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Retrograde Planet Guide

Retrograde planets are planets that appear to physically move backward in the sky at the time of birth in a natal horoscope.  It is only illusion as the planets only appear to move backwards in the sky from a point seen on earth.  They do not physically move it is only optical illusion.  During the Retrograde the planets are as close to the Earth as they ever are during their orbit.

Planets in retrograde motion symbolize karma.  Retrograde symbolizes an internalization of the planet’s energy, thus making us consider their energies more.  The planets energy becomes a part of our consciousness through Retrograde in a birth-chart.  For this reason planets in retrograde effect people at a great level.  

Mercury is already apart of our conscious and it’s nature is internalized by nature.  As Mercury rules the lower mind and communication it is a part of a persons conscious nature.  Retrograde still effects it, but not as deeply as the other celestial bodies. It is a different story from the other planets as there effects are greater.

The deeper influence of Retrograde planets are felt from Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Why is this you may wonder.  The simple answer is because all of these planets are planets that don’t represent an integration into our conscious thinking naturally.  

Sun, Moon and Mercury together are all naturally part of a persons singular consciousness in this lifetime. Mercury and Moon represent thinking of the lower and higher mind, and the sun is the other part of a persons conscious. Only Mercury can be retrograde in the normal consciousness because Sun and Moon cannot be retrograde in a birth chart.

Below is the list of planets and each of there Retrograde symbolic meaning.

Now what the planetary retrograde means by planet.

Thinking may have a non-linear and differing quality then other peoples.  The thinking can be more insightful.  The mind goes over experiences more. Learning is different and information is processed through subconscious thinking patterns as opposed to conscious thinking patterns.  

Doubts may center around learning, and this person can struggle with communicating their thoughts.  This can be from a reduced sense of confidence in the validity of their ideas.  Communicative reactive skills may be slower, as the mind needs to process incoming information different then others.  Sometimes the mind works so differently people may believe this person possesses a learning or speech disorder due to their offbeat mind and communication style.

Due to abstract thinking partners these individuals have a tendency to be their own best teachers. They ask lots of questions and have trouble accepting things at face value.  Mercury retrograde learns at a different pace then others due to their different thinking process.  Mercury here works best expressing itself through the hands by doing music, drawing, or painting instead of verbal communication.  

Mercury Retrograde karma centers around a past life where the person could of relied to much on others for teaching.   They may not of asked enough questions to enhance their learning.  They may of communicated things out of context and now are to learn to “think twice.” about what they communicate.

Venus in retrograde people may appear deeper then the standard Venus sign. They may be more introverted then then a normal Venus can be.  Socializing isn’t superficial and relationships are very important and taken very serious.   They don’t make social contacts just to be social, their relationships have purpose.

These individuals may have troubles communicating love or being affectionate in expression. Can ask a lot of questions around love.  May wonder a lot about commitment and loyalty.  Struggles can center around a reduced sense of self worth believing they are good enough in love.  Can come from thinking themselves into despair regarding being worth love.  Self esteem of the person suffers in many cases.

Life may be seen and measured in terms of value of love.   They may be wrapped up so much in the fear around losing love they don’t put themselves out there.  Forming the bond of a relationship can be problematic due to their self sabotage tendencies within thinking.  Opening themselves up to believing relationships are good for them despite their fears can be troublesome especially in early years.

Overindulgence in eating (food is a luxury seen from Taurus after all) can be a problem with Venus retrograde.  They may emotionally eat to make up for the lack of human companionship due to holding themselves back.  Loneliness may be a problem due to their troubles communicating their desire or affections for another.

The Karma of Venus in retrograde centers around past lifetimes where relationships and love may of been misunderstood, neglected, or troublesome. The current lifetime tends to carry on pain from the previous life love endeavors.

Mars likes to fight by nature but internalized retrograde Mars needs to sort out whats its fighting for.  Needs to seek and internal purpose that they think is worthwhile.  More times then not they relive actions they have lived in their lifetime in their head.  This person can work hard and more efficiently when given a second chance at retribution for their mistakes.  This individual can be one that works so hard at retribution they forgo taking care of their vital needs.

Not accomplishing goals can cause over-reactions as a result of the the internalization of their shortcomings.  Sexual side can be more internalized and their lovers may feel they are selfish.  

Karma for Mars retrograde can center around reliving actions already lived in prior lives.  There may of be a desire to attach to people that represent something from a previous life.  This may also mean recreating situations by living somewhere or doing tasks again in this life that can from a previous one.

There can be a perpetual feeling of living past lives, and coming back to accomplish missed deeds in a prior form. Shortcomings and failures may subconsciously be relived with a desire to to relive the past life in this lifetime.

Since retrogrades rule internalization, Jupiter retrograde symbolizes internal expansion of the person.  Morality, ethics, and philosophies come from their own internal thinking.  Others may think their belief systems, morals and philosophies are not of the norm.  They may struggle with higher education and be prone to being self educated more.

