the greatest movie character of all time

Writing a three dimensional villain with personal goals, growth and a intriguing story arc is very important to the success of a story. Would Star Wars be so legendary without Darth Vader? How about Batman, without The Joker? These amazing stories all have incredible antagonists.

The new Netflix Original Castlevania is no different. Before meeting the hero, the first episode is spent introducing the villain of the series. Vlad Dracula. A vulnerable and tragic figure with a heartbreaking backstory that gives his actions meaning. He causes a lot of pain but at the same time you wonder if he is justified in what he’s doing.

The protagonist is a former demon hunter, now drunken drifter named Trevor Belmont. A interesting personality in that he isn’t your typical hero that just wants to do the right thing. In fact, he doesn’t want to help. He doesn’t care. But must act when he finds himself in the middle of the situation.

Heroes are at there best when they have personal demons they must conquer. Nobody wants to watch a perfect goodie two shoes save the world because real life isn’t like that. Real life isn’t black and white. People have problems. The best heroes, like Belmont, are the ones with issues that real people can relate too.

The animation is excellent and the art looks professional. This isn’t a cheap Saturday morning cartoon. It looks beautiful. But the care to the story and characters stand out the most. Castlevania is based on an old Komani video game from the 80s. Video game movies and television series like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider and Super Mario don’t have a great track record. But Castlevania could quite possibly be the greatest video game apdatation of all time.

A twisted and dark fantasy adventure with hints of black comedy from the mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of Red, Transmetropolitan and Iron Man: Extremis.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how did the brave little toaster (1987) only get a 75% on rotten tomatoes. it's filled with great comedy, mystery, horror, and adventure. the four songs in the movie are some of the greatest ever composed and performed. there's a cast of relatable and lovable characters, most of which furniture. they give you villians that you enjoy actively rooting against, and they have an against-all-odds happy ending. it's perhaps one of the greatest children's movie of our time. it should have gotten at least an 85

I had a dream last night that ToG was made into a movie. And it was seriously that greatest movie of all time. The cast was perfect. The characters and scenery and plot were all spot on.

But then…then Rowan came into the story…and his voice was like that of a squeaking dog toy. So high pitched and laughable that I just sat there crying because they ruined the whole series.

I’m traumatized.

News today that the Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-alone film is officially in development! 

This Obi-Wan piece by @chrismcgrath72 is by far my favorite art of Obi-Wan Kenobi ever. I have it framed on the wall, so badass! It’s pretty much the exact thing that comes into my head when I think about seeing Ewan reprise the role.

But, gotta say, Obi-Wan has always been a favorite character of mine since the very first film when I was a child. His name is rad, both actors have been stellar, and he’s one of the greatest Jedi’s of all time. Solid.

Here is a nice collection of Obi-Wan from the countdown over the years. 

Damn, so excited!!!

644 Days until Episode IX

281 Days until the Han Solo Movie








hier-jeroen-bosch replied to your post “Lego Batman Movie is: the greatest Batman movie of all time. the…”

What is wrong? That they take themselves seriously instead of insulting the people who hold these characters to heart? Wow do people want to live in a nice easy bubble

Right.  SO INSULTING – to ACKNOWLEDGING THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BATFAMILY IN BRUCE’S LIFE.  It’s SO insulting that cartoon, a glorified two and a half hour product placement commercial, managed to address:

  1. Bruce is a human being.
  2. Bruce is capable of genuine emotions, including love and fear.
  3. Dick Grayson is Bruce Wayne’s son.
  4. Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne’s dad.
  5. Batman is more than a dark, brooding, loner with anger issues, and by reducing him to that, you (and Batman) ultimately fail.

AND!  They did this while honoring (with some light ribbing) Batman’s long history, his rogue gallery, and evolution over time.

I’m with you.  I’m so insulted –

That the effing live action films can’t understand this.

