the greatest smile on the planet

I’m in love with her. It’s a fact.

Because when she smiles, when she’s laughing, it’s like all the planets and stars are aligned and it’s the greatest feeling in the world to see the person you’re in love with just being happy.

I’m in love with her. It’s a fact.

Because when she’s upset, when she cries, it’s like a knife being plunged into my chest, slowly twisting. It just breaks my heart to know that something or someone has punctured her heart and caused her pain. It’s a horrible feeling to see the person you’re in love feel so hurt.

I’d do anything to make her happy and I’d do anything not to make her cry. Because she is my heart and I want to be with her for as long as she’ll let me. And I want to keep it that way.

Because I love her. It’s a fact.

—  Oko Ninja (1am confessions)

get to know me: [5/5] favorite male biases - yoon dowoon

Georgia Gal

Pairing: Bones x (Southern!)Reader

Word Count: 1914

Warnings: Some swearing, general bar creeps

A/N: Not my first fic ever but my first Bones fic! Very loosely inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” (maybe if you squint?). Let me know what you guys think!! 

You weren’t quite sure how you kept ending up in this situation - settled in alone a noisy bar with your friends long gone and tongue deep in strangers by now.

“I need to find better friends,” you muttered to yourself as you knocked back what was left of your drink.

“Well, then it’s lucky I’m here” came a cocky voice from your right.

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“You taste like coffee” - Tim Drake x Reader

Because there isn’t enough love for our lovely Red Robin. Besides, many of you asked for more Tim Drake so, here’s a fluffy fic with him, hope you’ll like it

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Once again, he’s late. 

It used to bother you how he would NEVER be on time, and invent stupid excuses when he’d finally arrive. At the beginning of your relationship, you actually almost broke up with him because of that…You thought you just didn’t matter enough to him, and you were not one to play game.

When you were with someone, then there was no one else and you were committed, and it seems that he definitely wasn’t ! When you talked to him about it, he kinda panicked and told you things that no one ever told you (« You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, the only one that keep me sane ! » and such things), his eyes so honest that you could only believe him and…You stayed.

And oh man, you were sure glad you did. You stuck around, even though his tardiness was really getting on your nerve, and it was the best decision you ever took.

Because after three months of relationship, you finally discovered why it seemed to be impossible for him to be on time.

You were walking home late at night, which was a terrible idea when you lived in Gotham, but you got caught up in the school library, working on some important essays you had to give the next day (you and your habit to always wait the last minute to do things…Queen of Procrastination). You had missed the last bus that could get you to your apartment and you knew the night bus was even more dangerous than walking, with all the robberies and drug deal (it was just the perfect place for those stuffs you know ? Always in movements, and there were so few night buses that traffic was easy to keep track of for criminals…And to be warned in advance if the GCPD was around).

So here you were, in the streets of Gotham, very late at night. For some reason, you weren’t really scared. Not because you thought you’d get saved by any members of the « Batfamily » as you liked to call all of those night vigilante lurking around in the city, but because..Well, you were born in Gotham.

And when you were a true gothamite, born and raised, you were used to the latent comes and insecurities of the place. Besides, it was when you where scared that things always got bad. If you walked through the streets, fast but not too much, with a confident pace, you were most likely not gonna get attacked.

Lowlife criminals who attacked people in the street weren’t really tough, they were waiting for a weak prey, so if you looked confident ? Nope.

You were a short woman, but you weren’t afraid, and people who weren’t afraid in Gotham were dangerous. You had walked a thousands times home on your own, at night, and never once did you get attacked.

But there were always exceptions, you guessed…and tonight was one of them.

They jumped you from a side alleyway, and dragged you down into its darkness, muffling your screams with their hands. Oh. They weren’t just any lowlife criminals. They were the worst of them all.

Those weren’t the people that were after your phone, or your wallet. No. Those were the one that wanted something else, that were just disgusting pigs.

You fought like Hell, but they were more powerful than you, and besides, you were largely outnumbered.

Tears appeared down your cheeks when you started to feel their hands on your naked skin, and you closed your eyes…When suddenly, you fell on the ground as they released you.

Were you dead ? No. You could still feel the cold ground of a chilly Autumn night in Gotham…Or maybe that was what the Afterlife was ? Being stuck in the place you died forever ?

You opened one eyed, and then the other, and what you saw…blew your mind.

It was one of the guy that always stuck around Batman. The one that had a black mask over his face, and wicked cool red wings.

And looking at him fight made you feel something strange. His movements looked familiar, as if you knew the dude. But…it was impossible right ?

One of the thing that made Tim fall in love with you, was your quick wit and quick thinking, and as you were watching « Red Robin » fighting those disgusting thugs that attacked you, you slowly came to the realization that…this was your boyfriend.

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Newcomers Pt 13

Much of the city’s inhabitants on the eastern side had been moved to the western side when the enemy first arrived. Thousands of Benemar families were now held up in temporary housing close to the eastern wall. When the first klaxon sounded many of them thought it was reinforcements come relive the city and drive back the invaders. But then the wall had erupted inwards as something powerful had fired upon it at close range.

Silence, the strange kind that comes when such a colossal sound has rung through everyone’s ears, then the thunder or at least what many thought was thunder. Dust was kicked up high into the air masking everything around the breach. But something was moving within it, a shape and it was big. It emerged out of the dust and stood in the street looking down at the the city’s inhabitants with it’s square shaped head standing some hundreds or so feet above the ground. Nothing, no one spoke or screamed or moved.

On it’s arms though something was moving, a hatch by the looks of it from the ground and from it extended dozens of rotary guns. And they unleashed their fire power upon the crowed.

Hundreds were killed in seconds and a second Bastion followed the first through the breach and added it’s own to the fray as infantry ran through it’s legs to secure the city.

The first began moving, it’s steps crushing vehicles and anything else unlucky enough to be in it’s way, it was moving towards the centre of the city and the second turned south.

