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dating Taehyung [realistically]

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jungkook l yoongi

• he wouldn’t really always be all happy and romantic as fanfictions and imagines make him out to be

• as far as I know (assume) he doesn’t have that much experience with relationships/girls so I think sometimes he wouldn’t always be able to know how to handle fights and difficulties in the relationship

• because he’s not really experienced I can imagine that he would try his best to be the perfect boyfriend that appears in dramas and books

• if he’s really in love with you he would always want to show and tell you how much you mean to him and give you everything you need but he’s only human

• pda wouldn’t really be a thing, he doesn’t seem like the type of man who would be making out with you in public or even kissing you in front of the members. I can see him holding your hand or keeping an arm around you while you’re walking

• also he seems like a really decent guy who wouldn’t have problems to wait for a while until he’s sure you’re the one before he decides to get really close to you physically

• also don’t see him making out with you a lot but a lot of forehead kisses and the dramatic fun kisses he loves to give (you know the thing he does with the camera)

• your first kiss being a meaningful and sweet experience

• I can even imagine him waiting for sex til he gets to marry you because you both don’t necessarily need it right away

• if you want to get closer to him you had to tell him. I feel like he is the type of guy who doesn’t understand girls too well but would notice that something is going on

• if there were times you wanted to kiss him (because he just didn’t make a move) you just had to tell him and he would be okay with it

• i don’t know but i just feel like he would be unsure at first to touch you because he didn’t know if you wanted it

• but as soon as you told him he would constantly hug you, kiss you, and love you the way he wants

• It would get more and more the longer you are together like he would get so touchy and cute from then on

• once he’s sure and comfortable around you, he would literally do anything with you

• the sex wouldn’t be as great as fanfictions make it out to be though

• sometimes he would fall asleep right after because he’s just too tired

• but you love each other so it wouldn’t matter a bit

• him always talking to you about your future together and how many kids he wants to have with you

• he would love to hug you and squish your cheeks

• his hands are really big and he is aware of that (the focus he always sets on them in front of the camera jesus he knows) so I think you and he would love comparing your hands together

• he would love that yours are smaller than his

• he would love the feeling of protecting you 

• If you both have bad fights, there would be times he would walk off and wouldn’t talk to you for a while

• If you both don’t talk to each other anymore he would go to the other boys to tell them about it. He would either do it to get advise or to get it out of his chest, but you’d still be uncomfortable with it because you don’t want them to know about your relationship problems

• He wouldn’t always be so happy and in kissing mood when he wakes up in the morning because he’s a heavy sleeper who has a hard time standing up in the morning

• but as soon as he sees you there would be a lot of times where he would wrap his arms around you and just lay there for a while

• If you both have free days together you would go out to a cafe or an adventure park and just have a good time

• you would also have great museum visits

• taehyung seems like someone who is a great listener, so if you both have time alone together you would also have great thoughtful conversations with a lot of eye contact

• he wouldn’t always tell you everything, but you would turn out to be the person he would trust the most out of all people

• he would love when you play with his hair and just touch him in general

• he would also love to touch you and make you feel secure

• from what I saw, taehyung likes to give people (expensive) gifts, so he would also be willing to buy you lots of presents whenever he feels like it

• sometimes you would get a little mad at him for that because people would think you use him

• but even if the rumors and the drama would be hard to handle, if you both were meant to be, you would go through ever difficulty together

• he would always want to participate more in the music making process, so if he made a new tune/melody for the next song or wrote some lyrics, he would love to show you them and ask for your honest opinion

• because you both would always be honest to each other

• the relationship making you both feel down at times because he’s barely there due his schedule and you not being able to visit him on tour often because of your own work

• him being so cheesy and sweet to you especially when you’re sad and feeling down because he loves to make you feel loved after all

• him being the one to call you mostly in the beginning of the relationship

• silly facetimes, usually once a day but sometimes he would be too tired or jetlegged so he would forget to call

• he’s actually really funny and has a good sense of humor, but sometimes he’ll use them as a tactic to avoid conversations he doesn’t want to have