Can people like… stop hating on Love Never Dies? I mean I understand everyone has different opinions, but you know what I say? People are supposed to have an ass, not be an ass. There is no need to spit venom everywhere, making people who actually like the sequel feel bad, tired or wrong for their taste. It’s actually not the worst one besides, if even my mom, who usually does not like non-canon sequels at all, actually enjoyed this one very much, and I enjoy I too. Well, at least Australian production (I have not had the honor to witness London production). Yes, I do understand that people mostly can’t stand how distorted the characters are. I myself hate what was done to Meg and Madame Giry, but we all should keep in mind that ten years is a long time, and people can change beyond recognition, for better or for worse.

Same about 2004 movie. I am not going to roll into the arguments that Gerard, as an unprofessional singer, completely slayed it, that to some people (me including), his raspy, untrained vocal is greatest part of the charm, or that his deformity is very accurate because it’s based on an actual disease that people live with since about the time of Phantom’s timeline (or earlier) to these days. All of that has been already very well laid out by other people, and I am not going to repeat it. It’s, after all, not the purpose of this post.

The purpose is reminding people, especially those who complain about negativity on characters, ships and movies, that by hating on Love Never Dies and 2004 movie they do the same to others. It can be physically sickening, you know, when those two productions mean so much to you.

However I just realized this post makes Phandom seem like a bunch of whiny assholes. THAT IS ABSOLLUTELY NOT TRUE. Phandom, aside this one little thing, is one of the most welcoming (if not the most welcoming) fandoms I have ever been in. Fellow Phamily, you folks rock, all of you!

Sober Review of “Dunkirk”: The Union Jack Stands For Hope

              My hook is that I watch movies and write about them while drunk. I recognize that this is the only thing that really makes me appealing among the many reviewers out there. Without that angle, I’m just another twenty-something year old guy with a liberal arts degree who thinks he knows more than you. So, going into my showing of Dunkirk, I had every intention of getting blasted. I had my menu, I was ready to order a Stella and enjoy myself, but then the opening scene hit.

              Pamphlets fall from the sky to soldiers walking the streets below. A soldier grabs one and reads it. It’s a taunt from the enemy, telling the British and French soldiers that they are surrounded on every side. When the first gunshot rings out, it grabs your attention and never lets go. I sat back in the film’s grip. I never ordered the drink.

              Dunkirk is the latest film from celebrated director Christopher Nolan, focused on the miraculous evacuation of Allied forces from the French beaches of Dunkirk. We follow British soldiers who experience the event from all different angles. Soldiers on the beach scramble to find a way out of Hell via the Mole, the large breakwater where everyone stands in line in hopes to be the next off the beach. Farrier, played by Tom Hardy, is a part of the air support in an effort to keep German bombers from destroying the ships carrying the evacuees. We also even follow British civilians who hear the call to aid their countrymen and sail from Britain to France. The overall story is told nonlinearly, but all culminates in what is the greatest military retreat of all time.

              There’s not a single bad actor in this movie. Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance are the standouts, with Hardy giving another congested performance much like his 2013 driving-at-the-speed-limit-thriller Locke and Rylance living up to all of his hype in his portrayal of a British civilian who sails to Dunkirk in order to rescue soldiers. (Fun fact, their characters were the only ones whose names I caught.) Kenneth Branagh turns in that quintessential Nolan “older man that inspires” role that is usually reserved for the likes of Michael Caine (who appears briefly as a voice over the radio). Cillian Murphy plays a soldier in the throes of PTSD who plays wonderfully off Rylance’s Mr. Dawson. However, while these hard-hitters impress, no one impresses more than Harry fucking Styles. I never expected to type that sentence in all my life, yet I will stand by it. Styles gives a nuanced take on the psyche of a psychologically strained soldier who has been through the worst of what the battle had to offer. There comes a moment where he is the most threatening presence on the screen. When I initially saw his casting, I groaned. I was worried that Nolan had given in to shock cameos like so many movies seem to as of late. (Disclaimer: Drunk Idiot Reviews thinks that cameos are the lowest form of comedy or entertainment. You may think differently, but Drunk Idiot Reviews will consider you a dingus if you think otherwise.) But this is why he’s the director. Styles nails the role and I hope I can continue to see him in dramatic roles moving forward.

