the greatest love story in comics

Chapter 13 Behind the Scenes 2  by Michiyuki Aoi

Ardyn: “Come back soon, won’t you?”

Ardyn: “I…shall have fun with your friends while we wait.”

(the greatest collage I have ever seen)

Noctis: “He really did spend that 10 years having fun…”
Ardyn: “So what’s your type?”
Gladio: “Hmm, y’know…” 


Sketchy Behavior | Hellen Jo 

Never afraid to speak and/or draw her mind, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Hellen Jo and her characters can be described as rough, vulgar, tough, jaded, powerful, bratty and bad-ass - AKA her own brand of femininity. Known for her comic Jin & Jam, and her work as an illustrator and storyboard artist for shows such as Steven Universe and Regular Show, Hellen’s rebellious, and sometimes grotesque artwork and illustrations are redefining Asian American women and women of color in comics. In fact, that’s why Hellen Jo was a must-interviewee for our latest Sketchy Behavior where we talk to her about her love of comics and zines, her antiheroines, and redefining what Asian American women identity is or can be; and what her ultimate dream project realized would be.  

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My Top 10 Favorite Comics of All Time

Hi guys,

I’ve been getting asked a lot on and offline what are my favorite comic books? That’s a loaded question. I had to think about it. There are some great runs in comics. Some great story arcs. But I had to dig down and see what I really liked. What books have I read over and over and over. These are what I enjoyed the most, I’m not saying these are the greatest comic books ever, I’m just saying they appealed to me. So here are my top 10 favorite comics.

10. Identity Crisis
The DC Comics crisis events. Mostly just okay stories. Too much going on and not enough time to invest in any one character. But Identity Crisis stands out above the rest. Instead of a multiverse changing, massive story, Identity Crisis focuses on the mystery of who killed Sue Dibny. The wife of the Elongated Man. More and more of the heroes civilian loved ones are attacked and the heroes have a ticking clock to solve the mystery before another loved one is murdered. Written by Brad Meltzer this book focuses on the cost of living a double life. Highly recommended.

9. Young Avengers: volume 2
Not to be confused with Young Avengers volume 1. Volume 2 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is nothing short of awesome. A multiverse hoping, teenage super hero daydream. It’s a really great story about teenage love, magic, pop references, LGB, and Loki. Lots and lots of Loki. So if you ship Wiccan and Hulkling, love Kate Bishop, and cannot get enough of America Chavez, you’ll want to read this book.

8. Superman American Alien
A lot of people have mixed opinions on this book, but I really enjoyed this unique take written by Max Landis. Focusing on the early years of Clark Kent, it felt more grounded in what Clark would actually be going through on his journey to becoming Superman. Each issue has a different artist which is fitting because each issue focuses on a different year in Clark’s child to teenager to young adult to man journey. It’s a mini series that should be pretty easy to find and I highly recommend it.

7. DC The New Frontier
A book paying tribute to the Silver Age of DC Comics. Focusing on the Macarthy era, A time where America couldn’t be less trusting, the story focuses on the super heroes once praised for their services, now find themselves ridden off as outlaws. Multiple perspectives from Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc, as they fight for truth, justice, and the American way, accumulating to the upcoming battle with “The Center.” Darwyn Cooke tells an amazing story that you all should check out.

6. Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 through 6
I cannot recommend these books from Bryan Lee O’ Malley enough. 6 graphic novels in total, focusing on Scott Pilgrim’s desire to date Ramona Flowers, his journey to defeat her 7 evil ex’s, and the challenge of being a responsible adult. This book is filled with post high school confusion, punk rock, video games, anime style action, and heart. If you liked the movie, I promise you, you’ll love the book.

5. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man volume 2
My favorite super hero is Spider-Man. In 2011 when they announced they would be making a new Spider-Man of color I was ecstatic. As a person of color it’s been great to have a Spider-Man that fills that need for minority characters. Obviously just having a minority character isn’t enough but Brian Michael Bendis’s run on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man makes you really love the character of Miles Morales. The story of what happens after Peter Parker dies and a new clueless Spider-Man must fill the void, is nothing short of great. It puts you in the shoes of a new character trying to figure out who he is, all while trying to keep the memory of Peter Parker alive. 

4. Paper Girls
If you like the show “Stranger Things,” you’ll love Paper Girls. Taking place in the 1980s, 4 middle school girls, on their morning paper route get caught up in the strangest day of their lives. To ninjas, dinosaurs, time travel, clones, to apple products, Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang hit you with a sci-fi nostalgia story that will keep you guessing where the next turn is.

3. Justice League International
The late 80′s had one of the greatest Justice League runs of all time. Keith Giffen and J.M. Dematteis pumped out some of the funniest and most entertaining comics to date. Focusing on the Justice League as a work place comedy, this massive run follows the adventures of a newly formed Justice League made up of mostly second string characters. The satisfaction of Batman punching out Guy Gardner, the comedy duo of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, GNORT! If you want your super hero books to be fun and hilarious, this is the book for you. Starting in Justice League #1 through 6 and transitioning to Justice League International, then splitting between Justice League Europe and Justice League America.

2. New Avengers
This comic book run written by Brian Michael Bendis is what got me back into comics after an 8 year absence. 6 months after the Avengers disbanded due to the Scarlet Witch killing some of her fellow teammates, a massive prison break, orchestrated by Electro forces Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Sentry to come together to put an end to the riot. The book follows the newly formed team on their mission to track down the 42 escaped prisoners, all while trying to solve the mystery who hired Electro and why? New Avengers also brought some of the best characters in Marvel including Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and more, to join the team. The book became the center stage for Marvel Comics from 2005 until 2012 running through events like House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, all the way to Avengers vs X-Men. It’s a fun super hero book that really throws you into the world of Marvel Comics.

Black Science
Sex Criminals
New Teen Titans (Marv Wolfman)
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
Uncanny X-Force (Rick Remender run)
Batgirl: Year One


1. Saga
If you’re not reading Saga, you are missing out. A Romeo and Juliet story set in a sci-fi fantasy space adventure. In the middle of an intergalactic war, Alona and Marko leave their worlds behind to risk everything for the survival and protection of their newborn Hazel. Hunted by both sides of the war, the two travel across the stars and encountering creatures from all over the galaxy who either want to help them or want them dead. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples take a story about the ups and downs of parenting and throws it into a cosmic and crazy story of awesomeness. Look out for Izabel, Prince Robot the IV, and Ghus. You will smile every time they are on the page.

Sooooo… Guess what comic I finally found and read this last week?

This comic is all the things I love and none of the things I don’t! 

It’s like- OH DEAR! Old-timey, irresponsible non-human men accidently becoming dad to precious child they really shouldn’t be let near! MY GREATEST WEAKNESS! And here I thought that weakness was too specific. I am so excited, I love this comic so much! 

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Tamaki :

- Cute dad who loves his children very much.

- Will always support them and cheer them on.

- Very flustered when they make something for him and it’s just so cute because it was for an occasion.

- He would often recall his younger days and tell them to his kids like how shy he was and his long journey on gaining more confidence.

- Still self doubts himself but it’s not as bad as before.

- “ Uncle Mirio is here! Go say hi to Uncle Mirio!”

- Draws cute lil drawings with his kids and puts them on the refrigerator.

Eijirou : 

- “ Red Riot is gonna take off in 3,2,1! ” His kid says while on his back, all excited. “ Take OFF!” they yell as their dad runs around the room.

- Would take them to the park.

- Has a big pet dog for them to take care of. “ Oh you know, practicing responsibility.” though he wanted a dog but he didn’t have the time to actually take care of it.

- Takes endless pictures of his family and hangs them in the hallway.

- Takes his child to school before work and always encourages the kid to do good in school

- Eats dinosaur-shaped nuggets with his kid.

