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could we get some shiro hc for when he's proposing to his s/o?? like what he's feeling, how he'll do it etc some fluffy feels are much appreciated

I’m crying rn bc I got to imagine Shiro proposing, thank you so much for this gift! Also, this is quite long because Shiro has a master plan and it involves everyone.

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Can I ask for book recs? You've said before your reading is seasonal (which I find fascinating as it had never occurred to me it could be) and I'm quite curious to see what are summer reads for you. For most people summer reads are light and a no brainer, yet you said Brideshead revisited is meant to be read on summer. So, please, enlighten me because I wanna jump in the wagon of seasonal reading.

I’d be delighted!!!! Yes please let’s spread my eccentricities around the populace!

So for starters, not every book has a season, and some books belong to seasons for different reasons than others. Brideshead Revisited, for instance, would be a summer book for the same reason that one of the songs from Adrian Johnson’s score for the 2008 film is called ‘Always Summer’ — it’s to do with mood and theme and thoughts and the best season for feeling certain feelings.

A much clearer selection process is simply where the thing takes place. It’s environment matching — if it’s warm outside, I want to be reading things where the characters are also someplace warm. But interestingly, often the settings seem to sorta self-select for books that also match onto my ~seasonal mood~ pretty well! Fall books end up having a sort of classic quality, a combination of a good old fashioned haunting and that back-to-school feeling of a crisp October day. Spring, it turns out, is lyrical and shifting, books with a blossoming, intricate manner of storytelling. Winter we haven’t done yet — ask me again in winter! — and summer… summer might be flying and mirage.

Summer Reads

Category 1: The Only Way We Can Talk About The War Is With Magical Realism (one of my favorite genres of all time)

The English Patient - Ondaatje, Michael
If you are only familiar with this as the movie with Ralph Fiennes, let me change your world: there was a novel first, and holy heck is it a whole other and wondrous thing. This is one of my very, very favorite books. It is GORGEOUS. It is strange. There’s layered narration, unreliable narration, skips in time and place, but the novel is anchored in its characters, who form something of a contemplative quartet: a Canadian Army nurse, her mysterious and badly burned patient, a Sikh British army sapper, and a thief named Caravaggio, all sheltering together in an abandoned Italian villa during the last months of WWII.

Corelli’s Mandolin - de Bernières, Louis
This was a typically flawless recommendation from Mr. Dorman, my high school English teacher who shows up on this blog from time to time. It takes place on a Greek island during WWII, and is just rich in history and personalities and feeling. It’s transporting — brilliantly written, so funny, and I think I might have cried for about 50 pages near the end. It also has a quartet of fabulous characters: the oddball doctor who is trying to write a history of the island, his bright and educated daughter, the charming musician Captain Corelli, and an Italian soldier named Carlo who is like an Ancient Greek tragedy brought to life.

Catch-22 - Heller, Joseph
Honestly has anything in literature ever been as good as what Heller did with Snowden. Can anything even touch that. Merely for that piece alone this would probably be the greatest novel ever written. Listen, Catch-22 is a masterpiece. It will harrow you to the bone, it will make you wail in anguished frustration, and it will make you laugh and laugh and laugh, unto the ending of the world. Most simply it is about a squadron of Army pilots trying to survive WWII. More broadly it is about trauma and humanity. Oh and our main character is a Middle-Eastern American, and here are the very first lines of the novel, also one of the true greats of our time: “It was love at first sight. The first time Yossarian saw the chaplain he fell madly in love with him.”

Category 2: Memoirs of Pilots Flying Over Deserts During the Golden Age of Aviation

Wind, Sand and Stars - de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine
Yes, this is the memoir of the author of A Little Prince, a real life aviator who flew mail across the African Sahara and South American Andes. He tells stories about flying and friendship and muses on life, and it is all just breakingly beautiful. A sample line: “When I opened my eyes I saw nothing but the pool of night sky, for I was lying on my back with out-stretched arms, face to face with that hatchery of stars.”

