the great he goat

Day Three

Thirty Days of Deity Devotion
Symbols and icons of this deity

Pan is half goat and half man, meaning that fauns and satyrs can be symbols of Pan or represent Pan himself. There is actually a difference between satyrs and fauns (Pan would be a faun) but the two terms are often conflated in modern day, so searching either term usually gets the job done. They are especially good symbols when depicted dancing or playing instruments. 

The pan flute (shocker) is a common symbol as well. One very popular myth is actually about how Pan invented the instrument. He’s often depicted holding it or playing it. A necklace with the pan flute charm would be a great piece of devotional jewelry! 

He’s also associated with goats, which makes sense considering his body structure. Since he watches over and protects flocks of sheep and goats, it makes them extra special. 

There are more little symbols as well that are less common, but those are the big three! 


Some images of Dooks’ characters, because I’m convinced he’s attempting to murder me with adorable characters.  Don’t tell him, but I think it’s working.

I kinda tried to emulate his style a bit up top, which led to me wondering what Goatmod would look like in that kind of style, which is what the comic on the bottom came from.  I dunno if it looks like his style or not, but I like the way he came out.

Oh, boy, this is gonna be a long post x’DDD yes, I do have a counter!


1 - Flowey was already done with Frisk when he saw them trip

2 - Mercy? Oh my god

3 - THE FROG. So done already.

4 - Why is this kid so dumb??

5 -This really grinded his gears too

6 - Does this kid have any kind of problem with running away or are they just braindead?

7 - This, too. He even thinks that tho xD

8 - Yep, useless and dumb. Perfect.

9 - And he also talks with the murder goat…. great, just great

10 - This in general made him feel SO done with the entire world

11 - THIS WAS A TRIGGER, RIGHT HERE. He couldn’t take it anymore!! But thank god he chilled a bit after this xD

12 - The whole boot thing was also a super done

13 - Every time Frisk cries, a Flowey is really annoyed.

14 - This thing, too. THIS THING RIGHT HERE.

15 - And this, too. The desire for cake was too strong. So done with this crap

16 - Also, even more done for the worst idea of the year!

17 - He almost slaps Frisk in the face right here xD

18- And this? You can’t just fight alone against a murder goat! Oh, well, it was a minor so-done, but still a so-done

19 - And this is the last so-done moment. I dont even need to explain why.

That makes a total of 19 “I am so done with this kid” oments! lol if you read all of this you deserve a cookie. But people ask, I answer xD