On the eastern wall the three Bastions were now advancing at full speed, still slow by some standards but their strides were long, the city’s artillery opened up to bar them entry to the city but they were set upon by Human bombers. The anti air fire they enjoyed was now suddenly silent as most of the guns were destroyed by the rebels. Then the Benemar’s worst fear came, the eastern gate opened, Camo troops had struck soon after the first klaxon and secured the gate before any warning could be sounded so the Benemar believed it was still under their control. The gate itself was huge and in fact a section of the wall that could recede into the main part. But it was too narrow for the Bastions to pass through so they made their own entrance. And like virus infecting a healthy body the army spread and killed everyone they found.

Geedol had tried to organise a defence but saw all his carefully laid plans fall apart in his hands. He ordered units to move and engage only to hear they were under attack or destroyed, marked fall back positions only for rebels to appear there or Camo troops cutting them off. He put the com on loudspeaker so he could more easily follow the battle but it was carnage, the enemy had struck everywhere at once. With the enemy in front, amongst and behind them and after only two hours he turned to his second in command Setom and said two words.

“We’ve lost”

Jenkins ran firing his rifle with incredible accuracy, he was fast, faster than before and he did not know why. He saw everything so much more clearly now, he had been hit a few times but felt no pain only a mild discomfort at the shot. Then he remembered, the Gal symbiont was still attached to him, was this the reason why? It was smaller now having consumed most of his waste cells and healed his wounds and even moved to his back at the nape of the neck. This was the most comfortable place for them and it did not get in the host’s way as well, almost all the Humans now had these symbiont Gal on them. The normal Gal were still fighting alongside them but something was different about them too, the Humans and Gal were separate species yet sine the symbiont Jenkins could almost…feel their intent and movements and the Gal reacted to this as well. More than once he turned to fire at a Benemar that he could have no idea was there but had been spotted by a Gal. He did not have time to think on these things, the Benemar were fighting to almost suicidal lengths to try and push them back or hold their postions. Cathy ran past him leaping from a boulder and grabbing onto the side of a building that was made of pure steel so how she did it was beyond him. She pointed her rifle with one arm and gunned down a number of defenders who were hiding behind cover and causing a nuisance. She leapt down and smiled at Jenkins before moving on. She too was feeling the difference but unlike him was enjoying it.

There was no real resistance, the eastern garrison where the majority of the Benemar warriors were was overrun when the Bastions came through the walls and what little defence could be mustered on the western side was simple walked over. All the other gates were either sealed or under Human control, there would be no escape for the inhabitants of Geeda, arguably the greatest defensive city on the planet…fell in 3 hours.

After the battle the Humans began to feel uneasy, they had agreed to the symbiont as they had saved their lives from fatal or near fatal wounds but now something was very very much amiss. Jenkins wanted answers.

He found the Conduit, a large Gal that acted as the voice of the Nerve and all Gal on the planet, it alone was capable of speech having learned and evolved from contact with the Humans.

Jenkins walked up to it being flanked by Cho, Cathy and Karen, the Conduit turned to regard him, he could feel his intent.

Jenkins grabbed it and pulled it off it’s feet and pinned it to the ground with his knee on it to stop it flaying around.

“You have got explaining to do!” he screamed at it.

“Commander take it easy!” Cho shouted grabbing his arm but did not try to pull him off.

“The Gal are supposed to be non compatible with other races, your genome is too alien and deadly to others, by your own admission you say you are genetically created. So why are you now suddenly able to bond with us?” Jenkins face was inches from the Conduits who looked up silent but terrified.

“Commander we are allies and this is not going to help us” Karen said quietly, she was just as desperate for answers, they all were. A large crowed of Humans had gathered and were eyeing the Gal with a degree of hostility. The alliance hung in the balance.

All the Humans had felt it, the strength, the speed the connection to not only the Gal but one another.

“Not, created, modified” the Conduit said.

“What?” Jenkins demanded.

“Gal genetic material is only 5% artificial, the rest is compatible with Humanity”


“I can explain that” said someone who they did not recognise.

“Who are you?” Cho asked.

“I am Dr Cassion”

“…the researcher from the lower decks?” Cathy said “I thought you never left the ship”

“Yeah well the plot demanded I be here” he said walking over to Jenkins “I can explain everything”

Jenkins let the Conduit go and it got to it’s feet slowly.

“Well, start talking”

Dr Cassion straightened himself and stood on a small platform so he could just about be seen by all who had gathered.

“What I am about to say will be hard to accept but it is true, me and the Gal have confirmed it”

“Confirmed what? Get to the point” Cathy shouted.

“Humans and Gal are the same species”

No one spoke, the faces of the Humans showed they clearly did not believe him.

“With respect doctor you are going to have to do a bit better than that” Cho said.

“Well it is rather…extensive but the main point is our genetic code’s are almost identical, almost not completely. You all know the story of when Terra was first forming many billions of years ago and how it was struck by countless asteroids and comets and it is theorized that they held the building blocks that made life possible on Terra”

“We learned that in school what’s your point” shouted a Human from the crowed.

“Our genetic material was taken from a comet that crashed into an Alliance planet some centuries ago” the Conduit said “The genetic material found was unlike any the Alliance had found before and they harnessed it into us, the Gal”

“So what you’re saying is they are Human?” said Cathy pointing at a Gal next to her.

“No” replied Doctor Cassion “More like genetic cousins like the great apes are to Humanity but the Gal’s naturally mutates when they come into contact with us and this makes them compatible. In a sense they are reacting to the more natural form of their genetic code”

Everyone stood in silence, some looked at the Gal who would turn to regard them in turn for, the Gal already knew as they do not have any sense of individuality and are all connected but they were worried how the Humans would react.

Because as the Gal evolved in reaction to when in contact with the Humans so too were the Humans reacting to them. Becoming stronger and faster and in a sense were already considered apex predators but were now becoming the apex of the apex predators.  

“YEAH!!!” Cathy shouted and picked up the nearest Gal “New additions to the Terran family!”