West With the Night - Markham, Beryl
I have extolled the virtues of BERYL MARKHAM and her fabulous memoirs before — those facts stand. I will add though, for both her and de Saint-Exupéry, that while they have such sincere fondness and respect for their African friends and colleagues, they do occasionally write about them in a way that feels out-dated and out-of-touch. There is an air of the “noble savage” in some of their stories, which is a hoary old problem that often plagued well-meaning white writers of their time. So, a heads up for that.

Category 3: The Americans

The Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald, F. Scott
If you have not reread The Great Gatsby since high school, I can sincerely recommend doing so, and in the height of summer if possible. Quoting myself from my Baz Luhrmann 4th of July last year, Gatsby is the great American daydream: fabulously indulgent, ironic, biting, somehow gaudy and gauzy at once, hilarious, inadvertent, morbid, and hiding at its core an embarrassing sentimentality, which it will try to drown in champagne and pools as soon as you’ve seen it. 

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Highsmith, Patricia
This is probably the wellntruly equivalent of a vacation read, if your vacation is in Italy and the shadows cast by the sun are a touch too dark and something about the way the condensation traces paths down your Campari & soda feels unaccountable sinister, and you’re cool with it.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find (short story collection) - O’Connor, Flannery
Southern Gothic time, little ones! You’ve seen the “[blank] gothic” posts on this website before, and here’s what 99% of them miss: not just what is dark and twisted in the environment, but what is dark and twisted in the hearts of the people. Southern Gothic is social commentary, and Southern Gothic is fucked up, and the undisputed queen of the genre is Flannery O’Connor. These are stories that will stay with you long after you’ve retreated from their dusty, sweltering heat.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Didion, Joan
We’re breaking into journalism here with a collection of essays by the inimitable — although god knows we all try — Joan Didion. If you are at all interested in California, or the 1960s, or the craft of writing, you can do no better than Joan Didion. Joan Didion! I just want to repeat her name like an hosanna. Here you can read her on the Santa Ana right now.

lance tells keith that he, as in lance ‘the expendable member on the team in his eyes,’ should step back from piloting, but instead, keith is the one that gives up his lion so lance can continue to fly red… my heart. keith could have went back to red when shiro came back, but he didn’t. keith heard lance’s insecurities loud and clear and while he may not have been the greatest with words when lance told him that, his actions afterwards were spoken louder than anything that he could ever say.

in defense of the trash lord

ok i just finished my star wars marathon and

I LOVE ANAKIN SKYWALKER and I am in pain forever. I love this little proud dramatic boy who’s so full of rage and fear and love SO MUCH. 

Seriously I will fight anyone saying he’s overdramatic and whiny like bitch he went through fucking hell. He was raised as a slave with a mother who loved him more than anything, yet he was already a fucking genius at mechanics and a great pilot. He was taken away from his mother, not knowing when or even if he would see her again, only comforted by the feeling that he was going to become one of the greatest jedi ever known (as qui-gon said). Then he’s already greeted with distrust by the council, he’s too old, his future is uncertain blabla, only reluctantly allowing Obi-wan to train him. He’s A CHILD literaly been freed from a childhood of servitude, been told he’s the Chosen One, yet almost all the jedi treat him like a vaguely threatening pest, hell I would be bitter and feisty too if I had to train in such an environment. He’s proud, yes, but who wouldn’t when they’ve been told they’re the Chosen One ? 

