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Summer Regrets (High School!Jaebum AU)

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Word Count: 1,819

Genre: Fluff

“Would you want to?” 

Warnings: Slight swearing?

The beginning of the school year was supposed to be a fresh start, a time to forget all the mistakes and leave behind all your regrets from the last year. However, your regrets began in the summer and threatened to pour over into the next school year. I guess it started at the beginning of summer, the last day of school.

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Down Time; Luke Hemmings Smut


I had some time to write today so I came up with this little smut about Luke. He’s pretty stressed and you, as his loving girlfriend, come up with a way of relieving some of that stress! 

I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you do please let me know! 

Much Love,



Down Time

 “I don’t know, it’s just all getting too much; the constant scrutiny, the attention, the demands. I mean I knew being in a well-known band would be tough sometimes but I thought I’d be able to handle it better. I feel like I’m drowning Y/N”.

“Oh Luke”, you sympathise pulling him tighter against you as the gravity of what he was telling you sunk in, “why didn’t you say something to someone sooner?”

“I didn’t want people to think I was being ungrateful. I know you’ve all sacrificed so much to help get us where we are and I would hate for any of you to think I was throwing it back in your face.”

“Luke we would never think that. Not in a million years. You know your family and I are one hundred per cent behind you in this, no matter how difficult it might get for any of us”.

By now your heart was breaking at the thought of Luke bottling up all of this anxiety for the past God knows how long. Waves of guilt swelled in your stomach making you feel nauseous as you think back to all of the times you’d complained about him being too busy or too tired to spend time with you.  If you’d known then what you know now you wouldn’t have dreamed of bitching at him so much.  He must have felt terrible. But how did you not notice? What kind of girlfriend doesn’t notice when her own boyfriend is falling apart at the seams?

“Luke we can sort this out”, you tell him, determined to make up for your past failings, “we’ll call Matt first thing in the morning and tell him that you boys need some down time. He’ll understand baby, I promise”.

“But what about….”

Knowing him well enough to pre-empt what he was about to say you cut him off gently.

“No Luke, you don’t need to worry about cancelling appearances or whatever. People will understand. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and if they don’t understand that well then they’ve lost the right to call themselves fans in the first place.”

“Thank you Y/N”.

“You have nothing to thank me for you goon”, you tell him ruffling his hair in an attempt to bring even half a smile to his worn out features, “it’s my job as your better half to make sure you’re happy and I take that job very seriously.”

“You know you’re the greatest girlfriend ever right?”.

“Yeah I know”.

For a while you sit in the comfortable silence you’ve fallen into. Your hand is moving in soothing circles across Luke’s broad shoulders and his head is nestled in the crook of your neck. His warm breath was washing across the skin of your chest left exposed by the low cut dress you had planned on wearing out that night. You’d long since missed your reservations but to be honest this was where you’d rather be spending your time anyway. You’d forgotten what it felt like to just exist with Luke. Ever since the band had taken off it was all go so it was actually kind of nice to just sit and enjoy each other’s presence, even if the scenario had been brought about through a somewhat sombre admission.

“We haven’t done this in a while”, you whisper.

“We’re not doing anything Y/N”, Luke laughs, lifting his head to shoot you a confused look.

“Yeah I know, but it’s nice isn’t it? I think we should consider this the official start of your down time.”

“So is this what we’re going to do the whole time then? Just lay on the couch?”

“We could. Or we could do something else?”

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

Your voice had taken on a playfulness and a flirtation that told Luke all he needed to know about your intentions for his ‘down time’. Both of you are grinning like fools as you used his shoulders for leverage to straddle his lap. Immediately his hands are around your waist, pulling you as close as possible and drawing you into an unhurried and sensual kiss. You’d always been able to gauge what kind of sex Luke was in the mood for by the way he first kissed you and judging by this particular clinch he was in the mood to take his time. Perfect. It was going to be much easier to spoil him if he was willing to let you take your time.

