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There was an attempt

also a very quick scribble to celebrate how much I love the companions’ ability to injure themselves without any reason. xD

I’ve seen Deacon do it quite a bit in Nuka World (falling from elevators and stuff), but the most recent case was when I was heading to the exit of Nuka-Galaxy (feeling quite sick because yay simulation sickness) when suddenly I heard from behind a clang that was very definitely a garbage can, and then Deacon yelling ‘Ow ow OOOWWW’. I couldn’t help but laugh haha. I’m glad I didn’t see what he actually did to manage to hurt himself with the garbage can because it opens up lots of possibilities. ^u^

I don’t enjoy the idea of the companions getting hurt but the game mechanics just sometimes make it very hilarious. How. How did you hurt yourself walking through an empty room I don’t understand.

it’ll be okay (kim namjoon)

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Type: Fluff

Word Count: 484

Reader POV 

Everything was going great today. Everything.

From the moment you woke up late as you slept through your alarm, to when you missed the daily bus that takes you to work, to being short a dollar when you had to pay your uber driver (who so kindly let you go), to being yelled at for the fourth time that week by your manager, and finally to the moment you walked home in the rain, forgetting your umbrella at your desk.

Everything was going great

Finally reaching your apartment door, you took out your keys and unlocked it, walking inside with your drenched self.

“y/n?” a worried voice asked, as you tiredly looked up to see a pair of soft brown eyes, looking at you with concern.

“Hey, why are you so wet? Did you forget to take your umbrella? You must be so co-” he started, as you felt yourself weaken, biting your lip harshly to prevent the tears that threatened to pour out.

“Namjoon-ah.” your voice cracked, as Namjoon’s eyes widened as he rushed towards you, wrapping his long arms around you, pulling you into his embrace. 

The hot tears streamed down your face, as Namjoon rubbed your back comfortingly, pulling you in tighter. 

“Baby..what’s wrong?” he asked softly into your ear. 

Sniffing you whispered, as you gripped on to his sweater tightly, “Everything. Everything is wrong.”

Sighing, he pulled away slightly and cradled your face in his warm hands, his thumbs wiping your tears away. 

“What happened now? Did something happen at work?” 

“I-I just..I woke up late today making me miss my bus so I had to take an uber all the way to work and then was a dollar short in paying the uber driver, but that old man was so nice he let me be, and then I thought the worst was over, but then my manager yells at me for my designs and that they were awful and after working so hard on them, I thought I could come home in peace but the moment I got off the bus, I realized that I forgot my umbrella and I had to walk all the way home in the pouring rain!” you sobbed, as Namjoon pulled you back into another hug. 

“’s going to be okay, alright? Even though today was so difficult, look at where you made it to.” he said,” You made it through the day, you made it home.” 

Rocking you back and forth, knowing it’d calm you down, your sobs quieted down into sniffles as you wiped your tears away with your sleeve. 

Looking up into your boyfriend’s caring gaze, your lips turned up into a small smile. Even though today was one of the worst days you’ve ever had, he was right. You still made it home. You made it back to Namjoon.

Giving him a smile, you gazed at him affectionately as you whispered,” I guess I did, didn’t I?’ 

AN Anon I hope you liked it!!! *sighs* where’s my man to comfort me after a long af day…

Regarding Malec, what I want to see? Not just Alec to realize that he’s dating an immortal, but Magnus to realize he’s dating a soldier. That, yeah, Magnus might live forever but Alec might die every day, going out of the door. What a great well of angst and emotions!

Oh Brother;

This is my first imagine ahhhhh abort.


Characters; Stiles X Reader X Scott 

Warnings; Light kissing scene 

Description; Scott catches his little sister and his best friend making out. 

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“What now?” You groaned as you whipped your creaky bedroom door open to be greeted by your annoyingly needy brother, Scott.

“Mom’s working a night shift tonight, so I was wondering did you want pizza or lasagna?” He asked, his eyes looking everywhere but you.

You started to get nervous.

“Hmmm pizza.” You replied, knowing he wouldn’t be able to cook lasagna from scratch.

You watched his eyes search around your room and saw him glance outside your window, not once, but three times. He obviously knew there was something there.

