the greek god


“They call them the world’s greatest super heroes, they call them modern day gods, they call them the Justice League.”

The Justice League + Greek Gods.


all your gods are teenage girls:  chloris, goddess of flowers


all your gods are teenage girls:  proteus, god of the constantly changing nature of the sea

Jin as Hestia

So there has actually been a few different requests for a Greek God series and I’m finally doing it!! I just wanna add in some disclaimers, I don’t know a whole lot about Greek mythology bc I’m more into Norse mythology so all of this information is just based on the research I did for this series, I’m sticking to the somewhat more popular God/Goddesses and also this is gonna be a mini series with just the reasons why I think each member would be each God/Goddess so without further ado, to start us off as he always does is the first half of Taejin, the eldest member with such cute hands, I just wanna hold his hands tbh, Kim Seokjin aka Jin as Hestia, the Goddess of home and hearth

  • Jin also has a lot of similarities with Hestia, I almost picked Aphrodite (I was almost done writing the Aphrodite post but then I changed my mind) but once I started reading more about Hestia, it just made so much more sense
  • She was very gentle and welcoming
  • Jin is really gentle and welcoming, one thing I’ve always loved about him is how warm he is, everything about him is just really warm and welcoming
  • His eyes, his smile, his soft but stable voice when he sings, even the clothes he wears, just all of him says warm and comforting
  • She was also very secure/stable
  • This one also ties into the first point, he’s a really inviting person, he has that vibe of stability like he seems like someone you can talk to about anything and idk if it’s just me but he seems like someone you would feel safe with, in every way
  • She was also beautiful
  • Jin is obviously a very handsome man and he knows it but something I love about Jin is that he manages to be confident without being cocky, which can be hard to do
  • Like he’ll joke around and act cocky bc he doesn’t take himself too seriously but at the same time, he’s not afraid to say yeah I think I’m handsome and I like that, I think it’s a good thing to promote some self-confidence without getting it confused with arrogance
  • She was also very caring
  • He’s such a loving person in so many different ways, he takes care of the members and just in the latest episode of Run, Jin was letting him snack on his food and he kept feeding all of the members even though he was technically supposed to be the only one that ate and I just love that he didn’t even think twice about sharing with them bc he’s just so sweet and loving
  • He probably knew they were really excited to eat the foods they’d picked (especially the maknae line bc they got so good shit) of course his playful side came out so he did make some of the members do something funny for their food but he was still really sweet to share his food when he didn’t have to, it just shows how much of a family they really are, I love lil things like this so much
  • Like sometimes people think they’re better than others bc they’re so pretty and I don’t get any of those vibes from Jin at a l l, he’s so down to earth and he laughs it off when people don’t make him the top of the “beauty” list and all of that just shows that he knows he’s pretty but he doesn’t hold himself on a pedestal purely bc of his looks
  • I also just wanna add on something here bc I find it s o cool, Hestia is the goddess of hearth right and one of her symbols is the flame so she’s linked up with fire
  • Well Jin just so happens to be a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, I’m sold this is my head canon now I love Jin as Hestia s o much

happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

The Signs as the 12 Olympians
  • Aries: Hephaestus
  • Taurus: Demeter
  • Gemini: Hermes
  • Cancer: Hera
  • Leo: Zeus
  • Virgo: Athena
  • Libra: Aphrodite
  • Scorpio: Ares
  • Sagittarius: Apollo
  • Capricorn: Artemis
  • Aquarius: Dionysus
  • Pisces: Poseidon