Her cheer was added to by the others who embraced the Gal not only as allies now, but as family.

i was going to submit this for the reverse bang but i didn’t finish it in time so! have a headcanon post

modern urban witch louis keeps old rum and whisky bottles when he’s done with them to store his herbs and keeps his new spell ideas in a note in his phone. he has to wear shoes around his flat because he’s always got lines of salt on the floor he forgot to sweep up, and more than once he’s done a one-handed tarot reading with his other hand stuck in a bag of crisps, TV playing loudly in the background. he has a shitty office job to pay the bills but on the side he sells potions and spells to a few trusted people – he can’t do anything major, just things like protection and safety sigils when lottie wants to go on holiday to majorca and pain relief solutions when his roommate niall has a headache, but it’s what makes him happiest.

when harry stumbles into his life, it’s because niall bragged about louis’ skills to his friend liam from work, who told his friend harry that there might actually be a solution to the insomnia that’s been plaguing him for months. harry’s tried everything – sleeping pills, therapy, home remedies, hypnotism, you name it – but nothing has worked. normally louis doesn’t do his magic for just anyone: it’s a secret for a reason, and he doesn’t want to be be bombarded by random distant acquaintances begging for magical relief to their own problems, and he’s debating sending harry away. but then harry shows up on louis and niall’s doorstep with deep dark circles under his eyes and the most pathetic look on his face louis has ever seen, and he folds like a stack of tarots.

louis brews up a quick sleep solution (ground smoky quartz crystal for stress, valerian root for a hypnotic, passionflower for anxiety, and 100 proof vodka to make it go down) and pretends he doesn’t notice the green of harry’s eyes or the wide set of his shoulders (all while harry is trying not to gape at this actual witch, who not only is not green-skinned and warty like he expected but actually, um, really fucking attractive). harry thanks louis profusely when he leaves, takes the solution when he gets home, and sleeps for almost fifteen hours.

he shows up again the next day to shower louis in more effusive thanks and to get more of the solution, and louis valiantly tries to control the blush that heats his cheeks when harry declares him “the greatest person on the planet in the history of ever, i’m pretty sure.”

then harry turns up the next day as well, this time on the excuse that he stubbed his toe and he was pretty sure he’d never be able to walk again. louis tucked his smile away, called harry a drama queen, and gave him a pain relief potion. 

and then the next day he was back again, claiming he didn’t feel bad yet but he was pretty sure he was about to come down with something, like a cold or maybe ebola.

and then it’s like he’s there every day on flimsier and flimsier excuses. (”louis, i’m being serious, i think i have gout. or, like, scurvy.” “harry, you walked in eating an orange, i think you’re fine.”) harry’s favorite thing to do is to sit and watch louis as he goes about his normal business, brewing special teas for his sisters and reading tarot cards for niall, who likes to be prepared for the coming week. niall, who got used to the magic business a long time ago, sits and keeps harry from sticking his fingers into anything he shouldn’t, or from accidentally knocking over the bottle of home-grown nightshade.

luckily, louis doesn’t mind one bit.

eventually, harry adds louis-designed protection sigils to his already extensive tattoo collection, and has learned to avoid the strategic piles of salt scattered around louis’ flat. their first date is a midnight picnic on the roof of harry’s building, picking distant star patterns out of the sky and sharing tentative, sweet kisses. 

for their first anniversary, louis carves the rune for true love into a jade pendant and blushes wildly when he tells harry what it means.

“it’s um. it means true love.”

harry pulls louis close, wide-eyed and starstruck, “aw, lou. i love you too.” and then he leans back, grinning wildly. “looks like you’ve got me under your spell.”

harry’s still laughing when louis pinches him in the side for the terrible pun, but he stops quick enough when louis gives him something else to do with his mouth instead.

✨Pueo Ra emerged from my yoni portal and graced our lives 3 months ago today!! ✨👶🏼✨Being blessed with the honor of Birthing this Divine being into existence has been the greatest gift of this or any other lifetime. This little angel is so special and I’m constantly reminding him that he has so many gifts to share on this Planet! Watching him smile and giggle while I am singing to him & papa Wolfgang serenades us on the Uke melts my heart & reminds me of why we are here. To preserve the Divine essence of this new soul. Teaching Love and the infinite outlets for creative expression. ✨🙌🏽✨💗✨ Thank you to the One Universal Presence for our health, Abundance and this precious time of bonding while melting into deeper realms of bliss & healing together as a family. I Am grateful. Happy happy joy joy. I love you Pueo Ra. Xoxo~ Mama Bird & Papa Wolf ✨🌈✨

You don’t know how much i miss you
Because if you do
Here are things i miss about you….

I miss your smile, it creates a blackhole in my heart
that sucks all the sadness in me.
It pledges a rainbow and shining stars
that when i see your smile,
my heart jumps and all it can do is to beat faster and faster.

I miss your fragrance, it hypnotizes me well.

Believe me, your presence is the greatest shadow that i don’t want to lose.

I always look at your eyes, i want to draw my world in it. Letting you know that my world is you.

Your laughs are the lyrics to my love songs.
Believe me, when i hear you laugh i am the happiest person on this planet.

Your touch that lingers to my skin, i want to hold your hand forever, entangle it to my heart so you won’t be able to escape. I apologize if i am that clingy, i just want you to caress me.

I miss everything about you,
so much that even now that you’re gone,
that you are not in my sight anymore,
you are still my memory.
Your voice that i always wanted to hear every night

Every single thought reminds me of you

—  Everything, is all about you.
No More Big Southern Shadow - Jim Kirk

Title: No More Big Southern Shadow

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Prompt: Could you do a Jim Kirk x reader where the reader and Jim have been close friends ever since they had class together at the academy. They were there for each other through thick and thin no matter what. Reader and Kirk tell each other everything but what she hasn’t told him was her feelings for him. Reader is offered a promotion, doesn’t tell Kirk yet but he finds out; Kirk isn’t too happy but reluctantly congratulates her….  - @missmle712 (it won’t let me tag you!)