With eager hands you begin to undo the buttons on his plain black shirt, your task being made all the more difficult due to the sudden presence of a warm tongue slipping past your lips and a pair of guitar-calloused hands sneaking under the hem of your dress to grab two generous handfuls of your arse. The moan that escapes your lips at the sudden onslaught is eagerly swallowed by Luke and his hips buck slightly in an attempt to coax forth another.

“Easy tiger”, you soothe, pulling away for some much needed air, “we have all night”.

You push his shirt down his tanned arms and skirt your fingers to the button on his teasingly tight jeans, making sure your fingernails graze against his skin with just enough pressure to earn yourself a gasp. Your hands continue in their quest to remove Luke’s jeans as you bring your mouth dangerously close to the shell of his ear.

“Tell me what you want Luke”, you urge him, pausing momentarily to nibble at his earlobe, “tonight is all about you baby boy so you can have anything you want.”

“Fuck Y/N”, Luke growls, caught up in the sensation your words coupled with your hand on his cock have provided him, “I want your mouth. I want that gorgeously filthy mouth”.

Flashing him a smirk you shimmy down his legs, making sure to pull his jeans and boxers the rest of the way down as you go. You lick your lips as you take his almost visibly pulsating cock in your hand and give it a few tormentingly slow strokes. Glancing up at Luke you can see he has the edge of your couch in an almost vice like grip, obviously using it to keep himself in check. The sight of him struggling to control his need for you is enough to give you a surge of confidence and you lean forward to drag your tongue from the base of his cock right up to the tip.

“Tastes so good Lukey”, you mumble before taking him into your mouth completely.

The almost instantaneous slew of swear and whines is music to your ears as you suck and pump as much of him as you’re physically able to. You’d never really been into giving blowjobs but all that changed when you met Luke. He was just so responsive to every little thing you did you couldn’t help but start to enjoy them, especially when he was reacting the way he was now. His face, flushed and clammy, was screwed up in sheer ecstasy and his fists were exerting that much force on the material of your sofa you thought it in danger of ripping. What wasn’t there to love about it?

“Fucking shit Y/N”, Luke exclaims particularly loudly as you bob your head further down causing his tip to hit the back of your throat. You knew he was on the verge based on the fact that his hips were now rutting of their own free will and he was beyond the point of being able to control them.

“Where do you want to cum?” you ask, looking at him flirtatiously through your lashes.

“W-w-what?” Luke stammered, caught off guard by the directness of your question.

“I said where do you want to cum baby? It’s your night remember? You can have it any way you want.”

Luke stares at you with blown pupils as his sluggish, lust-clouded brain tries to process what you’ve just said. You know you must look an absolute mess considering what your activities have been for the past while but Luke seems to be enjoying the view nonetheless.

“In you”, you manages to say, his voice so strangled and hoarse you’re thankful for the fact that he has no singing to do the following day. You’d have a tough time explaining why he sounded like he’s been gargling gravel.

“In me? Are you sure?” You knew you were going to let him, you were on the pill after all and you knew you were both clean but you couldn’t resist the urge to tease him a little more.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m sure okay? Just hurry up!”

“Yes sir”, you laugh before reaching around and pulling down the zip of your dress and stepping out of it. Luke’s eyes almost fell out of his head once he gets the chance to drink in the sight of you in front of him, standing in little more than a couple of strategically placed pieces of lace and string.

“Like it?” you ask, “it’s new”.

“Take it off.”

“Care to do it for me?”

You didn’t need to ask twice. The question has barely passed your lips when Luke lunges forward and hooks his thumbs into the hem of your panties, pulling them down in one fell swoop. You barely had time to register his movements when you felt yourself being pulled downwards onto his lap once more.

“You are so fucking beautiful. Do you know that?” Luke growls in your ear as he hungrily tears your bra from your body, exposing you fully to him.

