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Guys how depressing is it how young Azula was?

see I watched Avatar before I turned fourteen, so I never realized just how YOUNG fourteen is. Now I realize how fucked UP it is for a fourteen year old girl to be manipulating, threatening, and killing people.

Like she’s this brilliant little political strategist, she’s blackmailing and lying to people and starting coups and she’s powerful and talented…

But she’s also really, really fucked up, like, remember when you were fourteen?

You were just a kid, really, you just started high school, you had acne and you said painfully embarrassing things and watched anime.

What was Azula doing?

Well argue that she’s evil, but she wasn’t born like that.

She was made that way.

Unlike Zuko, her personality took their father’s bullshit the OPPOSITE way.

She became what daddy wanted and that made her want his approval more than anything and guess what that brought her?

Misery and mental instability and the inability to connect to others.

Now Zuko’s character development is the greatest development ever written.

But hers is damn close because they HIT THE SAME POINT but Zuko hit it and realized oh shit…my dad sucks.

And Azula hit it and thought I need to become better. I need to become perfect. I’m the problem not daddy.

But she could never be perfect, you see, the world doesn’t go according to your plans, and your father doesn’t love you and won’t, because he’s using you as a pawn and your BROTHER realized this before you.

Your brother decided he wouldn’t be your father’s tool anymore.

I think one of the greatest scenes was when Azula was mangling her own hair.

Like that scene where she imagines her mother…

Earlier she had said “my own mother thought I was a monster” and then looked solemn…but light heartedly brushing it off by saying “she was right of course.”

But that always seemed to me like a quick cover.

Like me when I say “so I’m complete scum…how’s your day?”

You laugh off the things that hurt most.

Maybe she thought her mother hated her because she acted like her father.

Maybe she grew to resent her mother because she loved Zuko more for his compassion and the fact that they were probably more alike than she and her father.

It’s kinda common, actually, for a parent to be more fond of the child that more closely resembles them, it’s an ego thing.

Maybe she subconsciously knew that her father was more like her, but that he doesn’t truly love ANYONE cuz he’s an ass, and she told herself that his approval was enough.

But she didn’t get AFFECTION from him like Zuko got from their mother.

So in that scene where she sees her mother being affectionate but mocking as she tells her she looks lovely, maybe that’s all of her insecurities come back to haunt her.

It’s just.

Avatar is amazing.

Azula being 14 and THIS FUCKED UP.

Like incredible, you will never hate a villain more than Ozai.

He fucked up nations and fucked up his own family, and by all rights Aang should’ve killed him, like you wanted that to happen…but then he doesn’t.

And you realize Aang is a damn monk and all of these people, even if they can’t be saved, deserve compassion.

Azula, I believe, was saved. Zuko had more compassion for her, as he always did, than she ever had for him, but in a way, it’s really not her fault.


Felicity Smoak in Every Episode: 1x18: I’ve never seen anybody die.

Sansa Stark went from a spoilt naive little girl to one of the smartest and strongest characters one the show. She spent years sitting back taking everything in, Learning to make decisions with her head instead of her heart and playing the game without anyone realising her potential. She gained power and support using her own intelligence with no need for threats or violence. She’s becoming a better, more capable leader than more experienced people who have been in positions of power for years. Sansa Stark has had the greatest character development I have ever seen and no-one can convince me otherwise. 

it’s 2017 katara confronting yon rha is still the single most powerful moment in tv history

“do you know who I am?” 

“oh, you better remember me like your life depends on it!”

“why don’t you take a closer look.”

“she lied to you. she was protecting the last waterbender.”

