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I’m kinda seeing Stanley as being quite similar to Gaston in the cocky/arrogant aspect, but…softer? If that makes sense. And definitely not in an asshole way like Gaston was towards the end. He does make an effort on his appearance, unlike most of the other townspeople, and has a bit of an “I’m better than you” vibe at some points. Most of which was probably brought on by how he (and many others) completely idolized Gaston. Like I feel as if Stan would be one of those guys who’s always like, “do it like a man!” But internally he’s always had a bit of a problem with it, but he just sorta pushed that aside. Until the wardrobe scene. After that he’d probably realize that gender roles are stupid, but he’d still slip up sometimes with the “like a man” comments. Even so, he’d still be a very confident, self-assured person. But, like I said before, not in the douchey way that Gaston was.
Yes, he’s sweet and kind and caring and gentle and all sorts of lovely things. But he also followed Gaston with enthusiasm that seems to surpass that of just a follower looking to earn the approval of their leader. When Gaston is gone, Stan would still be a bit conceited and over-confident, that’s just part of who he is. However, those things added to his other personality traits would make him quite a likeable person in my opinion


linh cinder + carswell thorne

It was a few seconds before Cinder found her voice and she had to grip the door frame to keep standing.
His head jerked around. “Cinder?”
“Wh—what are you—how? Where have you been? What’s going on? Why are you wearing that stupid bandanna?”
He laughed. Gripping a wooden cane, he stumbled toward her, waving one hand until it landed on her shoulder. Then he was hugging her, suffocating her against his chest. “I missed you too.”
“You jerk,” she hissed, even as she returned the hug. “We thought you were dead!”
“Oh, please. It’d take a lot more than a satellite plummeting to Earth to kill me.”


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For some reason I was nervous to submitt pfft..:Y  But the glances between these two asfdgfsh! >-<

@agathadraws - don’t be nervous! XD This was a great screencap! The glances kill me everytime

Eurovision 2017 according to my phone's voice recognition
  • Albania: Linda you have any
  • Armenia: art speak
  • Australia: Isaiah fire breaks
  • Austria: Nathan trend
  • Azerbaijan: do you have much
  • Belarus: not be banned
  • Belgium: launch
  • Bulgaria: Christiane coastal's
  • Croatia: cool deck
  • Cyprus: Hoovie
  • Czechia: Martin about that
  • Denmark: aneurysm
  • Estonia: koi told me and Laura
  • Finland: norma John
  • France: Alma
  • FYR Macedonia: Chester
  • Georgia: taco gotcha do you like say
  • Germany: let me know
  • Greece: Demi
  • Hungary: Yoshi Popeye
  • Iceland: Savella
  • Ireland: Brandon Murray
  • Israel: impressive
  • Italy: Francesco got Bonnie
  • Latvia: three Anna park
  • Lithuania: fused Mark
  • Malta: Claudia funny LOL
  • Moldova: sunstroke project
  • Montenegro: Slavko cavity
  • Netherlands: oh Jean
  • Norway: joust
  • Poland: calcium loss
  • Portugal: Salvador so bro
  • Romania: Inca featuring Alex Floria
  • Russia: do your family love her
  • San Marino: Valentina Moneda and Jimmy Wilson
  • Serbia: Savage
  • Slovenia: call Martin Albert
  • Spain: my nail Navarro
  • Sweden: Open Bing soon
  • Switzerland: Time though
  • United Kingdom: Lucy Jones
  • Ukraine: oh Torvalds
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i never thought that i might actually say this one day, but I LOVE THE FINAL PROBLEM.

(calm down..i’m talking about the acd canon, not the hell that was the bbc sherlock series finale)

if this isn’t one of the most beautiful and purest  love stories ever, i don’t want to hear anything about love ever again.

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“I am Three-Wolves. I am three wolves.” 

Original Post: @rabbiteclair

Harshsmell: @jamesdijit

Three-Wolves: James Oh Burn

Bibarel and the Messenger: @pacoslimee

Narrated by: Yours Truly

I just about died laughing when I read this post and rallied the troops pretty much immediately. Please enjoy!

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