              Hans Zimmer reminds us once again why he is the undisputed king of movie scores. Though there is plenty of schlock that he pushes out, this is not one of them. In fact, it deserves mention among the best of his Nolan scores. The music always builds a tense atmosphere, centered around the motif of a ticking clock. Unlike some of his other Nolan scores, I would say that this never overpowers the movie at any point. It may not be one that you’ll find yourself playing on Youtube after the movie is over, but the movie is elevated by it at every turn. In the final few moments when the clock finally stops ticking, you, much like our main characters, you feel like you can breathe again.

              Nolan takes the best of his Dark Knight sensibilities here with some fantastic stunts. The greatest set piece here is for sure the dogfights over the sea. Hoyte van Hoytama, the director of photography, captures some incredible views of a wide ocean with no land in sight. It’s an incredible depiction of the stressful nature of the air battles and emphasizing how hard it can be to balance gas usage with destroying the enemy. The movie shows some incredible versatility by then transitioning to the sinking of a destroyer hit by a torpedo. The ship fills with water, the soldiers frantically try to find a way out of what has become a death trap, as the guardrails and beams on the outside act almost as a prison for the men within. In fact, the stunts here are incredibly claustrophobic, mostly centering on the possibility of being drowned by the very thing meant to carry these men to safety. The juxtaposition of these types of battles fuel the paranoia-fueled tension of the movie, showing exactly how these soldiers grow more and more desperate.

              When I read some early screening reactions of the film, I saw that many people complained about the noise. This is a LOUD movie from beginning to end for sure. However, I personally felt it added more to the chaotic and stressful environment that the film exists in. This is a movie made for the theater and having it attack your senses is part of the experience.

              Dunkirk is the pinnacle of the movie-going experience. The action, the acting, the score, the story, everything works here. Any shortcomings that Nolan has been criticized for before have been patched up here. No more is the excessive exposition or the incredibly on-the-nose symbolism. The worst thing that you can say about the movie is that there are bits that may be cheesy (according to my father), but after everything these men went through, how could you deny them some cheese? Dunkirk is a story about real heroes that each contributed their small part towards a miracle and Nolan did them justice. And he did it without showing a single Nazi in focus or any gore whatsoever through the entire duration. It’s the best movie of the year without equal; nothing I can say will stress that enough. I just saw it again thirty minutes before I posted this review. Go see it.            

Kimi no na Wa

If you havent yet to see this film, do yourself a favor and find the nearest theater and a showtime and see it ASAP. This movie is perhaps one of the greatest anime films I have seen and you need to see it 2-4 times to pick up every small detail which makes the movie so good. There have only been two reactions after seeing it, “That was a really good movie.” or “HOLY CRAP THAT MOVIE CHANGED ME AS A PERSON” The animation, soundtrack, story, characters, etc., were all A+ Try and go into this movie blind and dont spoil anything for yourself and enjoy one of the best films of the year.

I read Tower of Dawn and now I’m angry

FYI, this will be a mess, because I’m determined to put as much effort into editing this post as SJM’s publishing team clearly did to get ToD out the door.

It took me almost two weeks to read Tower of Dawn, which is by far the longest it’s ever taken me to read a Sarah J Maas book. Say what you want about her (and believe me, I’m about to), but her books are damn entertaining. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But still, so much fun to read.

ToD was… not. At all. I was in actual physical discomfort over how little I gave a shit about anything that happened in this book.

Let’s elaborate on that a little, shall we?

