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Nocking Point Wine Tasting Party

Aka the event where I just had the most INCREDIBLE, amazing, fan-fucking-tastic night with Stephen Amell and my girls Jesi ( @jesileighs ) and Kristy ( @cbcbiology

After many requests on twitter to write this out on tumblr here I am. This is long so take a seat! pictures are included and before you ask me “HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?” let me tell you “I HAVE NO CLUE I’M SHOCKED AND IN AWE ABOUT THIS TOO!” ok? On with the story

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i sketched out and trashed like… 100 drawings today but its okay cause lilith pulled me out of that rut… new darkstalkers when?

things I’ve noticed about the cast from interviews etc.

  • Naomi has the greatest laugh I’ve ever heard running around like an ethereal prankster faerie. Loves food too.
  • Becky G is actually an Angel sent from Perfection didn’t anyone tell you sooner?
  • Dacre is Shy and Awkward and Precious and wears big knitted jumpers
  • I want to be RJ’s friend??? so??? badly?? The way he treats everyone is Goals. I would love to be that nice.
  • Ludi is great at everything. He bottle flips. Survives horror films. Apocalypses. Would win a fight just by smiling at his opponent.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how did the brave little toaster (1987) only get a 75% on rotten tomatoes. it's filled with great comedy, mystery, horror, and adventure. the four songs in the movie are some of the greatest ever composed and performed. there's a cast of relatable and lovable characters, most of which furniture. they give you villians that you enjoy actively rooting against, and they have an against-all-odds happy ending. it's perhaps one of the greatest children's movie of our time. it should have gotten at least an 85
I accidentally turned my boyfriend into a fashion critic

So, my boyfriend and I are pretty avid Netflix bingers, constantly finding new series to watch etc. I’m home more often than him, since I’m a student, and naturally I’m not allowed to watch more episodes of shows without him. That would be Netflix Cheating. Many bad. Awful girlfriend I would be. 

So I was in search of something on Netflix that he wouldn’t be interested in that I could watch and binge at my own leisure during the day when he isn’t home. So one afternoon, when I had a two hour break between classes and came home to have lunch, I discovered that a couple seasons of Project Runway had been added to Netflix. I’d never actually seen it, and frankly it’s right up my ally. The other plus being that my boyfriend hates reality tv of any kind with a passion. I knew even just the sound of a reality fashion show would put him right off, so great choice. I can binge all I want, no guilt of him wanting to watch any. 

A day or two later I mention to him that I’d been watching it. He judged me, as I expected. But said he could tolerate it in the background while he read etc. Anyway, here I am, about halfway through a season and every now and then he’s expressing his opinions on the show. “Oh that’s a nice dress” he says, or “eh, I don’t think I like that”. The next thing I know, “Oh this is not that bad at all for a reality show, it’s really all about the clothes, no bullshit!” and he’s sitting on the couch watching it with me. The next day he even got offended that I’d watched a couple episodes without him. 

Then he got really into who was going to go to fashion week, he’s telling his mate what a good show it is, not letting me start the next season without him and even says to me one night, when we only one episode to go and I kept falling asleep, that I should go to bed and he’ll keep watching and I can just catch up tomorrow when he’s at work. Um, what? 

We finished both seasons that were on Netflix in like two weeks. He was, naturally outraged when Mondo didn’t win season 8 (I was too). He then spent the next couple of days reading trivia and info about the show and watching interviews with the cast. He decided Tim Gunn was the greatest human being ever (which is true), looked up the winning designers to see if they actually had any success, knew the ages of all the judges (why?), and discovered why Michael Kors left the show. He even said to me while doing the dishes last night: “I looked up Seth Aaron’s line from when he won the all-stars series. Not as good as I expected…And I mean, his clothes are great, but what has he really done since?” 

All I wanted was a show to watch by myself and instead I managed to turn my reality-tv hating boyfriend into a Project Runway trivia buff and low-key fashion critic.  


i can’t believe skam is going to start its last season. i’m beyond excited for Sana’s season because Sana is such a badass queen and the trailer is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen (besides the cast and show of course) and i’m hype. BUT i’m upset because this show is art and there are other characters (vilde, both chris’s, jonas) that i’d really like to see have their own season. this show shows real things and opens eyes. it’s the greatest thing ever and if you’ve never seen it, watch it right now. 

much love<3

Pas de Deux (Ken x Reader)

Rating: M, very very VERY M

(A/N) The fam wanted some sub!Ken and, boy howdy, I was more than WILLING to give! To spice things up, I made this a Ballet AU because why the hell not? He’s my ult and he deserves a cool AU! (ps i just busted the fattest nut for this gif holy cow)

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The orchestra struck the first note of the grand pas de deux boldly, as it should be, opening up the scene for the audience who were already scooting closer in their seats to catch a glimpse of what was to come. For this particular ballet, which contained numerous modern and adult concepts like love, sex, control, and the power struggle between two lovers, was not only a dance, but a song as well; a song of both your bodies and voices that captured the essence of the characters’ relationship. It was the first time in the entire show that you and your partner were to sing, being the last characters in the plot to showcase your voices to the audience who wanted to know if you both could dance and sing. Critics in the crowd were ready to pick you apart, ready to write columns about how you were nothing more than dancers who could maybe carry a tune when asked. But you had a fiery anger in your heart, defiance lifting your chin as you strode out elegantly toward center stage, ready to prove those ruthless columnists wrong.