“Luke”, you moan as his lips meet the sensitive skin just below your ear. It was your sweet spot and how well he knew it. Goosebumps erupt across your stomach as you feel one of his familiar hands run along your hipbone, hell-bent on making its way towards your dampened pussy. Your head falls forward onto his shoulder in anticipation but before he can get any further you suddenly remember that you were the one that was supposed to be spoiling him.

“Stop!” you pant grabbing his wrist and bringing it back towards your hips, “you need to cum first”.

“Y/N I…..”

“Shhh baby, let me take care of you okay?”

Your foreheads are pressed together as you allow yourself to sink slowly and fully down onto Luke’s length. Neither of you move as you afford yourself some time to become accustomed to the feeling of him stretching you completely. Even though you’ve done this countless times you’re still always slightly taken aback by how well he fills you up.

“Fuck Lukey”, you whine as you begin to roll your hips against his, “you feel so fucking good”.

“Shit baby keep going”.

As if you were planning on stopping.

Over and over again you grind yourself downwards on the panting and moaning boy beneath you. You can feel your walls beginning to clench around him as the familiar coil begins to heat in your stomach. How much longer could you hold back? Determined not to cum before him you pick up the pace until you’re all but bouncing on his dick in a manner any pornstar would be proud of.

“Are you close baby?” you ask, praying that he was so you could finally give into your own orgasm.

“Yes! Jesus Christ yes!”

“Then cum for me baby. Let go”.

An almighty growl meets your ears as Luke stills your hips, emptying himself into you. You can feel his hot, strong spurts coating you from within and it’s enough to push you over the edge.

“Fuck Luke!” you cry out, gripping onto his shoulders for dear life as your thighs quake beneath you. You probably would have fallen off him had his strong arms not held you in place. You’re barely aware of Luke coaxing your hips into grinding downwards one last time to make sure you enjoyed every last second of the orgasm that was coursing through you.

Once they finally flutter open your eyes are met with the sight of Luke beaming up at you.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this down time Y/N.”

Okay so here’s the message I wrote;

“On the eve of one of the saddest days in rock history, I light candles in respect for one of the greatest bands to have ever existed.

From 2001-2013, My Chemical Romance graced our ears with their beautiful music. Tomorrow, March 22nd, marks the two year anniversary of MCR’s breakup, and still, the wound is fresh.

Thank you Gerard, Ray, Frank, and Mikey for 12 years of amazing music - and thank you Matt, Bob and James for your contributions as past members as well.

So long and goodnight.”

A Perfect Three-Part Harmony

So, in Scary-okie Dipper read in the journal that a zombie’s skull could be shattered by a perfect three-part harmony, and as you all know this discovery was followed by the first performance of the greatest family cover-band to have ever existed: Love Patrol Alpha (side note, when are we gonna get a reunion concert?)
What has been nagging at me about that scene is this: how did Ford make that discovery? I think we all know there is no way this came from his lab, this was definitely an “in the field” kind of discovery, and since genius happens with a little help from a friend, Bill and Fiddleford were definitely there with him, singing their hearts out to a really lame 70s song. Bill was probably the one to come up with it, just imagine the three of them being cornered by zombies, and Bill’s just like “How high does your belt go?”

So, in conclusion, the precursor to Love Patrol Alpha was Ford, Bill, and McGucket’s band: Science Squad Delta. Look for their album in a music store near you

EXO-Ls are unreal. They will yell high and low about how EXO is the greatest boyband to ever exist and tear down other bands to praise them. But the moment you point out that x-member is not very good at something, they will immediately jump to the defence of “Oh but EXO has only debuted for 3 years give them time to grow!!” I thought your oppas are the best of the best already?

People need to appreciate AFI more.

They have circulated about twenty five different musical styles in twenty five years. All of the albums are different, especially their newer stuff. And look at the lead singer and the guitarist. Writing electronica and sxe hardcore on the side of what they already do?

A Fire Inside is one of the greatest bands to ever exist. They are inspirations and they worked so hard to get where they are today.


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