the great porch

When I first kissed you, I was very drunk. But your lips against mine made me feel more sober & more awake. Your pretty hair tangled my mind. The taste of the hard liquor on your breath and tongue was intoxicating, but not enough to make me unaware of how absolutely, and incandescently beautiful you were. I ever so wanted to reach for your face and feel your beautiful features. I could feel you laugh into me as you smiled at the songs that came on. Your laugh was sweet and fresh, and your smile ventured out into my body, reaching the far corners never touched before. You discovered me, but someone had already claimed you.
—  E.H
-I just woke up from this dream
How I wanna die

I’m a 96 year old lady. I rock back and forth on my chair, admiring the view from my porch. My great granddaughter, one of my 1000 great grandchildren, is next to me. She’s telling me about her favourite book series, which was written almost a century ago. I smile as she recounts the characters’ adventures, remembering that I myself read those stories when they had just been published. A light drowsiness comes over me. I tell her that I’m going to take a nap, and ask her to fetch me a blanket. She nods and runs off. I stare a little longer at the view from my house. As my eyelids begin to droop, I reflect on my life. I think about all my family, all my kids, my grandkids, and great-grandkids. As my eyelids slowly close, I smile, knowing that I have plenty of descendents, and that I have made a difference in the lives of many people. Unaware that my nap will last longer than I intend, I think to myself, I hope my great-granddaughter brings me my favourite quilt… It’s rather chilly today.

So, I kind of wanted to make a post about friendships in the g/t community, because I’ve been seeing some posts from people saying they don’t understand WHY not everyone here is going to want be friends with everyone.

Imagine you’ve just moved into a nice little neighborhood or apartment complex. This is your new community. You all share the same area, and moved here because it met your needs/wants for location, safety, view, etc.

Your neighbors are all on different social levels. For example, there’s Joseph and Phill, a cute couple who just kind of wave to people when ever they see them, maybe say hi if they know the person well enough. Angelina and Marcus, who will stop and chat with people while they go on walks with their dog, but don’t really go out of their way to be socialites. And then there’s Dominique, who has a pool or a great big porch and throws parties and invites everyone in the neighborhood over for cookouts once a month.

Now imagine you’ve seen all these people and decide “wow, I want to be their friend!” Good, that’s alright. But for the love of God, you don’t go up to their doors, and say “Hey, you waved at me once, can I come in and watch tv with you?”
You don’t even do that to Dominique. Sure, you went over to her place once for one of her parties, but that doesn’t mean you two are automatically friends now.

You have to build up to friendships! There needs to be a foundation to it besides being in the same area, or else it’s just going to be a flimsy and fragile relationship that might not last long.

This community is a great place where I’ve been able to build many great acquaintanceships, friendships, and even romance, but it was something that had to be built over time! Making friends here is going to be just like making friends in real life; it’s a social process that takes time and effort. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s healthy and natural. Not everyone can be friends with everyone. (That doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly to each other though!)

I hope this helps clear up some confusion, because I’d hate to see our community take a hit over something like this.


Victorian House on University Avenue by saltycotton
Via Flickr:
This Victorian house is located on University Avenue in Waxahachie, TX. It has a great porch and balcony. The house reminds me some of another house on Marvin Avenue (click on link):…