• he can be really naive at times which could make you frustrated

• he can get really distant at times for no reason

• you being super close to each other’s families

• your parents loving him and seeing him as their son-in-law

• taehyung would love to introduce you to his family and would be super happy to see you getting along with his siblings and cousins

• you being totally in love with his dog soonshim and spending most of the time with her when you visit his house

• him admiring you completely during the process and always telling you how much the dog loves you

• his parents being happy to see that he found someone who makes him feel so alive
• at first i can imagine, the bts members would be concerned if taehyung isn’t getting to serious with you but after they realize that you have good intentions and a good heart, they will treat you so good

• especially little jungkook would always come to you when he has to tell someone other than the boys about his problems and other stuff (you know some girl advice)

• you’d be his inspiration at writing at times. he would write stuff about you. It might not be good and fully written but he would like to write them but never show them to you.

• overall, you two would have a sweet happy yet hard relationship that you both would be fighting for. and if you keep on respecting and loving each other it would possibly hold on for a life time.

Lena Dunham on Ending 'Girls,' Taylor Swift and Being Blamed for Hillary's Loss

On the flip side, your friend Taylor Swift took a lot of heat for not speaking up. Is that unfair?

I just think everyone has to do it their way. When I was lesser known, I was like, “Who could not share their opinion?” Then I found out that when you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they’re coming to your house. You have to fucking watch it because people are nuts.

In general, what have you taken away from Taylor’s approach to her career?
She’s been in the public eye since she was 15. I felt young when my career started and I was 23, 24. When I met her, she was newly 22, and she was a fucking seasoned pro at this stuff. Watching the way that she understands the vicissitudes of the cycle, and she just keeps making her work, – that’s just really impressive to me. That’s how I hope to live my life, which is not as a slave to public opinion, but just as somebody who continues to make things. She’s truly just an artist who has to make things to survive. I guess that’s what we have most in common. 

And she’s never not making music. If people know about it or they don’t, she’s never not making music, and that’s like, something that I’ve really watched with a lot of admiration.  Because she’s been put through the ringer, and she’s continued to make her work. People who understand how to protect themselves but aren’t so beaten down that they can’t be creative – that to me is the greatest.

Your boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, is often making music in your Brooklyn apartment. What’s it like being close to that other kind of creativity?
He’s in the back of my apartment right now recording with two artists. I have a whole other career as a rock-star housewife, making tea for musicians. I really love how private and emotional Jack’s work is – how he’s super-public when he goes on tour or when he’s promoting something, and then he goes back into the hole for three years. That’s really appealing to me. He can be very secretive. If he’s working on something with Taylor, he’ll tell me I can’t hear it, which makes me crazy!

-Rolling Stone, (x)

dating jeff atkins would include:
  • you meet when you’re a freshman and he’s a sophomore, you start helping him with his english work when you see him struggling in the library one day
  • you begin dating over the summer before your sophomore year 
  • suggesting clay to tutor him when you both distract each other too much 
  • shipping clay and hannah together 
  • him wrapping his letterman jacket around you whenever you’re cold 
  • him defending you to his parents who think you’re distracting him from his future 
  • him whispering sweet things into your ear when you’re sad or insecure
  • you wearing his baseball shirt to all of his games
  • him having to buy another baseball shirt because you keep wearing his
  • “so are you doing the dollar valentine?”
  • “why would i? i already have my perfect match”
  • jeff being too pure for this world and the greatest boyfriend ever

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how weird is our favourite show that it feels completely normal having capital G making pancakes while wearing apron and drinking from a “World Greatest Dad” mug? oh! also, lucifer is sulking in sam’s room. hahaha

Princess Rebellion | Gil x Reader

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Prompt: “Frick.” “Why don’t you curse?” “There’s a story behind it.”

Summary: Gil is there to help you with your insecurities.

Author’s Note: I demand more Gil!

You peered into your locker mirror, noticing that your lipstick smudged. You quickly pulled out the tube, reapplying it carefully. “Hey sweetheart.” Gil’s voice from behind scared you and you jerked your hand, smearing lipstick on your chin. 

“Shit! You ok?” Gil asked, trying to stifle his laughter. “It’s just lipstick. Nothing important.” You waved him off. You mentally cringed. You could only imagine your mother’s reaction if she heard you say that. It would not be pretty.

