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The Greatest Kings

I’ve received some disgruntled messages about comparing Jinheung and Wang So in one of my previous posts and coming to a conclusion that Jinheung was in some ways similar to Wang So. All I can say is: WELL, HE ISN’T NOW! I miss the Jinheung from the first 6 episodes where he was so much stronger, self-confident and aware of his position and right to the throne. I miss the man who was ready to fight the whole world to claim what was rightfully his. This must be the first time EVER that I have seen a character REGRESSING instead of developing.

Moon Lovers had its own flaws but there is no doubt that compared to Hwarang it’s highly superior drama, especially the portrayal and development of Wang So. Mostly because the writer there understood that the greatest monarchs of Goryeo and the Three Kingdoms were no modern pacifists - they were ABSOLUTE MONARCHS, CONQUERORS, WARRIORS WHO FOUGHT WARS AND KILLED AND PUNISHED THEIR ENEMIES TO CONSOLIDATE POWER because that’s how they managed to make all the reforms and memorable deeds they are remembered for today. Taking that away from them is the greatest injustice a writer can do to historical figures like them. Unlike Jinheung,Wang So wasn’t reduced to a mere love interest; his main objective in the first 15 episodes of ML might have been gaining Hae Soo’s love and protecting his loved ones but that’s because he was in different position than Jinheung - he WAS NOT THE KING NOR A CROWN PRINCE, in fact as the 4th Prince he was so low in the line of succesion that he had no reasons to believe or hope that he would one day become a king. He never lived with those responsibilities, so naturally his actions and character were never ruled or shaped by them like Jinheung’s were (but mostly only at the beginning, unfortunately).

Some might argue that Jinheug isn’t the main character of the story in Hwarang, but he still is the second most important character AND HE STILL IS ONE OF THE GREATEST KINGS KOREA EVER HAD. This is the man who founded Hwarang, the man who made the unification of the Three Kingdoms possible and the shrewd politician who in 551 allied with Baekje to attack Goguryeo, only to turn on his former ally 2 years later, allying with Goguryeo instead, and attacked Baekje. It was the biggest conquest on the Korean Peninsula until the unification of the Three Kingdoms. JINHEUNG DESERVES BETTER THAN THE TREATMENT THE DRAMA HAS GIVEN HIM.


WALT PERGOY, Visual Development Paintings for The Jungle Book, 1964

The Jungle Book, (original 2D animated version) released in 1967, is one of the greatest Disney animated films of all time, and my favorite in many ways.

The animation, character designs, story, music and songs really make it shine. And of course, the heart in that the film is undeniable.

That said, the BG style, while suitable for the story and well executed is not particularly exciting or interesting to me. And it doesn’t reflect the graphic quality Milt Kahl got into the character designs.

If you compare this BG style to that of 101 Dalmatians, released 6 years earlier (1961), which is so harmonious with the Xerox lines and graphic shapes of the characters, The Jungle Book’s visual style falls a bit flat.

The story goes that Walt Disney didn’t approve of the graphic BG style of 101 Dalmatians, or that of The Sword In The Stone. And around that time, Walt Peregoy (who styled both former films) ceased to work at Disney. Peregoy’s influence was mostly buried on the 1967 film.

Disney preferred a BG style that was more realistic and thought the audience could better connect with the characters and story with that realism.

I can see his argument, but I don’t agree. When I watch 101 Dalmatians, I can’t imagine a different BG style; it so perfectly supports the story, and does not take away from the emotion. And the tone of The Jungle Book is not so different…

When I look at these Peregoy concepts for Jungle Book, I can’t help but wonder what the film would be like with a more exciting and interesting BG style. I love the film as is, but I do wonder.

Feast your eyes on these paintings and imagine…

(Top character line art is by Milt Kahl)

Episode 35.  It’s time for the puppet show!


Something about this feels a bit less whimsical than usual.

