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Dungeons and Dragons class reflavor - Warlocks and Witches

I think it is completely possible to, with existing PHB rules and archetypes, to create a warlock who plays similarly to a witch from pathfinder.

So, this will just be a brief explanation of how I think that would work, from my own perspective.

Step 1: Play a human varient - Put one of your +1s in CHA and the other into either CON or INT. Take the Magic Initiate feat (which lets you learn 2 cantrips from a singular spell class and 1 level 1 spell) and choose the Wizard spells. Take mage hand and control flames or friends. The 1st level spell will be “Find Familiar”. [Immediately I hear: Just take Pact of the Chain! No, don’t. You need the Book of Shadows to learn ritual spells]

Step 2: Have your Patron be The Great Old One, which is the most witch-y feel of them all. Alien in nature, allows for the creation of Thralls at level 14, one-way telepathy at level 1.

Step 3: Ask your DM to allow a customized background - take Alchemy Set as your tool proficiency for potions and poisons.

Step 4: Take spells that mostly debuff your enemies or distract them [Hideous laughter, hold person, spells that allow you to manipulate nature - Earthbind, Enthrall, Crown of Madness, Charm Person, Dissonant Whispers, Hex]

Step 5: Make your character bad-ass as fuck.

Step 6: ???

Step 7: Profit