You reached in your purse, feeling around for a makeup remover but not finding any. Crap! You let Audrey borrow them and she never gave them back. “Frick.” You whispered out, becoming increasingly frustrated. 

“Why don’t you curse?” Gil asked, bringing you back to reality. “There’s a story behind it.” You sighed. The bell rang and students started rushing to their classes. You refused to go to class looking like an idiot.

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RFA + Saeran and V meet MC’s really nice ex

I decided to combine these two since they’re similar. And can I just say how I’m all yours when you start a request with “I always see things like this and that, but I want you to do different”?Iit makes me feel really special <3

So here it is, hope you like it! ^^


  • He thought he was the perfect man… until he met your ex.
  • What the hell? The guy is handsome, smart, rich and… did he mention he’s handsome?
  • Like, this man looks like he just stepped out of an Emporio Armani ad! Zen never advertised for Emporio Armani.
  • And the way he interacts with you, fuck! He’s a true gentleman, Zen bets he never has to be worried about a beast trying to come out everytime you smile.
  • He wanted to hate the guy, but… ahhh, it’s impossible! He’s nice as fuck!
  • “Babe, why did you two break up?” he needed to know, he asked as soon as the guy got in his hybrid car and went home.
  • “We just realized we were better as friends.” “Why? Why weren’t you better as a couple? He’s… great! He’s… perfect, MC!”
  •  “Yeah, and perfection is boring!” well, at least he knew he wasn’t boring, but that meant he wasn’t perfect either…
  • You notice he got insecure. “Look, Zen. Nobody is perfect. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, he’s not perfect. And he is somebody I chose to share a friendship, you’re somebody I chose to share my life with.”  Oh wow…
  • “And you have better abs too.” You winked and smiled at him, and the beast woke up immediately. This time he wasn’t worried.


  • Oh shit! This poor cinnamon roll…
  • He can feel the smell of testosterone emanating from the guy. It’ just Old Spice, Yoosung, chill
  • And he’s so manly, but he’s also cool and fun. And he’s also a gamer, how come he doesn’t have dark circles under his dreamy eyes?
  • He’s making you laugh all the time! Yoosung wished he could be this funny, he’s always so flustered around you…
  • He’s not jealous of you two, he’s legitimately envying the guy!
  • “Why did you break up, MC?” he felt awful and great at the same time.  Great for being able to say this out loud, awful for sounding so bitter.
  •  “He is great, but just as a friend.” “But MC, he’s amazing! Why did you let him for… me?”
  • You were legitimately shocked, sometimes you hated he couldn’t see himself the way you did. “I never compare the people I date, Yoosung. Everyone is unique.”
  • “Yeah, he is a unique good and I’m…” “You’re both unique. Period. And he’s a good friend, you are the greatest boyfriend ever!”  you hugged him and he knew you weren’t comforting him, you were telling exactly what you felt.
  • “Also, let’s say his gamer fingers aren’t as good as yours.” You kissed him, and it was halfway through the kiss he actually got it what you meant. For the first time, he wasn’t flustered (not that much)…


  • Your first girlfriend, the woman who introduced you to all of this.
  • Now she could see why you were so chill, this girl definitely was a great influence on you embracing your own sexuality.
  • Yes, she was so chill, so confident, so adorable, she was basically a older and more experienced version of you.
  • You two laugh together loudly over the silliest things, she never feels that comfortable like this, she barely giggles when you two are watching Zen’s musicals.
  • She wants to be besty with you two. Well, mainly with you, but the girl seems so cool…
  •  “She’s really nice, MC. What happened between you two?” something must have happened, right?
  • “Nothing. It didn’t feel like a romantic relationship anymore, she was like this big sister, you know?”  “Oh, but sometimes I feel like I’m your big sister, MC…”
  • “You do? I never noticed, I think you’re great at showing your… romantic affection.” “That’s because you’re blinded by love, I’m actually terrible at it.”
  • Oh god… you hated when she got all insecure… “If you were terrible, we wouldn’t be together. Do you think I would stand a relationship where I’m not appreciated?” you got a point, yes, she really appreciates you.
  • “Now, can I show you how much I appreciate you?” she laughed, but you weren’t joking, she got that pretty quickly…


