the greatest love song ever


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

Arya x Gendry Week (Day 4; Whispers In The Dark) [Modern AU; Classic Universe]

She didn’t know him.

She thought, stupidly, that she might love him. 

The sky above them was full of stars. Arya had never been interested in that sort of thing, before, but they were bright and it made her smile. It was a stupid thing to smile about; something Sansa might do. Arya was not Sansa; Arya had killed people. Arya had died a long time ago. 

  “Why are you happy?” 

  Arya turned into her side and found Gendry’s eyes trained on her, wide and blue. He was frowning, because he was stupid, and covered in soot and dirt and blood. But Arya didn’t care about that. She scooted a bit closer to him to appease the aching in her stomach — the wanting that eased when he was near and there and warm. 

  “Have you ever seen snow?” She asked Gendry. 

The club was loud and full of people, all screaming and laughing and drinking and dancing, hopping up and down with glasses in their thin hands, shirts riding up to reveal flat stomachs and abs. 

  Arya hated all of them. She hated their unnatural tans and pearly white teeth. She hated how perfect they all were. How abnormal. 

  She didn’t say that, though, or even show it. She kept her face blank as she poured their drinks, and smiled when she handed them out. Like she was happy that they were going to be puking in the gutter an hour from now and would wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. 

  Alright, so perhaps she enjoyed that idea a bit. 

  “A pint of the five pound stuff, please?” 

  Arya blinked, turning to the voice. This one was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes like that necklace that her sister had gotten from her awful boyfriend. His teeth were white, too, and yet he was pale and there were shadows under his eyes and stubble on his chin and a frown on his lips, and suddenly she was struck by how real he was. How human. 

  But she didn’t know him. 

“I haven’t,” 

  Arya grinned even wider, remembering her childhood. She remembered throwing snowballs at Sansa with Robb and Jon. She remembered Bran climbing up the towers and beaming at her against a white sky. She remembered seeing Robb for the last time, smiling sadly with snow melting in his hair.

  “It’s the best thing,” she told Gendry quietly, voice low so as not to wake the others. “It makes everything cold and new. I miss it.” 

  Gendry bit his lip. “Do you think you’ll ever make it back home?” 

  Arya stared at him for a moment longer. Suddenly she was not seeing Gendry, but her father, who loved her. She saw Jon who called her ‘little sister’ and mussed her hair and believed in her. She saw her whole family, who she missed so much, and she saw her home, which was only ashes and a memory, and then she was crying. “No,” she whispered to Gendry, lip quavering and tears streaming down her cheeks. 

  Gendry blinked, probably surprised. Then he reached out and grabbed her hand. 

  “I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have—”

  “Shut up,” she whispered. Arya buried her face in the crook of his neck, holding onto the waist of his breeches and resting the other hand on his bare grimy chest. She could feel his heart beating. 

  She thought, stupidly, that she might love him. 

Arya passed over the pint.

  “Will that be all?” 

  The man nodded slowly. Then he sat down at the bar and drank deeply. Arya watched him, fascinated for whatever reason. 

  The bloke set his drink down and met her gaze. “You gonna stare at me all night?” 

  Arya flushed. “Sorry,” she said. “You just… Look very tired.” 

  He nodded. “I’ve a shite job and my girlfriend just dumped me, so that’s sort of to be expected.”

  A silence settled between them — what little silence there could be in this noisy place. 

  Hours passed and still he sat there, drinking pint after pint. Eventually the club dwindled down to just her and the bloke, and three fat men grinding on the dance platform. 

  “Stupid of her,” Arya remarked lightly as she wiped down the bar. 

  “Mm?” The bloke looked up. 

  “Dumping you,” Arya clarified. She took away his empty glass and he frowned. “Your girlfriend, I mean.” 

  The bloke snorted. “She fucked some other guy,” he said dazedly. “I caught them at it. Before I could even -hic- say anything, she was pushing me out her door and telling me we were done.” 

  Arya blinked at the sudden confession. “That’s… A bit pathetic, really.” 