  • Wtf even was the culture of the southern continent supposed to be? The stuff that wasn’t straight-up copy-pasted from a Mongolian history textbook was nonsensical. It’s what TVTropes would call a Culture Chop Suey, made up of every not-northern-European culture under the sun. Before any stans grab their pitchforks, I KNOW the Mongol empire was famous for conquering a widespread variety of cultures, and allowing them to keep their traditions/faiths/etc. But let’s take “Neith” for example. That’s an Egyptian war goddess, and… the Mongols never conquered further southeast than Persia. And I don’t even know what to make of the Roman/Italian/whatever the hell “Torre Cesme” is supposed to be crap. It’s one thing to take influences from two closely related cultures when creating a fantasy one, but two cultures that were thousands of miles apart and had as little in common as Egypt and Mongolia? Or ITALY and Mongolia? That’s just a critical research failure, not to mention rather offensive, especially if other pieces of your worldbuilding are practically lifted verbatim from real life history. Cultural exchange is a very heavy, nuanced subject that deserves to be thoroughly researched and sensitively portrayed. ToD really really really really didn’t do that.  YOU CAN’T JUST PICK OUT THE “COOL” PARTS OF COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CULTURES BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO LEARN ABOUT THEM IN ANY KIND OF MEANINGFUL DETAIL.
  • SJM also goes out of her way to tell us all about how the southern continent is SO MUCH BETTER than Adarlan. As a WOC myself, I was at first sort of glad she didn’t make it a “land of barbarians” or something like that. But the sheer saccharine perfection we got instead isn’t much better. Non-white cultures have nuances and ugly sides too, because WE’RE HUMAN CULTURES. WAITING FOR ONE OF THESE MAINSTREAM WHITE AUTHORS TO REALIZE THAT, THANKS. To sum up, the worldbuilding is shallow as fuck. The southern continent is basically just a more diverse Night Court, with giant bird riders instead of Illyrians.
  • Ahem. On the subject of sensitivity, I have complained in the past about how every damn character SJM writes is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. So many narrow waists, “considerable assets”, glistening muscles, and gemstone colored eyes to make any of my high school Mary Sues jealous. And that problem persists in ToD, don’t get me wrong—though we are introduced to one character who is not, in fact, heart-stoppingly gorgeous. And we are consistently reminded of this fact. Said character is also our token lesbian. She’s also a total asshole who ~says mean things about Aelin~. I am the only one who thinks this is kind of weird?
  • I’m not even going to talk about Chaol’s magical healing because it’s been covered by people far more knowledgeable than I on that subject. I’ll just say it surprised me not at all, and fuck you.
  • A lot of the discourse on sexism, rape, immigration, racism, etc. feels copy-pasted from social justice twitter threads. There’s one especially cringe-inducing scene where Kale and Irene discuss the servants providing the royals with sexual favors, and “how it can ever be true consent” (hint: it’s not). They go OUT OF THEIR WAY to explain why it’s justifiable—“don’t worry readers, the southern continent is still perfect.” It’s just weird and awkward and feels hella unrealistic for this setting.

Now before y’all decry me as a whiny social justice warrior who’s just looking for reasons to be offended, let me move on to why even if it HAD been written with a modicum of sensitivity, ToD would still be a trainwreck of a book.