  • He wasn’t really seeing the appeal of this guy at first.
  • Yes, he’s interesting, he’s smart, his jokes make sense, he looks elegant and refined even in a casual outfit, he… okay, Jumin sees now.
  • He could do business with this guy, he felt reliable and professional, and also very comfortable and never tense about anything.
  • And the way he treats you, he knows the perfect balance between being a gentleman and being a buddy. Jumin still struggles on the buddy part…
  • Ugh, this guy has charisma, he hates how not even him can dodge from all this charisma…
  • “Your friend is quite something, MC. Why did you two decide to keep it as friends?” he didn’t want to sound bitter, but… he was.
  •  “Hmmm, no special reason. We didn’t work as a couple, I guess.” “Why wouldn’t you work together? You look like a soap opera couple…”
  • “Well, and this is real life, so…” “So you’ll realize that, realistically, I’m not a good match for you.”
  • Oh my god… insecure Jumin was the weirdest and saddest thing ever. “No, realistically I’ll just enjoy a good friendship while I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I chose and love.” You swear you saw a blush there…
  • “Now, realistically, it’s time for me to fulfill some fantasies of you, right?” oh, and now there was a blush, but it quickly faded away…


  • That guy was a professional comedian!
  • He’s also really hot, clever and his glasses look cooler too!
  • Saeyoung is almost leaving you for him, lololol
  • Seriously, this guy feels… natural. Saeyoung feels like he has to try so hard with you, this guy is effortless.
  • “He’s really cool, MC. Why did you break up?” he asked as casually as he could.
  • “No special reason, we realized we worked better as buddies.” “Oh, sometimes I feel like I’m your buddy, does that work for you?”
  • “If I weren’t so desperately in love with you? Yeah, sure.”  He gagged on his Dr. Pepper,
  • He wasn’t waiting for such a honest and direct answer like this, though it was exactly what he needed to hear.
  • “Now, buddy, why don’t you give me a little of your Dr. Pepper?” he was reaching his can to you, but you stopped him “I meant from your lips.” He smirked, well, he didn’t really need to effort to oblige your wish this time, did he?


  • Okay, even if the guy were a prick, he would feel intimidated
  • But that’s not the case, the guy is cool! The super confident type who doesn’t give a shit about what other people can think about him
  • It’s almost like he’s a male version of you. He’s not that cute, tho, but… you get my point.
  • He usually doesn’t feel comfortable around your crazy and loud friends, but this is one he feels he could hang out with if he… wasn’t your ex, as in the man who probably saw you naked.
  • “He’s cool, why did you leave him?” he asked all of a sudden, you looked at him, puzzled.
  • “I… didn’t leave him, we decided together that we were better apart.” “Why? Do you really think you’re better now that you’re apart from him and… together with… me?”
  • “I do. Why? Is that a problem?”  “I don’t know, you tell me.” “Tell you what? That I love you?” “Yeah, exactly that!”
  • What was happening? Was this a fight about… you loving him? And he… loving you back, apparently?
  • “And I love you back, okay?” yep, it was a fight about love.
  • “So prove it. Show me how much you love me!” you tried to stay at that mad tone, but you couldn’t, now you were both smirking mischievously to each other, you know where this is going…


  • V would  like this guy no matter what, ad you told him how much this you admired and respected this guy
  • And yes, he was everything you said he would be.
  • He was a trustworthy and respectful young man, so clever and sweet!
  • And the way he treated you, not even V could compete with how much he cherished you.
  • Of course he liked this guy, he was the one you loved before him. Any person that is worth of your love has V’s unconditional respect.
  • “He’s amazing, MC. I almost don’t understand why you two broke up.” He just noticed the resentment when he said this out loud.
  • “Well, we… didn’t really have a reason. We just worked better as friends, I guess.” “I see… you guess.” Shit, you didn’t mean it like this…
  • “I mean, I… am sure. He’s really great, but…” “You can’t really finish this sentence, can you, my love?”
  • “Yes, I can! I’m in love with you now! Can you blame me for having such a good taste in men?” he blushed, he couldn’t blame you for anything, never. So he just gave in to your charms…
Prince!Harry | 2

1 |


Harry barely slept that night.