This retrograde offers an avenue for a higher spiritual nature in life.  They may be inclined to compile their own idea of religions.  This can be done by picking over infusing pieces from their own morality and other religions they are inspired by into a pseudo-religion that makes sense more to them.  Luck may not come so easy to them, so they think more about what they can do in the moment to make good things come to them.  

The karma of Jupiter Retrograde may come from blindly following other philosophies, religions and morals in a previous life without consider your their own personal values with them.  They may of also taken on education others recommended for them, failing to follow their own interests in a prior life.

Fear and self doubt can rule their life.  These people can possess a conservative approach in life.   They fear losing and fear rejection; causing them to not want to take chances.  They can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Limitations are brought on by their own doing.

Saturn in Retrograde can produce a person who fears letting people down. The odd twist of fate is that they really let themselves down.  Following strict guidelines can be very different for Retrograde Saturn.  These people may feel nervous about fulfilling expectations others have of them.

Karma says that Saturn retrograde indicates that there was trouble fulfilling oneself in a previous lifetime, and it is to be relived in the current one.  Some with Saturn in Retrograde feel like they have more weight upon their shoulders then others.  Besides the fear of not pleasing others, they may subconsciously feel failing in this lifetime from the souls remembrance of failure in a prior life. Failure in this lifetime is a state of mind they create for themselves by their own negative self image carried over from a prior life or soul experience.

The current lifetime can be about using the wisdom of hardship to their advantage.  To realize that there is rewards for struggle, and retribution comes in the form of personal sacrifice.  Reputation and acknowledgment can come only when Saturn in Retrograde realizes the only person holding themselves back really is themselves.  Karma can be worked through but it’s up to them.

Internally their can be a great unrest centered around familiarity.  Instead of showcasing their originality to the world as an Aquarius would they can feel inclined to internalize what makes them original and unique.  Outside to the world they may seem like conformists, but consciously in there head it’s another story. This can stem from a childhood that may be symbolized a lack of self expression and individuality allowed.  

Internalizing originality gives a belief that others cannot take freedom from them.  A great struggle can exist in contradiction.  A feeling where this person may have to do one thing to conform, but really there is desire to be their original selves.  Embracing being a free spirit is something inside themselves they have aspirations, hopes and wishes for.  Yet the Retrograde gives them struggles in bringing it out.

People with Uranus retrograde may struggle and feel lonely because of this position.  Due to struggles expressing their individuality there can exist troubles being apart of social groups.  Struggles with assimilating with network groups, or gaining a following on networks due to internalizing their individuality that makes them unique and different is most likely.  

The Karma of Uranus retrograde can center around previous lifetimes where they expressed to much rebellious or individual behavior and didn’t consider their impact.

Neptune in retrograde can create a more hazy, confused and distorted perception.  Common sense may be a struggle as the physical world does not come easy to them.  Internally they challenge the idea of their compassionate nature.  While they may be more consciously aware of the spiritual side of life they be more apt to keep private.  

Since Neptune is water and contains psychic ability, Retrograde here may indicate a more psychic nature in the person.  This is because retrograde forces the outer planets energy to be absorbed into the conscious more.  This makes a person recognize Neptune’s intuitive and psychic ability and be more apt and develop it.  They are more likely to put it to use. The dreamy side of Neptune can be internalized as well, leading them to keep their dreams to themselves.

Karma dictates then in this life Neptune is retrograde to give the person a sense of the purpose of dreams.  Not just to act on dreams, but consider their validity in the real world.   The dream world and physical world can feel separate to them, making them feel they exist on two different levels.  Karma also shows here that person may of had psychic ability but failed to develop it in a prior lifetime.

Retrograde Pluto can make Pluto’s energy more consciously a part of the internal world of the person.  There can be inner intensity in their consciousness, along with thoughts that they either love something or hate it. Internally there thoughts may be very extreme in nature.  Yet to the outside world they keep them hidden.  

There can exist deep intuitive and psychic powers here since they are seen from Pluto.  They can be more a part of the persons living consciousness and not even realize their abilities are of a psychic nature.  Internally they may suffer with fears.  They can fear being controlled and manipulated.  

This individual can struggle showing their power in the real world.  This leads them to having the door open to being manipulated by others. They internalize the desire to have control of others and consider it’s value.  Yet coming out with it in the real world is reconsidered as the use of their power is now conscious a part of themselves.  They consider the effects of their actions more internally. These individuals may stop to consider how their actions help anyone.

Pluto in retrogrades karma centers around transformation.  In previous lifetimes the person may of had much power but failed to utilize it to transform others in a positive way.  Now they have a second chance in this incarnation to help stress the positive side of Pluto energy.  This is to use it to heal humanity instead of destroy or hurt others.