- “ Here comes the train! Choo choo!”

Izuku :

- Has a notebook all about his kid tbh.

- Loves to read comics with them and just talk about heroes in general.

- Loves telling his journey on how he became the greatest hero and how he met you to his kids as a bed time story.

- “I was quirkless….but I didn’t give up!” / “Reach for your dreams. Don’t stop until you have them.”

- Very inspirational as a dad.

- Talks about his past beef with Uncle Bakugou.

- “ Please don’t bully anybody. Be a good kid in school today, okay?”

So that whole ‘Spider-Man is about youth’ thing

I know some people place a shitton of stock into the words of the professionals so let me just throw a few things at you.

Peter David is one of, possibly the, most accomplished writer under Marvel’s employ in terms of the breadth and acclaim garnered by his bibliography. This includes the critically acclaimed Death of Jean DeWolff storyline and the fan favourite Spider-Man 2099 series, which is about a very much ADULT character who is the Spider-Man of his timeline. He doesn’t think Spider-Man is about youth or that there is anything wrong with him being married. In fact he stated that the series as a whole spinning its wheels from the time of the Master Planner Trilogy up until the marriage when something really different happened. He began reading Spider-Man at some point before the original publication of Amazing Spider-Man #100 back in the early 1970s.

J.M. DeMatteis has written both critically acclaimed Spider-Man stories and stories which are the most layered and dense in terms of their theme and depth of human psychology. This has included the iconic Kraven’s Last Hunt. He also does not think Spider-Man is about youth or that he should not be married. In fact he made the marriage a vital part of his most revered storyline and utilized it a lot in his various other stories. He began reading Spider-Man at some point during the original John Romita Senior run of Spider-Man.

Tom DeFalco is former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel comics, former editor of Spider-Man, has written a very well regarded and vitally important run of Amazing Spider-Man in the 1980s and followed that up with two more runs (on Spectacular and Amazing Spider-Man) in the 1990s before embarking on a near (unbroken) 150 issue long run on fan favourite Spider-Girl. The latter by the way is currently the longest running (at least without substantial gaps) Spider-Man spin-off character and also the female Marvel character who’s had the most consistently longest running solo title ever.

 He is also the author of the well reviewed 2001 book ‘Spider-Man the Ultimate Guide’ which was for it’s time the single most comprehensive information book about Spider-Man ever published. During his tenure as writer of Amazing Spider-Man he and Ron Frenz he established Mary Jane Watson as knowing Spider-Man’s secret identity and introduced readers to Spidey’s black costume, later establishing it as an alien symbiote. These and other elements from his run have made their way into other media and been constants in the Spider-Man series ever since.

Tom DeFalco has inferred on more than one occasion that his favourite era of Spider-Man was when Spider-Man was in High School. This makes a certain amount of sense because he first began reading Spider-Man in the early 1960s…specifically with Amazing Fantasy #15.

But did you know that Tom DeFalco ALSO doesn’t think Spider-Man is about youth. In fact he once specifically said Spider-Man isn’t about youth but responsibility, going on to say that the more responsibility Spider-Man has the more interesting the character is. When Spider-Man was originally married in the 1980s Tom DeFalco was against it…at first. He then changed his mind and became one of its biggest champion among other Marvel creators. 

Tom DeFalco’s disbelief in the ideas that Spider-Man is about youth and that the marriage was antithetical to the character are evident in the fact that he proposed and implemented a storyline intended to make Spider-Man a parent and his creation of Spider-Girl (Peter Parker’s daughter) was partially done as a fulfillment of this idea.

Finally there is another Marvel creator to be discussed.

His name is Stan Lee.

Stan Lee is the co-creator  of Spider-Man. He also co-created the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, the Mighty Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp, the Avengers and many other Marvel characters and properties which have endured to this very day.

His Spider-Man credits include literally the first 100 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Fantasy #15, and various Spider-Man annuals.