Word count: 1,787

Warnings: language

A/N: not sure about this one because it turned out to be very romcom-esque. but that’s all good, who doesn’t love a good romcom in their life? i really liked the specificity of this prompt, though (i didn’t include the whole prompt above bc it was quite long). mostly because it didnt take much brain power on my part to write this so i was able to finish it before bed last night. ANYWAY. i hope you ENJOY IT! and LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! also it won’t let me tag the person that requested it, so im a bit disappointed in tumblr. 

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Chris Evans Fic: Cabin in the Woods

Fluffiest of fluff for a Saturday!

This was originally a request from @alievans007 that’s been a very long time coming. Apologies for the wait but it’s taken me forever to envisage the perfect scenario. So, hope you enjoy!


‘Babe, I know you’re super excited about this secret plan of yours but I don’t think security are going to let you take me on a plane blindfolded, somehow.’ You’d been beside yourself since you’d arrived home from work, only to be all but bundled into the car by your much bigger and much stronger boyfriend, assured that everything you needed was already packed. He’d insisted that you wear the blindfold but you quickly realised that it was more for show than for any practical reason.

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GOT7: s/o brings home a pet

Hey, hope you don’t mind but I changed this to like, small, cute animals in general. Funny story- when I was on a trip with my friend’s family, we saw these amish people on the side of the road selling baby bunnies. Naturally, they bought one and naturally, the amish people gave us a bojangles box to keep him in for the road. The bunny is named Bojo. Ok, reaction now


Mark loves animals, so as long as you two were able to take care of it and all that, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, when he steps through the door to see you playing with it, he forgets everything that happened to him during the day and freaks out because it’s so cute it’s so cute omg(!!) and he loves it already. Probably pays way more attention to the new pet than he does to you, at least for the night, to be honest, besides asking you where you got it and if you’ve named it yet. If you haven’t, he’ll come up with a sickeningly sweet name for it on the spot, don’t worry. Expect him to do nothing but play with your new pet for hours, petting it, holding it, hugging it, kissing it, telling it that it’s the greatest pet in the world, etc. He’s the happiest boy on the planet rn


Jaebum tries to reason through this, saying you should’ve called him before adopting a pet, but he can’t be serious for long in the face of a fluffy animal. Eventually, he just stops talking mid-sentence and looks at it, sighing as a smile breaks over his features and reaching out to pick it up and hold it against his chest, laughing lightly at how cute it is. Probably insists on it not sleeping with you, but ends up falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie, the animal on his lap. He’d be such a good owner of this pet, ok? He doesn’t need to be reminded to refill its food and water bowls and makes sure it gets the attention it needs every single day, regardless of how tired he is. 


Jinyoung is initially too stunned by the sight of a new pet in your house that he doesn’t move or say anything for a second, staring at it blankly. Then he’ll look at you and sigh because yes, of course, it makes sense now. Pretends not to like the new addition to the household, but it doesn’t work very well because he loves it very much and hasn’t stopped trying to earn its affection for at least thirty minutes. If you give the pet too much attention and subsequently not give this boy enough, he’ll pout so hard and will teasingly mope around until your eyes are back on him. 


Jackson flips his shit. As soon as he sees the new pet, he’s screeching, which probably scares it away, and then he’s screeching more to try and get it to come back to him that’s not how it works bb. You’ve just made his entire year, ok? When the poor animal finally comes out of wherever it was hiding, he’s going to lie down on the floor with it and try and get it to play with him for hours. Probably rolls all over the floor squealing because of how cute it is, tbh. You could literally adopt the ugliest animal on the planet and in his eyes, it would still be one of the greatest things he’s ever seen. Will let the animal sleep on the foot of your bed, saying that it needs to know that you two love it he just wants to pet it more smh


Youngjae loves animals, ok? And when you bring home a new one, he doesn’t hesitate for one second to coo over it and kiss it’s head and rub his face all over it and hug it and well, the list goes on. He probably takes at least 100 photos of it and sets one as his lock screen, literally not caring that previously, his lock screen was a picture of you. You have been put aside for the next three hours, his only focus rn is the adorable animal at his feet. He’ll try to get it to play with him, using whatever happens to be on hand as a toy (goodbye, shoelaces). Youngjae is seriously going to be the most smiley person on the planet that night because not only does he have a small animal, but he feels like you two are parents now


BamBam freaks out when he sees the animal you brought home, letting out some strange noise and bending down to its level so he can pet it, looking up to you with a huge smile and asking where you found it and did you name it yet? because if you didn’t, he’s going to name it Dab. That’s just a thing that’s going to happen. Get ready for him to tease you about the new pet loving him more just because it happened to brush against his leg and not yours on the way to its food bowl. He’ll take a million selfies with it and send them to everyone he knows because he’s so happy he has a new pet and is oddly proud of it like hell yes, he’s the owner


When he walks through the door to see you cooing over an animal, Yugyeom’s first reaction is to laugh because wow he really should’ve expected you to do something like this sooner or later but it’s still a surprise. “Who is this?” he’ll ask, coming over to pet it and attempt to play with it. If you haven’t named it yet, he’s going to suggest the first thing that comes to mind- like Sneakers or Branch, for example. And then he’ll call the animal by whatever ridiculous name he decided on for the rest of the night so that the next day, it responds only to that name and you’re forced to give in to his absurdity. 

waitingforeleven  asked:

Hello, my friend! For your ficlet giveaway, how about FS + THE CROWN :D (any scene/moment you want!) Thanks for doing this! <3

@whatlighttasteslike​ *heavy sigh* do I thank you or scold you for enabling me? XP I had so much fun writing this - but now it’s gonna end up being a full (if shortish) fic at some point when I finish my vastly delayed FSSV present. <3
{Much of this scene includes dialogue from the first episode.}
Anniversary Ficlet 3/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. “The Crown” (Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip) AU.

