the great he goat

Oh, boy, this is gonna be a long post x’DDD yes, I do have a counter!


1 - Flowey was already done with Frisk when he saw them trip

2 - Mercy? Oh my god

3 - THE FROG. So done already.

4 - Why is this kid so dumb??

5 -This really grinded his gears too

6 - Does this kid have any kind of problem with running away or are they just braindead?

7 - This, too. He even thinks that tho xD

8 - Yep, useless and dumb. Perfect.

9 - And he also talks with the murder goat…. great, just great

10 - This in general made him feel SO done with the entire world

11 - THIS WAS A TRIGGER, RIGHT HERE. He couldn’t take it anymore!! But thank god he chilled a bit after this xD

12 - The whole boot thing was also a super done

13 - Every time Frisk cries, a Flowey is really annoyed.

14 - This thing, too. THIS THING RIGHT HERE.

15 - And this, too. The desire for cake was too strong. So done with this crap

16 - Also, even more done for the worst idea of the year!

17 - He almost slaps Frisk in the face right here xD

18- And this? You can’t just fight alone against a murder goat! Oh, well, it was a minor so-done, but still a so-done

19 - And this is the last so-done moment. I dont even need to explain why.

That makes a total of 19 “I am so done with this kid” oments! lol if you read all of this you deserve a cookie. But people ask, I answer xD