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((It's so weird to be reading stuff from your blog while sitting next to my entire family, dad too... ;_; but if I don't do it now I will never get back to the beginning of those, I've tried once with no success))

((You must master the great art of poker face reading smut))


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


*Me banging two pots together at 2am*

Friendly reminder that Hunk built a Geiger counter for an unknown alien element ON THE SPOT.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out Galra tech/machinery ON THE SPOT to get to the yellow lion.

Friendly reminder that Hunk KNEW Rolo was not to be trusted BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE because of his STELLAR ENGINEERING SKILLS.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out how to TRANSLATE/BYPASS GALRA TECH/CODES using his knowledge of algorithms.

Friendly reminder that Hunk consistently provides EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in battle.

Friendly reminder that Hunk can essentially figure out and fix ANY ALIEN MACHINERY.


Master list of Great Comet Broadway footage

So I decided to make a master list of all of the footage / performances from the Broadway cast of the Great Comet. I will continue to update this list as more videos get released!







You guys, I’m crying.  Their great master plan to distract the terrifying Darth Vader to get him out of the room so they can go get the holocrons that they need to teach future generations is literally “send in a hologram of Obi-Wan Kenobi, that will scramble his thoughts and make him chase after it like a kitten with a piece of string”.

AND IT WORKS EXACTLY AS PLANNED.  Honestly, the Rebellion doesn’t even need a plan to deal with Vader, JUST SEND IN KENOBI’S FORCE GHOST and they’ll argue for three hours and you can do whatever you want in the background, Vader won’t even notice.

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the idea originated from a friend, but.... zenyatta is a gentle prankster. he totally gets genji early on in their mentor/student relationship by putting a whoopee cushion under his meditation pillow. and he's excited because he could never pull that on mondatta as mondatta just.... floated above his meditation pillow......

He is VERY proud and proceeds to tell everyone about this LOL

MASTER OF NONE Season 2 is fantastic.

There are stories for everybody!
Indian people, short people, deaf black women with good fashion sense who want cunnilingus, Asian men caught in love triangles, Black lesbians growing up and falling in love in America, Film Majors who loved old Italian movies, lovely doormen who have had enough of your shit, African cab drivers who just wanna have a good time & really wish you wouldn’t spoil the end of the story, people who hate that song from the Six Flags Commercial, and so much more! Perfetto!

Scarecrow Rebirth Wish List:

  • Bring back “Hroo Hraa” 
  • A new and unique costume design is a must
  • Bonus points if it includes a big floppy witch hat
  • Let him have a corvid companion again like Craw or Nightmare.
  • Give us a proper origin to make up for that “Cycle of Violence” mess
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to be a retelling of Year One
  • But I would love more cannon southern Crane content
  • Two words: Fear Gauntlet

(feel free to add onto the list!)