Within those issues are stories which are regarded as undeniably the most iconic in Spider-Man’s history and the unquestionably most adapted source material for various Spider-Man media adaptations.

They include:

The origin of the character adapted and referenced in…pretty much every film and TV show about the character

The Master Planner Trilogy, regarded by many as the greatest Spider-Man story of all time. It inspired parts of the Playstation game Spider-Man 2000 and an episode of the Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series, both of which were critically acclaimed.

Amazing Spider-Man #42 the introduction of Spider-Man’s most famous love interest Mary Jane, an introduction so iconic it’s been homaged, parodied and referenced ad infinitum and adapted into two different cartoon shows

Spider-Man No More which once again has been referenced numerous times in various comics and other media (Marvel affiliated or otherwise) due to how iconic it is and was the major inspiration for Spider-Man 2, regarded as the best Spider-Man film of all time as well as at the time one of the best superhero/comic book films of all time.

Stan Lee for a number of years also wrote the Amazing Spider-Man Newspaper Strip which has remained in syndication ever since.

Stan Lee has to my knowledge NEVER  claimed Spider-Man is about youth.

It was in Stan Lee’s run that Spider-Man AGED  to the point where he graduated high school and attended college. 

In a letters page Stan Lee in response to a statement about Spider-Man’s hypothetical child joked that the character wasn’t even married yet.

During Stan Lee’s run Peter Parker considered proposing to his girlfriend Betty Brant in only issue #30 of the series. Much later around issue #100 Peter was seriously considering marrying his girlfriend Gwen Stacy and was making plans for the sake of that future.

Stan Lee has gone on record numerous times that he created Gwen Stacy to be Peter’s ultimate love interest and because he believed she’d make the perfect wife for him.

Int he 1980s Stan Lee when asked by a fan if Peter and Mary Jane could get married opted to make that happen in the Newspaper strip and inquired about making it happen in the comics too.

Before the abolition of the marriage in the comics, Stan Lee in an interview was asked if he felt that Spider-Man being married in any way negatively affected the character. He didn’t feel that was the case.

After the marriage was abandoned in the main comics universe the newspaper strip did the same thing…temporarily. It eventually went back to featuring a married Spider-Man and has remained so ever since.

Now…call me crazy…but it seems to me that all of that would seem to possibly imply that maybe…just maybe…



On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me

(a) six foot tall russian

five volleyballsfour seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp

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Meanwhile we are waiting for the Muppet Babies Reboot you will need to read this . Good News @marvelentertainment will release Announces Muppet Babies Hardcover Omnibus featuring Issues 1-26 including The Muppet Babies Marvel Super Special

The series was written by Stan Kay, Laura Hitchcock, Bill Prady, and Angelo Decesare, with art by Marie Severin, Jeff Butler, and Dean Yeagle.

They’re making their dreams come true — and they’ll do the same for you! It’s all your favorite Muppets, in pint-sized antics from their youth! There’ll be adventure! Romance! Great jokes! And more! Like the ghostly tale of the haunted nursery! The fable of Kermit and the Beanstalk! And the quest for the Idol of Doom! The Muppet Babies will be lost in time and lost in space, they’ll caper in Story Land and they’ll take flight as super heroes! They’ll even end up in a comic book! And your favorite fantasy-loving frog will step into the shoes of some of fiction’s greatest heroes! Plus: Relive the Muppet Babies’ first appearance in an amazing adaptation of The Muppets Take Manhattan! Collecting MUPPET BABIES #1-26 and MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL #32.

680 PGS./All Ages …$75.00

“San Diego, CA (September 21, 2016) – IDW Publishing, with the support of DC Entertainment, will honor the victims of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub tragedy by publishing LOVE IS LOVE, an anthology graphic novel curated by writer Marc Andreyko (BATWOMAN, WONDER WOMAN ’77). In the wake of this devastating event, Andreyko assembled a group of fellow comic book creators to contribute to the benefit project. Andreyko received an overwhelming response across the comic book community and beyond, with over 200 writers and artists lending their talents to LOVE IS LOVE, a collection of over 100 short graphic stories. All material has been donated by the writers, artists, and editors, with all proceeds going to victims, survivors, and their families via EQUALITY FLORIDA.