“Okay great bye.” You blurted out, attempting to quickly slam the door shut, but unfortunately you weren’t quick enough as the door suddenly collided with Scott’s brown timberland boot.

You sighed as you waited for him to start pestering you, as this happened on a regular basis.

“I know there’s something your not telling me” He insisted, sniffing the air for some strange reason.

“Yeah, and what exactly would that be?” You said smugly, leaning against your door and crossing your arms.

“I don’t quite know yet, but I swear to all the gods and goddesses Y/N if it’s drugs or alcohol I will end you” He said, the end of his sentence sounding slightly angrier than the start.

You mumbled a quick whatever and closed your door in his face, and pressed your ear against the door, listening to his heavy thud-like footsteps pounding down the stairs.

“Is he gone?” You heard the faint and shaky whisper from behind you.

Laughing, you walked over to the other end of your room and quietly pulled open your window, reaching one hand out to assist the freezing cold teenage boy clumsily trying to climb his way in your bedroom window.

“You know, if we keep hiding like this, I’m going to end up with pneumonia” He remarked as you ran your hands up and down his arms to try keep him warm.

“I know baby, but he’d kill us if he found out…” You sighed, saying that for what felt like the 100th time, as you two had been sneaking around for almost 6 months now. It was really a miracle Scott hadn’t found out yet.

“…You know it’s worth it though, imagine what would happen if he found out. He might make us end it, which would mean you’d never get to taste my sweet, sweet lips again” You mumbled against his cold yet welcoming lips as you leaned in and kissed him.

In all the times you two had kissed, and trust me, that was a lot of times, the beautifully fulfilling sensation never changed, it never felt any different. The feeling of hundreds of butterflies and fireworks going off in your stomach never left. And the best part was, he felt the exact same.

He smirked into the kiss and guided you to the edge of the bed until you were laying down on it, him hovering above you, using his forearm to hold himself up, his mouth never leaving yours.

He twirled the end of the oversized t-shirt you were wearing around his finger, signalling that he wanted you to take it off.

You grabbed the ends of your t-shirt about to lift it up your body and over your head.

“STILES?!? Y/N?!?” 

You heard a way to familiar voice shout as the two of you quickly scrambled off the bed and fixed your hair in a desperate attempt to look almost presentable.

“Scott, bro it’s not what it looks like I swear” Stiles said eagerly, wincing after saying it, knowing it was exactly what it looked like.

“REALLY? CAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE JUST HOVERING OVER MY SISTER, WHO WAS ABOUT TO TAKE HER TOP OFF, AND KISSING HER FACE OFF” He said, his eyes shifting from his usual playful brown, to a dangerous, piercing red.

“Okay Scott you need to calm down, your eyes.”  You repeated calmly as you walked over to him and put your hands on either shoulder, trying to relax him.

He looked over at Stiles, pushing you behind him almost like he was trying to hide you from him.

“That’s my sister Stiles, she’s only 16”

“I know dude but I swear I wasn’t forcing her into anything, I wouldn’t do that, I genuinely, really really like her, I promise I would never let anything happen to her…” He said to Scott, but stared at you the whole time, directing it to you.

“… When I’m with her, it’s like the whole world around me just stops, all my worries and usual anxiety, it’s like that’s not even a problem for me anymore, it’s weird, she makes me feel safe, she makes me feel like no matter what happens during the day or what supernatural shit is going on, at the end of the day all I have to do is give her a call, or climb in through her bedroom window and cuddled up with her and she’ll listen, she’ll make me feel like none of that matters,that one day it will all get better, and that’s what I need. I need someone like her to keep my grounded, to remind me that I don’t have to stress all the time, and it doesn’t have to be bad all the time, she’s what I need, she’s my rock, and please Scott, I’m begging you, don’t take away my rock” He choked on his last word as a single tear dripped down his cheek.

You raced forward, throwing yourself into his strong arms and wrapping yours around his neck, wiping away his tear and smiling up at him.

“Promise” Scott questioned, sounding very defeated.

“I’m happiest when I’m with her,  I promise Scott” Stiles nodded.

“No, promise you’ll look after my baby sister” He pleaded, amazed at the fact that he’s known Stiles all his life and the only time he’s ever seen him cry was when Stiles talked to Scott about his mom dying

“I promise” He smiles over at him, wrapping his arm around your waist as you turned to look at Scott.