The room’s familiar gilding served as no distraction for Jemma as she paced the elaborate carpet that adorned the floor. Her dress swished around her legs, and she resisted the urge to curl her fingers into the cream-colored fabric. That would not be ladylike. Voices droned on in the room across the hall, and although she knew that it would be seen as very improper for her to be present or even eavesdrop, the latter was precisely what she was trying to do. It just didn’t seem fair for her to be excluded from such an important occasion; but, that’s just how things were done, and Crown Princess Jemma Simmons was excellent at following royal protocol. She’d been an expert ever since she was a child, and she wasn’t going to stop now. Still, she paced back and forth in front of the drawing room door, managing to catch a handful of words:

…From henceforth, he will be known as Lieutenant Leopold James Fitz, Royal Navy. Leopold Fitz, I grant you and the heirs, male of your body, lawfully begotten, the dignities of Baron Greenwich, Earl of Meioneth and Duke of Edinburgh, and Knight Companion of our Most Noble Order of the Garter.”

Reserved applause sounded through the hallway, and Jemma realized that she was grinning in an entirely unseemly way, but she couldn’t convince herself to stop. When she accidentally caught the eye of a nearby butler, she quickly tried to school her face into an expression of polite contentment, and gave him a nod. Then she turned on her heel and paced back to the other side of the room, wholly impatient for the men’s congratulating to finish so that she could finally, finally see her fiancé.

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Title: I Won’t Give Up

@jasoncrouse requested: I’ve been feeling down and pretty meh about myself and in general lately, so I would live for something where Jason notices that and he just makes me feel really special. Maybe Susie and Sammy from the other one-shots you wrote for me are involved, but they don’t have to be. As long as there’s Jason and like… cavity inducing fluff, I’ll be happy, lol. And if you could please use my name again (Jen), I’d be even happier, lol.

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Jen (original female character)
Summary: Jason reminds his wife, Jen, just how important and loved she is.
Word Count: 1,381
Warning: Fluff!!!
Author’s Note: This pairing has had multiple stories already, so if you want to check it out, here you go: 1 || 2 (there is no order to read them)! I ship Jason Crouse and Jen so hard, okay. The dynamic just works, and it’s odd how it does. So, thank you @jasoncrouse for requesting yet another Jason x Jen story. ALSO ANYONE WHO LOVES JASON CROUSE BETTER READ HER STORY: PUT YOUR MONEY ON ME. You will not be disappointed! Now, enjoy! :-)

Song: I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

“Here, let me take Sammy…” Jason said. He walked to Jen and gently took the sleeping baby from her arms carefully. He had taken notice for a couple of weeks now that his wife hadn’t been herself. He could sense that something was wrong, but hadn’t had the opportunity to say anything. When she smiled, Jason noticed that it didn’t reach her eyes like it used to.

“Jason… I had him.”

“I know, baby, but I want you to rest. You’ve been moving around and about all day,” he reassured. “I’ve got this handled. Susie’s already in bed. Why don’t you head on up and I’ll deal with the dishes tonight?”

“Jason…” Jen protested.

He shook his head and pecked her lips. “Go upstairs.”

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do you see what i do?

summary: Shiro has pretty clear intentions; Allura clearly has no idea what’s going on. Or, The 5 times Allura was completely oblivious to Shiro’s crush, and the one time she wasn’t.
notes: shallura hell is reading all the fics on tumblr/ao3 3 times and still not being satisfied so you have to write your own



The original mission objective was to liberate the small planet from a tyrannical government–which, at first, just seemed to be a normal level of corrupt, but after some digging they discovered Galra influences as the driving force behind it all. Some rich, lucky power-monger had discovered he could save his own skin but selling out his people.

Shiro kept a pretty short list of things he hated, but sellouts definitely made it on to it.

Liberating such a small planet surely wouldn’t attract too much Galra attention, and at the least it would just be a thorn in Zarkon’s side. Personally, Shiro would rather put a spear, or a handful of blaster bolts into said side, but beggars can’t be choosers.

They didn’t really go into it with a plan; at least, Shiro didn’t. The esteemed princess of Altea, however, got a certain gleam in her eye that sent shivers down his spine. Terrifying and powerful was a good luck on her. (Technically, everything was a good look on her, but that was more because Shiro tended to look at her as if she hung the stars than anything else.)

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a good life.

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 1,212 
prompt: “day five: future -  jump past the canon world we know and take a shot at where these losers will be down the road” 
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: because who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but riley and lucas know as long as they have each other, they have nothing to worry about 
notes: this fic is…not my best, but i’m not totally unhappy with the final result. this isn’t necessarily a future fic per se, but it still encompasses the overall theme of the future. the last little section goes along with the twins meet world hc created by myself and maggie @friarlucas. this fic also isn’t as long as some of my other fics, but i hope you still enjoy it! 

“What would you do if you had a time machine?” Lucas asked, popping a piece of popcorn into his mouth and leaning back into the cushions of the couch.

Riley hummed in thought, considering the question. The pair had just finished watching Back to the Future, Lucas had been shocked when Riley revealed that she had never seen it before, quite the role reversal in their relationship. They had the apartment to themselves, with her parents out on a date and Auggie with Doy for the evening, and were enjoying the time alone.

“I’m not sure, what would you do?” Riley asked, turning the question around, causing Lucas to sigh, a light laugh escaping her lips. “I swear I’m not just asking because I have no idea, I really wanna know.”

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anonymous asked:

Sweet Lottie, Poe can fly anything and you can write anything. I was wondering, would you be interested in writing supportive dad!Brendol? Maybe after Starkiller, telling his son he's not a failure, and gruffly telling Kylo "You can call me father now if you want, 'kay? Seeing as the smuggler is dead... You two guys are tough guys and I'm proud, 'kay?". And Millicent comes sniffing and meowling, and they're family.

(I’m working off the premise that Brendol has always been a supportive and loving father! Otherwise this would be 90% of Hux being confused at his father’s personality change! I hope that’s okay!)

Hux had been extremely shocked to receive an invitation from his father to return home for a visit. With his failure of Starkiller base still so raw, Hux is reluctant to accept his father’s request, fearing a scolding for allowing his career’s work to be destroyed by a group of rebellious whelps.

Not to mention the fact that Brendol has invited Kylo along for the visit, claiming that he’d like to finally meet the supposed-magnificent man at the centre of Hux’s messages home.