But if the definition of frantic was to look at his phone every few seconds and at the door, he would be more than frantic.

He went almost livid, pulling at his hair and letting out yells of frustration with him using every single ounce of his self-control to not hurl what his eyes land on to the wall even if he knows to himself he already has none.

He called once on your phone yet it didn’t even went through your voicemail, the only thing being heard was his excessive breathing and the automated voice saying that you weren’t available.

Harry even tried to call your telephone number yet it kept ringing as a sign that it’s disconnected, all the possible reasons why you wouldn’t answer.

He thinks he’s a proper asshole that even a thought crossing to his mind that you would answer him since he’s sunken low and didn’t have anything to prove that he isn’t.

Thoughts were rushing to his head of how you looked awhile ago, on how you were tired that the both of you had limits set low on the bar and you being stood up by him far too many to count, some even being what else could’ve happened to you that was far worse, making him grip the table out of frustration.

“Fucking hell!”

Harry yelled once he heard his alarm go off, the little beeping noise that added up to his thoughts that weren’t addressed in the first place be disrupted, grabbing the clock furiously and throwing it against the concrete wall that made it immediately break.

He shoved his face onto his hands as he inhaled deeply, letting out a shaky breath that even made his heart sink if it could’ve been possible, realizing that he only changed his clothes to normal ones the moment when you only left.

He tried to compose himself as best as he could, not having the will to cover his puffy and red eyes, opening the door to leave his bedroom and had it slammed loudly, the frames on the wall slightly shaking because of it.

It’s only 7, knowing to himself that it’s the time when you would come in so he waited by the back door, hands on his backside as he tried not to think too much, wanting to solely focus on nothing but what’s about to happen.

Minutes passed and he felt guilty to the bone, a lump forming in his throat as he looked to the nearest clock and reality struck that you still weren’t there when you should’ve been here already minutes earlier than the supposed shift you have.

Harry felt the urgency to cry again until the door clicked, only to unveil the figure he was waiting on had arrived that made him want to determine whether his heart skipped a beat out or if it dropped to his stomach.

He couldn’t give out the exact words he needed to because his throat went dry the monent he saw you, with you knowing that it’s Harry who you almost hit with the door and whose gaze is on you just because you felt it, just because you know it.

Harry looked at you intently, not finding the ability to take his eyes off of you up until he followed you to your quarters and waited outside, his voice croaking once he followed you again.

“Can we please talk?”


Your voice cracked in attempt to talk without hesiation, about to go to your day’s routine until he impulsively spoke up again, his hand clasping your wrist.

“Y/N, please. I-…”

“I have work.”

Harry’s mouth slightly fell agape, thoughtlessly going with a reply on his mind as his sudden move since he’s beyond desperate to talk to you at the moment.

“I excuse you from it. Now please, come on.”

It was your last resort to come with him to his bedroom, figuring it would be over a lot quicker if you would just go with it earlier than later.

Harry’s actions weren’t as much as lively as they were at the moment but he swears he feels nervous, because no matter how much he dislikes confrontation, he knows he doesn’t like the thrill nor the chase of this one bit.

“I was wrong, I know that. I fucked up, I know that too.”

Every word felt heavy since his walls felt empty just because you weren’t speaking, just because you refused to and had a reason for it, yet nonetheless, a small part of you wanted to say something in report but didn’t have the will to do so.

“And I’m sorry.”

The words felt foreign on his mouth, his fingers fiddling with his rings that made him look up at you for the nth time, a little twitch in his chest.

He sighed heavily, his hand running through his hair when silence still engulfed the room and he had no other want than to fill it with your laughter.

“I know. I know m'not the easiest person to be with. I — I know m'not the greatest boyfriend either.”

He felt his voice cracking, standing up to sit at the armchair of your seat that you sat on without a single noise, hesitantly putting his hand on your shoulder.

“I know too that I’m an asshole everytime I make you less than happy.”

The words pouring out of his lips weren’t rehearsed compared to the apology he had in his mind awhile ago, a little flutter in his chest when he saw that you moved in your spot.

