the green boats before they were all green!

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What's that got to do with sophiam

SHiya anon,

Right before I go off and do writing stuff.  THIS is what its got to do with Sophiam. (sorry this contains pics of Sofa) 

First of all, Last year on 17th May, Liam broke ranks and made sure that Zayn was credited during the first acceptance speech. He was then cut off before he could say whatever he was going to say during the 2nd acceptance speech.

On 20th May they were pictured arriving in France so we even had airport pics of them. 

One big difference between the pics of Danielle and Louis and that is Liam was scarcely wanting to be photographed with her.  

Then we had Liam and Sophia seen at the Red Bull outdoor lounge thing in Monaco.

Oh and this does not look like a look of love to me.

Anyway some other pics which are more similar to those of Louis and Danielle cos I do have a major aversion to Sofa and I want this over with.

Liam and Sofa with others (the other in this case being Philip Green - croney of Cowell’s) +    (the pics on the link are just the image search from Google of them both) 

Hard to tell what’s going through Louis head as its easy to fake a smile, not so easy to hide your eyes and emotions. (that’s Michael Carrick, Manchester United player next to Danielle btw) 

But honestly the distance between Sophiam…anyway.

Sofa wore that expression on her face for the vast majority of the trip whereas Liam had that kind of ‘god help me’ sort of resigned look about him.

I also did this video of them on BBC in the pitlane at the time in the background. again with Green.  +

And there’s a pic of Louis with Danielle in the pitlane  +

Then the infamous pic of Green with Geri Halliwell and Liam in a boat, and Sofa too.  We had yacht pics as well which were just as bad.  

The fact remains that everyone talks of how Sophiam was real but Liam had literally never talked of F1 before then to my knowledge, never expressed any interest could barely muster any interest  when talking about it on this interview. +

The fact that Green’s mucky paws are all over it and he’s a croney of Cowell’s.

The fact that I firmly believe it was a punishment. 

The fact that Liam looked a hundred times happier when he was with other people than he did with her during the Monaco GP. +



Those pics with Paul Chung, Paul Chung who owned Funky Buddha then Charlie Berkeley Street which was all used as part of the narrative that Liam loved Sofa and was also a big drinker.   Paul Chung who was pictured with Liam in those pics outside Sony prior to this current situation with Cheryl emerging. 

The fact that Liam was in his element when he was with other people, and the karaoke etc., but looked like this when he was just with her.

So that’s the similarities, remains to be seen whether Philip Green is going to be pictured with Louis as its still early days of course and the race isn’t till tomorrow but that’s why its similar and the fact that this happened to Liam first, I expect that those who ignored what was staring them in the face last year will continue to do so now and nothing i can do about that.  

But for every person who says Louis and Danielle are fake, please at least take a look at this and think of the similarities and ask yourself why?