“what? who?” …..


yall: dylan literally hates teen wolf i cant wait for him to get out of there free him please 

dylan: [through tears] teen wolf is my home. stiles is the greatest character i will ever play in my life teen wolf was the best thing that ever happened to me nothing for the rest of my career will ever compare 

  • Me watching Hey Arnold, age 8: Wow this show is so great and relatable. I love the characters. I really hope Arnold finds his parents. I want to be just like Arnold.
  • Me watching Hey Arnold, age 20: Helga is the greatest character ever and she needs a hug. What did Miriam see in Bob. What did Suzie see in Oskar. Really I'm sure every character in this show has varying levels of issues. This is the deepest show I've ever watched. I'm cancelling all my Thanksgiving plans just to watch the Jungle Movie. I won't rest until we get The Patakis. I am Helga, through and through.
The greatest gifts

Annabel and Cullen POV fan fic - SFW 

Part 2 of their epilogue ‘Happily Ever After’. Part 1 can be found here although both can be read separately and are on AO3

Summary: The Inquisition returns to Skyhold - Annabel is still struggling, not coping with the loss of her hand and everyone has noted the change in their once cheery Inquisitor.
Can something be done to help? And even if it can, is it worth the risk?


Skyhold is significantly quieter now.

The bulk of their men had been sent to Divine Victoria’s side and the rest had mostly returned to their lives, or tried to, after all they had seen.

There was, of course, still a regiment of officers guarding Skyhold and Cullen had saved a few of the best for that sole purpose. The heart of the Inquisition would always need protection. Although to his mind it wasn’t the stones and mortar of Skyhold that represented that heart and those closest to him knew it.

Wearily Annabel plods up the steps to her chamber, its only late morning and she already feels exhausted, despite collapsing early last night with Cullen after there long journey, although at least her uneasy stomach has settled.

Her room is warm, the fire lit for her and it makes a sincere piece of comfort blossom in her chest. She wonders if such little things will be remembered once Josephine leaves? That will be a difficult farewell.

The exalted council hadn’t gone exactly to plan. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t a little bit daunted by reforming the Inquisition to a peacekeeping force serving Divine Victoria. She’d have much rather they stayed as they were, Thedas was always in need of a decent fighting men, especially given Solas’s future plans. Not that anyone had listened or cared of course, the Inquisition’s army was too mighty, too influential and too well connected, it was simply too great a threat.

Annabel supposed she understood the nobility’s perspective but that didn’t mean it didn’t rile her. Like the Inquisition hadn’t, she hadn’t, done enough to prove they could be trusted with such power?

She rolls her eyes at the mountain of paper work on her desk. You would think turning to a smaller, more dedicated force, would result in less paper work. But it seems a curse which is doomed to follow her for all time. 

Several parcels are a sat on top and like any sane person she reaches for those first. Her artificial gauntleted hand may fool people at a glance but it has no movement and is useless at the task of opening anything so she resorts to using her teeth as fangs.

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sarahmgellar: “20 years ago today, I had the greatest privilege to bring Buffy to your tv screens for the first time. It was a long and challenging road to get there. First the movie, then a passed over pilot presentation, and eventually a mid season time slot on a little known network. That first season, we liked to think of ourselves as the little show that could. While we knew the potential, I don’t think any of us saw the lasting impact our show would have. As an actor, you wish for that one role where you can leave your mark and forever be remembered, with Buffy I got so much more. She’s a feminist challenge to gender hierarchy. Buffy may have been the Chosen One, but I was the lucky one. Thank you to Gail Berman for always believing there was a show in that movie. Thank you to Joss Whedon, for trusting me to give life to one of the greatest female characters ever created. Thank you to David, for always being my Angel. Thank you to James for understanding that while Buffy and Spike may have been love/hate, I have nothing but love for you. Alyson, as any woman knows, you are nothing without the love and support of great female friends, so thank you for being that. Michelle, you will always hold a key to my heart. Thank you to all the incredible actors for seven seasons of amazing performances. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible crew that worked tirelessly (and also really tired) to bring this show to life. And lastly, but most importantly thank you to all of you, the fans. We made this show for you, and your unwavering support has kept this show going long past our seven years. You are everything. And always remember…“if the apocalypse comes, beep me” #buffyslays20