  • It’s predictable as shit. Magical healing and boring-as-hell romances aside, even. Show of hands: when the five royal siblings were introduced, how many of you immediately picked out that Sartaq would be the heir? Purely because he’s the sexy warrior prince? This is also a huge personal pet peeve of mine: historically, military leaders have not made very good heads of state. Alexander the Great was shitty at everything except conquest. How the fuck is fucking Sartaq, who spends his life flying giant birds and fighting, better suited to rule than Arghun or Hasar, who actually seem to know things about politics? AND SPEAKING OF Arghun. Why are non-warrior dudes in SJM books always villainized? It’s sexist and gross, implying that men who don’t fight are weak and/or cruel.
  • There is SO MUCH info dumping. Scenes, especially toward the beginning of the book, would routinely get interrupted to provide us with backstory NO ONE ASKED FOR.
  • So much vague description of feelings—lots of ellipses and sudden stops before we can actually get to the point. You “couldn’t” WHAT, Irene? You felt WHAT? Also, “holy gods” is not an effective stand-in for emotionally evocative prose, sorry.
  • Idgaf about any of the characters. Kale is still the whiny asshole SJM turned him into to make room for Prince Toxic Masculinity, Irene is a less-interesting version of Sorscha, and I swear Nesryn has no personality to speak of beyond “loves her sister’s kids” and “wants to explore the southern continent”. Riveting.
  • CAN WE STOP PRAISING AELIN EVERY GODDAMN PAGE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHAT IS SJM TRYING TO PROVE? I mean, come on. Irene literally thinks she’s a goddess. It’s less a compelling story than a complete mess where I’m thinking “take a drink every time we’re reminded that Aelin Is The Greatest.”
  • The spiders are a blatant LoTR knockoff. I’m pretty sure the line about an “ancient malice stirring” (and actually a lot of the spiders’ society, behavior, etc.) comes straight from the Hobbit movies (and of ALL THE THINGS to rip off?!?!)
  • The characters keep swearing “low and creative” or “filthily” or some variant of those. Could you tell us WHAT they swear by? Aside from being an editing fail, it’s a missed opportunity for more worldbuilding that’s not just more vagueness or half-assed references.
  • I am in fact convinced that nobody edited this book. I’ve edited for pay, and by page 50 I was mad at myself for getting the e-book because I wanted to shred everything with my red pen. Recycled turns of phrase, infodumping, overuse of ellipses and em dashes, blatant ripoffs of better stories… oh, and the elephant in the room: IN NO UNIVERSE DID THIS NEED TO BE A 700 PAGE BOOK. It’s approximately 550 pages of pure filler–the only thing of relevance to the larger series is Maeve’s backstory. Thank the gods we’re almost done with this series.

Cities in films #9: LOS ANGELES


When Sight and Sound last conducted their once-a-decade 50 Greatest Films of All Time poll, this was one of only three from the last twenty years to make the list (along with another great ‘city’ movie - In the Mood for Love (2000)). It was also named the best film of the 21st Century by a poll of international critics.  Whether or not you share their view, Lynch’s surreal noir is one of a only handful of the countless pictures set in LA  in which the town itself becomes an integral, tangible, character. 

Why Iris West Matters!

In light of the current storyline of S3 of The Flash, the most recent episode and the subsequent responses from a subset of fandom (mostly Snowbarry), I decided to give my imput on why it is important for Iris West to be saved. I am white, but I don’t want to speak over black women or other WOC in this fandom, so if I do or write anything that is out of line, I ask your forgiveness. Just point it out and I will strive to do better.
To begin with, Iris is not only important to Barry as his best friend and lover, his lightning rod. She is also a daughter, a sister, a friend and a journalist who is the Flash’s emissary to Central City. But her greatest importance, in these troubled times, is to black girls and women in fandom. Candice Patton’s Iris’ importance extends even beyond the DCTV universe, being the precurssor of similar major changes (racebending a character) in at least three movies across two different franchises. So there is no doubt of her character’s importance to the narrative and to the fandom.
The most important and impacted viewers are young black girls. They are the ones who will get to grow up with a black Iris West, a character they can truly relate to on all levels. She is a caring and loving and compassionate woman, with strenghts and flaws and weaknesses, just like everyone. Someone who loves and is loved not ony by her family and friends, but by the very hero of the story. Someone who is not just a love interest, but a heroine in her own right. Someone who is human. And she has her own story, now more than ever: she matters. To the hero, to her family, to her friends. And even though she is in no way completely helpless, everyone else will fight to save her. She’s a pretty great role model, since she gets to be everything black women aren’t given in film and TV.
And then come the anti shippers with their rabid hate posts about how she’s just a “plot device” or “love interest”, how she’s “selfish” or “useless”, how she “takes up too much screentime” or “doesn’t contribute anything to the story”, how she “doesn’t deserve Barry or a place on the team”, etc. To add insult to injury, the antis also disregard her character in fanworks, or simply replace her with their white fave. They distort her portrayal in their “meta” posts, while at the same time highlihting their white fave. They want her lover and her friends to just let her die, because their fave needs help to keep from becoming evil.
And if all of the above weren’t enough, they advocate for the death of the female lead by engaging the producers, writers, directors and even actors on social media and demand to be satisfied. They demand that the beautiful love story between Barry and Iris be changed so that their crackship can happen.
To me, those who hate Iris (SBs in particular) are sending a clear message to black girls and women watching the show: that they are undeserving of having their stories told, that they are unworthy of love, that they have no value unless they fulfill a certain role, that they should die. All this while at the same time conveying another message: the white girl is special, always useful and more deserving of all those things (regardless of whether, from a narrative standpoint, she truly is), she’s just more interesting than the black girl. And this apparently happens in all fandoms, so in essence, to these fans, the black woman is found wanting, should be torn down and put in her place, then replaced with someone who is utterly bland and uninteresting, but who in their eyes is a special snowflake. They don’t even realise the kind of damage that does, nor do most care. And it is terrifying how reflective of the real world that is.
To conclude my rant, I would also like to use this post to send a more positive message of my own to any black girl or woman reading this, who see themselves in Iris West: you deserve love and happiness and success, you are worthy of having your stories told, you are beautiful and talented, you are useful to society, you have value and deserve the world. You deserve to live! Don’t let the hate tear you down. I see you and support you, even if for now it is just in fandom.
You matter! Iris West matters! Black lives matter!
The Linguist

