the green bedding


Detail shots of one of the few larger Forget Me Not pendants I made. I really like the way this one came out.

green day gothic

- you see a gif set and scroll past it, only to find that it is the only thing on your dashboard. every time you scroll it appears again. you can’t escape.
- you thought the nightlife meme was over but it never is. you wake up screaming in the middle of the night, images of candy apples flashing through your mind.
- who the fuck is tré cool. a memory appears in your brain for a fleeting moment but then it’s gone again. nobody knows who he is.
- the older green day blogs recall a different time. it is the year 2012. the people were different and life was rough. nostalgia fills the air.
- you’re minding your own business when a punk elitist appears. he chants a foreign message in your ear that you’ve heard somewhere before; “green day is not punk”. you start to sweat. why does this keep happening.
- somebody posts a meme about iheartradio. you shudder in disgust.
- you decide to browse through the green day tag. you see a picture of salad in there, as well as a st. patrick’s day meme. you exit the green day tag.
- you see people getting mad at green day for being political. you shout at them angrily, trying to get their attention, but they do not hear you. it feels as if you are shouting into the void. no amount of arguing will change their minds.
- a post about “billy joel armstrong” appears out of thin air. you are so exhausted. it’s not worth the effort to correct them.
- everyone you follow is making beautiful gifs. you stare in awe. you do not know how to make gifs so you just make a shit post instead.