the great wisdom tooth removal of '12


guys real quick - (lawl, phone posting, could i even hate this more) - jen is going to be posting for me for tonight + tomorrow, since i am literally too lazy/in pain to open my computer. so anything quality you see will be all her picking things for me. AND WE’RE THE TWO BEST FRIENDS THAT ANYONE COULD HAVE is a joke she would get if she finally watched the hangover, which she has not. ANYWAY, i now present: jedij posting things for brittany while she drinks meal replacement beverages and longs for solid foods (aka #queue by jedij).

PS thank you for all the amazing messages and replies! you guys are the absolute sweetest people ever. i would give you many hearts if i could code HTML on my phone. PRETEND THIS POST HAS HEARTS!
PPS THANK YOU TO QUIETARCHIVIST FOR VISITING ME, she brought me a doctor who magazine, a hunger games magazine, and a people magazine (because i love reading about trashy celebrities as much as i do time idiots in space). THANKS MEGGERS!