LOVE IS LOVE will debut in comic book shops and bookstores this December. The anthology graphic novel is a 144-page love letter to the LGBTQ community containing moving and heartfelt stories—some using iconic DC characters—from some of the greatest talent in comics, including Phil Jimenez, Steve Sadowski, Paul Jenkins, Mike Carey, Matt Wagner, Marguerite Bennett, Aneke, Damon Lindelof, Patton Oswalt, Steven Orlando, Rafael Albuquerque, Jason Aaron, Jason Latour, James Asmus, Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Peterson, Jesus Saiz, Olivier Coipel, Leinil Yu, Elsa Charretier, and many more to be announced.

“When tragedy happens, art responds. And after the Pulse massacre, the comics community responded quickly, decisively, and with open hearts,” said project organizer and writer Andreyko. “I could not be more proud of this book, or to be a member of the comics community. The talent and emotion on every page is staggering. LOVE IS LOVE mourns the 49 lost, honors the survivors, and celebrates love in all forms.”

“When Marc brought this project to me, there was no hesitation about us getting involved,” said IDW Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall. “To echo Marc’s sentiments, we are proud of the hard work and talent that has gone into this project and to be involved in any way to support the survivors and their families in the face of tragedy.”

“We’re deeply thankful to all the participants who donated their work to LOVE IS LOVE,” said Sarah Gaydos, Group Editor for IDW Publishing. “The outpouring of emotion from their work honors the LGBTQ community, and helps express the grief we’re all feeling.”

“Marc’s heartfelt passion for this cause and this project has inspired everyone involved in LOVE IS LOVE,” explains Jamie Rich, Group Editor of DC’s Vertigo imprint. “As an editor on the book, I continue to be moved every day by the expressions of hope and love the contributors have put forth, and can only imagine the profound impact the book will have on readers, as well.”

The contributors behind LOVE IS LOVE have banded together to send a powerful message through their art that they stand with the victims of this national tragedy. Help spread the love this December and become part of this historic comics event.”

Last birthday picture for a while, so here we go! Almos from UndeIllusion! 💜 I really love his story because it’s tied a lot to an idea I had a long time ago with dreams and dream eaters. It’s so fun being able to use that idea and having Almos help it grow into something more!

I’ve also been debating between trying to do comics for my AU’s or just writing them. Or maybe mini comics and stories together. It just takes me so long to draw and I know my art isn’t the greatest x3

Aquaman: Recommended Reading

Aquaman Masterpost/Recommended Reading Order:
I’ve been asked for Aquaman comic recs by several people over the last few months so I thought I’d make one masterpost of all Aquaman stand alone comics and the order I think you should read them in. This is just a basic guide and you don’t have to follow this order at all. I hope this helps if you’re starting out reading Aquaman comics, or if you don’t know what to read next. ***If you need help finding downloads, or somewhere to read them online let me know

New 52 Aquaman: Several people I know have started with New 52 Aquaman and  they’ve fallen in love with him straight away. For new readers I would definitely suggest  starting at this point.

- Aquaman Vol 7 #0-25: is Geoff Johns’ New 52 run and is definitely one of the greatest  Aquaman runs. John’s Ocean Master and Black Manta issues (#23.1 and #23.2) are  well worth checking out as well. 
- Aquaman Vol 7 #26-40: is Jeff Parker’s run on Aquaman. There’s a bit of retconning in his last book but it’s a pretty great run.   
- Aquaman Vol 7 #41-46: (the latest issue released) is Bunn’s run. It’s…not great and generally a painful experience for Aquaman fans. Only read these issues if your love for Arthur can overcome all odds.
- Aquaman and the Others #1-11: is a great stand alone series about Aquaman and his team, the Others. If you have time I definitely recommend checking it out.