“You’re the greatest woman, love.”

Your being slightly warmed up on the tone, knowing things that like this shouldn’t be let go of but there were chances that it needed to be.

“You don’t need a crown to prove it.”

Harry slightly pursed his lips, his rings going over your hair before pausing briefly, an unexplainable feeling taking over him.

“But if you must — know that you’ll be wearing one soon.”

Something was off. For the past couple of weeks, Harry had been acting strangely. He’d always seem like his head was up in the clouds, and whenever you managed to pull him back down to earth, he’d give you nothing but short answers. You put it off at first, thinking it was just him being super tired from all the work he had to get done. It made sense, obviously! He’d leave the house in the morning, and he wouldn’t come back until the dead of night. The most affection you had gotten from him was a side hug and a quick peck on the cheek. 


“I honestly have no idea what’s going on.” You shook your head, raising your mug to your lips to take a sip of coffee. Y/F/N raised an eyebrow before shrugging casually while she continued to scroll through her phone. Since Harry was barely at home, you figured you’d leave the house for some fresh air. Spending a day with Y/F/N doing nothing but drinking coffee and gossiping was a great way to unwind! Except, Y/F/N was doing nothing but winding you up. 

“If you think about it, what I said makes a lot of sense.” Y/F/N continued to push her logic, locking her phone and setting it aside. “All the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly! What else would he be doing? He leaves early, he comes back late. He’s barely showing any affection. You two have only been together for a couple months - I don’t want to come off as brutal, but maybe he’s… Y’know, goofing around with-” 

“Harry would never cheat on me!” You interrupted, your cheeks flaring up as you got a couple glares from other coffee-drinkers. “I… I trust him.” You cleared your throat, Y/F/N letting out a sharp breath. 

“Y/N, listen to me. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out! I know you really, really like him, but it can’t be helped if he doesn’t feel the same way about you! I hate to say it, but maybe you two just aren’t compatible.” 

Suddenly, it clicked in your mind. Your lifestyle and Harry’s lifestyle didn’t match up. While he was off attending interviews, mingling with celebrities, and going to fancy parties, you were at home studying for your finals. You were a university student - Harry was a world-renown popstar

“Honey, maybe he wants someone who knows what it feels like being super famous. Maybe he wants someone who understands- Heck, maybe he already found someone else! He obviously cares about you so he’s probably finding a way to break it to y-” 

“That’s not fair.” You cut Y/F/N off, feeling your heart beginning to race. You couldn’t accept it, you didn’t want to accept it! 


“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.” 

You were going to do it. You were going to finally talk to Harry about the ongoing situation. Even though you hated confrontation, you knew you had to do something about it. You were sick of being alone, you were sick of the fact that Harry was treating you like a friend rather than a girlfriend. Or maybe you could just avoid everything and act like nothing was wrong. 

“Y/N, love - It’s nearly 1 in the mornin’, why’re you still up?” You jumped slightly at the sound of the door slamming, making you look up from your textbooks. 

“Studying.” You responded, watching as Harry kicked his boots off and hung his coat up on the coat rack. 

“A’right.. I’m goin’ to bed, then. Don’ study for too long. You go crazy when you’re running on less than 6 hours of sleep.” Harry joked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Just before he had the chance to head towards the stairs, you stopped him. 

“Can we talk?” You asked quietly, unable to make direct eye contact with Harry. He tilted his head in curiosity before nodding slowly, moving over to sit down next to you on the couch. 

“Wha’s the matter?” He pinched your arm playfully before grabbing a throw pillow and hugging it to his chest. There was a moment of silence before he noticed your eyes beginning to well with tears. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Harry sat up straighter, about to wrap an arm around your shoulder before you pushed his hand away. 

“I just… I feel like you don’t like me as much as I like you.” You sniffled, trying your best to keep from bursting into tears. “I don’t think I can be in a relationship where I’m alone for most of the day, and the most I get out of you is a kiss on the cheek.” 