Scott looked at the two of you desperately as his eyes finally shifted back to his light brown

You gave him a reassuring nod, telling him it will all be okay.

“Break her heart and I swear I’ll go all alpha on your ass” He laughed as he walked away, closing your door and letting out a happy sigh, seeing his two favorite people in the world finally happy.

For once in the small, treacherous town of Beacon Hills, everyone seemed happy.

سيفتح الله بابا ًكنت تحسبه من شدة اليأس لم يخلق بمفتاح

Allah will open up a door that, out of great despair, you thought had not been created with a key.

High over the circle sea Rincewind was feeling like a bit of an idiot.

This happens to everyone sooner or later.

For example, in a tavern someone jogs your elbow and you turn around quickly and give a mouthful of abuse to, you become slowly aware, the belt buckle of a man who, it turns out, was probably hewn rather than born.

Or a little car runs into the back of yours and you rush out to show a bunch of fives t  the driver who, it becomes apparent as he goes on unfolding more body like some horrible conjuring trick, must have been sitting on the back seat.

Or you might be leading your mutinous colleagues to the captain’s cabin and you hammer on the door and he sticks his great head out with a cutlass in either hand and you say ‘We’re taking over the ship, you scum, and the lads are right with me!’ and he says 'What lads?’ and you suddenly feel a great emptiness behind you and you say 'Um…’

In other words, it’s the familiar hot sinking feeling experienced by everyone who has let the waves of their own anger throw them far up on the beach of retribution, leaving them, in the poetic language of the everyday, up shit creek.

—  Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
“What the hell are you doing?” (Michael Clifford Smut)

requested: yes

summary: you have some fun with michael while he’s on the phone with his family


You were horny. It was simple as that.

You were alone, and bothered. You were waiting for Michael to come home, he was supposed to be home any minute now. You scrolled through your phone, simply waiting for him to come home.

You finally heard the door shut, and you sprang up to go great Mikey at the door. “Hey,” You breathed out, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing a chaste kiss onto his cheek.

“Hey babe,” He said sounding slightly confused as if why you were being so clingy.

“I missed you.” You stood up on your toes to whisper in his ear. You trailed your lips down his cheek, meeting his lips with your own. You bit down on his lip, pulling back gently and moving down to kiss down his jaw.

“Someone’s excited.” He chuckled, wrapping an arm around you and pulled you closer against him. He brought his other hand under your jaw, to lift your head back up and to kiss you on the lips once again. He slowly moved his lips on yours, walking you backwards to push your further into the room and towards the couch in the middle of it.

You were about to sit down on the couch and pull him on top of you, when you both pulled away at the sound of his ringtone. “Let it go to voicemail,” You whispered, dragging your lips across his milky skin.

“Wait,” He muttered, “Wait,” He reached back, pulling his phone out of his back pocket and checked who was calling him. “Shit,” He breathed out, and stood up. “I have to take this.” He apologized, sliding his finger across the screen.

I sat back in defeat, wanting to rip the phone out of his hands and pull him back onto you. “Hey mum,” You heard Mikey say when he placed the phone against his ear. You understood that he hadn’t talked to his family in a while, so it made sense that he wanted to pick up the phone.

You got an idea. It was a bad idea. But you still decided to go for it anyway. Michael had walked away from where you were on the couch, now leaning against the wall, phone pressed against his ear with a boyish grin on his lips.

You pushed yourself off of the couch and walked towards where Michael was, placing my hands on his shoulders. He gave me a look, but didn’t say anything as he listened to the other line. You leaned in, placing a small kiss on his lips and moved them down to his jaw again.

You kissed your way down his neck, starting to suck and nibble at the spot under his jaw. You saw him bite his bottom lip, shooting you another warning look. You ignored him once again, dragging your fingers down his chest. You heard his breath hitch in his throat as your lips moved down to his collarbone. You pressed yourself closer onto him, rolling your hips onto him.

A small groan left his lips, as he used his free hand to push you away slightly. “Wait hold on one sec.” He said into the phone, and took it off his ear to talk to me. “Wait the hell are you doing, Y/N.”