And no sooner has Hux informed Kylo of his plans to take a short trip to Arkanis, Kylo is packing their bag and loading their shuttle, waiting for his General in the hangar bay.

Hux sighs but boards Kylo’s ship regardless. It’s going to be a long visit.

Arkanis is just as rainy and as dull as he remembers but Hux is comforted by the grey clouds and the drizzle, remembering how he and his father would play in their garden regardless, throwing a ball to each other whilst Maratelle sits on the decking, beckoning her boys over for a cup of cocoa.



“We’re here.”

Hux blinks, finding that he’s been daydreaming for the entirety of the descent and they’ve landed on the pad in his father’s home, his childhood home.

Brendol is already waiting at the door for them, as though he was watching through the window for his son to arrive. Never a thin man to begin with, Brendol has put on weight in his inactive years, mostly around his gut, and allowed a silvery beard and moustache to grow on his face, with grey even streaking his once-ginger hair. He’s wearing an old Imperial uniform, baggy and softer-looking, for those officers who’ve retired from service but still wish to adorn their military stripes.

“Armitage,” Brendol opens his arms, smiling softly. “My boy.”

“Father,” Hux greets and melts into Brendol’s embrace, feeling like a young boy with a scraped knee, craving a hug better. “You’re looking well.”

“As are you, son,” Brendol steps aside, letting Hux and Kylo shuffle past him and into the house. “There’s a loved-up glow to your cheeks.”

Kylo chuckles.

Before Hux can chastise his father for embarrassing him, a jingling sound approaches and gets louder until Hux can hear the pitter-patter of little paws. He looks down, seeing Millicent padding towards him and meowing quietly, the same red collar with petit bell around her neck. Like his father, Millicent had grown pudgy and her orange fur isn’t as bright.

“Is this Millie?” Kylo says, lip curling into a frown when she begins putting around his leg.

To Hux’s surprise, Brendol laughs heartily.

“The infamous Kylo Ren has won my feline’s attention! As well as my son’s heart!”

Brendol claps Kylo on the shoulder whilst Hux bends and scoops Millicent up, stroking her and planting soft kisses on her head.

“My boy,” Brendol nods at Kylo, hand still on his shoulder. “You are welcomed into my family without question. Armitage has told me much about you, Master Ren.”

“Only the good things, I hope,” Kylo awkwardly chuckles.

“It seems as though you do nothing but good,” Brendol comments. “Your work for the First Order is unprecedented. I am proud of you and your strength.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome to call me ‘father’ if you wish, Master Ren,” Brendol raises an eyebrow, smiling before turning to Hux. “Come. Dinner is waiting in the dining room. I want to hear about your work, Armitage.”

“Father, before we sit down, I want to apologise for my failure–”

“Hush! Silence, boy,” Brendol turns, pointing in Hux’s face. “I’ll hear none of that. You did not blow up the oscillator, you did not command the collapse of the planet. You are not to blame. My boy, my greatest creation. How could I be disappointed in someone who has carried my name into greatness?”

Hux lets Millicent go, feeling his hands already beginning to shake.

As he falls into his father’s embrace and his strong arms encase him, Hux wonders what it would be like to have his father disappointed in him, to have Brendol despise him and bully him into submission to do as he wishes. Instead of telling him that his lithe body equates to agility and adds to his brainpower, he imagines his father calling him weak and useless.

Perhaps, in another life, that Brendol is real. And Hux silently weeps for his counterpart with that unloving father.

Fic: Room in Your Heart for More Chapter 9/9

I can’t believe we are at the end of this AU story! Thank you so much to everyone who has read this - I’m still so much in awe of all the support it’s gotten. You guys are the best. Also my tagging is messed up, so if you are tagged in this and you weren’t supposed to be or you weren’t tagged and you were supposed to be, I’m sorry!

That being said - this is the wedding chapter, so I hope this meets all your needs for happy feels! I don’t have a beta and I wrote this with my littles running around here today, so please forgive any errors you might find. 

Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy!

Chapter 9: Introducing the Queen Family 

Felicity felt eyes on her. She was not ready to wake up, but the feeling she was being watched did not go away. She popped open one eye and saw Lizzie’s face less than an inch from yours.

“Mommy, wake up. It’s someday.” Felicity’s daughter was right – it was “someday,” or, the wedding day to be precise. Felicity rolled over in the bed and tried to wake herself up. She had not slept well last night. The three of them – her mother, daughter and herself – had stayed in the hotel where they were hosting the wedding last night and it was the first time she had slept out of Oliver’s arms in the six months they had been together.

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Stranded (Part 2) - [Arthur]

[Part 1] [Part 3]

“What do you mean by dangerous?” (Y/N) asked angrily. “I wasn’t the one holding a sword millimeters away from your face.”

“You’re a sorceress! Forgive me, but your kind haven’t proven to be the most honest.” Arthur returned his sword back into it’s sheath, placing it on the newly fixed table.

“My k-” She was taken aback by his comment, and quickly snapped her head back to look at Merlin, hoping he could clue her in as to why he referred them in such a demeaning way, but he just stared at her.

“You can go, Merlin,” Arthur dismissed.

“But Sire-”

“Go!” Arthur turned away from (Y/N) to look at Merlin, who was watching her closely. He cleared his throat, returning Merlin’s attention back to Arthur. Merlin excused himself and scurried out the door. “Morgana, allow me to borrow one of your dresses for our… dear guest.”

Morgana exhaled sharply. “I’ll have Gwen send it over,” she said before leaving the room.

Arthur turned to face (Y/N).

“My thirty minutes are almost up,” she said quickly before he could get a word in. She could walk out of here right now if she wished, but something he’d said earlier bothered her. “…but I was curious. Why do you speak of magic as if it were some plague?”

“Because it is. I’ve never met a sorcerer who meant well, and you’re probably no exception,” Arthur snapped.

(Y/N) gripped her wand tightly, trying to fight the urge to curse him. “You just met me, you can’t tell my intentions from the last few minutes. Have you met every single sorcerer in your lands?”