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In the topic of Dean grieving Cas in season 7, when Dean sings to Air Supply you can see that when Sam turns the radio on Dean's face makes Sam apologize. Like, I don't know how to word it, but didn't it seem like Sam knew the song was making Dean sad (because Dean was grieving Cas)? Right before Sam turns on radio Dean cuts off the little pony with wings, and I think that is the biggest clue that the scene was all about Dean's grief for Cas death. S7 is so much deeper when you see the Destiel.

Dude this whole show is deeper when you see the Destiel. 

I cannot emphasise enough how season 11 makes NO sense without Destiel plot-wise but yeah otherwise the whole show makes so much more sense and is so much deeper emotionally if you take into account not only Destiel but also Drowley and Performing!Dean and Clean!Sam etc etc etc.

For me this isn’t even really a monster show at it’s core. It’s a character-based drama with monsters thrown in. The whole show is one big long MoTW episode where the monster (or mytharc in this case) is the plot reason why things happen and a metaphor for the character’s emotional journey. We are here and invested and watching for the emotional arcs, the character stuff, the evolution and growth that we want to see. THAT is what the show is about at it’s core, Dean’s path to self acceptance, Sam’s path to self forgiveness and since season 4 Cas’ path to self worth and belonging.

Re: that scene in season 7, of course yes, Sam can see that Dean is upset and he doesn’t behaving like a silly little brother about it like he might another time if he thought that Dean wasn’t really that upset, he can see that Dean is really struggling (hence as I say, the conversation at the end of the episode before where Sam tries to get him to open up). 

Sam is trying to be supportive and I think we will see him succeeding in season 13 because not only is he more emotionally aware but Dean will allow him to be supportive now…

This show is so layered and yeah, not seeing Destiel completely takes a whole layer of LOVE and FAMILY away from the show, it’s a real shame because it is there and it is going to come to the forefront and it will add so much to the show overall for people who rewatch it again who didn’t see it the first time, I think they’ll love it, in the same way that as we expected season 12 did this, where certain things were foreshadowed all season but it was only made really clear and obvious by the time we got to the finale and then watched the season in hindsight… it adds another layer and it is fantastic, something that books and movies really struggle with. 

