the greatest photo in existence

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This photo shows the greatest night of my existence. I attended the Black Mass Tour on December 5, 2014. When the band announced the VIP packages, I begged my mom to get them as my birthday present, so she did. I have wanted to meet my heroes since I started listening to them in 2010. And on the way to the concert I had this feeling in my chest and I was so excited. I got there, and I was close to the last in line, on the edge of tears. I was standing a foot away from the men that saved me. They were all so sweet and I gave Andy a picture I drew of him a few years back. He asked for my name and then shook my hand. The band wasn’t aloud to give hugs, but when they were getting ready to walk out I asked for one.  Andy said “they’ll bitch at me, but fuck it. ” i had just hugged my idol. And so of course, I got to be right up front when the show started because I was one of the ones inside the venue first. At the very end of the show, Ashley and Jinxx were throwing their guitar picks and Jinxx threw me a white one. It bounced off my forehead and went over the barricade. He gave me a funny look and threw me another, and as I caught it, he gave me a thumbs up. Best night of my life