the greatest superhero of all time

Superman in “Love is Love”

Guys this is huge. This is fucking massive.

Look at that.

The red and blue boy scout, the man of steel, the man of tomorrow, the character that is responsible for the comic book superheroes as a whole , the FACE of the DC Universe and the greatest Superhero of all time…

Is holding an LGBT flag  standing tall and proud

This isn’t just Batwoman or an Archie character , not even Wonder Woman, no, this is Superman, the man that stands for the American dream, for Truth and Justice.

Does that mean that he is gay and the comics haven’t shown it yet? That he is a straight ally?

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. This is a huge thing regardless, and I can’t believe its true.


Why I love the mayhem twins: Reese and Shaw started off platonic and they ended the series platonic. They never flirted and there were never any moments where there was heavy subtext that could be read into. They were legit big brother and little sister who were superheros and beat up bad guys together. That’s it. That is how you do an amazing m/f relationship without there having to be romantic undertones just because ‘He was a male. She was a female. They obviously have to be in love with each other.’

Besides Sarah had other plans for Shaw lol; she dropped hints [back in 2013] for romantic!shoot. The writers obviously took all her ideas into consideration and actually made them happen. Reese and Shaw stayed platonic and Root and Shaw became romantic. Thank you fortune teller!sarah. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

For years I felt that Batman Begins was the best superhero origin movie ever, but I now no longer believe that to be true because last night I, for the first time, watched what truly is the greatest superhero origin film ever:



  • Person: So who's your favourite superhero?
  • Me: Melinda May
  • Person: Who?
  • Me: I beg your pardon!
  • Person: ??
  • Me: Melinda May. The greatest superhero of all time. Goddess of Marvel and legend of SHIELD. Ninja badass. The Cavalry. Married to Phil Coulson and Mama May to the duckling squad.
  • Person: ...
  • Me: *face palm*

I present:  Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero by Alex Gabriel

  • it’s funny
  • it’s a world where superheroes and supervillains are common, and they kinda fight each other from time to time, but it’s never serious and no one dies, and honestly they’re all ridiculous cause they strike ridiculous poses that make them look sexy (yeah right), and prepare awful speeches, and they have minions (a kid of a villain ought to ‘serve’ as a minion to some other villain, it runs in a family, it’s called NET-WORKING)
  • Pat doesn’t want to be like his Mom (honestly Pat’s Mom is the greatest though), he just wants to be an urban designer (what a sweetheart)
  • Pat also works as a night manager to Nicholas Anderson aka Silver Paladin aka a hoagie superhero  
  • Silver Paladin is a fucking dork. end of story.
  • ANYWAYS. the plot is ridic, you’re gonna love it
  • the point is, ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS TBH. there are so many, and they’re so great. Pat’s sisters - Cea, Zen, HELL (hell yeah), are lovely. Pat’s Mom is the greatest, like I said. Cat. Ariadne and Doc Destiny (mhmmmm gimme a superhero/supervillain lesbian romance asap right now) THEY’RE SO BRILLIANT, all of them, and it’s natural and obvious bc duh
  • honestly the blurb says (among other things) that the book is about “young men loving not wisely, but well” come on??? this is the sweetest
  • (honestly though the romance is cute. they’re both nerds. Pat is a weirdo, and Nick is even a bigger weirdo, and they constantly keep telling each other “you’re the strangest person i’ve ever met” (Nick to Pat), “you’re nuts” (Pat to Nick)
  • (ok uh i should probably mention the book has explicit sex scenes so 18+ my friends)
  • OK BUT the reason number #1 why you should read the book:
  • honestly, my boys. so brave so young so sexy, wearing leather, and being slutty and pretty - and being proud of their job, and responsible and totally heroes. 
  • (AT ONE POINT THEY RESCUE SNAKES AND I’M??? they’re so eager and starry eyed and v brave)
  • i mean, as you can see, this book is ridiculous and funny but also subversive (”Pat’s “I;m proud to be a SLUT!!!” i mean……)
  • you’ll lough out loud 
  • (i mean, ok, this book is weird, and sometimes the writing style is Too Much™ bc Pat babbles so much and it can get confusing? but that’s kind of a point) 
  • also, i almost forgot: android dolphins (do i need to say more) 

Bitch, Jack Jack from the Incredibles is gonna be one hell of a superhero. He can turn his body into fire, can turn his body into steel, he can shapeshift into a monster, he can float (but i think he can fly), he can phase through objects, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes, he can teleport, he can pretty much do anything. Which is probably why they named him Jack Jack (like the jack of all trades). This little man gon be the greatest superhero of all time and I’m here for it

lazarlightshow  asked:

I just finished reading the two-year run of Kaine's solo book, which leads into New Warriors. Do you know how New Warriors is? Last time I read a team book for one character I was heavily disappointed, so I don't wanna just take a chance, you know?

DO IT TAKE THE CHANCE!!! i promise u will regret it if u dont bc new warriors isnt just any team book

unlike other superhero teams, they know exactly what they’re doing

they take their work very seriously

and, most importantly, they have all been kaine parker approved

the avengers love them too. especially thor

but all joking aside

even tho they may mess up a lot

the new warriors are seriously one of the most underrated yet most important/greatest/funniest superhero team to have ever existed

but if not for anything else pls read it for kaine parker

kaine parker is the real star of this book




Meet Red Bee. Red Bee is an actual superhero who appeared in actual published comic books. On purpose.

