the great sheffield art show

Jobling Gowler Art Competition 2013 & The Great Sheffield Art Show

I am so excited to announce that I am the winner of ‘The People’s Choice’ category for my entry into this years Jobling Gowler Art Competition and was also ‘Highly Commended’!  Thank you to everyone who voted for my piece!!

The theme of this years competition was ‘Labyrinth’ and my take on this theme for my entry ‘The Honey Bee Hive’ is as follows:

“This illustration was inspired by one of the best known habitats created by an insect; the Beehive.  The intricate labyrinth of cells constructed out of wax to create the Honeycomb fueled my imagination to create a decorative piece which revealed the hive of activity within a bees nest.  The Honeycomb collage of pretty colours and vintage papers is aimed at highlighting the complexity of the organic architectural design and encourage people to examine an object they would usually avoid.  There are many hidden creatures within the maze of this drawing and the more you look, the more you will see.”

Thank you to all the event organizers and volunteers of The Great Sheffield Art Show who put on such an amazing show.  This year was as fantastic as ever, it had such a huge turn out over the weekend and was jam packed full of wonderful artworks!  It is now over and I’m pleased to say that out of my six pieces on show I ended up coming home with just two!  A very pleasant surprise and I love to think how my paintings are now setting off on their very own journey.

and I know it’s been a little while since I last posted new work but just to let you know, I’m back on it!  I have been working on some new ideas and will be posting them very, very soon!! xxx