You heard numerous audience members gasp as you glided to the middle, performing several intricate dance passes while they gawked at your stage outfit which was innovative and daring for a ballet. Much of your skin was exposed, save for your breasts and tutu, and the audience members soon understood the sexual nature of this grand pas de deux when your partner and danseur breached the stage.

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1. The Characters

Clannad honestly has one of the greatest cast of characters from any anime I’ve ever seen ever. It doesn’t matter if they’re a main character, a supporting character or a character who only showed up in one episode, I’ve grown attached to every single person in this show in one way or another and that’s amazing if you ask me.

2. The Animation

Kyoto Animation really outdid themselves with this one. Most of the scenery is so beautiful and atmospheric that’s it’s left me gaping on more than one occasion, plus the animation is so smooth and really well done, with special mention going to the girl and robot scenes.

3. After Story

Yep, this is a whole reason. Like, Clannad’s first season was amazing and even if it didn’t have a 2nd season it’d probably still end up somewhere on my top 10 favorite anime list, but After Story took what made the first season great, and made it better. We got to see the characters develop and see their lives after high school which is something we don’t usually get to see in most anime, and it really did a great job of teaching the importance of family relationships.

4. Every Episode is Avaliable on Youtube

Subbed and dubbed.

Now that’s just plain convenient.

5. Tomoya and Nagisa’s Relationship

If you ask me, the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa is one of the best and most realistic relationships from any anime I’ve ever seen. These two probably couldn’t be more different and yet their relationship works so well. Their lives are full of ups and downs (mainly downs) but they’re both always willing to stay with each other through everything which is just a tiny part of what makes their relationship so beautiful.

6. The Soundtrack

Clannad’s soundtrack has to be my favorite anime soundtrack of all time. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep listening to Dango Daikazoku, Nagisa or any of the other songs from this magnificent soundtrack. The first season had a decent opening theme but After Story’s opening was beyond beautiful. The only track I didn’t particularly like would be After Story’s ending theme but that’s mainly because it ruined the emotional value of some episodes.

7. The Funny Moments

People make Clannad out to be a depressing anime (which is true to some extent) but this show has sent me into so many fits of laughter that just remembering it makes my gut hurt.

8. The Sad Moments

Clannad is definitely an emotional anime, there’s no doubt about that. It’s made me cry on more than one occasion which I’ll admit I’m strangely proud of. It really makes you think and realize the importance of friendships and family values which is partly why it leaves leaves such a huge impact.

9. The Voice Acting and Dialogue

If you ask me, it doesn’t matter if you prefer anime subbed or dubbed because both versions of Clannad were done marvelously. I’m personally a dub fan and I found no problems with it. Some of the lines and monologues from this anime have left me choked up because they’re so meaningful and often symbolic in some way.

10. The Message

Clannad is not only limited to one message but if you ask me, it’s all about family. It teaches you that your family isn’t only limited to the people you share blood with. Family can be anyone you feel safe and happy around, no matter how messed up and broken it may be.

In Conclusion

Watch this damn anime

starlight-zephyr-deactivated201  asked:

Your blog is amazing! Could you do the brothers (of whichever family you want) reaction to their S/O being a Wican witch. Like a modern day one who cast spells and curses. She stitches sigils into their clothing to protect them and uses herbs with meanings when she cooks. She reads tarot and practices lots of types of divination.

This is so interesting! I did the Sakamaki, but if you want the Mukami later just ask~ (♡´౪`♡)

♥Shu: …What is that circle on the floor? Uh? Are you trying to summon a familiar?… Well, as long as you don’t make too much noise, it’s okay. But try not to bring something dangerous into the house…

♥Reiji: You brewed all those potions by yourself? And poisons too? You’re quite skillful with herbs. I’ve heard about this potion! It requires a very deep knowledge of alchemy. Hm… Who taught you all this? You will be really useful for me. I could learn a thing or two from you…

♥Ayato: Hey, Chichinashi, since youre a witch, can you cast a spell upon me? Make me the greatest vampire ever! Uh? You already put a spell on me? What kind of spell?! You’re going to regret th-! Ah, strange… I don’t feel like drinking your blood today…

♥Kanato: What are you doing with my sweater?! Huh? Is that… A sigil? Why are you stitching a sigil on my sweater? For protection, you say? Hum… I dont know why would I need protection, But its okay I guess. Hey… Can you sew one on Teddy, too? A fire-proof sigil would be nice!

♥Laito: So, you’re a witch, Bitch-chan? Hmm, who would’ve thought! Those are a really interesting cards you’ve got there. Oh~ do you read the future with those? Good, good. I want to hear my future, then. I’m all ears~

♥Subaru: Since when you’re a witch?! Dammit, why have you been hiding this from me?! *punches wall* Huh? The wall pieces are coming together… Can you restore things to their original state?! Well, that means I can destroy as many things as I want when I’m angry, and it will be like nothing happened because you will be there to keep the secret…