You gave him the most innocent look you could muster, shooting him a smile and starting to palm him through his jeans. “Nothing babe.” He breathed out, burying his face into your neck, letting out a low growl and biting into my skin.

He didn’t say anything else, bringing the phone back to his ear. You could feel his hardening cock pressing into you, and you smirked to yourself at the effect you had on him.

You ran your fingers down his body, unbuttoning his jeans and getting on your knees. You pulled the zipper down, and tugging his pants down. A breath left his lips at the release of his tight pants, and I hooked my fingers in the band of his boxer briefs to pull them down.

His cock sprang up, and you brought your hands to his legs slowly trailing them up his thighs. He looked up and saw him looking down at you, eyes a few shades darker and teeth digging into his bottom lip. He kept saying things like “Uh huh” and “Yep” into the phone, not doing much speaking himself.

You trailed my fingertips across the base of his dick that was now rock hard, running your thumb across his swollen red tip collecting a bead of pre cum.

“Fuck” He muttered under his breath. You chuckled to yourself when you heard him quickly recover himself on the phone, telling his mum that he had said fudge because he was craving some.

You rubbed his length, before pulling your hands away and leaning his to kiss his tip. You poked your tongue out, giving it kitten licks seeing his hands clench his fists. His nails were digging into his palms, looking like he was trying his hardest not to moan out your name.

You wrapped your lips around him, sucking on the tip and running your tongue on him to lick up the pre cum that was leaking out. Michael’s whole body shook, as you looked through your lashes up at him. His breath was unsteady, chest heaving up and down and his looked down at you.

You moved your head down, taking in the most you could and feeling him hit the back of your throat causing you to gag. His fingers wound into your hair, and you breathed through your nose and tried not to gag again. Your hands went up to cup his balls, massaging them all while sucking on his cock.

You dragged your tongue on the base, sucking harshly. You heard him hold back a groan, letting it rumble in the back of his throat. You moaned lowly, feeling a rush to you core. His fingernails dug into your scalp, and you felt his cock twitch in your mouth.

“Mum, I gotta go.” You hear him breathe out into the phone, as you smiled around him shooting him an innocent look.

He hung up the phone after saying goodbye, tossing his phone across onto the couch, and groan leaving his lips. “Fucking hell Y/N.”

You pulled out almost completely, hearing him whimper out your name as you took him in your mouth again. His hips bucked against me, pushing himself further into you. You felt his cock twitched again, and you knew that he was close.

His cock slid in and out of your mouth, hot and red and coated with a mix of your saliva and his pre cum. He twitched inside of your mouth again, leaning his head back against the wall and shutting his eyes. A string of profanities left his lips as he came inside your mouth, hot spurts of his cum shooting into your mouth.

You tried to swallow as much as he could, licking up his cock to clean it all up. You stood up once he was done, giving him a smirk and wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. He bit his lip, looking down at you. “Jesus Y/N, I think we need to take care you now.”

A comparison of Alexanders Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton

Through what can only be described as incredible luck, I’ve been able to see Hamilton 3 times. (I can only assume this is the universe balancing things out after my great misfortune to be RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE THEATER WHEN THEY CANCELLED THE SHOW AN HOUR BEFORE IT STARTED BECAUSE OF THE FREAKING BLIZZARD LAST JANUARY) (ahem).

Seeing it that many times has given me the chance to see different actors playing the parts from different places in the theater. Since I know not everybody will get a chance to even see the show once, I thought I’d do a write-up to compare them all.

I’m going to start with Alexander, since 3 different shows meant I was able to, by sheer chance, Pokemon my way through all 3 of the Hamiltons. I saw Javier (Jan 24), Jon Rua (April 1), and Lin (April 22). I’m going to touch on their different approaches to Alexander as well as touch on the Hamilton/Laurens relationship. The reason why I’m picking Lams over the other relationships is that it’s the only significant relationship of Alexander’s where seeing it on the stage fleshes it out FAR more than listening to the cast album does. I won’t get too much into the portrayal of Laurens as I think that’s more for another post and AChappelle’s take on Laurens/Phillip compared to A.Ram’s. Suffice it to say both actors play Laurens as having feelings for Hamilton.