Honestly this tv show is really special, that’s why I am so hooked on it, it really is fantastic character wise for all of them individually but I genuinely also think it is going to be one of the greatest love stories ever told once Dean and Cas’ love is made textual… I am so glad it is in Andrew Dabb’s hands now :D

For years I felt that Batman Begins was the best superhero origin movie ever, but I now no longer believe that to be true because last night I, for the first time, watched what truly is the greatest superhero origin film ever:



Ghostbusters 2016 is a good movie

• it’s actually really funny
• no romantic subplot
• badass women in science!
• all have very different personalities
• ghosts can actually be scary at times
• Chris Hemsworth is really adorable
• funny cameos
• nice historical facts
• realistic 2016 conditions
• really good animation!
• I loved it! Watching it again soon!


Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: T/PG-13 for mild language, brief drug use
Links: AO3 & FF.Net
Warnings: The briefest of legal drug use, Meta
Summary: Emma is a comic book writer at the San Diego Comic Con, trying to help her youngest fan find his mom.
Notes: I would like to thank my Once RP group for helping me brainstorm. They might be mostly Hookers but I would literally fight anyone that has a negative thing to say about them. Thanks guys. Much love to you. Also, I wrote all of the SQW prompts as potential first chapters. Some of them I’ve very happy with. Others I’m still looking at sideways. Looking at you Day 2 and Day 3. But it’s all good. I may finish these potential multi chapter ficts if people want them. Since they are all romantic is some way, expect a rating change in the near future. 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.

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“Um… Hi, my name is um… Ashley… and um… my question is for everyone…”

Ashley was young. No older than 16. Her long blonde hair was stuffed under a beanie and she was wearing a t-shirt with read “You Can’t Take the Sky From Me,” under a heavy coat that was a bit much for San Diego in August even in the cool air conditioned Convention Center. Her jeans were full of holes, but they weren’t the fashionable kind. They were the kind that only came from wear and tear.

If she was wearing Chuck Taylors and had weed in one of her many jacket pockets, Emma Swan could swear she was looking a living photo of herself at sixteen.

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Favourite avengers movies scenes?

We’re just talking about Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, right?
If so, … 

Originally posted by karenandthababes

I love this scene, because it accurately shows Clint Barton’s character in less than ten lines.
Well, I see better from a distance.
Yeah, the cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? The doors open from both sides.
Both lines showcase his trademark characteristics from the Marvel Comics, which are his very keen eyesight and how he is much smarter than he seems.

This scene is a fave, because it shows that Steve has PTSD and this takes place only weeks after he got out of the ice with all of his loved ones and friends gone.

Originally posted by tonystrk

I love this scene because PEPPERONY! And because it shows that Pepper isn’t just some dumb redhead.

Originally posted by hiddles-uchiha

I love this scene, because it shows how much of a genius Tony is. I mean, he learned all of thermonuclear astrophysics in just one night! Plus, the dialogue between the entire team was A+. 

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And Tony’s sacrifice scene, obviously.

For Avengers: Age of Ultron, … (I actually have the DVD with me, so I can accurately get the scene titles)

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‘Battle for Loki’s Scepter’ was amazing, because you get to see the team work together. And they do it marvelously. 

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The ‘Avengers House Party’ was, of course, a favorite. Because it’s the only time we get to see them all happy and like family/team. Most fanfics are based on this scene. Sooooooo… yeah! Definitely a fave.

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I loved the scene ‘Mind Games’. I thought it was a well-directed scene that helped with all the characters’ arc. Of course, I’m mad that Steve’s worst fear didn’t have Bucky in it, but whatever. Perfection is hard to achieve.

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I loved ‘The Safe House’ scene for a number of reasons, with how some of the Avengers deal with their greatest fear and the domesticity of it all.

If we were talking about all the Marvel movies dealing with the Avengers, then that list will increase by A LOT. But since we are only talking about Joss Whedon’s works, the list is doable. But I will admit he has a lot of good one-liners.

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So I watched this masterpiece yesterday and what can I say..Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales was SO SO AWESOME REALLY. AND I’M CRYING SO HARD ‘CAUSE ALL THE FEELS. Okay I’m writing more specifically about the movie now… (I know that most of you didn’t watch it already so I try not to spoiler.)