Pre New 52 Aquaman: I started reading Pre 52 Aquaman and if you want to get familiar with Aquaman’s history before reading his New 52 run I’d recommend starting here.

- Time and Tide by Peter David: Time and Tide is regarded as the definitive Aquaman origin story and it’s the best place to start in my opinion. This is the comic that made me fall in love with Aquaman. 
- Death of the Prince arc: Adventure Comics #435-437, #441-445 and Aquaman Vol 1 #57-63  It’s important to read this after Time and Tide, and before Vol 5 because it directly influences events in Vol 5.
- Aquaman Vol 5: #1-46 follows Time and Tide and is, in my opinion, the greatest Aquaman run ever. It’s an epic adventure written by Peter David and it’s not one to miss. Peter David left Aquaman after #46 but #47-75 is worth reading as well. If you have time also check out the Atlantis Chronicles which is Peter David’s 7 issue series about the history of the Atlantean Royal Family. There are also five Aquaman Annuals attached to Volume 5 (1995-1999) which are all great.
- Next I would move on to JLA: Obsidian Age which is a wild comic about the JLA going back in time to retrieve Aquaman, Mera and the lost Atlanteans. Events in Obsidian Age are directly influence by Volume 5 and in turn influence the events in Aquaman Vol 6 so its important to read Obsidian Age before stating Vol 6.
- Aquaman Vol 6 #1-14:
Aquaman has been expelled from Atlantis and is on the run from the new Atlantean rulers. It’s a great run full of great character development and Arthurian Legend allusions. Also contains Black Manta’s Pre 52 Origin Story. 
- Aquaman Vol 6 #15-20:
is the American Tidal Arc and is one of the greatest Aquaman arcs. It’s not one to be missed. #21-36 are well worth reading also. 
- Also in Volume 6 is the Sword of Atlantis Arc #40-57 which follows Arthur Joseph Curry (also known as fake Aquaman). It’s…interesting and the original Aquaman is in it (he looks like a weird squid) so it’s worth reading. 


Further Reading if you’re a hardcore Aquaman fan: 

- If you wish to read Aquaman’s first appearance it’s in More Fun Comics #73. It’s a 1940s comic so just keep that in mind. 
- Aquaman Vol 1 #1-63: - Aquaman’s first stand alone run. Arthur is extremely different to the modern day Aquaman but it’s fun and explores Arthur’s relationships with the Justice League, Aqualad, Atlantis and Mera. 
- Aquaman Vol 2 #1-4: Very short run but well worth checking out. The art is…wild. 
- Aquaman Vol 3 #1-5: Another short run but it’s one every Aquaman fan should read. 
- Aquaman Vol 4 #1-12: Again, short but a must read for Aquaman fans. 

Events/JL books involving heavy Aquaman characterisation: JLA: Rock Ages, Brightest Day/Blackest Night, Flashpoint, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Throne of Atlantis. 

And that brings us to the end of this post. I hope this has been helpful in some way and if you need recs for Mera, Aqualad/Tempest, Ocean Master or Black Manta don’t hesitate to ask!

Strangers in Paradise: One of the singular greatest comics I have ever read, with an LGBT positive ending, but it’s not an easy trip

There’s been plenty of recommendations ever since The Thing discussing LGBT fiction with happy endings.  Stories where the couple is together and alive at the end; nobody dead from an errant bullet or ‘fixed’ back to straight or one of them nobly sacrificing their love so that the other can have a ‘proper’ relationship.  And all told it’s a depressingly short list, but there are still some really great entries on there.  What I haven’t seen mentioned yet, though, is Strangers in Paradise, and this series…whoah.

