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‘The Greatest American Hero’: Hannah Simone Gets The Lead In ABC Reboot Pilot
With New Girl coming to an end, series’ co-star Hannah Simone has been tapped for the title role in ABC’s single-camera comedy pilot The Greatest American Hero, from the Fresh Off the B…
By Nellie Andreeva

In the re-imagining with a gender switch of Steven J. Cannell’s 1981 cult classic, the unlikely (super)hero at the center, played by William Katt in the original, is being reconceived as an Indian-American woman.


Once in a while, a publication asks who the greatest American of our lifetime is. And while Cracked would never presume to answer that question, we absolutely can. Is it Zombie Teddy Roosevelt? The puppeteer who made Ronald Reagan come alive? Former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson?

Strong contenders, all, but no. Sit down, neighbor, and hear of a man who did not conquer the world, but did it one better; he reminded us that the world needs unity rather than conquest. He walked among us as a man, although he was a hand-to-God saint. They say the difference between a saint and a psychopath is empathy, and Mr. Fred Rogers had an ocean of it, which makes him either the sanest man in history or the craziest hero we ever had.

If you’re from some country that doesn’t have puppets and never heard of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, it’s OK! He loves you anyway. In fact, he’d want to introduce you to all of us so we could learn from you.

At my signal, take off those ironic smirks and don your extra-strength smiles, because your faith in human beings is about to get an upgrade.

5 Moments That Prove Mr. Rogers Was the Greatest American

@xzylo452 and @ anybody else who was wondering this is my CD collection x3 I am however missing ONE cd and that’s Maroon 5 ‘Songs About Jane’

After pilot pickups were delayed thanks to another slow development season start, the broadcast networks are now entering crunch time when it comes to casting the more than 70 comedies and dramas vying for a slot on the 2018-19 schedule.

The first wave of far-fetched offers is in the books as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW get down to business as they compete with basic and premium cable networks on top of streaming services for top talent. While short orders, cache and big bucks from cable and streaming outlets are attractive, top stars continue to field multiple offers from the Big Four broadcasters.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Happy Endings favorite Damon Wayans Jr. continues to be among the most in-demand stars. The same is true for Hamilton Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr., Rosario Dawson, Sleepy Hollow alum Nicole Beharie, Sanaa Lathan and New Girl’s Hannah Simone. (Simone on Monday signed on to star in one of the season’s biggest roles on ABC’s Greatest American Hero reboot.)

Top talent agents have noted that the hardest role to cast this season on the broadcast side is 30-something African-American male and female name stars. To that end, of the few projects that have already cast their leads, many networks have been quick to snap up top talent as inclusive casting remains a top priority. 

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