the great waifu adventure

makotomagica replied to your post: the great waifu adventure is the best waifu…

actually I missed a lot about it due to time zones and limited computer time… mind updating me?

Well, there actually weren’t many posts from either us regarding the whole thing…since we were there to talk to each other :’D


  • Wednesday: Mary arrived, we lunch’d, and then we KHII’d
  • Thursday: We lunch/dinner’d at a nice souther restaurant with friends…and then KHII’d some more with Lora
  • Friday: We lunch’d at a pancake place, and then I bOUGHT A PS3????, and then we AssCreed’d and P4A’d with a bunch of other friends and watched Wreck it Ralph
  • Saturday: Easy morning, dinner’d at a Korean place
  • Sunday: P4A’d most of the day, ended it by watching Clue
  • Today: Went to the airport at 4am…and then came back to sleep some more before classes.

….I think that’s about the gist of it.

Playing KHII
  • Mary: I think the reason they blocked off Twilight Town is so you couldn't stay around and be sentimental...pretend to be Roxas and sit around sobbing
  • Mary and Lora: ((Keep talking about it))
  • Me: Yeah, could you imagine if you went back to Roxas's room...if that was a place you could visit
  • Mary and Lora: Yeah...
  • Me: Like, you go look for his room only to find out it doesn't actually exist?
  • Mary: ((Falls on floor))
  • Lora: ((throws jacket at me))