the greatest cast ever

things I’ve noticed about the cast from interviews etc.

  • Naomi has the greatest laugh I’ve ever heard running around like an ethereal prankster faerie. Loves food too.
  • Becky G is actually an Angel sent from Perfection didn’t anyone tell you sooner?
  • Dacre is Shy and Awkward and Precious and wears big knitted jumpers
  • I want to be RJ’s friend??? so??? badly?? The way he treats everyone is Goals. I would love to be that nice.
  • Ludi is great at everything. He bottle flips. Survives horror films. Apocalypses. Would win a fight just by smiling at his opponent.

Let’s get real: Kilgrave is the best super villain ever. Not just in TV, or the MCU, but the greatest super villain ever put to screen. Three main reasons:

Firstly, the actor. On paper, casting David ‘Greatest Human Ever‘ Tennant as a villain seems like a really bad idea. Especially considering his most famous role is the Doctor, one of the most famous heroes in science fiction.

But holy shit, Tennant is scary as hell as Kilgrave. Mostly because that effortless charm, likability and elegance he brings to every role is present here as well. No matter how much you force yourself to always hate Kilgrave, you will find yourself feeling sorry for him. You will find yourself wondering if there is more to Kilgrave than just his self serving nature would imply.

Only for the show to remind you that he’s a sociopathic asshole, and then you realize Kilgrave isn’t just manipulating the characters in the show, he’s also manipulating you!

Secondly, his powers: There a lot of villains who can kill you in gruesome and terrifying ways. But Kilgrave does something far more terrifying. He can make you kill yourself. Or just cut off a limb. Or murder your entire family. Hell, god knows how many people he’s raped outside of Jessica and Hope.

And you can’t fight it. Whatever he tells you to do, no questions, no resistance, you just obey. That’s more than disturbing. That’s dehumanizing.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Kilgrave feels real: For me, the close runners up for best super villain are Wilson Fisk from Daredevil and the Joker. But they both represent ideas. Fisk is absolute order, Joker is absolute anarchy. Both terrifying in their own ways. But both are the kind of people you know aren’t real, but the thought of them potentially being real is scary.

Kilgrave however, he is real. Maybe not with those mind control powers, but he exists. Odds are, you’ve met someone like him. Someone who’s selfish, entitled, uncaring of others, obsessive, manipulative. Kilgrave may just be a comic book villain, but he’s a personification of every ‘nice guy‘, every stalker, , every self serving dick you either have met or will meet at some point.

ASoUE Cast Ideas

I’ve been thinking about this way too much at work so I figured I’d share (if a character isn’t listed it means that either I didn’t have any good ideas or i forgot about them) and some actors are listed more than once because i thought they’d be interesting in multiple roles and also because I WANT THEM IN THE SHOW. put Aldis Hodge in ASoUE. DO IT.

Esme Gigi Genevieve Squalor:
Laverne Cox
Mindy Kaling
Taraji P. Henson
Anne Hathaway
Freema Agyemen
Alia Shawkat

Jerome Squalor:
John Cho
John Boyega
Aldis Hodge
Mahershala Ali
Rami Malek

Lee Pace
Aldis Hodge
Dev Patel
Dule Hill

VFD Elders:
Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellan
Danny Glover
Harrison Ford
Betty White
Maggie Smith
Liza Minelli
??? All your faves ok i can’t think of enough older actors

Dustin Hoffman
Morgan Freeman

Captain Widdershins:
Chi McBride
Forest Whitaker (tell me this would not be the greatest casting choice ever)

Quvenzhané Wallis
Auli'i Cravalho

The Man With a Beard But No Hair:
Samuel L. Jackson
or someone who doesn’t look intimidating at all like
Matthew Broderick

The Woman With Hair, But No Beard:
Freema Agyemen
Catherine Tate

Madame Lulu:
Emily Browning
?? I don’t know I’m drawing a blank here

Bill Hader
Keegan-Michael Key
Aziz Ansari

Kit Snicket:
Emily Browning
Anne Hathaway
Lucy Liu
Mila Kunis
Ruth Negga
Mizuo Peck

Jacques Snicket:
Sebastian Stan????
Daniel Henney
Shia LaBeouf
Javier Bardem
Steve Coogan

honestly like call the midwife is just such a pure show???like, wholesome, relatable characters who have flaws and aren’t perfect and make mistakes who are played by the greatest cast possibly to have ever graced the bbc???and the storylines are all rly historically accurate and emotional and there’s no sugar-coating, everything is exactly the way it would’ve been back then but are still relatable enough to the viewers???and also not to mention the fact that we’ve now had a healthy lesbian relationship portrayed for two seasons now and neither of them have died yet(touch wood)and they’re actually, like, living together(with a bunch of nuns but still)and they are portrayed as a normal couple who fight regularly and don’t always agree and aren’t just there to keep lgbt fans satisfied or for a shock value storyline and honestly it’s just such a good bit of television 10/10 keep up the good work

milkeymickovich  asked:

Book of Mormon, The Last Five Years :)

Book of Mormon: Favorite Musical 
AAAAAAAAH you have no idea how difficult of a question this is for me… I think I can narrow it down to three musicals

  • Les Miserables- it’s based off my favorite book, the soundtrack is stellar, and I love to torture myself with Emotions 
  • Next to Normal- another great musical for the Feels. I relate to this musical in a way that I can’t relate to anything else. Everything about it is absolutely fantastic and gosh I love it so much
  • Heathers: HEATHERS IS SO FANTASTIC; the first time I ever watched it , I knew NOTHING about it, I had heard “Dead Girl Walking” on tumblr and thought that it sounded great so I watched it and I was really annoyed because I thought it was a typically 80s/90s teen girl movie style and then the murders happened and it ended up being one of the greatest rides I have ever experienced 

The Last Five Years: Favorite cast of any show?
I would have to say either Hamilton OBC or the cast of DWSA; also Wicked OBC is amazing 

Thank you!! 

Girls will be cruel, and boys will be mean. They both will break your heart in one way or another my darling, and I dread the day that I see sorrow purse your little lips as they quiver while you try not to cry.

Your little feelings will be hurt and you won’t understand why that tall tenth grader told you that your smile was brighter than the city lights, yet kissed another girl goodnight.

Baby girl, I promise you that I will dry every tear that you let me, and I’ll pull back when you need your space. I will do whatever it is that you need me to, and I’ll carry your heart when it’s too heavy to hold.

I will love you every second that I’m breathing, and I’ll work as hard as I can to give you the life that you deserve.

God blessed me with the grandest adventure that I would ever embark on, he gave me the greatest gift I would ever receive, he gave me you.

He cast me in the greatest role that I will ever play, your Mommy.

—  Mommy

We Didn’t Cast The Singin’ Salmon!

The greatest mistake ever to happen in history.
Watch the full video here

honestly I like to pretend I’m over snk, but lbr once season 2 comes out I’m gonna be right back in titan food hell with the rest of this god forsaken website