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Eyyyyy match up monday, I hope this is okay, haha! Would it be alright if I requested something with a male, blonde, flirtyish jokester who's hella close friends with Kisumi, getting unusually flustered when confessing to our favourite candyfloss bby out of the blue, and Kisumi's reaction? I recently came out to my friends, and they didn't take it so well, so I'm looking for a pick me up, haha...

“I like you.” You’d wanted to say it for a while now, but hadn’t been able to find the right time or place. Though out of all the ways you’d thought about telling your best friend you liked him, just blurting it out in the middle of lunch hadn’t really been on the list.

Kisumi was quiet for a second before he laughed and it made your heart sink a little. “I like you too,” he responded in a flirty tone while giving you his best impression of “bedroom eyes.”

You sighed. It wasn’t any big surprise that this was coming back to bite you in the ass. The two of you played around and flirted heavily with each other pretty often. The rest of your friends had long ago gotten used to the two of you making playful passes at each other and usually just rolled their eyes now. But now that it was out in the open, now that you wanted to be serious about it, Kisumi thought you were joking.

“No,” you started as you ran a hand through blond hair and tried to sort out what you wanted to say. “Kisumi, there’s nobody else around to joke and show out for.” You had to pause for a deep, calming breath before continuing, “I like you. I mean…I really really like you.” You could feel your face heating up with every word and hoped it wasn’t as noticeable as it felt.

“Oh,” Kisumi breathed. Slowly, his cheeks came closer and closer to matching his hair, and you wondered if that was a good thing or not. “I…well, uh…” He laughed nervously before putting on a bright smile. “Want to go see a movie tonight?”

Sighing at the topic change, you told him, “It’s okay if you don’t feel-”

“No, no, no!” He interrupted. “I meant…do you want to go see a movie? Like on a date? My treat?”

As you swallowed down the lump in your throat, you were sure that he could see your blush now. “Yeah.” You couldn’t help but smile as you answered. When it started to sink in a little more that your best friend and crush had just asked you out after your impromptu confession, you answered again with more excitement, “Yeah, that sounds great!”

You could feel your heart skip a beat when Kisumi smiled at your response and suddenly wondered if you ever had the same effect on him.

[ENG TRANS] BIGBANG Japan Debut 6th Anniversary Special -Staff Roundtable-

TRANS by @mmvvip. Source is BBworld. If you want to take this out, please take them with proper credit and with the link of this post. Thanks!ย 



Q: This is a special time of the year; itโ€™s BIGBANGโ€™s 6th anniversary of Japan debut. We have interviewed few staffs who have been working with the five.

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hit 3k follows yesterday!! its been my goal for a while and im really grateful that you all have been so supportive for me. thank you so much!!


newsies + smash mouth = gold


Vincent Price by Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson is an American horror artist specializing in character portraits. Being a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joel uses traditional techniques and current technology to bring a new take on horror to his audience. He is best known for using vibrant colors to illuminate the darkest of subject matters. Joel’s clientele includes such horror greats as Clive Barker, George A. Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Rooker, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, and Kane Hodder among others.

He grew up on horror, loving Famous Monsters of Filmland and the great VHS slasher hits from the 80s. Bringing together his lifelong love for horror and his passion for art, Joel is now a frequent guest at Horror Conventions across the United States. He also works regularly as a staff artist for HorrorHound Magazine and made his HorrorHound cover debuts for the Special March and May/June Issue #29 in 2011.

In 2013 Joel made his debut at Shout! Factory. Joel’s Vincent Price artwork can be seen on the blu-ray release of The Vincent Price Collection. Joel has since completed 4 more Special Edition Covers for such movies as: Clive Barker’s NightBreed and Lord of Illusions, Ginger Snaps and The Vincent Price Collection II.


Inside Out

What really struck me the most about this movie wasn’t the main lesson of “Its okay to be sad.” (Although that was great too.) What hit me about Inside Out was that there
In fact, the closest thing we got to a baddie was the protagonist Joy herself; who kept pushing Sadness down in order to keep in control. Because what Inside Out showed wasn’t just that sadness is alright. It was that we are our worst enemy, especially when we try to be happy. That we keep telling ourselves that we need to be Joy all the time, and we need to push Sadness away. That by trying to control our feelings, all we do is hurt ourselves.


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keep rewatching that girls like girls music video and its been at least 10x now and im about to go to sleep but im tearing up a lil bit now and im just like girlssssssssss :’)


Great 👌🏻

Weigh in 7

This weigh in: lost 3.6!!!

Total lost: 16.6 pounds.

starting weight: 285

Today’s weight: 268.4

This weigh in was GREAT because:
-hit 15+ pounds lost
-hit 5% of my starting weight (I was within 1 pound or less of hitting this the past two weighins! So frustrating! )
-out of the 270s!


But having a heated make-out session with your “best friend with benefits” Luke, which you were used to but when he pushes you flat on your back on the bed and starts grinding his growing erection into your crotch, you become nervous because first of all you’ve never gone that far with anyone before and second of all you know Luke has gone all the way with his ex girlfriends and holy shit you’ve given him a boner and now you’re not qiute sure what to do about it but Luke slowly guides you through the act, undressing you and himself, touching all the little places you like, his lips constantly on your skin, his hips flush with yours as he thrusts into you gently, hitting that great spot every time, crashing his lips to yours again to catch your moans in his mouth when you finally reach your high, groaning a little “Good girl,” just before he cums

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