Anakin is so full of love, not the spiritual jedi love, but the passionate  unconditional one, the one he has for his mother and Padmé. The fact that this love is perceived as a threatening, wrong thing by the jedi is essentially what leads to Anakin’s downfall. Because he can’t help it. He cannot listen to Yoda’s advice, to just detach himself from the one he loves. It fucking breaks my heart when, just after his mother dies, he says to Padmé he’s always been good at fixing things yet he couldn’t save her. It’s so child-like to believe that he should be able to cheat death like he used to fix old machines as a kid yet it really shows how damaged and innocent he really is underneath all this boyish confidence. How can you not be fucked up for life after this ? Of course he’s terrified of losing Padmé when he starts having the same nightmares that announced Shmi’s death before, of course he’s torn. I mean come on on the “good” side he has the jedi who only ever treated him with vague dislike and open distrust from the very fucking start, who continue to ignore him and reject him everytime he tries to make a move, his only friend among them is Obi-Wan and even him refuses to really acknowledge him before it’s too late. Palpatine comforts him, tells him his anger and his love (two of his most defining traits that are always condemned by the jedi) are not wrong, he tells him he can save Padmé, Palpatine tells him what he always wanted Obi-Wan to tell him. Of course it’s too good to be true but Anakin is fucking terrified of losing the last person in the world that he loves and who loves him (like he genuily feels that only Padmé and Palpatine care about him, call that whiny if you want but it fucking kills me to think about how terribly lonely he must feel in his darkest hours), what else could he do ? You can see he’s torn even after killing Mace Windu but the hope of saving Padmé is what binds him to the dark side. 

I will forever rant over how the jedi handled this like for people who claim that empathy and universal love is their motto they fucking butchered Anakin and are as responsible for his demise than Palpatine is, if not more. Until the fucking end they ignore him and dismiss him, even when it’s clear that he’s on a tightrope between the light and dark. HE FUCKING WENT TO MACE WINDU TO TELL HIM PALPATINE WAS A SITH and still Mace forbids him the only thing he asks. Anakin was couragous and good enough to betray Palpatine in one last attempt to gain the jedi’s trust but no, they treat him like a treacherous child once more. Don’t even get me started on fucking Obi-Wan because for someone who is supposed to have trained him, to know him, to be his fucking brother, he’s fucking blind and stupid.

Anakin is flawed, I’m not at all denying that. But he’s also a fucking good person, someone who loved people so deeply and, in a way, so purely that it ended up blinding him. His unconditional love for Padmé and their child is what redeems him in the very end. So no, Anakin Skywalker is not a whiny baby who ruined everything with his tantrums and nightmares, let’s even admit he was overreacting (which he was not, he had premonitions and his mother died in his arms but you know whatever) is that a fucking reason for the jedi to treat him the way they did ? the boy is clearly mentally ill jesus christ whether his fears were irrational or not he had the right to be treated as a fucking human being with feelings. He was denied the right to love, the was denied the right to be scared, he was denied the right to be angry. Of course he went mad. He was a beautiful person who got turned into a fucking monster by both sides, the light and the dark. 

(also i will also fight anyone saying Hayden Christensen was bad)

it’s that time again children! Come and sit and let me tell you about why you need to go watch Sense8 on netflix right now. Like right now. Open up a new tab and hit that netflix button. Trust me, children. I’ve never led you astray.

(again, I understand that not everybody in the world mainlined all 12 episodes in 12 hours. I’m sure people have much more self-control than I do. So I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as physically possible but still beware)

  • Eight main protags. Four dudes. Four ladies. Three FOUR PoC. One trans woman. One Lesbian. One Gay dude. 
  • (I’m leaving this purposely blank because of spoilers but trust me when I say that this is the most diverse cast I’VE EVER SEEN)
  • deals with real shit I AM TALKING HAD ME IN TEARS REAL SHIT
  • villain is a scary-ass white dude
  • you will love every single protagonist even if they are pieces of shit sometimes
  • all of them
  • every single one
  • some of them will be your children, others will be precious cinnamon buns, others will be assholes that you would protect with your life
  • hrrrrnnnnnng there’s one scene about halfway through the show but I can’t talk about it cause it’s too spoilery HOWEVER
  • I will just say that this one particular scene was the greatest television scene I have ever seen
  • ever
  • i’m not joking there are people who will back me up on this
  • the man protagonists break every stereotype the world throws at them. every single one. Indian woman who is both badass with her degree in pharmaceuticals and really supportive of her religion. White bro cop that will not tolerate anything happening to his precious babies. Trans lady is literally the driving force behind the cluster and IS LITERALLY GOING TO FUCK YOU UP
  • i’m in pain because i’mma have to wait a year to get season 2
  • go do it
  • go on
  • nothing you have to do right now is more important than this show