the greatest moment ever basically

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What are your fav taohun gifs if you could only pick a few? :3

This is difficult because I usually don’t really pick favs for this..

I definitely really like THESE here^^ I explained it HERE why XD

this one here:

I really need to fix the gif set it belongs to.. jfc..

those here:

[gif set]

another one would probably be this:

External image

[gif set]

Reason for that: it made incredibly happy that day to see that they really get along well because I always hoped that they get along^^ I just had the feeling that it would fit and I was sooooo right XD

Tao squeezing Sehun’s little finger during My Lady!!!

[gif set]

another set I need to fix the coloring of.. XD anyway..

One of the greatest moments ever… Tao basically asking Sehun if it’s okay what he is about to do XD

[gif set]


also this one obviously:

[gif set]

the caption is self-explanatory XD

and this super cute moment which kinda hurts because this happened during “Promise”..

[gif set]

and before anyone doesn’t read my tags again: Sehun was not looking at Tao but the way he looks and smiles at the end shows that he realized Tao was staring at him! XD

And obviously.. the ISAC BACK HUG!! (and HERE bc Sehun’s happy face when he could let himself fall into Tao’s arms^^)

honorable mentions:

holding hands in the dark

staring at Sehun with so much love I felt like I watched something really private

the thirst is real

the thirst is real 2

greeting the in-laws

Choosing just a few is hard so this is what I chose.. mostly my own gifs but that’s mostly because of the moments displayed and because I don’t use other people’s gifs!^^ There are probably many more but those are the ones I immediately thought about.. mostly XD