International Socialist Republican Solidarity with Standing Rock!

We, the undersigned socialist republican organisations from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, express our complete solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their heroic resistance against the imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline on their sovereign territory.

The ongoing resistance at Standing Rock in defence of land, natural resources and the right to water, is providing inspiration to anti- capitalist and anti- imperialist struggles around the world. The resistance at Standing Rock resonates in particular, in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where our peoples have, and continue to fight against the joint systems of Capitalism and Imperialism and in defence of our homes, our natural resources and our right to clean safe and free drinking water.

We recognise that the fight of the Lakota is our fight and we further recognise that Standing Rock is a key battle ground in the struggle of the international working class and oppressed peoples around the world against the exploitation and oppression of Capitalism and Imperialism.

We condemn the US Imperial administration for its ongoing attacks on the Standing Rock Sioux. The militarisation of tribal lands, and the brutalisation of those acting in defence of their future is unacceptable and must end immediately.

We note with concern the recent raid on Last Child Camp and the subsequent mass round up of protestors. We demand that all those arrested are immediately released.

It is our view, that the US administration, acting as it is, in support of the private capitalist interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have convincingly demonstrated, the fundamental truth of James Connolly’s maxim, that ‘governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class’.

We call on all progressive forces in the United States to rally behind the resistance at Standing Rock. For our part, we pledge our continuing support and solidarity and vow to do what we can in our own countries to highlight the outrages being committed at Standing Rock and to build international support for the resistance!

Defend natural resources!
Release All Prisoners!
Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Signed (List in formation)

Ireland- Éirígí
Wales- Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest

Carlisle imagine requested by anon! “I loovvveeeddd your Carlisle request, not many -or even at all- write about Carlisle/reader in a romantic way! It’s usually a close bond but never romantic. So if you don’t mind can I request another Carlisle imagine? So Carlisle and reader have been together for centuries, and Bella awes at this, so when Bella gets injured at her birthday (remember that scene?) and Carlisle’s patching her up, Bella ask more about their love and he just gets a dopey ‘I’m-so-in love’ look and goes on about her ❤️” The imagine referred to in this request is “Eternity,” which I’ve linked in case anyone is interested in reading. Hope you like it!

You struggled to keep the thoughts of “of course this would happen” from polluting your mind in the moments after Edward’s lover was knocked into the crystal. It was not an easy feat, what with the added distraction of her decadent blood perfuming the air, but you fought to keep your thoughts aligned nonetheless. He would be listening for any and all accusations of stupidity, any lingering signs of pity or, even worse, of nonchalance. His mind was trained on yours, and while he would be drilling into every mind that he could, he would be especially focused on you.

Not even Edward was fast enough to slow the hunter’s descent as Bella’s blood broke through the surface of her skin, tainting the perfection of the night. A paper cut, that was all. How ordinarily insignificant, and how wildly dangerous. It would have meant nothing to any other family… but to yours, it was the pin falling from an active grenade. Had she not slit her finger, the evening may have proceeded peacefully… then again, with a bloodlust as violent as Jasper’s, who could tell how events could have played out? Alice certainly couldn’t. It could have been the warmth of an embrace overpowering his resolve, or the fleeting brush of her hand against his side that damaged his steely restraint. It could have been her breath stirring the air in just the right way, or perhaps a spike in her heartbeat calling, calling from within her chest. It could have been later that night or years from now. One could never be sure. There were hardly ever any studies to reference in regard to vampires playing vegetarian around a human mate. Relationships of this magnitude hardly ever existed (well, with the human surviving long-term) because of the threat such acquaintances presented. She was the natural food source; thus, this event was to be expected. One does not bring their human, no matter how lovely, to act as live bait before a den of vampires. Edward was usually smarter than this. As much as it pained you to admit, he oftentimes put too much trust in your family’s (usually) unwavering self control. You were vampires, first and foremost. She was human. This pairing almost always, and very predictably, ended in death.

She was handling herself very well, given the circumstances, chuckling under her breath as she was helped to her feet, wincing as her movement tore at her newly-acquired injury.

“Well, that’s almost everyone. I can clear a room, at least.” Carlisle shook his head, smiling warmly as he guided her to the next room, glancing backwards before ducking around the wall, his eyes hinting at a rather swift removal of the carnage Bella had left in her wake. You called to Esme, a soft whisper of her name, and she was by your side, a bottle of bleach in hand, her eyes sympathetic, as always. She set to dousing the floor in the odorous liquid as your fingers found the fragments of crystal scattered about the floor, most of which were tipped with scarlet, glimmering as if they’d been poisoned.