“Well, no-”

“Then why are you so sure they all mean harm?” She watched him as he thought about what to say, but he could only stare at her. The truth was Arthur hadn’t a clue why he believed all magic was bad. Perhaps it was his father pounding the idea into his head everyday since childhood, or maybe it was the few evil sorcerers he’s encountered that tainted the idea of magic being used for good. Either way, it didn’t change the fact that she had magic.

There was a knock at the door. Arthur motioned for her to hide behind the panel screen where Arthur changed on the other side of the room, but (Y/N) refused. “Quit being insolent, and hide!” Arthur hissed. “You’ll be flogged if you’re seen in those rags.”

She rolled her eyes, and grabbed the chair behind the desk, dragging it behind the screen. (Y/N) locked eyes with him, the chair making a loud scraping noise as she walked slowly. “Prat,” She mouthed at him, then disappeared behind the screen. Once she was out of sight, Arthur opened the door.

“My lord, here’s the dress Morgana sent over.” Gwen walked in, looking around the room for someone who would’ve been in need of a gown, but she saw no one. “May I ask who’s it’s for?”

Arthur opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t seem to find the right words to form a suitable excuse. “W-Well…”

Gwen stifled a laugh, watching him struggle. “That’s alright. What a man does behind closed doors is nobody’s business.”

Arthur scoffed, “I do not-”

“My lord,” Gwen interrupted before handing him the dress. She excused herself and left the room, closing the door behind her.

(Y/N) peeked out from behind the panel, and once she realized that Gwen was gone, she stepped out.

Arthur turned to look at her, a distressed look on his face, “Can you believe her?” He smacked his lips. (Y/N) raised her eyebrows and shrugged. He tossed the dress to her, demanding her once again, “Put this on.”

(Y/N) held it up, “It’s pretty, but no way in hell am I wearing that.” She threw it back at him.

Arthur caught the dress before it hit his face. A flush of anger coursed through his body, his nostrils flaring. He hated that she could so easily anger him. “You cannot walk around Camelot dressed like that,” Arthur shouted, seemingly concerned, but (Y/N) was too busy counting the minutes to notice.

“It doesn’t matter, in a few minutes I won’t even be here anymore.” She picked up the chair, and set it down behind the desk. She plopped into it, and tapped her fingers on the desk rhythmically to the passing seconds.

“Why do you keep saying that?” Arthur narrowed his eyes at her, but suddenly something in his mind clicked, and everything seemed to make sense to him. “What are you planning, sorceress? Are my people in danger?” He marched to where she sat, standing over her menacingly.

“I prefer (Y/N),” She slammed her hands onto the desk, and stood up. “And why do you keep thinking that I am of dark magic? I pose no threat to you or your people! All I want is to go home.”

Arthur and (Y/N) both fumed, their faces a few inches away from each other. But then he noticed a glint of sadness in her eyes. Arthur relaxed his face, and stood up straight. “I’m going for a walk. If you see Merlin tell him my bed needs changing and my clothes need washing.”

“Whatever,” (Y/N) muttered as she watched him leave the room. She sat back down, crossing her legs in the chair. She rested her head into her hands, and waited.

An hour passed and (Y/N) had begun to lose hope of ever getting home. She dug through the box of Weasley products, hoping to find something promising, but everything was useless to her.

The knocking on the door startled her. She pushed the box back under the table, scurrying to her feet. The door opened, revealing Merlin. “Where’s Arthur?” He asked looking around the room.

She shrugged, “He left for ‘a walk’ an hour ago.” (Y/N) let her arms fall onto the desk. “Has he always been such a knob?”

Merlin chuckled, “He means well. He’s just never met someone who uses magic so openly since its been deemed evil in Camelot.”

(Y/N) raised her eyebrows, feigning surprise. “So is that why you won’t tell him about your magic?”

Merlin looked at her, shocked. “I don’t- I don’t have magic.”

She stood up, walking toward him. “That may work on Arthur and everyone else, but I know you, Merlin.”

“How could you know me? I’ve never seen you around before today.”

(Y/N) smiled, “Oh sure, I don’t know you personally, but in my time you are known as the greatest wizard to ever set foot on this planet.”


“Sorry, sorcerer.”

Merlin pondered for a second. There were so many questions he wanted to ask, so many things he wanted to talk about, most of it regarding her magic, but there wasn’t enough time. There was, however, one thing he needed to ask her, something that had been troubling him since her arrival. “How did you get here? I mean, you don’t seen to be from this time.”

The smile from her face slipped, changing the vibe in the entire room. “No…” (Y/N) leaned against the bed, the floor becoming a projector screen for her memories of home, of her best friends, of Hogwarts.

Merlin could see the sudden hurt in her eyes, and something in him told him not to press. But there was something else, something that closely resembled the voice of the Great dragon, that told him to keep asking. “Where’s your home?”

She laughed, “Can you believe I traveled centuries into the past?… My home is close, but no where close at the same time.” Her voice grew quiet, barely audible.

Merlin’s eyes widened, and he wondered if maybe the dragon knew how to get her home. But he didn’t want to get her hopes up, so he didn’t tell her what he was about to do. “When Arthur comes back, help him take off his armor, I have to run an errand for Gaius.”

She flicked her gaze up to Merlin, “Oh, no. I don’t think-”

“Thank you!” Merlin yelled as he ran out of the room, leaving her alone once again.

(Y/N) hunched over in defeat, resting her hands on the soft covers of the bed. Her eyes were starting to grow heavy, a depressed induced sleepiness overtaking her body like a plague. She pushed herself up on the bed. Under different circumstances, she would’ve reveled in sitting on a bed that was made for royalty, but right now she couldn’t care less. (Y/N) leaned back, her head resting comfortably on the pillow. Soon her eyes were closed, and her problems tucked away for her to deal with later.

The door opened, and Arthur walked in, seeing (Y/N) in his bed. “What do you think you are doing?” He yelled, startling her. She shot up, trying to make since of everything around her. (Y/N) looked out the window. It was dark out, which meant it had been hours since she fell asleep. Which also meant she had been on Camelot all day.