We recap last night’s revelations and establish that Utena still doesn’t remember them.   It’s nagging at her now, though.  Something about Anthy’s face seems newly familiar.

Thankfully, Akio’s spidey sense tells him that character development is happening and he bursts in to break it up just in the nick of time. 

(The subbers have rigged this entry in the Akio Unsubtlety Sweepstakes by translating “borrow” as “steal”, just to make sure we all get the joke.)

There’s kind of a greatest hits feeling about this segment - we get an encore of the Anthy’s face hardening as they walk away routine, although she’s less scary in this iteration and more 200% Done.

How many times has she seen this happen?

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We need to talk about this. We definitely need to talk about this, because Katsuki comes to a great realisation here.

He finally realises (after he won the fight, you go my boy) that they both compliment each other. That they both can become great heroes of they work together. This… this is he biggest character development I’ve seen in a very long time.

We all remember the Katsuki that despised Izuku. We all remember and now, we have him in front of us on the verge of tears, because he finally understands that you need more than strength to become the greatest hero of all time.

We just witnessed the birth of something great. The Wonder Duo is gonna grow.

They still have a long way to go. Even though Katsuki finally understands and realises that they’ll be incredible of they just work together, there is definitely some of his huge pride left that’ll make their communication and cooperation difficult. Not just Katsuki makes their relationship so difficult, Izuku too. Two complete opposites.

We’re gonna witness something great. Horikoshi, you did a great job. You made me cry again.

so,you like yurionice?

THEN PLEASE CONSIDER READING AGAIN!! ,BY MITSUROU KUBO ,the creator of yuri on ice!!!!!!

ok,like i have been wanted to do this post a long while ago since i read Again!! 

The story goes like the mc, Imamura graduated as a loner and have unfulfilling high school life. Imamura wonder how his school life would turn out if he join the cheers club and so he decide to check out the club one last time.But then,a girl saw him climbing out the window and thought that he,a delinquent tried to damage the school property on his last day of school and calls for help. unfortunately,when she runs down the stairs she slipped and fell down.and….died?? 

i have to say this manga has the greatest character development, plot and more importantly,great art by the greatest KUBO SENSEI. 

also,im not good at analysis or meta or shit but let me point u out to things that i love in this manga SO I CAN DRAG U ALL TO READ THIS

#1 intimidating teacher but is actually super kind and supportive

#2 Imamura friends in class is just bunch of girls 

#3 this guy only swears in english


#5 that feels when people read your story?


#7 AND IT WENT VIRAL (..i see kubo loves this viral thing)


,also ok someone please add to this post w more important scene that you love bc this post just isnt enough to show how great this manga is

It’s All in the Details VII

This time around, the questions are about your muse’s childhood. Fill these in or ask other to send them to you.

  1. Was your muse an easy or demanding baby?
  2. What kind of stories did they enjoy?
  3. Did they have strict or chill parent(s)?
  4. What was their favorite toy?
  5. What was their greatest disappointment?
  6. What’s their first clear memory?
  7. How did they feel about starting school?
  8. How did their parents answer to the ‘where do the babies come from?’
  9. What weird things did they assume as a child?
  10. Did they have any hobbies, or did they want to start one but couldn’t?
  11. Were they grounded often?
  12. Did they have imaginary friends?
  13. What kind of games did they like playing?
  14. What did they do that amused their parent(s)?
  15. Did they have a pet or want one?
  16. What do they think of their childhood now that they’re older?

It’s like watching history tragically repeat itself. When a new team took over the King of Fighters franchise, the result, following on the heels of my favorite entry King of Fighters 2000, was the terrible-by-comparison King of Fighters 2001 Now, a year after that debacle, we have a new team tackling Metal Slug. The follow-up to one of the greatest games of all time, Metal Slug 3, is the travesty of Metal Slug 4, developed by Playmore instead of the SNK/Nazca team.