Her voice carried through the walls, clear as if she were standing beside you, her lips at your ear, whispering words of apology and concern as Carlisle plucked shards of glass from the gaping wound in her arm. Esme made a sound of concern as she listened, her arms guiding a mop over the puddles of aromatic crimson fluid, her nose wrinkled in the subtlest distaste and concentration. She’d been around long enough to tolerate the fading scent of fresh blood as the chemical ate away the perfume, but not long enough to claim complete immunity as Carlisle did. Jasper’s low growls echoed off of the forest beyond the glass, your eyes easily picking his thrashing form from the rigid trunks. You moved to stand, your palms having harvested as much glass as was outside of Bella’s arm, your gaze focused entirely on your broken son. Alice was fluttering about him, her hands darting from his cheeks to his chest, calming as much as she could while he wriggled about, mad from his insatiable thirst. Emmett’s eyes never left Edward’s face, even as he contorted around his brother’s torso, struggling to keep him stagnant. There wasn’t a trace of humour or lightheartedness in those butterscotch eyes as Emmett restrained his brother. Whatever expression Edward held was clearly quite broken. It was understandable. His worst nightmare had ballooned before him, spilling blood and causing harm, if minor. His human mate would heal. A few stitches and she would be back to her usual, sweet-smelling self. Edward, however… the boy had always been severe in his emotions, especially so around Bella. Tonight would have consequences.

“I’m so sorry, Carlisle,” she whispered, forgetting, for the moment, that everyone could hear her hushed voice, even those scuffling about in the woods. Carlisle’s hands whispered against his utensils as he prepped to stitch her wound closed. Thread zipped through metal. The only constant was Carlisle’s steady breathing. Inhale, exhale. Uninterrupted.

“You needn’t apologize, Bella. It isn’t your fault.” The needle pierced her skin, and her breathing hiked. The faintest scent of fresh blood polluted the air. Esme’s breathing halted, and stopped entirely. A precaution, you assumed. Even she was on edge and anxious about her level of self-control after Jasper’s slip. Her grip on the wooden handle of the mop tightened.

“Leave it to me to-” Bella began, her voice dropping off as Carlisle interrupted her, his tone soothing.

“Bleed in a room of vampires? Jasper hasn’t been away from human blood for as long as we have. His resistance is… much more laboured than the rest of our family.” They continued in silence for a handful of moments, the careful tug of thread against flesh itching at your ears as you rid the room of all signs of battle. Esme departed with her arsenal of cleaning supplies, her hand grazing your shoulder as she passed, offering a faint smile.

“How… how do you do it?” Bella inquired, her voice hiking in pitch as curious flowed from the tip of her tongue. Carlisle exhaled slowly, pulling the thread once more.

“Years of practice, centuries of it. I’ve found it is… much easier with company, with family, to revert back to… more human ways of living. Refusing to take innocent lives is easier to understand when lives, even ours, are valued. The sense of family, of community, helped me greatly.”

“Is that why you went looking for Y/n?” She asked, her voice dropping in a somewhat silly strive towards privacy. She must have known that you could hear, but her human instincts and conditioned mannerisms would likely overpower that knowledge. Carlisle chuckled, fiddling with his utensils as he tied Bella’s stitches off, dropped his needle into the sterilized bowl he had prepared.

“I wouldn’t say that I went looking for her, no… but in finding her, I saw, for the first time since the dawn of my immortality, the opportunity for companionship. For love, for family, for scraps of humanity.” He sighed, the rubber soles of his shoes shifting against the floorboards, angling in your direction. He knew you were listening. “I was very lucky to find her at all. I had been searching for others of my kind for some time. I had encountered nomads and covens alike, and I had attempted to teach them my separate way of living. It wasn’t until Y/n that any of them showed interest. She, like the rest of us, had no option when it came to her transformation. She was dragged into the violence of our life and struggled with the murder, the hunting, the sin of our existence. I saw in her a different path, a road I’d never considered. Partnership. A coven of our own, of peaceful nature. The chance for creatures like us to love.”

“Edward told me you met her in France?” Bella probed, not unkindly or impolitely, likely searching for ways in which to distract herself from the alcohol dripping over her stitches. If she was merely interested in your story, you held no hesitation in sharing. You strode into the kitchen, sitting yourself down in the seat beside Bella, watching her cheeks glow with unnecessary embarrassment. There needn’t be any shame in honest curiosity.

“I was born in France in 1770, approximately one hundred years after Carlisle had been turned in London. Time, of course, was never well-kept. I cannot remember my exact date of birth, but it was in a time of great unrest. While England was focused on witch-hunts and cleansing their sewers of vampires, France was overthrowing their monarchy. In comparison to the hardship of my human life, immortality was… lazy, easy. The people were slaughtered like lambs, daily executions filled the air with a luxury of scents. Their blood flooded the gutters, clung to the cracks between every cobblestone. Covens of the more… traditional nature flocked to Paris in droves, drawn by the killings or fascinated by the Guillotine, the monstrous thing. The Guillotine did most of our hunting for us; and with the majority of the public being cropped at the neck, there was never any notice when a few peasants went missing. Whatever was your style, bending your face to the streets or selecting a fresher meal, it was as easy as breathing.” You whispered, painting images on the backs of your eyelids of days upon days of ruby market squares and corpses littering the streets.