“I’m still here,” She muttered.

“Yes, and you’re asleep in my bed,” He set his sword down loudly, looking around his room. “Where’s Merlin?”

“Sorry.” (Y/N) slid off the bed, tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear. “Uh… oh Merlin. He said he had errands to run.”

Arthur noticed how much nicer she was when she was still half asleep. Her messy hair took nothing away from the beautiful frame of her face, and the imprint of the pillow on her cheek made Arthur smile.

“Here, let me help.” She walked up to Arthur, and grabbed his shoulder plate.

“No, its weird. I can wait for Merlin,” He shrugged her hands off of him, walking to the other side of the room.

“Merlin’s running an errand for Gaius. He won’t be back tonight, you sure you want to wait?”

“I can wait,” He said sternly, enunciating every word.

“Fine.” She rolled her eyes. They both stood awkwardly on opposite sides of the room, neither of them saying a word. (Y/N) looked at the bed, then began studying every inch of the room. When she realized that that was the only bed in sight, she decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room. “Where am I sleeping?”

“The floor, where else?”

(Y/N) clicked her tongue, “Is this how you treat all your guest?”

“You are not a guest, you are an intruder.”

(Y/N) balled her fist, trying not to admit to herself how much his comment actually hurt her. “I am not an intruder! You think I wanted to be here?” Her hands were shaking with anger, and her face was turning red. “I don’t know if this is some cruel prank that the twins are pulling on me, or if I really am stuck here, but I will not stand here and let you insult me. I didn’t ask for this!” She was breathing heavy, and her vision was blurred by her tears, so she was unable to see the terrified look on Arthur’s face.

Arthur was at a loss for words, but it clear to him now that she meant no harm. If anything she was actually scared. He thought for a second, then walked out of the room. (Y/N) let out a shuddered breath, drying her eyes with her shirt. After a few minutes, Arthur walked back in, directing one of the guards to place a mattress near the door. “That’ll be all,” he dismissed, and closed the door.

He turned to look at her, smiling slightly. “Now help me with my armor, so we can get ready for bed.”

(Y/N) hesitated at first, staring at him, but she eventually walked up to him. “I’m sorry for lashing out at you like that,” she whispered, unable to speak louder as her throat was still sore from the yelling.

“I deserved it,” Arthur watched the look of concentration on her face as she struggled to undo his armor. The first thing that hit him was the way she smelled. It was quite a weird thing to notice, he knew this, but her scent was just so… clean. It was refreshing.

(Y/N) bit the inside of her cheek, concentrating closely as she spent the next twenty minutes trying to figure out how to remove his breast and shoulder plates. And when she finally did, she breathed, over filled with joy. “There.”

“Took you long enough,” Arthur joked, taking the rest off himself. “You can grab a blanket from the cupboard.” He nodded toward the dining area.

“Thanks,” (Y/N) walked over, and grabbed a blanket, then walked back toward the the mattress Arthur brought in earlier. She pushed it into a corner near the window, and sat down on it, removing her shoes.

“What will you sleep in? I can ask Morgana for one of her nightgowns,” Arthur asked, changing into his clothes for bed behind the panel screen.

(Y/N) snickered, knowing how uncomfortable he was about to become when he saw her. “What I always sleep in.” She stood up, quickly removed her jeans and jacket, then sat back down on the mattress.

“What’s that?” He walked out, looking at the floor as he rubbed his hair, yawning. He turned to see (Y/N) pulling her hair into a messy ponytail in nothing but her shirt and underwear. Arthur stopped dead in his tracks, his skin pale as a sheet of paper. “You can’t wear that!”

“Well, why not? I always sleep like this.” (Y/N) shrugged, pretending to act oblivious.


“Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“Yeah!” Arthur said as if it were obvious.

“Well good.” (Y/N) laid down, pulling the blanket over her body. “See you in the morning.” She smiled, then quickly closed her eyes to avoid any more of his comments. Arthur eventually got over it, and blew out the candles in his room, then made his way to his bed.

Arthur’s snoring acted like her anchor to reality as she laid wide awake, thinking about what the twins would’ve been feeling right now. (Y/N) sat up, looking down at her ring. She noticed a light illuminating both letters. It was hard to see, but it there. “At least they’re ok,” she whispered.

Taking advantage of Arthur’s deep sleep, (Y/N) allowed herself to cry. She never cared about what others thought, especially someone who she didn’t know. Arthur should mean nothing to her. She shouldn’t care what he thought about her crying, but she did.

Arthur stirred in his sleep, alarming her into holding her breath. She quickly wiped away her tears with her shirt, and as she was about to lay back down, a tiny glint in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She stared at it for a second, then stood up, tiptoeing toward it.

Her time turner came into full view as she moved closer to the table. She bent over to pick it up, but noticed the hourglass piece in the middle was gone. Fuck. She squeezed the necklace in her hand. (Y/N) thought about pulling out her wand, but even if she found the hourglass piece, without the ministry of magic to help her out, fixing it was useless.

(Y/N) pulled out the chair, and sat in it, spinning the broken time turner. “I’ll figure it out guys. I always do.”

Like Rain- Klance

I wrote this as practice in the Lancecord server before working on prompts and people seemed to like it, so here it is.

“What’s so important about this plant, Allura?” Lance asked over the coms.

“On certain planets, it is regarded as a symbol of peace- I believe humans use an… o-live branch?” she explained. Faintly, Shiro telling her she was correct could be heard.

Keith sighed and kicked an orange-speckled rock to the side. “And how will we know when we find this plant?”

“The leaves are a vibrant blue, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot it. Furthermore, it is unique in that it smells different to every person; it smells like their heart’s greatest desire.”

“So it’s like Amorentia from Harry Potter!” Lance said, smiling. He glanced back to Keith and smirked. “You know what Harry Potter is, right?”

“I lived in a shack in the desert, not under a rock, Lance.” It took all his willpower to not roll his eyes.

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