Let me start off by prefacing that this series is amazing.  When most people recommend something they usually qualify it; this is my favorite comedy, this is the best romance, I love the action, etc.  SiP does not get that qualification, it is just one of my favorite works period.  Additionally, though I suppose this a spoiler, it does have that happy LGBT ending: neither one is dead, neither one is alone, they are together and happy and there’s no more of a cloud over their relationship than anybody gets in real life.  However, the road to get to that ending is bumpy and twisted and flat-out hard in many places.

The series has three primary protagonists, albeit with a very large supporting cast, several of which could be called main characters in their own right; Francine, Katchoo and David.  The series has a dozen individual subplots and story-arcs throughout its time, but the main thread throughout is the relationship between Francine and Katchoo.  The two of them have been friends since they were in school, and Katchoo has been in love with Francine all along, but Francine is so in love with “the dream” (Marry a lawyer/doctor/fireman, have 2.3 kids, etc.)  and full of internalized self-doubt and insecurity that she cannot accept these feelings for another woman, so their relationship stays as extremely close best friends.  And over time…stuff happens.

External image

Katchoo battles drug and alcohol abuse throughout the entire story (She attended her first AA meeting when she was 18), and Francine moves from one unfulfilling relationship to the next.  Time is always funny in a comic, but I’d estimate that it follows them from their mid/late-twenties to their early-thirties, and in that time they fight, reconcile, break up and don’t see each other for months, get married (To other people), and essentially live the lives people live when things don’t stand still for them to work out everything simply.  And in that time, they each grow as a person, through their own experiences, until they can be together at the end without being self-destructive or toxic to one another.

The story doesn’t shy away from anything.  Because of childhood abuse Katchoo starts the series with minor misandrist tendencies that rejects any kind of sexual relationship with a man, but she is emphatic that she is not a lesbian and the series never tries to force her into a single sexuality box, recognizing that orientation and attraction are not necessarily the same thing.  It also (Because I know how that last sentence reads) doesn’t say that her being abused “turned” Katchoo.  Francine’s…not “toying” exactly, but constant “just out of reach” relationship with Katchoo is recognized by other characters as being unfair to her and manipulative, particularly the way Francine expects Katchoo to always be there for her when she needs it, even if Francine wasn’t doing any of it deliberately.  There’s also an organized crime subplot which also sticks around for a large part of the series, but I won’t delve into that much because then we’re just getting into a plot review.

The story is never easy, and you should have a box of tissues handy at certain parts, but once you reach the end…like I said,one of my favorite works.  Period.

It was a tradition for me to complete my summary of art for the year, and so here it is. I haven’t been as productive as last year, for sure, but I’ve done an enormous amount of progress regarding the anatomy and coloring, thanks to all the researches and critiques I got while I could <3

There are a lot of goals I’ve achieved art wise this year, as well as goals I am faaaar from reaching yet. I’ve noticed in my Christmas raffle on dA that the most important aspects to be changed people mention is the brightness of my pieces and some anatomy problems; I’ll try to focus on these and fix them as much as possible next year, even though the upcoming 2 years are still going to be busy ones (still need this damn graduation x_x)

Overall, I’m mostly very happy about all the wonderful gifts Ink was privileged for, it’s absolutely insane to have fan games and cosplays and comics and dubs and plushes made of your character x//////x

And of course, all the wonderful support my watchers and followers gathered that made me stay up.

I didn’t get to progress on the Ink story comic as much as I wanted to this year, but I’ll be sure to fix that as soon as possible. I’ve made it a goal to update it on tumblr during these holidays at least once. ///v///

I would like to truly thank EVERYBODY who helped me during 2016. You, my confettis, people I haven’t contacted in a while, people who forgave me for past mistakes and of course, my lovely best friend, who’s meeting has probably been the greatest event of the year ;//v//; I’m blessed to have you <3

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun during the holidays, enjoy the food and company of family or/and friends. You’re all wonderful! Thank you again!   <3

delmothesaint  asked:

First off, I shouldn't have to join tumblr just to ask a question but that's not your fault. Second, just discovered your blog and was wondering if you're going to do a Betty Bates collection if you haven't already.

