the great lie of the western world

Like. Guys.

I’m so anti communism you probably have no idea.

i hate communism.

i hate that communists hide under thier ‘this wasn’t real communism!!1!1′ unbrella when they get rightfully called out on all the crimes communism has commited over time and over globe. i hate that those fuckers don’t own to their crimes.

and i hate the flock of young usa/western world commies who in their hatered to capitalism and with their ‘america is bad’ mentality somehow decided that since usa’s been telling ussr was bad then it must’ve been a lie, clearly communism is a great idea!!11!1!

except at the same time those people ignore voices of eastern europeans, of us who have suffered under ussr and in the name of The Communism. they keep ignoring our stories and memorial days and data and info and go ‘well if things were done correctly’. well they weren’t. you have multiple instances of where your communism failed and turned into tyranic genocidal totalitarian regime. 

if you want all to preach how great communism is, then look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t care for the fact that there is not a single ukrainian whose family member hadn’t died in Holodomor. go on, do that. i won’t even go into anything less. just this one. 

in short. from the bottom of my heart, communist community on tumblr, fuck you.

so when i see your posts with pink glitter pro-comminism banners, i honestly want to punch you in the face.