Also of note: live theater means that this is not a recorded pantomime that the actors go through whenever they’re on stage. While the broad strokes will always be the same, with any performance the actor may add a shade or nuance to their character that wasn’t there before. With time this may evolve into a new take on the character or it may be a one-off. So I can only talk about what I saw when I saw them. I can guarantee, though, that if you see any of the Hamiltons you will get a quality performance. There is no “better” to be found here, only different.

The rest behind a read more.

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They’re always such hard work, but the rush when one goes out the door is GREAT! Props to all the team working late nights to get this done, and props to all the fans.


Morty yawned softly as his eyes fluttered open, and his heart skipped a beat when his gaze fell upon Ricks face. The man was still asleep, breathing softly, and Morty smiled.

“You’re gorgeous..” He whispered, and Rick’s lips tugged into a smirk.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, baby.” He drawled.

Morty’s heart fluttered and his cheeks coloured.

“B-baby?” He whispered, and Rick chuckled softly.

“C'mere.” He murmured, leaning down and pressing their lips together gently.

Morty pressed back instantly, humming softly, and when they parted he smiled.

“Good morning.” Rick whispered against Morty’s lips, and Morty’s smile widened.

“Good morning.” He breathed. “Want to go downstairs? I-I can make you breakfast.”

“Breakfast sounds great.”

Morty wiggled out of bed and made his way to the door, turning when Rick hadn’t moved and was simply smiling at the brunette.

“Come on, b-babe.” He stuttered nervously, cheeks flushing darker.

Rick sat up, eyes wide in surprise, and a second later he scrambled off the bed and toward Morty, scooping him up and pressing him against the door, capturing his lips once more.

“Say that again.” He murmured, and Morty swallowed thickly.


Rick grinned against his lips and stepped back, keeping Morty in his arms as he opened the door and stepped out.

“I could get used to that.” He chuckled, carrying the brunette down the stairs, Morty’s giggles lasting the entire trip to the kitchen.

“What’s so funny?” Beth asked from inside the kitchen, and Morty stiffened and Rick instantly set him down, both realizing rather suddenly that they should have been more careful and made sure they were home alone.

“Oh, n-nothing. Just something Rick to-told me.” Morty fibbed, stepping into the room, and she nodded.

“Alright. I’m on my way to work.” She waved and stepped out the door, and finally they were alone.

“Pancakes?” Morty offered, turning to face the taller man as he stepped closer to the counter, hands on either side of Morty.

“I’d love some. But first..” He leaned down and pressed their lips tenderly together.


Request(s): could you do an imagine where you’re a Gryffindor but malfoy and you have this secret relationship and the gang eventually finds out and you think they’re mad but they think it’s cute?

Could you do an imagine where Harry has a twin and she’s in love with Draco, but they keep it a secret? She’s in Gryffindor and she’s best friends with Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny. The Weasley Twins are Harry’s Twin’s prank buddies. You choose what you wanna do with it

Word Count: 728

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x (Y/N)

A/N: Second paragraph in 3rd Person, Unedited

You lock eyes with him from across the room, grey eyes softened by the smile on his lips. You find yourself blocking out everything else around you, the mindless chatter of your brother Harry, Ron and Hermione to concentrate on the robe clad figure motioning out the great hall doors. You obey, throwing a quick excuse towards the golden trio still deep in conversation and hastily walking out the doors. Turning the corner you are met with a pair of arms and a broad chest which towers over you. You smile and bring up your gaze to lock with his. This wasn’t the first time you had met up like this. The others just couldn’t know, what on earth would they say if your brother Harry found out that you were in love with the Slytherin prince? Or that you had been going around everyone’s backs just to be with him? No one knew, not your friends, family and not his friends or family. But this was how you liked it, well this was how it has to be. “I missed you.” Draco mumbles, planting a gentle kiss onto your forehead as he sighs deeply. A noise is suddenly apparent from behind you as a group of students walks past the hallway. Draco grabs your wrist, pulling your further into the shadows. “Must we always do it like this though Draco?” You mumble, pulling away slightly. He looks at you confused. “I thought you knew (Y/N), it has to be like this. No one can know.” You nod your head reluctantly and allow him to pull you closer.

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