“And I understand that our lives are different from each other’s, and as much as it hurts me - If you want to be with someone who’s more… Compatible with you, I can accept that.” A hot tear rolled down your cheek before you reached up and quickly wiped it away. “I just want you to be happy, you know? I don’t understand why you’ve been acting so distant lately, and I want you to talk to me, but you’re barely here and I feel like it would be better for the both of us if we-”

“I love you.” 

“-Harry, I’m not done talking, let me finish.” You hiccuped, using the back of your hand to wipe away a tear again as the gears continued to click in your head. “As I was saying, it would be-” Wait a minute. Wait a minute. “I’m sorry, you what?”  

“I know I’ve not been the greatest boyfriend lately… Y’know, we’ve only been together for a couple months but I… I’ve been feeling different, I guess, and I was scared that if I told you, you’d freak out and run away or something. I dunno, I went out a lot cos I was afraid that if you did something cute I would blurt out how much I like you and that’s jus’ not the ideal way I want to do it?” Harry was rambling at this point, his cheeks brightening up as he reached up to scratch the back of his neck nervously. “This isn’t exactly the way I wanted to tell you either, but I figured it be good to tell you now rather than have you break up with-” 

“Say it again.” You whispered, a soft smile ghosting over your features. You were obviously still in a state of ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’, considering Harry had just admitted he loved you - but you needed to hear it again to make sure you weren’t dreaming. Harry paused, blinking quickly to make sure you were reacting positively. 

I love you.” 


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Tom Holland Request

hi dear! can you write a tom holland x reader where she’s his gf and she’s on her period and having a particularly bad day, so he goes over to her place and it’s all cute and stuff, please?

You knew before you got out of bed that your “friend” was here for her monthly visit, the intense cramps and the sudden sweat that woke you from your decent sleep gave it away. You rolled out of bed and made your way to the bathroom to face the facts. After getting into comfy clothes, that weren’t covered in cramp sweat, you popped some Advil and shuffled your feet until you were falling over onto the couch cuddled with your couch pillows and some fluffy blankets. “Ugh…” you groaned, waiting for the Advil to give you some relief. You grabbed the remote, turned on some stupid, early morning, show and barely watched as your cramps rolled over you. You thought about eating something but the sickly feeling of complete emptiness that filled your body made it impossible for you to even continue to think about eating much less get up and actually get a meal.

It was 30 minutes before you felt the Advil work but it still barely tamed the pain that was coursing through your lower abdomen. 30 minutes after that you forced yourself to eat a granola bar and another 30 minutes after that your phone began to ring. “Hello,” the pain and sleep deprivation you were feeling seemed to come through your voice.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” you boyfriend’s cheery voice came through the phone. “How are you? You sound a little…funny.”

“I feel like I’m dying, Tommy.” The pain seemed to be coming back little by little and a large cramp twisted inside you and you felt your voice tighten and tears fill your eyes.

His sweet voice turned into fierce and worried, “What do you mean? Are you sick? Do you need me to take you to the doctor?”

“I’m ok just in a lot of pain.”

“That’s usually something that makes people go to the doctor, Hon.”

“It my period, Tom,” you spat out quickly. “I woke up to a knife twisting in my uterus and nothing I do seems to get it out.”

“Stay where you are. I’ll be there in an hour. I love you,” before you could say anything back he hung up.

“Ok…” you said confused and sat your phone back on the table. You continued to groan, clutch your stomach, and roll around for the next hour until Tom used his spare key to open your apartment door.

“Y/N,” he hollard in as he kicked off your shoes, not knowing you were on your couch. You raised your hand in the air so he could see you and let out a loud groan. “Hey,” he gingerly sat down on the couch with you and took your feet in his lap as he ruffled through the bags he put on the floor, “you feeling any better?”


“I brought over a heating pad,” he pulled out the grey object, leaned over to plug it in, and handed it to you. “I guess those are suppose to help. Have you eaten anything?”

“A granola bar.”

“Eat up,” he handed you a banana that he plucked from one of the bags. “I googled it and saw that those help with cramps.” He grabbed one of the bags and stood up, leaving you on the couch.

“Where are you going,” you whinned?

“I got some bubble bath for you and I’m going to run you a hot bath to help you relax.”

“Why are you the greatest boyfriend ever?”

He shrugged with a cocky grin, “The world may never know.”