  The bloke grinned. “Who are you, anyway?” 

  “Arya,” she said, choosing to leave out her surname because she knew that he would only start gaping. “You?”

  “Gendry,” he told her, also leaving out his surname. 

  And then Gendry rose from his chair, a bit unsteady, and promptly tripped over the edge of his trousers. Thankfully Arya had a lot of experience with drunken men who underestimated their height, and was on hand to catch him. 

  Gendry scoffed. “What’re you doing, Arry?” 

  “Arya,” she corrected, scowling. “And anyway, you’re the one acting stupid.” 

  Gendry rolled his very blue eyes and she helped him out, holding one fairly muscular arm as a crutch. She made to hail a cab, but he grabbed her and pulled her back.

  “You’re pretty,” he whispered. 

  Arya blinked. It was the first time she’d been called ‘pretty’ in months. At best, she’d been referred to as a ‘comely lass’ by Harwin, and that was… Not as complementary as it sounded — considering he had about thirty or so years on her and ‘comely’ only meant plain in the city. 

  But here was this very handsome bloke Gendry with no apparent last name, calling her pretty. Then again, he was drunk. She said as much.

  Gendry laughed. He threw an arm around her shoulders like they were old friends and looked up at the sky. To her surprise, it had begun to snow. 

  Gendry was staring at it in shock. 

  “Have you ever seen snow?” She asked him quietly.

  “No,” he said back. 

  Arya watched as it fell. Soon his hair was peppered with white. She thought it suited him. 

  Quickly she detangled herself from him and properly hailed a cab. Gendry stumbled along as it approached. “Where do you live?” 

  He told her his address. She passed it on to the cabby and paid a little more than the estimated fare, because there was a good chance Gendry would pass out in the back and the cabby would have to deal with it. 

  Gendry grinned at her as she shut the door. “You’re brilliant, m'lady.”

  She thought he might be, too. 

  But she didn’t know him. 


This is the most beautiful comliment and loveliest words a husband ever told to his wife…She is indesturctuble,precious,shining and so beautiful like diamond…so referencing her words to Halassi Androvar he said Married a diamond for his marriage with River look how emotinal and in love when he said this ! and then he stood up watched her and smiled and proud of his wife and thanked to his chance <3 I cry everytime I watch this scene he loves her so much… And he decided to make her understand how precious she is to him and how much he loves and admires her..So he gave them a happily ever after which that he can show her this properly… <3<3

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Happy 15 years of Moulin Rouge! We ranked all the musical numbers 

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, and the greatest songs you’ll ever know are all made over and mashed up in Baz Luhrmann’s flashy jukebox musical Moulin Rouge!, which hit theaters 15 years ago on May 18, 2001.

A Song, A Poem

a song, a poem
one lonely soul searching for home
all he sought
was love
one heart that couldn’t be bought
it is all he ever wanted
all that he really ever needed
a song, a poem
love’s the greatest gift he could ever hold
to know it
is to never be alone
wherever love shines, love goes
there’s a place we can call home
and that’s all he ever wanted
to know
to hold
a love to call his own
a song, a poem…

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29 years ago Appetite For Destruction was released //  21.07.1987 // for me it is the best album that was ever made // I can listen to it all the time and I love it so much  // This album changed music and my life

I'll Stand By You
Carrie Underwood

Oh, why you look so sad? The tears are in your eyes. Come on and come to me now

Don’t be ashamed to cry. Let me see you through, cause I’ve seen the dark side too.

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When the night falls on you, you don’t know what to do.

Nothing you confess, could make me love you less.

I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you.

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won’t let nobody hurt you

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I’ll stand by you

so if you’re mad, get mad. Don’t hold it all inside. Come on and talk to me now.

Hey, what you got to hide? I get angry too. Well I’m a lot like you.

When you’re standing at the crossroads, and don’t know which path to choose.

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Let me come along, cause even if you’re wrong.

External image

I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you.

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won’t let nobody hurt you.