“Red Bee? Is he like Ant-Man? Can he control bees?”

No, he isn’t. And no, he can’t.

“Does he have bee powers?”

He does not have bee powers.

“Does he have any powers?”

Nope. What Red Bee has is a trained bee.

“A super bee?”

No. It’s just a regular bee. He trained it.

“So, trained bees?”

Trained Bee. Just the one.


Yes. The bee’s name is Michael.

She secretly fights monsters, saves the world, has a secret bade, has sidekicks and in generally heroic and awesome. For these reasons Sarah Jane Smith (from Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures) is one of the greatest female superheroes ever. And when she gets done saving the world she still has time to be a mum too, and they’re pretty damn heroic all by themselves.

It makes me sad that in a world where a character like that, played by a woman in her 60s, can be such a major hit but we still have this mentality that to be an appealing super hero (or character generally) you MUST be male you MUST be young you MUST be single and childfree and there is little leeway outside that.

No middle aged character can be appealing? No characters who’re married can be appealing? No characters who have children can be appealing?

That’s bullshit and limiting

I love how Booster Gold has saved the multiverse a million times over, making sure history isn’t tampered with, was part of the JLI, was the leader of the JLI in the n52, has saved countless planets/people (and even took it upon himself to take Rani in and raise her with Rips help), and did I mention that he has saved the multiverse a million times over?? And yet no one (but Rip and Skeets) will know all of the great things he has done because he has to go down in history as a total joke to make sure that no one tries to undo the good he’s done. He becomes the joke of the superhero community to save them all.

He’s the greatest hero you’ve never heard of.

One day on the set I said to her, ‘The Flash, The Atom and Green Arrow are all in love with you.’ She had the greatest answer; she goes, ‘I think the reason it works is because I don’t look like the girl that you’d think that about.’ Emily is really the superhero of both shows.

Andrew Kreisberg talking about Emily Bett Rickards (X)

Bless, EBR! Might be a good time to pop over on Twitter and let Mr. Kreisberg know you agree and it would be awesome if Arrow begins telling Felicity’s story sooner rather than later

Just a friendly reminder that 2/3 of the OTA, the greatest superhero team ever, left vigilantism multiple times.

Just a friendly reminder that the OTA is still praised and put on a pedestal as the realest deal when Diggle is turned simply into a fanboy, Felicity only stays around on the job when Oliver is there and Oliver’s whole backstory and relationships keep getting retconned to fit in more Felicity in it.

How the hell is that trio superior to any other other vigilante character is beyond me because Diggle, Roy, Laurel, Thea, Ray have all done a better job at protecting people and not leaving whenever it fits them. And yet they constantly get shit on for interfering in a dynamic that changed without any influence from those characters i.e. Laurel gets sicked with the role of the “dynamic changer“ because she… kicked ass before OTA was even formed, was the voice of reason and didn’t really give much crap about in any way propping Olicity/Felicity? Maybe Laurel was so busy not giving a crap about anything Olicity related and actually doing the job of vigilante that it somehow overshadowed the ridicule of the Olicity “relationship” in s3? Maybe Laurel was not spending any actual time with Diggle or Felicity to interfere in their dynamics or maybe she had problems with Oliver’s handling on her as vigilante, which… somehow interfered into the Oliver/Felicity/propboy!Diggle friendship?


Or is that just shit Oliciters say to justify how little they care about anything unless it’s used for propping what they want and something that in their eyes makes their favorites even more important to the story? Cause I really can’t see how the non-present Roy/Laurel/Thea/etc interfered in that dynamic? Slade and Ra’s had more touch in with that dynamic and that was used to prop Olicity.


Dear friends

You can now find Onepunch Man episode 1 online (be wary of quality and shady sites) about a month before it’s official release. You can also support the official manga because the first 2 volumes are for sale. I picked up mine, and they look great. As does the anime. based-vakarian based-dojima

Magdusa rin Tumblr land Part 2 by @floundering-ssdlt

Dads don’t die. Dads are superheroes and his are the greatest. When Goyong rode in his chair, he felt like he was flying.

His dad is the smartest too. Everyone keeps asking him his opinion, his daddy said “this country would fall without your dad”.

When daddy put dad to bed one night, he said, “Goyong, your dad is sick. You can’t see him for a while.“

But Goyong went and saw him anyway. His dad promised, "I’ll be okay. We’re going to see a doctor and they’ll make me better.”

Dad didn’t look better. He was asleep all of the time and there were tubes around his mouth and hands.

Dad didn’t look better. He was asleep all of the time and there were tubes around his mouth and hands.

“Don’t bring him here anymore,” Pole asks Miong. “I don’t want him to remember me like this.”

But Goyong never understood why he couldn’t see dad anymore. “It’ll be okay, he just needs to rest,” daddy tells him.

For a while, Goyong doesn’t speak. He wants to show daddy that he can be very quiet so he can visit dad without disturbing him

Pole flatlines in the ICU for a few seconds and Miong is so terrified that he doesn’t think of anything else

He never notices his son’s silence.


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