the green cat

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Birthday: June 23
Gender: fluid
Relationship Status: n/a
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Siblings: a tol younger brother and a smol younger brother
Favorite Colors: blue, green
Pet(s): cat named Mouse, although he’s really my smol younger brother’s cat
Wake-up times: anywhere between 6:30 and 10
Love or Lust: Love. What is this lust thing you speak of?
Lemonade or Iced Tea: both are good. lemonade if i had to choose
Cats or Dogs: cats i suppose
Coke or Pepsi: i cant remember the last time i drank either, or soda in general honestly
Day or Night: uhh?? night
Text or Call: text, i’m often uncomfortable with phone calls
Met a Celebrity: not that i can remember…
Light or Dark Hair: light, i am aggressively blond
Shorter or Taller:  I feel like 5′8′’ is pretty average, although I’m short for my family
Chapsticks or Lipsticks: chapstick, can’t remember the last time i wore lipstick
City or Country: both are nice, city i suppose
Last song you listened to: Jane Zhang’s cover of All of Me 

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