy Backpack - from $17.99 to $18.99 depending on the color you want, this has colorful galaxy patterns on it to bring attention to how CUTE you are! it comes in five different color combinations and they all look awesome!
  • Patterned Canvas Backpack - this is a 15″ backpack and it comes in eleven different patterns, all of which I believe are $21.99. there’s flowers, cats, etc etc etc!!
  • Patterned Canvas Backpack (another one!) - this comes in two different sizes and a TON of different patterns! there’s so many different ones (some come with a lunch bag as well– those are more expensive, which sucks because the lunch bags don’t look very nice). these backpacks have got GREAT reviews and seem to be around $26.99 to $28.99!
  • Canvas Print Backpack - this looks super cute! the prices range from $12.99 to $14.99, and there’s six different patterns that it can be made of. the reviews look really good!
  • Mint Daypack - this has decent reviews and is definitely the backpack I’d recommend to anyone trying to have a mint aesthetic with their bullet journal and supplies! it’s $24.99, got chevron print, and it can hold a 15″ laptop.
  • Waterproof Solid Backpack - this comes in six different solid colors, and has great reviews. it’s $27.99 and seems like it would be really durable and great for hauling stuff around everywhere, especially if you’re going out in nature at all (no need to fear putting it down and getting your stuff wet!)
  • EcoCity Solid Backpack - available in five different solid colors and one galaxy pattern, this looks really cool! it’s $25.99 and has a HUGE amount of reviews, the majority of which are positive! another plus is that it uses a lot of recycled denim, so you’re helping the environment by buying it!
  • Light Blue Jansport Backpack - a light blue backpack with a pocket accented by lace, this backpack’s colors work together really nicely and it’s only $15.20. make sure you’re looking at the LIGHT blue one, though, as the dark blue one is about $30 dollars more (yikes!)
  • Classic Jansport Backpack - some of these patterns/solids are REALLY cute, but be sure to check the price! some of the choices are super overpriced. my favorite, which I think this links directly to, is called “multi painted ditzy” and features a light blue background with orange and red flowers with green leaves on it for only $26.71

I hope this is helpful! I know I, for one, don’t have a super huge budget to spend on craft supplies, and I don’t want to spend all of my birthday and holiday money on a backpack just because it’s a brand name. ♥

DannyMay 2017

Hej polscy fani Danny’ego Phantoma! Phanniemay (jeden z fandomowych eventów) nie będzie organizowany w tym roku, więc @narwhalsarefalling i parę innych osób ze Slack chatu zajmie się organizacją zastępczego eventu!

Tak, jak to było w przypadku Phanniemay, będziecie mogli stworzyć cokolwiek, byleby tylko odnosiło się to do tematu przewodniego na dany tydzień lub dzień! Może to być fanfik, fanart, cosplay, amv, albo nawet muzyka, jeśli coś takiego tworzycie!

Będą tematy na każdy dzień I tematy na tygodnie! W ten sposób, jeśli będziecie zajęci, nie będziecie musieli aż tyle robić i wciąż wziąć w tym udział i dobrze się bawić!

Jeśli macie jakiekolwiek pytania, napiszcie do mnie wiadomość albo aska, a jak nie boicie się angielskiego, to polecam napisać do @narwhalsarefalling. Odpowiednik tego postu po angielsku (czyli ten oryginalny) możecie znaleźć TUTAJ.

TYGODNIOWE tematy to:

  • The Unknown (Nieznane) – pierwsza niedziela
  • Emotions (Emocje) – druga niedziela
  • L'appel du vide (tak zwany „the call of the void”, czyli głosik w głowie, który podsuwa nieprzyjemne myśli, na przykład kusi skokiem, jak jest się gdzieś wysoko) – trzecia niedziela
  • Mistakes/Regret (Błędy/Skrucha) – czwarta niedziela

Proszę, tagujcie swoje tygodniowe posty jako #DannyMay Weekly, #DannyMay i #Danny Phantom, żeby wszyscy mogli je zobaczyć!

A oto DZIENNE tematy, proszę, tagujcie je jako #DannyMay Daily, #DannyMay i #Danny Phantom:

