the great mortdecai moustache mystery


“‘I wooden, Mr Charlie, I really wooden,’ mumbled Jock, moodily gnashing his toothsome way through the bunch of grapes he had brought me. ‘I mean, you know the aggro you’re going to get if you try to complete that project, if you’ll pardon the expression.’
‘Honestly, Mr Charlie,’ he pleaded on, ‘don’t do it. I beg of you. It’s bloody madness, you know it is. Playing with bleeding fire, that’s what you’re doing Mr Charlie.’
‘Enough, Jock!’ I commanded, raising a commanding head. ‘I am touched by your concern for my personal safety but my mind is made up. I must strike a blow for the free world while I still have my strength.’
‘Well, Mr Charlie, I daresay you know best,’ said Jock in glum tones which belied his words, ‘but I wooden be in your shoes for anythink when Madam gets back.’ The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery, pg. 7-9