“Seems like you had it pretty good,” she observed, her ease with such topics impressing you more than it concerned you. She had certainly succeeded in grooming herself to handle such topics, preparing herself for a life alongside Edward. You nodded solemnly, your eyes catching Carlisle’s. Sympathetic, comforting. He knew tales you would not mention to Bella for fear of frightening her away. He’d seen firsthand the horrors of Paris, just as you had. There were things she did not need to know.

“At the same time, as good as it was, it was chaotic. The bloodlust was uncontrollable. Vampires fed recklessly… they couldn’t stop. They made mistakes… left people alive after feeding… and soon enough, the city was swimming with newly-created vampires, myself included. It was impossible, as you can imagine, to refrain from the hunt when the blood was flowing so freely. It was a matter of staying out of the public eye, festering in self-loathing, dreading your next attack. Of course, recluses were dragged to the scaffold soon enough, accused of sympathizing with the fallen regime, accused of witchcraft, accused of having too tempting a head not to sever. A few blades broke on our necks, which was of course followed by the need to dispose of witnesses. We didn’t want the Volturi cleansing our hunting grounds due to lack of discretion. Massacres by the dozen, dealt by immortal hands, went unnoticed. As wild as it sounds, there was a sense of community. Paris was our Heaven, or as close to Heaven as we will ever reach. But it was not the community I sought. By 1794, there was one vampire to every fifty Frenchmen. They called it the Reign of Terror. They have no idea how accurate they came.” You paused, reliving every minute detail, from the shattering blade against the nape of your neck to the darkness that swallowed so many of your days, hidden in the homes of those you had slaughtered.

“How did you get away from it?” Bella wondered, her eyes boring holes in yours, scrutinizing the butterscotch she found there, imagining them a vibrant ruby, no doubt. You hoped the task would prove difficult for her. You were not proud of your early days.

“It was Carlisle who found us all. He was already honing his restraint by then, a century old and thriving on the blood of cattle and deer. He was on his way to study with the Italians in Volterra, but even one as practiced in self-control as he was could not help but be drawn by the blood. He found me cowering in an alley, my face buried in the broken brick of a ruined home, fighting the urge to feed. If it hadn’t been for his welcoming, I would have likely perished in Paris when the Volturi sent their Felix and his hunting group to cleanse the city and reinforce law in the summer of 1794. He told me of another life, proven by the colour of his eyes. He extended his hand and promised an end to my suffering. I gladly took his word, and we departed for Tuscany that night, travelling only by light of the moon. At first, it was unpleasant. Animal blood, as I’m sure Edward has told you, is far less appetizing than human blood, but I learned to accept the flavorlessness soon enough. Once we had spent enough time in the Italian countryside to rein-in my habit of attacking humans, we went to Volterra.”

“We didn’t stay long. Y/n was incredibly strong, but the Volturi’s diet warred with our lifestyle, and we thought it best to journey elsewhere. We ended up in England once again, then Spain, America, Greece. We never returned to France, but we made our homes elsewhere. Y/n was with me when I was working in Chicago, and she helped Edward with his thirst as much as I did. Esme followed soon after, then Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper… we crafted a family together.” Carlisle concluded, his eyes misted over with adoration, his smile warming even your immobile heart. You returned his grin, your hand resting on Bella’s knee, adopting the motherly affection you displayed with Edward easily. She was all but your daughter, after all, and Carlisle had long ago sparked the desire to bring people into your life.

“Perhaps someday you’ll join us, hm?”

This is your month, your time to shine. Be the star you were born to be.
It’s time to have a holiday. Try visiting another planet. Try visiting another solar system. Expand your  horizons and travel across the galaxies.
Venus is in your house. In the kitchen, to be precise. We don’t know how a planet managed to fit into that pokey little room. It’s very impressive.
Life is essentially meaningless, and that junk food you ate really doesn’t matter in the long run. Don’t worry about it.
Remember to do that science essay.
A dream will turn into reality. It will probably be the dream about spiders.
It is time.
This month will be a time of great discoveries. Discoveries about yourself, about your life, but mainly about the thing that lurks beneath the rec centre.
You will feel great unrest around the full moon.
Your dreams will reveal a great mystery of time, which you will forget upon waking.
Your lucky number is the number three. Use this to your advantange.
It is time to escape. Escape from what? It’s best not to know.

An Unexpected Turn

A fic based off of toastyhat’s drawing of an Inko and Toshinori (All Might) fusion

Part 1 (because apparently I can’t just write a oneshot OTL) 

The world came back into focus slowly. Blurred concrete and a brick wall loomed close by. Sirens and garbled voices filled the air in a cacophony of confusion.