By its own merits, Metal Slug 4 wouldn’t necessarily be a bad game. It would probably even be considered good, but not great. It plays fine and, although I’m puzzled by the replacement of Tarma and Eri with two new characters, they don’t ultimately have much impact on the gameplay. The problem is that it’s clear that the same love and effort that usually accompanies a Metal Slug game isn’t here. On the surface, much of the game looks great and would likely astonish those who aren’t vets of the series. But anyone with experience in the earlier games will recognize that all the best parts of this have been recycled from those games. The enemies and environment pieces that look best are those lifted straight out of other Metal Slug titles, and the other parts of the game just look bland by comparison. New obstacles and enemies don’t look as sharp, animate as well or blow up as nicely as you would expect. Backgrounds don’t have the same "zing” or sense of variety to them. The large floating ship in the first gameplay shot here? That’s a mid-boss. Notice the lack of things-tacked-onto-it-at-various-angles like you would expect from a Metal Slug boss. It’s just kind of there.

The copying and somehow-making-it-worse even extends to the character selection screen, which is virtually identical to the one from Metal Slug 3 except for the change in character art, which to my tastes is a terrible step down in personality. Compare this crew from Metal Slug 4

…with these from Metal Slug 3:

Sure, the folks from Metal Slug 3 look bug-eyed at times and downright weird in general, but the Metal Slug 4 team just looks plain which to me which is even worse and should never be a word ascribed to Metal Slug. And that’s what Metal Slug 4 feels like all too often: plain and uninspired.

Best things about civil war (spoilers)

-Wanda and Vision
-Sebastian Stan’s winter soldier vs Bucky thing
-T'Challa’s character development
-Steve being in Angry Protective Boyfriend Mode™ the whole movie
-Sharon Carter being really like able and a total badass who rebels against the CIA
-Peggy said it
-Peter Parker’s Star Wars reference
-Giant Man FINALLY
-hawkeye being sassy
-Wanda, just everything about Wanda
-seeing vision grow up
-Bucky and falcon’s reactions to the kiss
-that one time when Bucky was comic relief
-Peter Parker’s super vintage Mac
-Tony being generous
-Steve and Bucky recall when they wasted their money
-tom holland’s spider-man
-Zemo is the greatest marvel villian in ages
-Chris Evans’ biceps
-Tony’s character development
-cap dropping his shield and picking up Bucky and being all like “fuck vibranium I’ve got Bucky”
-both credit scenes



↳ Day 1 [Reasons you love it]: When it comes to person of interest, it’s really hard for me to pin down just a few reasons why I love it or why I think it will always be one of the best shows of all times. From the thought provoking, intelligent storylines, to the beautifully written characters and their interwoven dynamics, to the amazing development of The Machine and the gorgeous badass women of the show. One of the few reasons this show always manages to play the greatest symphony on my heartstrings

it’s really really shitty how showrunners are at a place where they’re letting (and expecting) fandom do the work they’re too lazy and entitled to do. Oh so Cap/Sam/Bucky are “the greatest love triangle in MCU history”? cool how about we see some of that love onscreen i.e why not have Sam lock lips with Cap or Bucky or each of them declare their feelings at some point? oh that’s right, this isn’t really about showcasing gay love, it’s about using and exploiting a subset of your viewers while continuing to avoid real, challenging, paradigm-breaking representation. this happens ALL THE TIME with these white dudebrow fests. BBC Merlin spent whole seasons REFUSING to develop their characters or advance the story because they knew if they just gave fandom enough scenes of merlin and arthur “bantering” or taking their shirts off people would tune in anyway and continue writing fanfics and making gifs and feasting on the “subtext” that will never be allowed to break the surface. same with BBC Sherlock. Same with Supernatural. Showrunners know what fandom thirsts for, they read the tweets and tumblrs, they know the formula for garnering slashdom interest and they run with it all the way to the bank. meanwhile, women of color/ queer women of color rarely appear onscreen, and when they do they’re quickly shafted or sidelined in favor of white male characters (see also: Merlin, MCU, Sleepy Hollow et al). and lemme tell you it’ll be cold day in hell before MCU lets chris evans share a kiss with anthony mackie onscreen. i’m not saying dont ship things or dont enjoy these films/shows. god knows i enjoy a lot of trash media. but i’m pissed that showrunners exploit and encourage the worst sort of trends in fandom with not a single effing drop of accountability.

