the great trip to the balkans

How Austria sees its neighbours

thats how’s generally seen. That doesnt mean every individual person here thinks like that.

Germany- more famous and better at things than us; talk pretentiously. Our favourite foreigners tho. 

Italy- we like Italy to some extend. we go there to be trashy beach tourists. also food is great. they never speak english/german when they’re here. 

Slovenia-  Slovenia just exists next to us. Its the “sorta-balkan-but-not-quite-yet-balkan” stage. Also some people in Southern Austria have issues with bilingual place name signs.

Hungary- We were once a thing but thats actually irrelevant now. also, stuff’s cheaper than here so its good for shopping. 

Czech Rep.- Alcohol nirvana for trashy Austrian teenagers who seek fatal hangovers.

Slovakia- It’s just there.  Probably abused for cheap shopping trips as well. 

Switzerland- “””special snowflake”””. their german is weirder than ours. 

Liechtenstein-  new phone who dis