What … happened?  

Ah, that’s right. Izuku was on break and visiting home. He invited Toshinori to brunch with them at a new western style restaurant in the shopping district. They had been walking to the eatery from the bus stop. Then…  A villain alert popped up on Izuku’s phone. A villain who called himself Melder was fleeing the scene of a bank robbery nearby. Infamous for his quirk that temporarily fused two people into one, he was considered a rising threat to public safety. Not for any direct harm, but for the use of his quirk during his escapes which confused and panicked the public and the occasional hero and police officer. A unique smokescreen, and one that caused a great deal of public unrest. Izuku had been explaining Melder’s past run-ins with heroes when they turned a corner and the villain ran headlong into them and -

A hand tentatively shook their shoulder. Someone was calling their names.

Everything ached.

Not as bad as he was used to - but why did her chest and abdomen hurt?

Nothing felt quite right. His head - her head - their head spun. Hard concrete scraped against their cheek and shoulder as they shifted to sit up. They looked down at their hands braced against the sidewalk, while wild and wavy hair fell around their face and tickled the back of their neck. They raised an unsteady hand, pinched a lock of the green-gold hair and held it in front of their face, confusion stirring in their gut.

“Mom? All Might? A-are you okay?” They knew that voice!

Midoriya! My son!   

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Surprise and a desire for retaliation are some of the reactions to President Trump’s temporary ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The ban, abruptly imposed Friday, led the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 57-nation body that’s based in Saudi Arabia, to call on the U.S. to “maintain its moral obligation to provide leadership and hope at a time of great uncertainty and unrest in the world.”

Expressing its “grave concern” about the policy, the group said that refugees “have been adversely and unjustly affected” — and it added that the policy also plays into the hands of extremist groups that have accused the U.S. of waging war on Muslims.

7 Targeted Countries React To Trump’s Ban On Immigration

Photo: Thierry Roge/AFP/Getty Images

#8 People’s Republic of Poland

Photo: Priest splits beating of Solidarity protesters by paramilitary police, Warsaw, People’s Republic of Poland, 1982

■ World War II devastated Poland. 5 million inhabitants of pre-war Poland were killed, many of these casualties were the result of the deliberate extermination of the Jewish and Polish elite. Warsaw – the capital of the Second Republic – was virtually burned to ground. As a result of post-war peace conferences, Poland lost the majority of its eastern territories but was compensated with some industrial regions of pre-war Germany on the west – it literally moved around 100-150 kilometres westwards, which brought on the necessity of resettling 2 million people!

■ Poland was to be rebuilt yet again, this time under a severely anti-democratic communist regime with an inefficient economic system. This, accompanied by robust political and cultural isolation, made Poland’s reconstruction much slower than those of Western European countries.

■ Constant economic stagnation, shortages in the supplies of basic goods, and a lack of political freedom and free media, as well as the frequent abuses of power of the political elites, marked the communist period with great social unrest and protests, always brutally suppressed by the establishment.


Yeeess!! my fave is back and he hasn’t been demoted!! also, based on the scene he was in, we got a bit of information surrounding the Schnee dust company and the political side of Atlas!

. Ironwood has not been demoted! he still holds the rank of General.

. Not only that but he also holds two seats on the council. 

. Seeing as he seems to have so much power and position (Headmaster, General, Member of Council etc) he must be well trusted by the Atlesian government, especially considering the fact that since the events in Vale, he hasn’t seemed to have lost any of these powers or positions, which would be appropriate considering the events. Jacques even mentions later on that it’s shocking Ironwood hasn’t been demoted or stripped of his rank.

. Ironwood has already set an embargo on dust exports from Atlas, which is why Jacques is so ruffled.

. Ironwood seems to have further ideas in mind other than the embargo, that were only implied during the exchange. It’s possible it was to prolong the dust embargo until it’s certain no kingdom will declare war, which Jacques mentions later on. This implies there are great political tensions and unrest between the kingdoms currently.

. Ironwood seems to only have the well-being of Atlas in mind, which is a relief to me, because since the new opening suggested Ironwood was heavily associated with the Schnee’s, I immediately assumed it was because he was lending the power of his position to aide sketchy business enterprises, but it seems he only associates with them professionally.

. Additionally; Weiss trusts him so that’s nice, you can add Ironwoods name to the list of people Weiss can trust in Atlas, which is now at a grand total of 3

. Oh, also; Ironwood is fucking hot.


A woman from Germany wrote to Timothy McVeigh for years despite never receiving a response. She became convinced this was because he was dead. She first called the prison with her concerns, then the American Consulate in Hamburg. Lastly she wrote this letter to the warden at Terre Haute. Included also is his response.

January 28, 2000

Attn: The Head of the Prison
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, Ind.
47808 U.S.A.