1. Brittany Pierce (portrayed by Heather Morris)

And there we have it, Brittany is our favourite Glee character of all time! Much like Mercedes Brittany is one of the show’s greatest developed characters. And although she has said a few problematic phrases in the past her newfound maturity and intelligence shows that she has overcome that part of her life. What started off as the show’s method of throwing digs at the unintelligent turned into a true fighter and example. Brittany was never the best at school yet was recruited by M.I.T. and her wife ended up relying on her intelligence for most of their general issues. Not only does Pierce turn into a greatly written character but Morris never failed to deliver with her. We never realised how much talent Morris had until the season two episode Britney/Brittany and I’m glad that we realised sooner than later. What Morris was hiding behind the small (but classic!) one liners was a fantastic dose of singing and acting. Brittany is a great television character and it will be a long time before we see somebody as fantastic as her on our screens again!

Luke Skywalker is and will always be my favorite Star Wars character of all time. His journey from a farm boy to a Jedi Knight is one of the greatest developments i have ever seen. 

Problematic Favs Are the Only Favs Worth Having

I received an ask about having a discussion about Laura more than an assault and I’m never going to pass up a chance to talk about writing so here’s an expansion on my thoughts in that ask…

Laura was a cute little button in season 1. She’s not so cute now is she? That’s because she’s getting development. Despite some overeagerness and naivety, she was essentially a flaw-free character throughout season 1. Now that Jordan and Ellen have room to widen her breadth, it’s a bit more ugly than originally thought. And that’s awesome. Flawless character’s aren’t always Mary Sues, in fact one of the greatest literary figures of all time, Atticus Finch, was a static character priming with righteousness and justice (recent events aside). But that’s also why he’s not a main character. Laura over here is and that means she has a story to tell and therefore, mistakes to make. 

Last season, a lot of missteps happened to her. This season, she’s doing a lot of her own tripping. And what’s so great about this is that her flaw isn’t “she’s prone to hero worship” because what’s really wrong with her has nothing to do with just one person. Her problem is that she has a fundamental ignorance of peoples’ true natures and a desire to see what she wants to see. And that is exactly how you want to build yourself a character. Carmilla is collateral damage in the growth of Laura Hollis just as Laura was to her last season and it’s all sorts of heartbreaking. And in the process, we’re watching the most vunerable parts of Carmilla’s character come to the surface, learning that she’s incredibly insecure stemming from self-hatred. And watching Laura (unknowingly) ignore this in favor of her own goals is frustrating in the best way. 

Now, someone pointed out Carmilla could easily speak up. And I agree, there’s not even missed signals here because signals aren’t even happening. I will say Carmilla did flat out tell Laura to knock it off, they had a 3 minute chat, and then ran off to deal with it by having sex. And no one is surprised that didn’t work. Going back to what I said above: Carmilla is insecure. I imagine she fears pushing this point with Laura will end poorly for her thanks to the avalanche of “heroic vampire girlfriend” and Peggy Carter nonsense. And Carmilla’s fear of having Danny around is absolutely the result of her knowing Laura once referred to Danny as “all kinds of righteous”. They’re foil characters and she’s afraid of ending up on the losing side of this. So, it’s easier do as Laura wishes and pretend in her head that Laura loves her for her. Is insecurity a flaw? No. But indecision certainly is and the “wild card” poster aside, she’s certainly showing quite a bit of that here.

Laura sees the world in black and white and we’re watching her work this out. Carmilla has the curse of seeing the world how it really is and is going to get punished for it. Let’s enjoy that ride because no great story was made up of moonlit stargazing and tear-free romance.