the great white trail

Autumn Bucket List!

Now separated into convenient categories  for easier perusing, enjoy! Add or take from this list and make it your own for your best Autumn ever!


·       Cook a dish for thanksgiving dinner

·       Make Pillsbury Halloween cookies

·       Homemade soup

·       Bake pies

·       Pumpkin bread

·       White chocolate/candy corn trail mix (great for Halloween party!)

·       Funnel cake

·       Coffee cake

·       Apple cider

·       Kettle corn

·       Roast pumpkin seeds

·       Eat candy corn


·       Go to a  costume store

·       Visit pumpkin patch

·       Park picnic

·       Try a new park

·       Ghost hunting

·       Fall scavenger hunt

·       Go to fall festival

·       Morning walk

·       Go hiking

·       Nature walk to enjoy fall foliage/weather –with hot cocoa or Starbucks drink

·       Go to bath and body works/yankee candle

·       Drive down country/back roads to enjoy the falling leaves (listen to your playlist if you want)

·       Go on hayride

·       Navigate corn maze

·       Go bowling

·       Oktoberfest

·       Go to zoo (take lots of pictures)

·       Go to football game

·       Have tailgate party


·       Pick out a pumpkin

·       Take photos in the woods

·       Make haunted house for kids

·        See fall concert

·       Make fall collage

·       Movie night with friends

·       bonfire

·       Pick a pumpkin and decorate

·       Watch harvest moon

·       Dance under the moonlight

·       Lay on blanket in the yard and enjoy fall weather (read)

·       Buy fall scents (candles, wallflowers, car fresheners, etc.)

·       New haircut

·       Create fall playlist

·       Stargaze

·       Write poem song about autumn

·       Have a Friendsgiving

·       Go to Halloween movie

·       Crunch leaves

·       Fall photoshoot

·       Place games/puzzles online (Halloween)

·       Play board games

·       Make scrapbook for autumn memories

·       Color/make fall crafts

·       Roast marshmallows/hotdogs with friends

·       Fall cleanout room/house (drawers, closet, etc.)

·       Decorate room/home for fall

·       Splash in puddles

·       Rake leaves and jump in pile

·       Look up ghost stories online

·       Get books at library (autumn/Halloween themed)

·       Make up ghost stories and send to friends

·       Make a scarecrow

·       Share scary stories

·       Kiss in the rain

.       Savor warm drinks by the fire

Movies/Shows to watch:

·       Scream movies

·       Scream series on Netflix

·       Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episodes

·       Horror Movies

·       Disney Channel movies

·       Hallmark/lifetime/ABC Family movies

·       Vampire Diaries Halloween episodes


·       Wear dark lipstick for a day

·       Wear lots of scarves

·       Wear flannel

·       Fall shopping (clothes, decorations, food)

·       Buy sweaters

·       Put on black/dark nail polish

·       Pick a fall themed wallpaper for laptop/phone

·       Decorate room/house for fall

·       Decorate work space for fall

·       Pick out a Halloween costume


·       Offline day

Poster for The Great White Trail, 1917

IMDb: “A husband, mistakenly believing his wife has cheated on him and that he is not the father of their newborn son, throws both her and her child out of the house. Frantic to the point of madness, she abandons her baby, and when she gains her sanity she flees to Alaska to start a new life. However, her husband finds out and follows her there.”