Dear Sir,

I’m writing to you because i’ve been writing to Timothy McVeigh, ever since his sentencing in 1997, and have never gotten any reply from him. I realize that Timothy may not wish to write to me, but since I don’t know that for certain, I have no peace of mind. I called your prison recently and asked if I could speak with him, but was told, nicely, that that wouldn’t be possible. The woman I spoke with (I can’t remember her name unfortunately) told me that Timothy was alright, and I was very grateful to her for that, but I’ve had a feeling of great unrest nevertheless, especially recently. I’m afraid that Timothy isn’t alive anymore. I called the American consulate here in Hamburg, and the man I spoke with suggested that I write to you.

I hope I haven’t done anything to upset Timothy. I’m sending him a copy of this letter. I would like to say that I can’t imagine that Timothy is responsible for what happened in Oklahoma City, and it’s impossible for me to connect him with it. At the same time though, I don’t mean to slight anyone or say that they’re lieing.

I would be exceedingly grateful to you if I heard from you.

Yours sincerely,

February 14, 2000

RE: McVEIGH, Timothy
Reg, No.: 12076-064

This is in response to your letter which was received on February 10, 2000, wherein you request to know why inmate Timothy McVeigh has not responded to any of your letters dating back to 1997. You also request to know if inmate McVeigh is alive, because you fear that he is not. You contacted the American Consulate in Germany, and were subsequently referred to our institution.

I can assure you that Mr. McVeigh is alive, and that he is currently incarcerated in the Special Confinement Unit at the United States Penitentiary (U.S.P.), Terre Haute, Indiana. However, under conditions of the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552A), I am unable to respond to any specific questions addressed in your letter concerning Mr. McVeigh. Under the conditions of the Privacy Act, we must obtain written consent from Mr. McVeigh to respond to any specific inquiries from citizens such as yourself. Mr. McVeigh has denied his consent for our agency to respond to any questions that are not covered under the provisions of public information. Therefore, I am prohibited by law to respond to your letter other than to acknowledge that Mr. McVeigh is currently housed at this institution.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Harley G. Lappin

lil-calzone  asked:

I just noticed but i wanna ask why the anti jyn? your opinion is fine n all its just a movie but im curious (and kinda agree she didnt click with me as much as i wanted)

mm yeah so basically my major issue from a writing/acting/production viewpoint was that she was just so… 2d? flat? boring? idk the correct descriptor but she had like…no major emotions, no moments where i truly connected to her character, no moments where ‘’jyn erso’’ really came to life for me. and i dont know enough about felicity jones to determine whether jyn turned out like that bc jones couldn’t play her very well, or if the scriptwriters were literally so lazy with jyns character that jones had nothing to go off of. like, ive seen the movie twice now, and if you plugged jyn into a heartrate monitor i swear she’d be flatlining for the whole movie. she had zero reaction to anything that happened to her beyond maybe frowning or scrunching up her face a little bit and that just didnt do it for me esp because donnie yen was standing right next to her just absolutely crushing it for the whole movie

and in-universe, my problems with jyn as a person only grow. i didnt like her. like if she was real and i had a conversation with her, i would walk away from that conversation annoyed and dissatisfied. the movie came out in america, at least, during a time of great political unrest, and jyn’s stance in regards to the war against the empire really doesnt sit well for me in the real life context that i am living right now.

white women like jyn erso, who decided they “never had the luxury of political opinions”, who dont care what flag is waving “as long as you dont look up”, are one of the demographics that decided this election. and in a more generalized point, people like jyn erso who dont distinguish between violent actions administered by a fascist state and violent actions in rebellion against a fascist state (”you might as well be a stormtrooper”) really drive me crazy. 

plus she plagiarized cassian’s rebel slogan word for word and did not cite her sources and if she tries to put it into shes gonna get written up for cheating

which is why me and @shinebeams​ invented the rogue 2.0 au where jyn is actually cool and interesting lmao


The Irish Situation

Pictured - Posters advocating for and against Home Rule in the lead up to World War I.

The unprecedented impact of the Great War on civilian populations led to hunger, death, and unrest on the home of fronts of the warring power.  Outside Imperial Russia, however, armed revolution did not take place before 1918, with one exception: Ireland. 

Ireland was a nation deeply split before the beginning of the war, which deepened divisions and is perhaps the most significant event in the island’s history.  Before the war began Britain had had to divert garrison troops to Ireland, which became a hotbed of dissent in rows between Irish Nationalists, who wanted self-rule, and Irish Unionists, who wanted Ireland to remain fully part of Great Britain. 