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(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $5.99/Available: Summer 2017)

In TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, the greatest AUTOBOT heroes unite to protect the freedom of all sentient beings. When it comes time for battle, AUTOBOT HOT ROD is the first to charge full force into a DECEPTICON firefight. The brash warrior doesn’t look back on his past feats, only the challenges yet to come. Eager to inspire his fellow comrades to join the fight, AUTOBOT HOT ROD proves time and time again that courage trumps all.

Rally alongside the bravest bots in the universe when the AUTOBOTS unite! The LEGION CLASS AUTOBOT HOT ROD Figure is inspired by the fan-favorite character in the TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie. The figure is made with eye-catching detail and stands at a 3-inch scale with classic TRANSFORMERS conversion. Convert this HOT ROD figure between robot and sports car in five easy steps! Available exclusively at Walmart.

(Ages 8 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Summer 2017)

The TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie is an explosive battle featuring new heroes battling in an epic struggle to forge a future for all, and these LEGION CLASS 2-Pack Assortment figures allow kids to unite with some of the powerful warriors from the movie!

The TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT LEGION CLASS 2-Pack Assortment features a variety of AUTOBOT hero and DECEPTICON villain duos: BUMBLEBEE and AUTOBOT HOT ROD, OPTIMUS PRIME and RAVENSPAR and MEGATRON and BERSERKER. The 3-inch-scale figures feature classic conversion between modes, basic articulation and movie-inspired detail. Each sold separately.  Available exclusively at Walmart.

(Ages 5 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Summer 2017)

In the exciting TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT film, the greatest AUTOBOT heroes unite to protect the freedom of all sentient beings. BUMBLEBEE and AUTOBOT HOT ROD brave challenges that many bots won’t dare to face. Standing as powerful warriors on their own, they unite to become the brothers in arms. Together, they are an unstoppable force on the battlefield, destined for DECEPTICON domination!

In this TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT 1-STEP TURBO CHANGER AUTOBOTS UNITE 2-Figure Pack, BUMBLEBEE and HOT ROD unite! Experience the thrill of quick conversion with these 4.25 inch scale figures that switch modes in one exciting motion. Convert the BUMBLEBEE figure from robot to Chevrolet Camaro vehicle in one step, and convert the HOT ROD figure from robot to sports car in one step! Available exclusively at Walmart.

(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Summer 2017)

In the explosive TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie, the greatest AUTOBOT heroes unite to protect the freedom of all sentient beings. AUTOBOT HOT ROD is the first to battle, and the last to leave. BUMBLEBEE leads the rally cry for the AUTOBOT brotherhood. Both AUTOBOT leaders take full force into the fight with no questions asked and will stop at nothing to defend the freedom of their fellow AUTOBOTS.

Rally alongside the bravest bots in the universe when the AUTOBOTS unite! The AUTOBOTS UNITE FLIP & CHANGE Assortment includes fan-favorite characters from TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT—AUTOBOT HOT ROD and BUMBLEBEE. The figures are designed with eye catching detail and converts in quick, flip and change motions. AUTOBOT HOT ROD and BUMBLEBEE both convert between robot and sports car in two steps. To convert each figure between robot and sports car, swing arms out, flip legs upward and flip torso downward in a quick, 2-step flip and change motion. Each sold separately. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Crossover Randomness
  • Ezra: Hey. Since we protect our universe, doesn't that make us the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  • Entire Ghost Crew: COPYRIGHTS!!!!
  • Ezra: What? We're both owned by Disney.
  • Star-Lord: At least you guys are seen as heroes. We're seen as a "bunch of A-holes."
  • Deadpool: At least I'm owned by a company ballsy enough to make an R-Rated superhero movie and then kill one of the greatest comic book characters of all time.
  • Disney Administration: Fox may own your movie rights, but we have your comic rights.
  • Everything: Flips shit
  • Ezra: What the fuck did I do wrong?