What I can say right now is that we would absolutely love to do a Betty Bates collection … and we are looking into it. There are some challenges, but we’re looking into it. 

The biggest obstacles are the rarity of the original comics, combined with the relatively large number of Betty Bates stories that were published in the 1940s. By my count (yes, I counted), Betty Bates appeared in 62 total stories (all in Hit Comics #4-65, published in 1940-1950), for a total of 414 pages of Betty Bates. A complete collection of that size is a big undertaking. 

For comparison, our digital-only collection “Jill Trent, Science Sleuth Collected: 1943-1948” contains somewhere around 12 stories at just over 100 pages.

We probably do have enough Betty Bates material at this point to publish an incomplete collection… But I suspect an incomplete or “best-of” collection would be dissatisfying…?

In any case, we absolutely love Betty Bates and we think she is the greatest thing since we discovered Jill Trent.

Thank you for asking!



Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

Writers: Tom Neely

Artists: Champoy, Crom of Finland, Matthew Allison, Jeremy Baum, Josh Bayer, J. Bennett, Max Clotfelter, Aaron Conley, Andrew Cox, Michael DeForge, Gabrielle, Gamboa, Bruno Guerreiro, Justin Hall, Megan Hutchison, Keenan, Marshall Keller, Ed Luce, Bobby Madness, Benjamin Marra, Kyoshi Nakazawa, Mari Naomi, Scot Nobles, Marc J. Palm, Mark Rudolph, Jonny Ryan. M. Moseley Smith. Reuben Story, Noah Van Sciver, Geoff Vasile

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever is in short the greatest story that no one asked for. If you’re not familiar with the joke-turned-cult classic, H&G4ever is the fictionalized tale of love between punk and hardcore icons Henry Rollins (Black Flag) and Glenn Danzig (The Misfits) as told through the lenses of art collective Igloo Tornado and various guest authors.

H&G4ever’s love story premise was apparently a joke among artist friends that spiraled out of control in the best way possible. Anyone who grew up liking any sort of alternative music understands the once serious air about both Rollins and Danzig that ironically resulted in nostalgic, comical, and sometimes lovable fodder upon the arrival of the internet age (ex. Cat Flag, the Danzig Kitty Litter meme, etc.). H&G4ever just so happened to take the absurdity of this shift in public perception and give it due diligence.

Collecting four serialized comics and featuring 100+ extra pages of unreleased art and guest stories, Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever is a comprehensive collection of the imagined universes surrounding this fake love story’s history as interpreted by a collection of talented, hilarious writers. Some artists imagined the pair in absurd scenarios (ex. Henry & Glenn Forever In Space, Henry & Glenn’s Psychic Voyage) while others focus on the nuanced realities of conventional relationships as illustrated by two of the least conventional public figures (ex. Going to a Benihana, dressing up pets, agreeing to never go to bed angry, etc).

Across all versions of this love story was an underlying acknowledgment and appreciation for the influential musical era surrounding the pair. The book was filled with self referential jokes (ex. Danzig yelling lyrics to his song “Mother” at his own mom) and random but delightful musical cameos (ex. Hall & Oates are their neighbors and Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye plays a love interest). Overall this is a great read for music fans who don’t take themselves too seriously and a testament of the weird and awesome power of the internet on indie comics.

Christina Troitino is comiXology’s Marketing Manager and met Henry Rollins once at a park in sweatpants.

Fanart by siliceb

A while ago I wrote a Scogan fanfic series. It was the very first Scogan fan fiction I’d ever written and it wound up being a huge trilogy that went beyond what I’d anticipated doing when I was asked to write a Scogan fic. That said recently siliceb had read the entire series (which is rather lengthy) and was inspired to make this fan art from it. It’s based on a scene where Scott and Logan get married in the story (as opposed to the comics where Logan is now dead *sniff*). I figured I would share the sketch art with everyone on here because I was truly touched that siliceb took the time to make this fantastic art!