To quell unrest, the British parliament created the Third Home Rule Bill in 1912, which promised a measure of Irish self-government.  However, the issue of Home Rule created even more tension, as Irish Unionists, particularly in the northern province of Ulster, protested.  “Home Rule is Rome Rule!” went one Unionist slogan, claiming that Irish self-governance would give too much power to the Catholic Church.  Determined to prevent the passage of Home Rule at any cost, Unionists formed the first paramilitary group in 20th century Ireland, the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), a militia that threatened rebellion against Britain. 

The UVF smuggled weapons in Britain and began training in case of civil war.  In response, Irish Nationalists formed their own militias, under the auspices of the revolutionary movement the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB).  This lead to the creation of the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army, two armed groups opposed to the Unionists.  Towards the summer of 1914, civil war in Ireland looked a real likelihood.

The British government had its hands tied, especially when British officers stationed in Ireland refused to confiscate weapons from the UVF, with whom they sympathized.  Now faced with the chance of civil war and military mutiny, the British government pledged not to fight the Unionists.  Forced to play its hand, it could no longer implement Home Rule.  When the war began, the British Liberal government suspended the enactment of the Home Rule Bill til the end of the conflict.

Not all Irish Nationalists advocated military rebellion.  Most, in fact, preferred the route of constitutional independence, and wanted to wait for the end of the war to see Home Rule implemented.  John Redmond, the head of the Irish Volunteers, supported Britain’s war effort and called for Irish Volunteers to join the British Army.  The 10th (Irish) Division, which saw service at the Somme, was largely composed of Irish Nationalists (fighting alongside its sister formation, the Unionist 36th (Ulster) Division, which was formed of the old UVF).

Most Irish Volunteers answered Redmond’s call, except for a minority in the Irish Republican Brotherhood, as well as the pro-independence leftist party Sinn Féin. 180,000 Irishmen joined the British Army from 1914 to 1916, but as the war of attrition set in some Irish began to worry about conscription. Meanwhile, the rump of the Irish Volunteers who had refused to answer Redmond’s call to arms continued to train throughout Ireland, lead by romantic idealists and Marxists like Pádraig Pearse and James Connolly, who believed that a “blood sacrifice” could awaken the Irish independence movement. 

They saw their chance in the spring of 1916.  With Britain tied down with the war, they planned an uprising on Easter week.  Sir Roger Casement, a consul for the British government but an Irish revolutionary, had managed to get a promise from Germany for 20,000 rifles (captured from the Russians at Tannenberg in August 1914), plus ammunition for them, and ten machine guns, smuggled to the Atlantic coast on-board the disguised German freighter Libau. However, although the Irish Republican leaders were brave and motivated, the organization for the Rising was a disaster.  The Libau was caught by the Royal Navy on April 21, and Roger Casement (who lost his title) was captured and tried for treason.  Britain was aware that a rebellion loomed around Easter week from the capture of Casement and Libau, and from intercepted radio transmissions from Germany.  Surprise was gone, and so were the promised rifles.  However, Pearse only delayed the plan for one day, scheduling the Rising for April 24, when Irish Volunteers would be called to take up arms and take to the streets to throw off British rule.


Queen Victoria || 5/9 kings and queens, history meme

Queen Victoria came to power, at the end of her strange and uncomfortable childhood, during an era of great monarchic unrest across Europe.  During her reign she would experience her own share of republican aggression — but the monarchy of Britain was never severely threatened.  Rather, it continued - sometimes against her majesty’s will -  on its long evolution to being a institution of national influence rather than control.  Queen Victoria in particular established the monarchy as an important (maybe even nationally essential) pillar of social influence.  Through her, they became the Family Monarchy.  She valued conservative ideals, propriety and social order - and she encouraged those ideals in her children, grandchildren and country.

Behind the scenes, of course, she was more than just the matriarch of Europe.  Through the “mere” formalities of her role in government, she was able to exert considerable influence in politics.  While certainly conservative and anti-republican in her own country, she saw the importance of creating a less autocratic Europe (though her attempts at familial diplomacy were often overbearing or misdirected).  Despite being anti-feminist in her rhetoric and opinions on women’s suffrage, she felt deeply the inequalities of marriage and parenthood, and never fully reconciled herself with either concept.  As a widow she had an intense relationship with her husband’s manservant and largely eschewed the public life expected of her.  Yet, still, for almost every day until her death she wrote approximately 2,000 words - many were in detailed journals but she also wrote letters of state and business in addition to endless letters to her relatives in positions of power all across Europe.

She could not do much to stabilize the monarchies of the continent, but she managed to maintain her own.  She created and maintained an aura of dignity and security around the British royal family — and when she faltered there, all it took was a survived assassination attempt (or two) to get her popularity back on track.

hush-its-me  asked:

What is the racial composition for those who stated that people were "taking advantage and commuting crime"?

Thanks for the question. As you can see in the table below, whites are more likely than blacks to say that people taking advantage of the situation to commit crimes contributed a great deal to the unrest, while blacks are more likely than whites to say that poverty is a major cause. Here’s the full report.