1 Hope/Hatred – Nadzieja/Nienawiść

2 Ice/ Fire – Lód/Ogień

3 Animals/Fangs – Zwierzęta/Kły

4 Alterations/Space – Zmiany/Kosmos

5 Moment in time/Clocks – Moment w Czasie/Zegary

6 Ghost/Human – Duch/Człowiek

7 Language/ Weather – Język/Pogoda

8 Observants/Sightseeing – Obserwatorzy/Zwiedzanie

9 Coffee/Breakfast – Kawa/Śniadanie

10 Birth/Death – Narodziny/Śmierć

11 Gray/Colors – Gray (jako nazwisko postaci Valerie Gray lub jej ojca albo po prostu kolor szary)/Kolory

12 Cycles/Inevitability – Kółka/Nieuchronność

13 Johnny 13/Lucky – Johnny 13/Farciarz

14 Dragon/Castle – Smok/Zamek

15 Lost/Hidden – Zagubiony/Ukryty

16 Shitty DP AUs/Memes – Gówniane Alternatywne Światy/Memy

17 Background/Real life – Tło/Prawdziwe Życie

18 Green/Nature – Zieleń/Natura

19 Angst/Laughing – Angst (starch, niepokój, ból)/Śmiech

20 Blood/Red – Krew/Czerwień

21 Pain/Rest – Ból/Odpoczynek

22 Light /Darkness – Światło/Ciemność

23 Forgotten/Remembered – Zapomniany/Zapamiętany

24 OTP/Brotp – Ulubiona Para Zakochanych/Ulubiona Para Przyjaciół

25 Aliens/Cryptids – Kosmici/Kryptydy

26 Unpopular AU/Unpopular Headcanon – Niepopularny Alternatywny Świat/Niepopularna Teoria

27 Phantom Planet alternate ending/Alternate beginning ooo yes – Alternatywne Zakończenie/Alternatywny początek

28 Vortex/Nocturne – Twister (w angielskiej wersji językowej ta postać nazywa się Vortex)/Nocturne

29 Laptops/Video Games – Laptopy/Gry Video

30 Identification/Foreign – Identyfikacja/Obcy

31 Free day/freedom – Dzień Wolny/Wolność

literaturemoths  asked:

(icon) Background color: pastel yellow ( please not neon ) Item of stationery: Starbucks coffee but instead of a green logo, it's a bee yellow logo Name?:yes please " bumblestudy" in white and on the top 🐝 thank you so much for doing this 😘😘😙

I’m sorry this was so late, I hope you like this!

Icon requests are closed! I’ll be posting these again without usernames for other people to use.

Merry Kristannamas! I am the sneaky secret santa for @clevenmn & this is from her canon multi-chap fic The Engagement (you should go read it, like now).

buy you a rose - (jily drabble) i actually don’t know what this is, i was listening to buy you a rose by AJR and suddenly i was writing. there was no plot in mind, literally no direction. just two little idiots and some background music. could be described as firsts and lasts w/ colors. hope you don’t hate it–if you do that’s cool too though. also, listen to AJR bc their music is rad af. 

james swears on his mother’s favorite blue sweater that he’s never seen eyes such a bright shade of green–like the color of the frogspawn in his father’s potions kits, or the stems of the roses he carefully grows for his mum in the back gardens. really, james hasn’t seen eyes that weren’t blue or brown and had assumed that it wasn’t possible for people to have eyes any other color–but he’s eleven and naive, cut him some slack. he wants to ask her if they’re her real eye color, (you can’t actually have eyes the color of clovers, and moss, and caterpillars) but he and his mum had discussed inside thoughts and outside thoughts for three hours yesterday and he really thinks she’d be disappointed if he couldn’t last a week without mixing the two up.

but really, her eyes can’t possibly be real.

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The common mistake in Pixel Art

Sorry, I made drawing the pixel icons as previous, had the mistake or error came out so I have problem of sight between the white point and transparent background, and I can not pay attention about it.

Why, WHY???? because the problem is “transparent background of white and gray”, it’s easy to not pay attention to remove some white points or closed place… then I wanted to change the color in Preferences.

I recently changed the color transparent in Photoshop, the color currently is red and blue to improve my vision. I don’t like ‘classic’ transparent BG (white and gray) from the most of Photoshop or other software. I already told you, my big mistake was when I drew a beautiful apple, but then:

It was an ugly moment so the error after to posting, the transparent background of white and gray is the “camouflaged“ to your vision.

I recommend that you should change the transparent background color such as red/blue, red/green, blue/pink, etc. to improve vision and to avoid some error.

In Photoshop, to change this in menu: Edit > Preferences > Transparency & Gamut > Changing two colors that you like, example:

I hope you have this solution that we will not find an error in transparent pixel arts. Let’s draw and will be fine :D

mewskitty  asked:

omg I love the way you colour/shading these characters for your game!! Would you please please please do tutorial regarding to this matter? Doesnt matter video or just a step by step image :D PLEASE!

Aww, thank you very much! I didn’t save the sketch of this drawing, but here are some pictures of my coloring process. (Oh, and this is Lynn, I haven’t shown much of her yet as she appears later on.)

I usually start with a black lineart, which I color later using a Clipping Group layer on top of it:

Once the lineart is done, I color it with flat tones, and sometimes I lightly airbrush things like blush and shadows on their skin. When I can’t get the tone I want, I use the hue/saturation tool until I think the colors look good together. As every color is in a separate layer, I can adjust them whenever I want.

For the hair, I usually blend the bangs a bit with their skin color, like this:

I try to avoid leaving black lines (most of the time I use a dark shade of purple/red). On their eyelashes I use black so their eyes pop up a bit more, and then I use a bit of red on the borders so it blends better with their skin.

After that is done, I start by adding lights by using a layer in Screen mode. I use the same color for all the lights. For the shadows, most of the time I use a desaturated shade of purple on Multiply, but it depends from picture to picture (if the picture takes place during the night, you could shade it using blue/green tones). See what works better for you.

Finally, after the lights and shadows are ready, depending on the scene, I adjust the colors a bit to fit the mood/background better, by adding multiply layers (in this case I added a yellow layer with low-opacity on Multiply to emulate daylight, and then I added a light-blue layer on Screen on the sides to blend better with the bright background).

This explanation might be a bit confusing, but I hope it answers your question.


vkook blue and green wallpapers for @lonelygirlisonfire // please like/reblog if you’re using! ( @lonelygirlisonfire I hope this is okay, I’m sorry if it isn’t exactly what you were hoping for but I hope it works!)

requests; member/members, background color, little sticker/emoji