I’ll stand by you

Travelin' Soldier
Dixie Chicks
Travelin' Soldier


Travelin’ Soldier by Dixie Chicks

So as I was discussing with one of my followers earlier, I was torn today between posting a love song (Everything I Do - Bryan Adams) or and anti-love song (Ain’t Good Enough For You - Bruce Springsteen). I figured on this holiest of all hallmark holidays I’d be cheerful and post a love song. This may be the greatest country song ever written (Dixie Chicks version is a cover), and anyone who isn’t touched by it is lying. And yes, I do have testicles. I am alone this year, as I always am, but I have a date tomorrow so that’s cool. For those of you who celebrate the martyrdom of St. Valentine on this day, here’s a romantic song thrown your way.

Also, Valentine is the most bad ass last name ever.

My Love, My Darling

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader

Warnings: Soulful song. Flustered Thorin. Adorableness.

Word count: 1,658

Note: I hold no claim over Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

“Oh, my love, my darling,” you begin to sing softly, stoking the fire with a stick. “I’ve hungered for your touch a long lonely time.

If it was anything that tethered you to your world it was the songs that you brought with you; stuck in your head, stuck in your heart, they often played in a way to cope with having virtually disappeared from home. You woke up one morning with too far strong a breeze on your face to believe that anything was the way it should be. Never one to leave the window open more than a few inches overnight, you bolted up to find yourself surrounded with what looked to be some sort of ancient race.

You had never been so terrified.

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so, these are the songs that remind me of the greatest love story ever told.                                                              (listen)

Another Love Tom Odell | Concrete angel Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli | The Hardest Part Nina Nesbitt | Can’t PretendTom Odell | Young and BeautifulLana Del Rey | Driven Under Seether | Outside Staind | Infinite Epic pop | Tonight Seether | Tangled Up In You Staind | The Only One The Cure | We are in love Cider Sky | Fuck Me Like You Hate Me Seether | Broken Seether (Feat. Amy Lee) | Saturn Sleeping At Last | I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys | You are in love Taylor Swift | Mercury Sleeping At Last | All Of Me Max & Zendaya | Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey | Do I Wanna Know Arctic Monkeys | Madness Muse | Heartbreaker Pat Benatar | How You Remind Me Nickelback | Resistance Muse | Undisclosed Desires Muse | Imaginary Lover  Atlanta Rhythm Section | Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey | Buy the Stars Marina and The Diamonds | Let Him Go Birdy | Running Up That Hill Track and Field | 20 Years The Civil Wars | Love Is My Drug Cover Linnéa Khalil | Tears Of An Angel RyanDan | Never Say Never The Fray | The One That Got Away The Civil Wars | Fucked My Way Up To The Top Lana Del Rey | Cosmic Love Florence and The Machine | Starlight Muse | Run Snow Patrol | Unbreak My Heart Weezer | You Found Me The Fray | Heart By Heart Demi Lovato | Legions (War) Zoe Keating | Weapons The Daylights | Don’t Speak No Doubt | Heaven’s Gonna Wait Hedley | My Heart Is Broken Evanescence | Start Again Red | Carry Me Down Demon Hunter | Rescue Seabird | Through The Ghost Shinedown | Apologize Onerepublic | Driving Nails Demon Hunter | Call Me Shinedown | Perfect Hedley | Between Courrier | Pieces Red | Turn It Back Nik Ammar | Poison Wine The Civil Wars | Hate And Love Jack Savoretti | Hymn for the Missing Red | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | If You Only Knew Shinedown | Undone FFH | On and On Tenth Avenue North | Hurt Lovers Blue | Breathing Your Love Darin | Hold My Heart Tenth Avenue North  | One Last Chance Chris Daughtry | Only One Alex Band | Everything Lifehouse | Shattered Trading Yesterday | Times Tenth Avenue North | Holding On and Letting Go Ross Copperman | Lucky Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat | Love The Way You Lie Skylar Grey | Memories Within Temptation | My Immortal Evanescence | Love Is My Drug LinneaK | All I Need  Within Temptation | Halelujah Kate Voegele | Shut Up and Love Me Demi Lovato | Bonus track